"It can make anything come alive."
— Freakshow on the Reality Gauntlet

Animation is the ability to alter reality through one's imagination. It is a sub-power of Reality Warping.


The Lunch Lady Ghost animated food in order to create their own food-minions monster. 

Danny sticks the Soul Shredder to the ground, causing it to take over the entire haunted house and turn various dummies Dash has displayed into living zombies.

Lydia attacks the Danny at a local jewelry store with her tattoos.

Lydia attacks the Dumpty Humpty concert with her tattoos. Danny manages to fend them off, then goes after his friends who have been taken by two of Lydia's tattoos. Freakshow once again leaves with Lydia with her tattoos.

Desiree enchants a giant cow statue which comes to life and destroys some of the trucks. Desiree enchants the movie poster with three female horror movie stars: TerminatraFemalien, and Nightmerica in one film.

Hotep RA grabs the scepter and begins to do things his own way; namely, bringing the sphinx statue to life to take care of Danny. He then brings to life hieroglyphics - a bird, a jackal, and a giant scorpion - to help the sphinx with its job. The parents begin to blame each other for the current mess that is going on until Lydia captures them all. Lydia (currently invisible) sends three of her tattoos to hide in each of the trio's shirts to keep watch. Lydia, wraps the trio with her tattoos, then warps them back to Freakshow. 

Freakshow uses the Gauntlet to create monsters out of two oil trucks through the Gem of Form and brings them to life with the Gem of Life. 

In the space center, a child finds the Gem of Life and activates it by touch, but he throws it when it burns him, causing a space shuttle to come to life and attack the Fenton Jetplane.

Lydia attacks with her tattoos, but Danny uses the gauntlet to turn her into various forms before turning her back and letting her fly off. 

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