An alternate timeline that could only come about had Danny used his powers to steal the answers to the Career Aptitude Test. It is one of the multiple alternate universes shown in Danny Phantom



In the original timeline, before Clockwork's intervention, Danny used his powers to steal the answers to the Career Aptitude Test. Suspicious of Danny, Mr. Lancer called the Fentons to the Nasty Burger for a meeting. Unfortunately, the Nasty Burger's vat of Nasty Sauce exploded just at that time, killing Danny's family, his friends Sam and Tucker, and Mr. Lancer. As a result, the grief-stricken boy was forced to move in with his arch-enemy Vlad Masters, as he was the only person left who Danny felt could possibly understand his situation.

Season 2

S02M02 statue of Danny's family

Earth has been ravaged and left in ruins. Amity Park remains as a heavily fortified city and has become a bustling futuristic metropolis. It is protected by a huge ghost shield, operated and run by Damon Gray, while his 24-year-old daughter Valerie serves as the city's sole protector from the ghosts that try to attack from outside.

The ghost shield was nigh-impenetrable and had protected Amity Park for ten years, until one new, very evil and very powerful ghost uses his newest power, the Ghostly Wail, to easily break through the ghost shield.

Valerie is then ambushed by the Fright Knight, who reveals he is now in servitude to the new ghost. She heads to safety in Fenton Works, now occupied by her and her father; the Fenton family is nowhere to be seen. The new ghost gets through from below, and reveals himself to be an adult Danny Phantom.

Major Changes

S02M02 Future Valerie weapon smoking

Future Valerie.

  • Danny's family, his friends Sam and Tucker, Mr. Lancer as well as the human Danny are dead.
  • Damon lost his eye and arm.
  • Valerie does not get her a new, stronger suit Instead, they wears her first generation suit.
  • Dan's actions were taking Box Ghost's eye and arm, severely injuring Johnny 13 to the point he needed a wheel chair, and ruining Ember's vocal cords. 
  • Skulker and Technus fuse into one being.
  • Vlad is stripped of his ghost powers due to Dan separating Masters and Plasmius.


Season 2


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