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"Of all the rotten luck!"
Danny Phantom on bad luck[1]

Bad luck inducement is the unique ability to grant bad luck to others. Johnny 13 can grant bad luck to people through the use of his shadow.


In "13," Shadow causes bad luck for multiple people in a variety of ways.

Shadow destroys a lamp post that hits Danny's Fenton Thermos on his back as he rolls to avoid the post, which releases all the ghosts Danny had caught earlier that night.

Johnny sends Shadow to move a truck that Tucker is standing next to, causing it to crash into a roller coaster's structure.

While Tucker is explaining to others that he is not bad luck, Shadow pushes his hand up, making him accidentally toss his spoon into a bee hive, resulting in nearly the whole school being stung.

While Shadow is chasing after Danny, they phase through a popcorn machine at the movie theater, which causes it to malfunction right when Tucker is ordering snacks and once again insisting that he is not bad luck. The resulting flood of popcorn convinces Tucker otherwise, and he asks Sam to "goth him up" so he can get a new image to replace his reputation for bad luck.

Later in that same chase, Shadow flies through the genetic lock machine for the Fenton Portal, causing it to malfunction and close on Kitty.

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  1. "13"

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