S03e11 weak in the knees
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Fade in on a sign. It says 'Amity Park- A Safe Place to Live!'. Pan right to the town. Close up, then cut to a ghost squid, growling. It flies a few feet away. Danny flies up in the air to meet the ghost squid. The ghost squid sprays ink that Danny narrowly escapes and dodges more ink.
Danny Hey! Easy on the ghost Ink. I just had this Suit cleaned.
Danny brandishes the Fenton Thermos, he sucks the ghost squid inside. The cellphones rings. Danny then pulls out their cellphones.
Sam Wolf thing. Big ghost wolf thing! Down by the Nasty Burger!
Cut to a sign. It says 'Nasty Burger'. Pan down in the alley beside the Nasty Burger, Sam is looking at a giant ghost wolf. It walks up, growls at her, and starts opening its mouth. Sam screams. Suddenly, Danny Phantom comes flying to the rescue. Danny pounces on the ghost wolf.
Danny Down, boy! Don't eat that; It's a vegetarian!

Danny sucks the ghost wolf inside.

Danny: What a night. Everytime I turn around, there's another ghost!

The cellphone rings. Danny then pulls out their cellphones. 

Tucker: Danny! Ghost snake! By the park!

Cut to Tucker running down a sidewalk near a park bench looking front and holding his cellphone.​​​​​ Only to be tripped by his backpack strap. Cut to Tucker lying on the sidewalk as he looks down at a bunch of technological gadgets lying in front of him.

Tucker: I gotta stop carrying so much geek geer; it's gonna be the death of me.

We see large shadow looming over a trembling Tucker. Cut to Tucker. He gets up on one hand and one forearm, widening his eyes in alarm. Pan left to show a giant ghost snake.

Cut to Tucker. 

Tucker: Literally!

Ghost Snake is going to attack Tucker. Danny tackles Ghost Snake and they fly offscreen, ending up with a close-up on Danny closing his eyes.

Danny: Where are all these ghosts [left eye opening] coming from?!

Cut to FentonWorks. Cut to the Fenton Portal, whose doors open upA little green ectoplasmic blob comes out of the portal, laughing maniacally. Doors close in. Doors open up and another little green ectoplasmic blobs ​​​​​​comes out of the portal, laughing maniacally. 'Doors close in. 'Doors open up and another little green ectoplasmic blobs​​​​​​ comes out of the portal, laughing maniacally. Cut to a console that has a genetic lock and a red button on it. A thumb presses the red button twice. Cut to Jack, Jazz, and Maddie. The Fenton Portal is seen in the background with the doors closed. Jack presses thumb at the genetic lock and ghosts keep coming out of it.

Jack: I told ya this genetic lock was a great invention. It's a perfect way to prevent any unauthorized access to the Ghost Zone.

Cut to a shot of the Fenton Portal. Camera zooms in and fades to a shot of a ghost snake being standing behind of the ghost portal and in front of several other ghosts and Ember. Cut to a line stretching from the ghost portal on the bottom level all the way to the high level. 

(Theme song)

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