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Accelerated healing or Healing factor is the ability to heal and regenerate one's body from injuries and wounds at supernatural speeds. This power appears to stem from their Superhuman Durability.

Sub-power(s): Reconstitution.


Accelerated healing allows ghosts and half-ghosts to heal at much greater speeds than that of an ordinary human due to their ecto-biological structure. They can heal from slashes, puncture wounds, and more within a short amount of time. Certain ghosts were shown to possess especially powerful regenerative ability, able to recover from all damage within seconds. In some instances, their clothes or even their entire body can regenerate.[1]


  • Some ghost powers can prove to be too much for an ecto-entity's healing factor. The Ghostly Wail, for example can render its victims immobile, unconscious, or, such as in Shadow's case, formless.[2] It also shown that the wail is also able to destroy/disintegrate beings that are too weak to withstand it.[3]

Known users

All ghosts and half-ghosts possess and exhibit an accelerated healing ability, as it is inherent to their physiology. However, just with any other ghost power, the potency is extremely varied.

Known objects

The following objects can grant users accelerated healing:


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