Last night I wished Danny had never met me. And Desiree must’ve made it so we never met!

–Sam Manson of the Wishverse, Memory Blank

An alternate timeline was an alternate timeline created by Desiree after Sam Manson wished Danny Fenton had never met her.



In this new reality, while Danny and Tucker Foley did meet, Sam did not. With no one capable of convincing Danny to activate the Fenton Portal, Danny failed in receiving his ghost powers. Meanwhile, Jack and his wife had been in the lab, where they never finished the portal. However, this Jack had no control over the functions of the portal.[1]


When Sam found herself in this timeline, after learning what had become of Danny in her absence, she managed to make contact with the duo and explained to them what had happened. They didn't believe her at first till she showed them the photos she had of the three of them. Realizing that giving Danny his powers would alter Sam’s original wish, Sam performed a risky experiment to activate the ghost portal, subsequently giving Danny ghost powers.

As Desiree began preparations to grant people‘s wishes that would make them very evil, turning them into little more than horror, Sam contacted the duo and had Danny sent down to provide resistance, although Danny showed to be frightened. Tucker wished a risky wish to summon the wishing ghost Desiree. The ghost asked them keep wishing. Sam wished she and Danny never fought, erasing the timeline and all its consequences from existence — except for the continued destruction of Desiree’s wish-granting and loss of her wishes. 

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