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"Until a group of powerful ancient ghosts banded together in a last ditch effort to defeat the King."

The Ancients were a group of powerful ghosts who long ago defeated the king of all ghosts, Pariah Dark. It is unknown what happened to them after Pariah's downfall.


Six hooded Ancients.

The Ancients were a group that was said to have existed at the same time as the Ghost King. The group took on Pariah Dark in combat and their combined power was enough to defeat him.

They then removed the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire from the downed ghost king and placed him in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep and locked it with the Skeleton Key.

They then reduced Pariah's former domain to what would become known as Pariah's Keep. It is unknown what became of them afterwards.


The Ancients' true appearance is unknown and ambiguous at best. In their depictions, their figures are hidden. What can be concluded is that the majority of them resembled green ghosts with skeletal hands and red eyes. They also wear purple robes with clasps in the model of a skull.

Powers and Abilities

  • Intangibility, Invisibility, Flight: Standard ghost powers.
  • Ghost Ray: The Ancients' ghost rays were strong enough to knock out Pariah Dark, even while he had the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire. Their ghost rays were also strong enough to reduce Pariah domain.


Season 2


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