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Amity Park Penitentiary is a prison located in Amity Park.


In "Reality Trip," Danny flies over the penitentiary on the way to school. Inside the building, the Guys in White have Freakshow locked up as a prisoner.

They interrogate him for information about the Reality Gauntlet, but Freakshow ends up using the gauntlet against them and then frees Lydia, who was also being held prisoner. They then escape and fly away from the penitentiary.


The Amity Park Penitentiary is a blue-and-gray tall, square building with rows of black windows on each side. It has a watch tower on each corner, and the roof is lined with barbwire.

There are also free-standing watch towers next to the main building. The whole facility is surrounded by brick walls lined with barbwire. The prison's name and the main gate are on one of these walls.


Season 2

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