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City Hall is the administrative local government building of Amity Park. It holds the office for the city's mayor. In addition, it is as a venue for important public announcements, events, and gatherings.


At City Hall, Danny crashes the meeting, scaring the crowd and kicking his parents in action. Danny attempts to knock the ghosts out of them, but only succeeds in ticking them off, since they weren't possessed in the first place. Jack tries to catch him with the Fenton Ghost Fisher, forgetting that it's tangled. The much more competent Maddie fires a green laser-thing at Danny, but misses. Danny lands on the floor where the overshadowed Mayor phases Danny down into the basement where he is confronted by Dash, Paulina, Kwan, Principal Ishiyama, and Mr. Lancer. Maddie shows up and tries to fire at Danny, but Wulf jumps in and forces Walker to be hit instead. Unfortunately, Wulf also gets sucked into the portal, much to Danny's dismay. Even so, he and Walker say to Danny that they'll meet again.[1]

Danny catches this news from his father, who is eager to vote for Vlad as mayor, so he desperately heads down to City Hall where Vlad had just given a speech. There, the two battle, Danny stating Vlad's gotten weaker until he realizes at the last minute that it was merely a decoy held long enough until multiple Vlad duplicates overshadow the voters to vote only for him, making him win in a landslide.[2]

At a press conference, Vlad announces that he has a plan to save Earth, and with everyone in the world watching, Vlad transforms and reveals that he is Vlad Plasmius. He announces that he is the only person who can save the world, and that he would do it by turning the Disasteroid intangible, causing it to fly right through the Earth, but only if the world's leaders agree to make him ruler of the world and give him 500 billion dollars.[3]


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