The episode opens on a bus. Danny and Tucker are bored, while Sam is excited.
Sam (Happily) Summer camp... How great is this? We can go hiking, and canoeing, and exploring. I can't believe you guys aren't excited.
Danny [Sarcastically] Oh, I'm really excited. Now instead of spending five days a week with these losers, I get to spend two whole months. [As he speaks, someone from the front throws a paper airplane to the back. Kwan catches it and hits Mikey with it.]
Sam I can't wait to show you all the wonders nature has to offer.
Danny Does it offer a movie theater? Or a video arcade?
Tucker Don't worry, Danny. You bring the anti-venom serum, I'll bring the arcade. [Holds up two handheld games and a game box for "Rain Forest Demolition II.] Here's all the nature we need.
Danny [Excited] Rain Forest Demolition II? Oh-ho sweet! [Grabs the box] Who wants to help me build a virtual Fenton Acres?
Sam [Sighs and looks at a brochure] I'll stick to the real thing, thanks.
The brochure is of Camp Skull and Crossbones on beautiful Lake Eerie. On the brochure is a picture of the campsite, which has green grass and a blue lake. Sam puts down the brochure and sees the campsite, which is run-down, old, and raggedy.
Tucker Good choice.
The bus stops by the mess hall, which is just as run-down. All the students get off the bus and look at it.
Danny Well, the brochure may be outdated, but at least that sign's accurate.
Tucker [Sees a sign that says "Camp Skull and Crossbones on beautiful Lake Eerie"] Creepy with two E's alright. In fact, this may qualify for three.
Sam Come on, you guys. There's nothing scary about this place.
Mr. Lancer Hello, pioneers.
Mr. Lancer and Ms. Tetslaff step out, much to the students' horror.
Danny Mr. Lancer? Ms. Tetslaff? What are you doing here?
Students [To themselves] Please say "Just passing through." Please say "Just passing through."
Mr. Lancer Children, relax. For the next eight weeks, we're not your teachers.
All the students breathe a sigh of relief.
Ms. Tetslaff Better: We're your counselors. [The students gasp with horror] So our hold over you no longer stops at 3:00 in the afternoon. It lasts the whole, entire, livelong day.
Mikey Before I burst into tears at the thought of my lost summer, can you tell us where the bathrooms are?
Ms. Tetslaff There aren't any. [Students gasp]
Mr. Lancer [Shocked] Call of the Wild!
Ms. Tetslaff Suck it up, Lancer. You're in the wilderness. All the world's your bathroom. [Hands a roll of toilet paper to Lester, and he and Mikey walk into the woods.]
Kwan I heard this camp is haunted.
Dash Me too. The say there's a monster in the woods at Lake Eerie.
Paulina And two in the lake. [The students start talking amongst themselves.]
Danny [Sarcastically] Just what we need: Amateur ghost stories.
Ms. Tetslaff [Blows her whistle] Pipe down, campers. This camp is definitely not haunted.
Mikey [Screams and runs to the others] There's a ghost monster in the woods, and it took Lester!
The students, and Mr. Lancer, become horrified. The scene changes to later.
Ms. Tetslaff Calm down, soldier! [Places a blanket around a very shaken Mikey.] There are no monsters at this camp!
Mikey Tell that to the beast that just ate Lester.
Mr. Lancer [Worried] Beast? How big is a beast compared to a monster, anyone?
Danny We should check out the woods.
Ms. Tetslaff Negative. This camp is now under lockdown. Everyone report to their cabins. Mr. Lancer and I will search for, uh, Lester's remains. [Mikey and Mr. Lancer scream.]
Sam It's OK. We'll find Lester. Lancer and Tetslaff won't ruin the whole summer. We can still have fun. [Twitches]
Nightfall, Sam is lying in her bed, bored, while Starr does Paulina's hair.
Sam This can still be fun.
Paulina So he was like "No way," and I was all "Yes way."
Star No way.
Sam This can still be... I'm doomed.
Suddenly an ominous green glow is seen coming from the window.
Star Did you see that green glow?
Paulina It must be swamp gas.
Star The monster in the woods must have gotten it from eating Lester.
Sam looks out the window and sees Tucker and Danny, now in ghost form, who's causing the green glow with his hand.
Danny Psst. Wanna come out and play?
Paulina Quick. Hide my moisturizer from the monster.
Star Let's like, stand on chairs so he can't get us.
Sam What do you think? But are we prepared to go into the woods?
Danny [Tucker pulls out a Fenton Thermos while Danny pulls out a pair of Fenton Wrist Rays] Thermos and prototype Fenton Wrist Rays courtesy of my unsuspecting dad.
Tucker Most kids worry about packing enough underwear for camp. Then there's us.
Sam smiles. The camera fades to the woods. Danny is in front provide a green light with his hand. Sam checks out her new Wrist Ray.
Sam Look at you, Tucker. Out in the woods at night. I'm impressed.
Tucker thinks back to earlier in their cabin, when Dash and Kwan were constantly bouncing a hackey-sack off their heads.
Dash So I was like "No way," and she was all "Yes way."
Kwan No way.
Tucker [Back in the present] It was worse in the cabin. Trust me.
Danny [Sees footprints.] Guys. Footprints.
Tucker No big deal, those could simply belong to a little woodland creature. [Something growls off screen.] A fluffy bunny foraging for a carrot for example. [Danny's ghost sense goes off] A carrot with ghost powers.
Sam Relax, hackeyhead, there's nothing to fear-
Pans to a clump of bushes where a reptilian beast jumps out growling.
Tucker [Returns to a close up of Sam and Tucker's faces] You were saying?
Danny readies his ghost ray but the beast knocks him aside and into the vegetation. The beast then turns to charge Sam and Tucker.
Sam [Fidgeting frantically with the wristray along with Tucker.] How do you use these things?!
Beast lunges at Sam and Tucker whose wristrays suddenly go off simultaneously, blasting the beast back with two rays of ghost energy.
Sam and Tucker Yes! [Beast returns to his feet and pounces] No!
Sam and Tucker take off running with the monster perusing when they suddenly reach a cliff like drop, trapping them. The beast lunges at them sending all of them over the cliff just as Danny reappears in time to watch.
Danny No! Guys! [Leaning over the edge of the cliff to see Sam and Tucker dangling from a tree branch.]
Tucker The sad thing is, this is still better than being in the cabin.
Danny reaches down, lifting Sam and Tucker up and onto solid ground just as the monster is crawling up the side of the cliff.
Danny Here, kitty thing, wanna play fetch?
Tucker Um, Danny? Fetching is for dogs.
Danny Not when I'm doing the fetching! [Pulls out the Fenton Thermos and sucks in the pouncing monster]
Sam Thanks for the save. So we got the monster, but not Lester.
Danny I'm sure the monster didn't eat him. You guys go back to camp, try and sleep. I'll keep looking. [Flies off]
Ghost prison guard [Emerges from bushes, talking into wrist device] No sign of the subject, but you won't believe who is here.
Cut to the Mess Hall
Tucker Ah breakfast the most- [Has a gray lump dropped onto his tray] disgusting meal of the day.
Unnamed student It's gray and lumpy, like my grampa!
Sam [Taking a seat with Tucker] What time did Danny get back?
Danny Just now. When it went from black to gray, I figured it was morning. [Revealing a camera in his hands]
Sam You found Lester's camera?
Danny Yeah, but not Lester. He probably sheltered in a cave. At least the monster's gone.
Off screen yelling and Dash runs in knocking a person aside
Dash The monster ate Kwan!
Tucker At least the monster got to eat.
Danny Dash, that's impossible! He probably just wandered off to use the bathroom.
Dash Uh-uh, you don't know Kwan's amazing bladder. He can hold it for-
Sam [Gets up] Please don't finish that sentence till I'm safely out of the building.
Tucker Please don't finish it at all, dude.
Sam exits the Mess Hall and stumbles upon Ms. Tetslaff and Mr. Lancer arguing behind a building and secretly eavesdrops.
Mr. Lancer [Dressed mostly in a bear suit] I did not spend a year at the year getting a sculptured summer physique so I could hid it in a bear suit!
Ms. Tetslaff That's the Scruffy the camp mascot costume. You'll wear it to keep the kids happy and take their minds off the disappearances. I'll handle the tough stuff like killing the monster in woods.
Mr. Lancer [Puts mascot head on and emerges from behind the building] Hello, campers!
Paulina [Screaming and crying] Something got Starr! We went out to get some sun and I found her sun tan lotion next to a giant clout footprint!
Students start talking amongst themselves.
Ms. Tetslaff [to Paulina] Peak up, camper. We'll find her.
Paulina We have to, she's my best friend! And without her sunblock, she's in terrible danger! She burns so easily!
Mr. Lancer Clan of the Cave Bear! [Ripping off bear suit] Everyone, calm down!
Ms. Tetslaff Here's what we're going to do. We're divide into two groups. Mr. Lancer's team will stay in camp and do nice normal camp stuff like crafts and canoeing. And my team's going to go on a nice normal hike.
Danny That doubles as a nice normal rescue effort. [Ms. Tetslaff draws a line in the dirt separating the two groups] Quick, Sam jump over to our side!
Ms. Tetslaff [Sam tries to move to the other side, but Ms. Tetslaff stops her.] Get a move on Ms. Manson.
Sam Don't worry.I'll look for Lester, Starr, and Kwan
Danny [Just as Sam leaves] Wait, you might need the thermos.
Tucker Maybe it's best if we have it. Who knows what dangers could lurk right here in camp, right?
Tucker [Close up of face then widening to include the canoe and water] Yay, Let's hear it for danger.
Mr. Lancer [On land with a megaphone] Row, row, row your boat, now in the canoe you start! Row, row, row-
Danny [A sudden fog rolls over] Actually, this is perfect. Stay here while I go check out the woods. [Goes ghost and flies off.]
Tucker [Seeing Danny left the thermos] Dude, wait! Oh well. [Takes out handheld video game device]
Ms. Tetslaff [Close up of a distressed squirrel then zooms out] And that's how you disable a Grizzly squirrel with nothing but your bare hands!
Sam Oh brother.
There's a rustling of leaves and Sam grabs a tree branch before pulling apart the bushes to expose an empty clearing. Turning back she finds a monster looming over her and swings the branch at it. The monster yanks the tree branch out of her hand and breaks it before firing ghost rays from its eyes that cause her to trip and fall. Beast growls, about to attack when it is suddenly blasted back by a ghost ray.
Danny [Now appearing on screen] Sticks are so last century. It's all about the ghost rays now. [Beast blasts Danny down] See?
Sam [Danny dodges ghost ray and grabbing the monster by the head, flips him over. Brushes off hands.] Don't play with it! Use the Thermos!
Danny Uh I kinda left it with Tucker. [Monster attacks but Danny freezes it with an ice ray] Come on, we better warn Tetslaff of the jungle about the monster.
Ms. Tetslaff [Snake with knots tied in it slithers away.] And that's how you survive after a Python has swallowed you. [Rustling and movement of bushes] Remember when I said aim for the eyes! [Yells and charges]
Dash [Ghost prison guard emerges] Run!
Students begin to run though they quickly discover they are cornered. Ms. Tetslaff turns around to find her whole group has suddenly disappeared and whips around in time to see three GPGs looming over her.
Sam [Emerging from the forest] Hello? Ms. Tetslaff?
Danny Anyone else? Tucker!
Danny and Sam [Run down to the canoeing spot with all the canoes upturned and empty] Tucker!?
Danny [Picks up Tucker's handheld device besides a canoe] Tucker's gone and so is the thermos!
Sam You caught the first monster, we put the second monster on ice. Just how many more are there?
Danny [Rustling of leaves and movement of a bush] At least one. Going ghost! [Danny transforms and sends an ectoblast at the bush. A large figure is sent flying into the open clearing. He rushes at it only to stop and fall midair.]
Danny and Sam Wulf?!
Danny [Establishing shot of the first aid cabin before zooming in to the inside] What is that?
Sam [Applying a substance to Wulf's torn claws] It's a mixture of berries known to speed healing.I told you nature was full of wonder.
Wulf Gxia bona al vida de danove mia amiko (Translation: '"It's god to see you again my friend'")
Danny It's nice to see you again too. [Sam stares at him] What? I had Tucker teach me a little Esperanto. You know, moments like this.
Sam Uh-huh. I can't believe Wulf escaped from Walker's ghost jail. And this time, he did some real damage.
Danny Well tearing a hole between dimensions can take a lot out of you.
Sam Danny, the hole Wulf tore through Walker's. It must still be open. I bet all these monsters are coming from the Ghost Zone!
Danny Of course, they're crawling out of his portal like cockroaches through a sewer drain! Wulf can lead us to it and we can close it up tonight!
Sam [Wulf jumps off the counter, circles twice, and then collapses on the floor, asleep.] I think we're going to have to wait.
Walker [Drone peers through a crack and zooms in on Wulf] So the boy did what you could not, he found Wulf. Outstanding. [Walker and several ghost prison guards are in a clearing watching through a screen.] Now I can get two prisoners for the price of one. Time to send out the invitations.
Danny [Sitting outside the cabin with Sam at night.] Don't worry we'll find everyone.
Sam I know, but Tucker out there with a monster. Or worse a monster and Dash and Kwan.
Danny Come on, you know I'd never let anything happen to either of you. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Or Tucker [Sam blushes]
Danny [The sound and movement of leaves, Danny stands up] Stay here, wake up Wulf.
Sam Be careful, I couldn't imagine my life without you either.[Blushes] Or Tucker.
Danny enters the forest, creating a ball of ecto energy for light when two ghost prison guards appear.
Ghost Prison Guard 1 Out past curfew, ghost boy? Isn't that against the rules?
Danny Walker's goons [Creates two ectoballs]. I wondered when you'd show up.
Ghost Prison Guard 2 Relax, kid. We aren't here to do any harm. [Ghost Prison Guard 1 shoots Danny with a ghost ray] Well, maybe just a little.
Ghost Prison Guard 1 We have a message for you. Give us Wulf and we'll give you your friends back. [Tosses something at Danny]
Danny Tucker's hat! [Ghost Prison Officers disappear back into vegetation and Danny flies back to the campfire where Sam and Wulf are waiting.] Wulf, you need to remember where that portal is, now! [Wulf sniffs the hat, then speeds off, nose to the ground, tracking. Sam and Danny follow behind.]
Sam [Walking into a sunny clearing, there's a growl and a clump of bushes moves noticeably.] Oh no, here we go again!
Danny Get behind me! [Preparing an ectoblast.]
A tiger-like monster pounces from the vegetation, but before Danny has a chance to blast the beast, Wulf intercepts. Pinning it to the ground, he scratches it with unsheathed claw. Then when it goes to run, he grabs it by the tail, whirls it in the air and sends it flying, far into the treetops of the forest.
Danny Boy, he sure recovered quickly!
Sam I'm telling you, it was the berries.
Danny [Emerging from the bushes to a pond fueled by waterfall.] Wow, this is pretty cool.
Sam Nature is full of nice surprises.
Danny So I've heard.
Wulf Veni malantaŭe (Translation: '"Come behind '")[Jumps on stones, into a cave behind the waterfall where the hole is.]
Danny Another amazing wonder of nature. OK are we ready to break INTO prison?
Sam [Wulf sharpens his claws against cave wall, bearing teeth and growling.] I'd say that's a yes.
Danny Hold on buddy, you can't rush in there, we have a plan. [Shrugging off the duffel bag he'd been carrying.]
Sam We do? We do.
Danny [Floats through the Ghost Zone with the duffel bag, up to the open prison doors.] No guards, we must be expected. [Soars through and drops bag in surprise] Sorry...Wulf. [Shot of Mr. Lancer and the others floating in a substance in a container] Whoa suspended animation, looks a bit like the camp oatmeal. [Reaches out, touches the container, and gets shocked.] Okay, not that way. At least for now I know everyone's safe.
Walker [Off screen] Which is more than I can be say for you. [Shot of Walker with several prison guards]
Danny You brought the whole gang to welcome me! I'm touched. Release my friends.
Walker Return Wulf to me.
Danny You know, you didn't have to kidnap all the campers to get me to bring you Wulf.
Walker Perhaps not, but I did have to take the ones that stumbled across my search party in the woods.

If only to keep them from shooting off their mouths. [Walker has a flashback while explaining. Starts with Lester and Mickey running away from a rhino-like beast and Lester slamming into Walker.]

Walker We started looking out for Wulf, but once I learned you were in those woods too-
Snatches Lester up causing him to drop his camera. Then Kwan appears and stoops to pick up his dropped wallet. At the same time Paulina on the other half of the screen is grabbed and both are yanked off screen as well as Starr, who is shown next and ambushed by a ghost prison guard.
Walker I know I only had to kidnap a few of your friends to get your attention. [Flashback ends] No matter, the end result is the same. I have your friends and you have mine.
Danny Something tells me Wulf doesn't consider you a friend. [Gives bag.]
Walker Again, no matter. The important thing is this game of cat and mouse is now over, and in case you had any doubts, you're the mouse. [Pulls the thermos at and sucks in Danny.]
Walker Now I have the campers, the ghost boy, and Wulf. That Phantom punk should've known better than to engage in a game of wits with me. And now- [Bending besides the bag] Wulf.
Sam [Sam bursts out of the bag, lower half dressed in the bear suit, and shoots Walker with her wrist ray as well as the other guards.] It's hard to engage in a battle of wits when your opponent is missing a few pieces!
Sees the thermos on the ground and rushes for it. Walker hits her with a pink ghost ray causing Sam and the thermos to be sent hurdling through the walls and Sam falls, curled up onto the floor of the next room.
Sam Oh right, humans past through stuff in the Ghost Zone! Cool. [Jumps through another wall and opens the thermos, releasing Danny.]
Danny Nice save! [An overhead blast is sent at them.]
Walker [With two guards beside him] Get'em!
Sam and Danny run, dodging the rays ,and sheltering behind a wall. Though Sam momentarily backtracks to return fire with her ghost ray, hitting the two guards, and Walker before being dragged away by Danny.
Sam Yes!
Danny Let's go! [Rounds the corner.] Look. [Turns the wall invisible to expose the others trapped in a state of suspended animation.]
Sam Oh my gosh! Tucker! The campers! Are they floating in oatmeal?
Danny It's a state of suspended animation that just so happens to look like breakfast. Trust me, they're okay.
Sam How do we get them out?
Walker The question is when do you join them? [Two guards pin DANNY well two others hold Sam.]
Danny Look you got me, let Sam go!
Walker Let someone go? That would be against the rules! [Holds up a shock collar.] Collar always worked on Wulf, but since he's not here ,I'll have to put it on someone else.
Danny You can't scare me, Walker!
Walker I'll make a note of that, ghost boy. But you're not the one whose going to wear this.[Approaches Sam, who struggles against the guards.]
Danny NO!
Wulf suddenly leaps on screen and pinning Walker down.
Danny and Sam Wulf!
The guards immediately release Sam and point their weapons at Wulf and Walker.
Ghost Prison Guard Hold it!
Walker No, don't hit me! [Ectoblasts Wulf off of him]
Sam, now freed, blasts the guards with her wristray, and sends them tumbling onto Walker. Meanwhile Danny changes back into human form and slips through both the guards grasp as well, as the wall behind them. Then when the guards turn around to see where he went, Danny reaches through the wall and bangs their heads together. And then, resuming ghost form, meets up with Sam and Wulf.
Danny Nice job!
Sam I'm loving this wristray. It's the perfect accessory of pain!
Walker [With a line of guards behind him] Seize them!
Danny Ready?
Sam [In crane stance] Ready!
Both groups rush at each other, accompanying the charge with war cries and "Wham!" text when they collide. Three shots of Wulf beating up guards as well as two of Sam, zapping them with her wristray, and three of Danny.
Walker [Pinning Danny to the wall by his neck] You all are breaking the law, ghost boy! [Sam blasts through part of Walker's hat exposing his head, causing him to release Danny, and run off panicked.]
Danny Nice job! Get Wulf and go free Tucker while I keep Walker's army busy.
Sam Ok. [To Wulf] Come with me, Veni kun mi (Translation: '"Come with me'"). [Danny stares] So I know some too, don't say a word.
Sam [Sam and Wulf run into the room where the other campers are being contained.] Tucker.
Walker So you think you can run away from me? Ah! [Danny zaps him in the back with a ghostray. Walker turns to face him.] Firing from behind, how very cowardly.
Danny You'd know all about that, torturing Wulf, almost torturing Sam!
Walker hits Danny with a plasma ray, knocking him into the wall, but Danny gets up and flies at Walker. However before impact, he purposefully changes forms, so he sails through Walker and lands on the other side, in front of Sam and Wulf, and returns to ghost form.
Walker You!
Danny What do you say, we put this feud on ice? [Freezes Walker with an ice ray]
Sam How do we get in there to free them?
Danny Easy, remember how normal humans can pass through stuff in the Ghost Zone?
Sam [Sam jumps through and into the container.] Now, there should be a switch around here, somewhere. [Opening of glass door]
Wulf [Claw holding down the switch clearly marked open and close and smiling comically.] Uh duh?!
Danny [Pushing the block containing the others.] Wait, where's Wulf?
Sam and Danny peer from behind the cube to see Wulf with his tongue stuck to the iced Walker.
Sam Ferocious, yes. Smart? Not so much.
Cuts to Sam coming through Wulf's portal into the waterfall cave where Danny, the cubed campers and Wulf are waiting.
Danny [Tapping on the thermos and points it at portal] A little revere polarity should keep Walker in the Ghost Zone for awhile. [Portal closes when thermos ray hits.] Ok, let's get out of here.
Danny lefts the container of campers with Sam and Wulf on top, flies out of the cave and lands next to the stream.
Sam I'm impressed.
Danny [posing slightly] With my strength?
Sam No, that you knew what reverse polarity was.
Danny [sarcastically] Funny. [To Wulf] You're free, my friend. Run before Sam tries to make another joke!
Wulf Libera? (Translation: Free?)
Danny Yes Libera, mia amiko (Translation: Free, my friend)
Wulf Amiko! (Translation: Friend!) [Licks Danny]
Danny Whoa! Down boy!
Sam [Wulf turns head to her] Uh-! Let's keep this tongue free okay!
Wulf jumps off the container and frolics off screen.
Sam You okay?
Danny Yeah, come on. Let's get everyone back to camp.
Sam We don't have to wake them all up right away, do we? [Danny returns Sam's smile]
Tucker [Previous scene fades to a close-up of his face] So we're going to tell everyone it was just a dream?
Sam Of course not.
Danny But everyone's going to think it was, courtesy of a bad headache from being in suspended animation.
Tucker Yeah, floating that oatmeal was almost worse than eating it!
Danny [Putting a marshmallow on a stick] Wulf is free, Walker's in the Ghost Zone, and we don't have to wake the others till morning. I mean till it's gray again. [Danny's marshmallow catches on fire and he waves around panically till it goes out leaving a charred marshmallow]
Tucker Just make sure you get out of Lester's way when you wake him, he hasn't gone to the bathroom in days. [Close-up on floating Lester who emanates gas bubbles.]
Tucker [Tucker opens laptop] Ok we're ready. [Presses play and the Bloodbath, the final spill opening card takes up the screen] It's showtime!
Sam No no no, that's not what we're watching. [Lays down and stares at the sky. Danny and Tucker shruggs and they both join in.]
Sam Now, it's showtime.
Danny [A shooting star streaks across the sky] Wow.
Sam I know
Both gaze at each other but are interrupted by Tucker's abrupt snoring. Seeing him asleep, they both chuckle as a familiar howl cuts through the air as well as the call of owls.
Danny We have our own sound track.
Sam It's perfect.
Danny stretches out, placing a hand behind Sam's shoulder and the screen is consumed by a dark circle wipe.
The End
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