An alternate timeline which was a temporal paradox created unknowingly by Danny Phantom via him using the time portal which transported Danny Phantom to his parents' college days. This timeline is very similar to the one featured in The Ultimate Enemy, as Danny both had to fix a temporal paradox by setting history right.

Major changes

  1. Jack Fenton is half-ghost.
  2. Maddie is married to Vlad Masters.


Season 2


  • This is the one of three alternate timelines presented. The others are Alternate timeline (The Ultimate Enemy) and Alternate timeline (Memory Blank).
  • A new permanent timeline for Vlad Masters has emerged after the canon timeline and can be found on such websites as Vlad Masters - The New TImeline  in the fanfiction genre in which Vlad only spends days in the hospital and falls in love with a parallel Maddie.  This makes upon others, the fourth timeline for Vlad Masters.  For fan writers who which to critique time travel paradox, this is one of many sites that should prove most entertaining.  The timeline is purposely designed to be as close to canon as possible save the alterations to Vlad.

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