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The Amity Park Ghostkateers are a group of teens trained by Jack and Maddie Fenton to fight ghosts.


In "Public Enemies," Walker (who is overshadowing Dash) notices Jack and Maddie's ghost-hunting abilities at the school assembly and says that he wants to keep an eye on them, as they may be useful to his plans. In an effort to do so, the Ghostkateers hold their first official after-school meeting at Fenton Works. Jack knights Dash (overshadowed by Walker) as "Ghostkateer #1." Danny and Jazz come home to see this, but they go to their rooms after the group sings their battle song.

When Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Wulf are at Tucker's house, Sam mentions that Wulf can't stay at Danny's "with it being Ghostkateer Central."

Later, after Danny crashes the town meeting, Maddie goes over with Jack as to why she should handle the ghost-hunting equipment. After she explains that she's a ninth-degree black belt, Jack enthusiastically hands her a weapon and then says he's going to get the Ghostkateers.


Battle Song

Jack: G-H-O...
Maddie: Oh, you've seen a ghost?
Jack: ... S-T-K-A...
Maddie: Eh, you've seen a Canadian ghost?
Jack, Maddie and Ghostkateers: ...A-T-double E-R! S!


Season 1


  • The Ghostkateers are a reference to the Mouseketeers of The Mickey Mouse Club.

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