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Bearbert Einstein is a stuffed animal owned by Jazz Fenton.


Bearbert Einstein is Jazz's favorite childhood stuffed animal. Despite her assertion to the contrary, she cares for it very much.

In "Bitter Reunions," Maddie is holding Bearbert while she sleeps in the GAV on the way home from Vlad's mansion.

In "The Fenton Menace," Maddie packs the stuffed animal for Jazz for their road trip. Jazz initially claims that she's not a child, and doesn't need a stuffed animal. However, she shows care for it. In the episode, Danny rips the stuffing out of Bearbert in order to get Jazz to behave like a kid and give her the ability to see Youngblood. As a result, she throws a temper tantrum which makes her young enough to see Youngblood. When she attacked the ghost in the GAV, she shouted that she was doing it "for Bearbert."

In "The Fright Before Christmas," it is among the destroyed toys. Danny later remade it along with the other toys.


It is a stuffed Teddy bear, with hair and a mustache that makes it resemble Albert Einstein (for whom the bear is named).


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