Bucky's Music Mega Store is a music Store located in Amity Park.


In "Fanning the Flames," Paulina announces to the school that Ember is giving away free concert tickets at Bucky's Music Mega Store.

The students, save for Danny and Sam, ditch school to go to Bucky's.

After escaping Lancer's grasp, Danny and Sam fly to Bucky's as well and end up crashing into the giant Ember cutout on top of the store.

Inside the store, Ember appears above a crowd of fans and tosses free tickets out to them. After a brief skirmish inside as Danny and Sam try to stop her, Ember and Danny phase up to the store's roof and continue their battle until Ember casts a love spell on Danny.

Sam then falls from the roof, but a SWAT team member catches her.


Bucky's Music Mega Store is a tall four-story square building located on the corner of a block.

Each corner of the store is rounded out into a circular design, and each floor is separated by white trim.

Its exterior walls are made up of large windows, and above its main entrance is a sign that reads "Bucky's Music Mega Store" in large red letters.

The roof is flat and has a door that leads down inside the store.

Inside, there is another "Bucky's" sign above the entrance. The middle of the store is an open-air clearing that goes up all four floors, with stage lights on the ceiling.

Along the two sides of the store are individual catwalks on each level for customers to walk on. At the back of the store is a tall multi-sectioned video screen that leads up to a platform near the top of the store.

During "Fanning the Flames," Bucky's was covered with Ember signs and other decor to promote her concert. Outside, there was a picture of Ember hanging over the store's name, which was flanked by two vertical "Ember" signs.

On the roof, there was a giant Ember cutout towering over the store. Inside, there were two more giant cutouts, another "Ember" sign above the store's name, and various posters of her on the walls.


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