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The Amity Park Swap Meet is a flea market in Amity Park where people can buy, sell, and trade items.


In "What You Want," Danny and Tucker go to the swap meet to shop around. They stop at various booths, including Madam Babazita's Mystical Oddities, where Tucker refutes the claim of a genie in a bottle. Soon after, a little girl's balloon string knocks over the genie bottle, thus releasing Desiree. Later in the episode, Danny returns to Madam Babazita's booth and asks her the history of Desiree in order to help save Tucker.


The swap meet has the following booths:

  • Madam Babazita's Mystical Oddities — run by Madam Babazita. It sells various antique bottles, including the bottle that previously held Desiree.


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