24K Jewelry is a jewelry store located in Amity Park.


In "Control Freaks," Danny catches Lydia and Freakshow's other minion ghosts stealing jewelry from the display cases at 24K Jewelry. As Danny fights them, the store's alarm is set off and several displays are broken.

When the police arrive, Freakshow's ghosts phase out of the store and drop the stolen merchandise on Danny, making him look like the thief. He also phases away when the cops see him, leaving the jewelry on the floor.

One of the cops suggests taking the jewelry and blaming the ghost kid, to which the other cop tells him that he's under arrest.


24K Jewelry is a small, red-bricked store. It has a giant display window, flanked by two columns, to the left of its front door. The store's sign hangs by chains over the window.

The sign is circular and golden, and reads "24K Jewelry" around the image of a diamond. There is a smaller storefront window to the right of the front door. The door itself is recessed into the store, and lights hang above the entrance. At night, the entrance is barred off and a "Closed" sign hangs on the door.

Inside, the store is supported by more columns. Several glass display cases of jewelry are spread out near the walls of the room.

There are decorative pictures along the walls, and a door off to one side. In the middle of the room, there is a chandelier on the ceiling and a rug with the store's logo on the floor.


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