Axion Labs is a laboratory in Amity Park. It specializes in the mass production of high-tech devices.


Before Damon Gray's digital security modifications, the lab relied on guard dogs to protect the lab. Axion's executive members disliked the use of "smelly security dogs" and encouraged the new security system's installation.

Before the beginning of the series, Damon Gray worked in Axion Labs' R&D division.

In "Shades of Gray", Damon made a "foolproof" defense system for the lab, which failed and couldn't stop intangible ghosts like Danny Phantom and Cujo from destroying it. He was consequently demoted to a security guard with his pay severely reduced, bringing him and his daughter Valerie to near-poverty. As a result of the destruction of her father's livelihood and the alienation from her peers due to her new economic status, Valerie swore vengeance on all ghosts, especially Danny Phantom, and becomes an ally of Vlad Masters.

The lab was eventually rebuilt and played a minor role in "Secret Weapons," in which Skulker stole the bloodstream nanobots that Axion Labs was developing and gave them to Vlad for use in improving the Ecto-Skeleton.

Immediately before "Flirting With Disaster", Axion Labs was taken over by Vladco. Vlad promoted Damon Gray back to his job in R&D (though this did little to ease Valerie's grudge against ghosts).


Some of the inventions produced by Axion Labs are:

  • Bloodstream nanobots
  • X-23 Booster Rocket, a jetpack that can send a man to space in under two minutes
  • Ectographic Net, a trap that holds ghosts in place for a limited amount of time


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