This page is for Amity Park Police Department, the law enforcement organization. For the cops specifically, see Police officers.

The Amity Park Police Department (APPD) is the law enforcement team of Amity Park. A team of cops make up its police force.


S01e20 money falling on police car

APPD police car

A couple of cops first appear in "Control Freaks" when they enter 24K Jewelry after its alarm goes off. They see Danny Phantom covered in jewelry (which was dropped on him by Freakshow's minions during their escape from the store), and they assume he is the thief. Danny phases out, and one of the cops suggests that they take the jewelry left behind and blame it on the ghost kid, to which the other cop says he is under arrest.

Later in the episode, a team of cops try to catch Danny and Freakshow's minions during their looting spree, and at the end of the episode, some cops arrest Freakshow.

Several cops appear in "Reality Trip" during the hunt for Danny. Some of them receive radio signals telling them to be on the lookout for Danny, Tucker, and Sam.



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