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Apportation is the ability to remotely teleport/transport objects or beings between locations from one location to another instantaneously. It is a similar power to teleportation, differentiated in that apportation is specifically the teleportation of things that does not include the user.

Sub-power(s): Conjuration, Disintegration.


In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," Technus apported a lightning rod that is able generate electricity, and used it to attack Danny.

In "Life Lessons," Skulker apported to himself a cage with captured ghosts, and used one of them as a trap for Danny.

In "King Tuck," Tucker used the Scarab Scepter to sends everyone in the school to a version of ancient Egypt where Tucker is pharaoh. In the end Tucker then uses the staff's power to return everything to normal and make everyone, except himself, Sam, and Danny, forget that anything ever happened (some of them retained a certain residual trauma though).

In "Reality Trip," Freakshow uses the Reality Gauntlet multiple times to move people and objects around instantly, such as when he teleports Danny's friends and family onto a roller coaster.


  • Disintegration/Banishing: The user can use this power to send opponents away to another place. The user can bring them back when ever they choose too. The user can also destroy/banish, objects or beings into nothing or thin air. They can just as easily make these objects or beings vanish.
  • Conjuration/Summoning: The user can summon/create objects or other people to help them in a fight or undo their banishing part.

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  • This power is unique from, but similar to, conjuration. Conjuration involves creating things out of thin air, whereas apportation deals with things that already exist.

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