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Fade in on a sign. It says 'Amity Park- A Safe Place to Live!'. Pan right to the town. Close up, then cut to a ghost squid, growling. It flies a few feet away. Danny flies up in the air to meet the ghost squid. The ghost squid sprays ink that Danny narrowly escapes and dodges more ink.
Danny Hey! Easy on the ghost Ink. I just had this Suit cleaned.
Danny brandishes the Fenton Thermos, he sucks the ghost squid inside. The cellphones rings. Danny then pulls out their cellphones.
Sam Wolf thing. Big ghost wolf thing! Down by the Nasty Burger!
Cut to a sign. It says 'Nasty Burger'. Pan down in the alley beside the Nasty Burger, Sam is looking at a giant ghost wolf. It walks up, growls at her, and starts opening its mouth. Sam screams. Suddenly, Danny Phantom comes flying to the rescue. Danny pounces on the ghost wolf.
Danny Down, boy! Don't eat that; It's a vegetarian!
Danny sucks the ghost wolf inside.
Danny What a night. Everytime I turn around, there's another ghost!
The cellphone rings. Danny then pulls out their cellphones.
Tucker Danny! Ghost snake! By the park!
Cut to Tucker running down a sidewalk near a park bench looking front and holding his cellphone. ​Only to be tripped by his backpack strap. Cut to Tucker lying on the sidewalk as he looks down at a bunch of technological gadgets lying in front of him.
Tucker I gotta stop carrying so much geek gear; it's gonna be the death of me.
We see large shadow looming over a trembling Tucker. Cut to Tucker. He gets up on one hand and one forearm, widening his eyes in alarm. Pan left to show a giant ghost snake.
Cut to Tucker.
Tucker Literally!
Ghost Snake is going to attack Tucker. Danny tackles Ghost Snake and they fly off-screen, ending up with a close-up on Danny closing his eyes.
Danny Where are all these ghosts coming from?!
Cut to FentonWorks. Cut to the Fenton Portal, whose doors open up. A little green ectoplasmic blob comes out of the portal, laughing maniacally. Doors close in. Doors open up and another little green ectoplasmic blobs ​​​​​​comes out of the portal, laughing maniacally. Doors close in. Doors open up and another little green ectoplasmic blobs​​​​​​ comes out of the portal, laughing maniacally. Cut to a console that has a genetic lock and a red button on it. A thumb presses the red button twice. Cut to Jack, Jazz, and Maddie. The Fenton Portal is seen in the background with the doors closed. Jack presses thumb at the genetic lock and ghosts keep coming out of it.
Jack I told ya this genetic lock was a great invention. It's a perfect way to prevent any unauthorized access to the Ghost Zone.
Cut to a shot of the Fenton Portal. Camera zooms in and fades to a shot of a ghost snake being standing behind of the ghost portal and in front of several other ghosts and Ember. Cut to a line stretching from the ghost portal on the bottom level all the way to the high level. A motorcycle revs, driving to catch up to the back of the line. Cut to two ghosts riding the motorcycle.
Kitty You sure we're gonna make it?
Johnny 13 Oh relax, will ya? Trust me. Shadow.
A black shadow with a face appears under the motorcycle.
Johnny 13 (Offscreen) Keep the portal open
Shadow takes form and flies away from the motorcycle as it continues down the path. Shadow flies ahead to the portal. The portal doors are sliding shut, but Shadow fills the doorway just before they close, opening it back up.
Kitty I don't know if using that stupid bad luck shadow of yours is a good idea, Johnny.
Johnny looks back at Kitty, then looks ahead and smirks. He revs the engine and races forward; Kitty looks scared as they increase speed. As they approach the portal Shadow releases its hold on the door and flies through. Johnny and Kitty drive through the closing portal. Johnny and his bike make it all the way through but the portal doors close on Kitty at the last second, yanking her off the bike and shocking her.
Johnny 13 Kitty!
Kitty stands up, arms wrapped around herself as she flickers, struggling to stay whole.
Kitty I knew it. I can't maintain my form. I'm split between here and the Ghost Zone.
Johnny looks up in shock. Cut to Kitty teleporting her jacket, scarf and ring towards him.
Kitty I spread my energy into my stuff. Get some girl to wear them so I can reform around her to make up for the body you fried!
The clothes land in Johnny's lap. He looks up at Kitty guiltily.
Kitty (sighs) I gotta go back to the Ghost Zone before I completely fall apart. Don't forget me Johnny. Don't forget me.
Kitty fades away, returning to the Ghost Zone.
Johnny 13 You got it baby. I'll find you a new host. I promise
He rides off. Cut to FentonWorks lab.
Jack Now that I've installed this genetic scanner the only way to open the Fenton portal is if someone in the family does this.
Jack puts his thumb on the fingerprint scanner. The portal opens and Johnny rides out none too quietly. Jack turns around.
Jack Suffering spooks! Where's Danny? I'll bet he'd love this.
Jazz Oh. Well I'm sure wherever he is it has nothing to do with ghosts at all.
Pan to Johnny hiding in the corner of the lab. He looks up and spots Jazz.
Johnny 13 Hello new girlfriend.
Theme song
Open on a poster of a carnival. Pan to the sidewalk where Tucker is walking alongside a girl.
Tucker I was kinda hoping we could hit a movie or something.
Girl Okay.
Tucker Alright but I'll have you know I'm persistent—Wait. Did you say okay?
The girl's smile fades as Tucker reaches into his bag and pulls out a handful of beeping tech.
Tucker Do you want to beam me your phone number. We can share ringtones. (Eye twitches)
Girl No thanks, Techno Geek.
The girls walks off.
Tucker Urg. I am not a Techno Geek!
Tucker slams down the items in his hands, frustrated. He looks down at the smoking pile and screams. He bends down and pulls the broken pieces into his arms.
Tucker I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Cut to elsewhere in Amity Park where Danny Phantom is still fighting ghosts. A tail whacks him into a nearby wall.
Danny Ugh come on. I've been fighting ghosts for 24 hours. Can't one be easy?
A ghostly cobra slithers up to Danny. He turns intangible just before it strikes. He flies up behind the ghost and aims the Fenton Thermos at it.
Danny So long slinky.
Danny successfully captures the ghost, but immediately his ghost sense goes off.
Danny Oh great. One more to go.
Danny turns around to see Johnny driving down the street behind him. Cut to Kitty's ring on Johnny's finger. Her face appears on the gem.
Kitty What's taking so long?
Johnny 13 (To Kitty in the ring) I'm trying to find the right girl for you to take over. (His face is distorted in the ring's reflection) If I've gotta look at her face for all eternity I wanna make sure I like it, dig?
Johnny continues driving and Danny flies up beside him.
Danny Um sir. I believe you're speeding.
Johnny 13 I'll show you speeding. Shadow, attack!
Johnny's shadow takes form and tackles Danny, allowing Johnny to escape. While Danny is knocked down on the street Shadow flies by a nearby lamppost and cuts the metal, causing it to fall down. Danny rolls out of the way to avoid getting hit, but the Fenton Thermos is smashed in the process, releasing all of the ghosts he caught earlier. He stands up holding the broken thermos.
Danny Ugh. Of all the rotten luck.
Cut to Johnny on a rooftop watching his misfortune. Danny glares at him but doesn't go after him. Cut to the amusement park. Pan down to Danny, Sam and Tucker walking.
Danny And because of some stupid shadow I had to spend another night rounding up the same ghosts again!
Sam Maybe you could do a web search on shadow ghosts on your PDA.
Tucker smiles and pulls out his PDA. An arm offscreen reaches in and takes it from his hand. Cut out to show Dash and Kwan.
Kwan (waving around the PDA) Check me out. I'm Tucker Foley. Styling large with the latest in Techno Geek fashion.
Dash Dude you do that a little too well.
Kwan looks at the PDA in his hand and after a momentary pause he drops it like it's dangerous.
Kwan Aaaah! Techno Geek is contagious!
Kwan runs off
Tucker Alright that's it! (Shoves the PDA in Sam's hand)I'm sick of being labeled! By the end of the day nobody's gonna call Tucker Foley a Techno Geek anymore.
Tucker stalks off and Danny and Sam run after him. They run past Jazz who is standing at a booth filled with clown paintings.
Jazz Sure he's smiling on the outside, but I can sense the tortured soul just below the surface.
Clown (Off screen) No.
Cut to a disheveled looking down sitting on the ground.
Clown He's smiling on the inside, too. (burps loudly)
Pan up to Johnny riding on the telephone wires.
Johnny 13 There! That's her! (Aims the ring face at Jazz.) The kid of the big fat idiot who fried your body.
Kitty (Inside the ring) She'll do for now.
Johnny 13 Shadow. Truck!
Shadow flies ahead. Cut to Danny and Sam walking behind Tucker.
Tucker Maybe I could be the funny guy. Maybe the smooth. Maybe--
Tucker is punched in the face, cutting him off.
Kwan Check it out. He just walked under a ladder, into your fist.
Dash Hey. We should call him Bad Luck Tuck.
Dash and Kwan get ready to start a fight.
Tucker What? No! (Backing up) I am not bad luck!
Tucker stops walking, standing at the back of a truck. Shadow flies into the front of the truck.
Danny No. But I think I know what is.
Cut to Shadow in the truck. It looks around confused before spotting the parking break. It pulls it up, breaking it off. Cut to Tucker. He walks back slowly and as he reaches the rear bumper the truck rolls away. He notices the empty space and feels around behind him. Tucker gasps looks back and sees the truck rolling away. Cut to the truck as Shadow flies out of it. The truck continues to roll through the carnival grounds. Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker.
Danny Oh great. More bad luck.
Danny's eyes glow green. Cut to the truck, driving past empty tents. It crashes into the base of the rollercoaster, sending a chain reaction through the frame all the way up to the apex of the coaster where the track splits in two, sending the cars to go flying through the air. Danny flies in just as it goes off the track. He catches a man as he falls out of his seat, and the man catches two kids in his own arms. Danny struggles to hold on to them and looks back with a gasp as he sees a kid falling. The kid screams as he falls, but lands safely in a ball pit.
Kid Hurray!
Danny breathes a sigh of relief. He hears a loud scream.
Danny Jazz!
Danny looks over and sees the empty rollercoaster flying through the air headed straight towards Jazz. Cut to Jazz holding cotton candy and looking stunned at the oncoming cars. As they approach Johnny speeds by on his bike and grabs Jazz's arm, leaving her cotton candy to fall to the ground. The roller coaster cars crash into a mess of metal and dust where Jazz was standing.

Cut to Johnny skidding to a stop on his bike.

Jazz I…You..
Jazz smiles at Johnny and Johnny smiles back. Danny comes running over.
Danny Jazz are you alright?
Jazz I'm fine. Thanks to…
Johnny Johnny. The name's Johnny.
Jazz stares dreamily at him and bats her eyelashes.
Johnny (To Danny) Shouldn't you be somewhere else?
Danny No. Shouldn't you?
Danny and Johnny lean in face-to-face glaring at each other. Jazz walks up to stand between the two of them.
Jazz Danny. Don't be rude. Hi. I'm Jasmine. Jazz. Ugh. I look like I was almost run over by a rollercoaster.
Johnny We—Excuse me, I mean I think you look great, Kitten. But here, I'd bet you'd look great in this.
Danny (simultaneously with Jazz) Her name's not Kitten.
Jazz (simultaneously with Danny) My name's not Kitten.
Jazz nudges Danny.
Jazz But you can call me that if you want.
Johnny Ride home, Kitten?
Johnny and Jazz ride off
Football jocks Bad luck Tuck! Bad luck Tuck!
Sam Well at least they're not calling you Techno-geek anymore.
Cut to Fenton Works
Danny He's here? Oh man that can't be good.
Jazz You do have a last name, don't you?
Johnny Yeah, but everybody calls me Johnny 13. I kinda got this reputation for being…unlucky.
Jazz Well, you were pretty lucky for me.
Johnny Here. Try this on.
Johnny hands Jazz Kitty's jacket. Johnny and Jazz lean in to kiss. Danny comes in and slams the door, interrupting them. Danny and Johnny glare at each other.
Johnny Hey, ain't you got a place in here where we can be alone? Like a basement?
Jazz As a matter of fact I do. Come on.
Jazz activates the portal.
Johnny Cool.
Jazz No it's not. But at least my brother can't bug us here.
Jack [offscreen] Jasmine Fenton! You know you're not allowed to bring unauthorized personnel down here!
Maddie You know better.
Danny and Jack You were about to let some strange punk activate the Fenton Portal?
Danny and Jack look at each other.
Johnny Hey lay off. We weren't doing nothing pops.
Danny and Maddie His name isn't pops!
Danny and Maddie look at each other.
Johnny Yeah whatever. This place is getting a little too cramped for my style, anyway.
Jazz I'll walk you out Johnny. [To Danny] And could you be any more like them?
Danny, Jack and Maddie I am not like him!
Danny This is awkward.
Cut to Japer High School.
Danny The weirdest part was me and my parents were actually on the same page! I'm not like them! Am I?
Sam Let's see, you're stubborn, overprotective, your last name's Fenton, and you hunt ghosts.
Tucker Only thing you're missing is the hazmat goggles and the wonder gut.
The trio sits down at a table. Pan to two students on the other end of the table.
Student It's Bad Luck Tuck, yo. We out.
The two students leave the table. As they do, they step over the shadow of the picnic table, after which Shadow comes up out of the ground and looks around. It spots Tucker, grins, and slithers on the ground towards Tucker, stopping under his seat. Tucker is sitting, frustrated, holding his spoon and waving his arm around as he speaks.
Tucker I am not bad luck! [Raises his arm out, spoon in hand.]
Tucker angrily raises his hand in the air, still holding his spoon. Immediately after he finishes talking, the Shadow's hand comes up from under the seat and smacks the spoon out of his hand. The spoon flies up and lands in a wasp nest. The wasps fly out in all directions and the students run away screaming as the wasp swarm chase them away.

Fade to Tucker, face covered in wasp stings, opening a door to the courtyard. He looks around and all of the students are covered in wasp stings and glaring angrily at him. As the trio go down the walkway, Tucker glances nervously at the angry students surrounding them.

Tucker Suddenly Techno Geek sounds like a term of endearment.
Cut to Jazz walking out of the school. She sees Johnny on his motorcycle and perks up.
Jazz Hey Johnny. What are you doing here?
Johnny What can I say doll? No matter how hard I try I can't stay away.
Cut to the trio walking home. Tucker is writing on a notepad. Danny's ghost sense goes off. He looks back and sees Jazz and Johnny speeding away on his motorcycle.
Danny Darn it, Jazz!
Screen fades from Fenton to Phantom as Danny flies after them. Johnny drives them up a cliff that looks over the city at sunset, Danny tailing them the whole way. Johnny looks in his rear-view mirror and sees Danny.
Johnny [Whispering] Shadow. Defend.
Shadow flies out from under the motorcycle and past Danny who turns to chase after it. Cut to Jazz and Johnny stopped on the cliffside.
Johnny Jazz I've been thinking. And I know this is kinda quick but, how would you like to be my girl?
Johnny pulls out a ring.

Jazz looks at it in surprise.

Cut to Danny fighting Shadow. He hits Shadow with an ecto blast, but it reforms around the damage.

Danny Suffering Spooks! "Suffering Spooks"? Oh man, I am becoming my dad!
Danny screams. Shadow dives in towards Danny, mouth agape. [Commercial break.] Shadow flies up, holding its arms out as Danny struggles to escape from inside Shadow. His head emerges but is still unable to break free.
Danny Ugh. Gotta break away from this thing.
Danny charges up an ecto blast. Shadow is grinning but glances down worriedly when he hears the charge build up. Danny pushes outwards and releases the blast, shredding Shadow and freeing himself. Shadow reforms and growls at Danny. Danny down at his still glowing hands then turns to face Shadow, who is whole but dazed.
Danny Okay. So bright light weakens it. I need some bright light. [Danny scans the town below and spots the movie theather.] Oh yeah. That will do.
Cut to Sam and Tucker at the concession stand inside the movie theater.
Concession stand employee One super large popcorn. [Gasps and starts sweating nervously] I know you. You're Bad Luck Tuck.
Tucker And you're minimum wage Stan, but you don't hear me broadcasting it.
Sam Hey, this is your fault for ditching the Techno Geek label. Maybe you need a "new" new thing.
Tucker A "new" new thing?
Sam Yeah. You should go goth.
Sam takes a black beret out of her bag and holds it out to Tucker. He frowns at it/her.
Sam Look, it says "I'm Tucker, but I'm also edgy and dangerous."
Tucker Why the heck would I want to go goth? Isn't that your thing?
Danny flies into the movie theater with Shadow chasing after him. Danny phases through the popcorn machine and Shadow follows suit, causing the popcorn machine to malfunction. The theater overflows with popcorn.
Tucker You win. Goth me up.
Sam smiles and switches Tucker's berets. Cut to Danny intangible floating in front of a theater screen. He is looking around for Shadow, who comes up behind him. Before Shadow can attack the film starts, causing Shadow to scream. Danny turns around.
Danny Smile for the camera!
Shadow dissipates, his pieces flying out of the theater. Danny follows. Cut to Jazz and Johnny on the hilltop. Shadow, visibly weakened, slithers under Johnny and blends back in with his shadow. Johnny looks down at Shadow concerned, but smirks and pulls out the ring with the gem facing Jazz. Kitty's face appears in the ring and smirks.
Johnny So Jazz, what do ya say?
Jazz A ring? You wanna go steady? That is so old school.
Danny flies up and lands on a branch overlooking the couple.
Danny I gotta do something.
Danny smiles.
Jazz You know what, Johnny?
Danny jumps out of the tree and turns back into his human form, freefalling and landing hard on the ground catching the couple's attention. He looks up innocently.
Danny Hiya. Not interrupting anything, am I?
Jazz and Johnny stand up. Jazz stalks over to Danny, leaving Johnny still holding the ring. She grabs the back of his shirt and lifts him up.
Jazz Are you spying on us?
Cut to Jack and Maddie in the same position, with Jack holding the back of Danny's shirt and both parents glaring at him.
Maddie Were you spying on them?
Pan to Jazz and Johnny looking furious.
Danny Alright, Alright! I was spying on Jazz. and I'm really…
Jack and Maddie lean in.
Jack (whispering) Good job.
Maddie (whispering) Yeah. Way to go Danny. And if you see Jazz with that hooligan again, you let us know.
Jack and Maddie look up and see Jazz and Johnny glaring at them. Johnny drives off.
Jack and Maddie [Standing up] And don't do it again!
Jack [leaning in to whisper to Danny] But seriously, feel free to do it again.
Cut to Casper High School. Danny and Sam are walking out of the building.
Danny Oh, this stinks! My sister's dating a ghost and I'm turning into my parents!
Tucker walks up.
Tucker Hey, you guys.
Cut to shots of Tucker's goth outfit.
Danny What the heck are you turning into?
Sam We're changing his image.
Tucker That' s right. No more "Back Luck Tuck". I'm changing my image. Again.
Danny Come on, you can't pull off goth.
Sam Sure, he can. Tucker, show Danny your disaffected scowl. [Tucker tries] No, no, I can still see some hope. If you need us tonight, we'll be at Tucker's, darkening his outlook on the world. Won't that be fun?
Tucker Yeah. We'll be at…wait. What are you going to be doing at Tucker's?
Cut to Tucker glaring at his reflection.
Tucker I'm seriously not enjoying this.
Sam But the ladies love the funky black eyeliner and the mega onyx nail polish.
Tucker Yeah, but on them!
Tucker holds up his hands to show his nails painted. Cut to Fenton Works. Jazz, still angry, walks to her window but smiles when she looks down and sees Johnny on the sidewalk.
Jazz [gasps] Johnny! Hi!
Johnny Hey, Kitten. This a good time?
Jazz Yup. My parents are asleep. Wanna come up and listen to some CDs or something?
Johnny Yeah. CDs.
Cut to Jazz and Johnny tip-toeing past Jack and Maddie's bedroom, their door open. Johnny smirks. Cut to the lab. Johnny pulls out the ring.
Johnny So, what do ya say, kiddo? Wanna be my girl?
Jazz reaches for the ring.
Danny [Off-screen] She's not anybody's girl.
Jazz and Johnny Stop spying on us!
Danny No! I won't! Any more than you would if it were me! [Danny walks up to Jazz and grabs her shoulders.] Come on, Jazz.
The jacket and scarf start to slip off, releasing Johnny's hold on Jazz, leaving her dazed.
Danny Think like the brain surgeon you keep telling us you're gonna be. Does this seem right?
Kitty [inside the ring] What's taking so long? Johnny, get me out of here!
Danny Don't you think I'm doing this because I have a reason.
Johnny You know what, punk?
The clothes fall off of Jazz. She's briefly dazed but quickly shakes it off.
Jazz Danny?
Johnny We've had just about enough of you.
Johnny winds up for a punch.
Jazz Hey! Hands off the little brother!
Johnny Oh whatever. [Throws Danny across the room.] Then we do this the hard way. Shadow. Shelf!
Shadow flies to the cabinet next to Danny. It flies into it, causing it to break and fall over onto Danny.
Jazz [Reaching out] Danny!
Johnny grabs Jazz's extended arm and puts the ring on her finger.
Jazz Hey!
The ring's glow spreads to Jazz's whole hand. Shadow comes up and puts the jacket and scarf back on Jazz. The ghostly glow spreads over Jazz's body. While Jazz is disoriented, Johnny drags her over to the genetic lock and uses her thumb to open the portal where Kitty is waiting on the other side. Johnny walks Jazz up to the portal. Kitty extends her hand and shoots out a beam of energy, enveloping Jazz. Both Kitty and Jazz are connected by a blue aura. Kitty's form in the ghost portal turns into Jazz, and Jazz's form in Fenton Works turns into Kitty. Johnny is eagerly watching the transformation. Danny flies intangibly through the fallen cabinet and punches Johnny. He sees the switch happening and grabs the ring from Jazz's finger, stopping the switch and reverting both to their original form.
Kitty Johnny?
Danny I don't know exactly what's going on, but I know you can't do it without this! See ya, Freakshow!
Johnny Shadow! Fetch the ring!
Danny Oh, Tucker, Sam, please pick up!
Cut to Tucker's kitchen.
Sam Tucker, I thought you wanted to wash away the "Bad Luck Tuck" thing.
Tucker The only thing I'm washing away is this stupid makeup.
Sam Time for the ultimate goth accessory.
Tucker I am not getting my ear pierced!
Sam Who said anything about your ear?
Tucker Okay. That's it!
Sam So maybe your first thing was your best thing, huh?
Tucker Yeah. Hey, you never really wanted me to go goth, did you?
Sam Duh. Goth's my thing. And I believe this is yours.
Tucker Oh, baby, I've missed you.
Danny Hello? Hello?! Yeow. Nice hair. Lose a bet?
Tucker Long story. It ends with me realizing that for me, goth bad, geek, good. What do you need?
Danny (gasps) I need geek!
Kitty Come on, Johnny! You know I can't switch places unless she's wearing my stuff!
Jack Hey! What's going on down there?
Johnny Oh, crud.
Jack Hey!
Johnny Sorry, pops. Didn't want you cramping my style.
Jack Stop calling me pops!
Danny Come on, guys!
Sam He's working on it.
Tucker We're good to go.
Danny Time for someone else to get a little dose of bad luck. Catch me if you can, Spooky!
Maddie Jack, calm down. Try being a little more gentle. See?
Jack Well, hey, I loosened it!
Kitty Johnny?
Jazz moans as she comes to herself again.
Danny You want this stuff? You're going to have to be faster than that!
Johnny Shadow, Return!
Jack He's on the run!
Maddie And I've the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick! Let's get him!
Jack Sweetie, that's a regular bat.
Maddie Yup. But it's a bat with the word "Fenton" on it.
Jack Man, that's hot!
Johnny Hey, I don't know what you're up to, kid, but there's nowhere to run. Shadow, Fetch!
Danny Maybe I'm not trying to run.
Tucker Pass the circuit breaker here, ramp up the wattage there, reroute the power here.
Danny Hit it!
Tucker Hitting it.
Danny Maybe I'm exactly where I wanted to be.
Johnny Oh, no! My shadow! My power!! I gotta get out of here!
Danny Better luck next time! But next time,... stay away from my sister.
Maddie Danny, where is Jazz's boyfriend.
Danny Gone, and he won't be coming back.
Jack You decked him? But we brought the bat with the word "Fenton" on it.
Maddie Oh, Jack, he's like a little you.
Danny winces.
Maddie I can't believe that kid broke into the house just to see you. It's so romantic. But you still can't ever see him again.
Danny and Jack [Shaking their fists in the air] I told you that punk was no good!
Jazz Yeah. Yeah, you did. You both did. (To Danny) But you told me first.
Danny Hey!
Jazz I love you, too.
Jack Which reminds me, Danny. You've been such a model son lately, I got you a little surprise. A little piece of me you can always carry with you.
Fade to Casper High.
Jack Bye, Danny! Have a great day!
The GAV drives away, revealing Danny in an oversized Jack jumpsuit.
Sam Somehow that doesn't seem possible.
Dash Ha! Good news, Tucker. We're going to stop making fun of you and go back to making fun of "Fentonio!" Wimp. Freak. Geek.
Danny Hey!
Tucker Thank you.
Danny I need a new image. Can I borrow your PDA?
Tucker Get your own thing, man.
End of episode