Axion Labs is a laboratory in Amity Park. It specializes in the mass production of high-tech devices.


Before the beginning of the series, Damon Gray worked in Axion Labs' R&D division.

In "Shades of Gray," Damon made a "foolproof" defense system for the lab, which couldn't stop intangible ghosts like Danny Phantom and Cujo from destroying it. He was demoted to a security guard with his pay severely reduced, bringing him and his daughter Valerie to near-poverty. As a result, Valerie swore vengeance on all ghosts, especially Danny Phantom, and becomes an ally of Vlad Masters.

The lab was eventually rebuilt and played a minor role in "Secret Weapons," in which Skulker stole the bloodstream nanobots that Axion Labs was developing and gave them to Vlad for use in improving the Ecto-Skeleton.

Immediately before "Flirting With Disaster," Axion Labs was taken over by Vladco. Vlad promoted Damon Gray back to his job in R&D (though this did little to ease Valerie's grudge against ghosts).


Some of the inventions produced by Axion Labs are:

  • Bloodstream nanobots
  • X-23 Booster Rocket, a jetpack that can send a man to space in under two minutes
  • Ectographic Net, a trap that holds ghosts in place for a limited amount of time


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