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Aragon's kingdom was ruled by Prince Aragon. It is the home of Aragon, Princess Dorathea (also known as Dora), and the ghostly subjects of the kingdom.


The kingdom was once ruled by Prince Aragon. To match his archaic expectations of gender roles, he kept the land frozen in time, leaving it stuck in the Middle Ages. By isolating the realm he was able to prevent any modern ideas from reaching the kingdom, allowing him to maintain his control over his subjects. And being stuck in time not only blocked modern ideology from entering the kingdom, it also stopped all technology. Once any technology enters the kingdom, it ceased to function.

During the events of "Beauty Marked" Dora, with the help of Sam Manson defeats Aragon and claims the throne. As her first act as monarch, and as a final step to remove her brother's power, Dora destroyed the time block Aragon placed around the kingdom, allowing time to once again move forwards. By no longer existing in a time bubble, technology is able to function.



Season 2


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