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Apportation is the ability to teleport objects or beings from one location to another instantaneously. Sub-power of Teleportation


In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale", Technus apported a lightning rod that is able generate electricity, and used it to attack Danny.

In "Life Lessons", Skulker apported to himself a cage with captured ghosts, and used one of them as a trap for Danny. In "Reality Trip," Freakshow uses the Reality Gauntlet multiple times to move people and objects around instantly, such as when he teleports Danny's friends and family onto a roller coaster.


This power allows users to transport being or objects between locations instantly.

Known users


Season 1

Season 2


This power is unique from, but similar to, conjuration. Conjuration involves creating things out of thin air, whereas apportation deals with things that already exist.

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