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(Fade in on the 24k Jewelry store, after-hours. Cut to a display case. The jewelry being to glow and float. Danny pokes his head in to take a peek.)
Danny And I thought the merchandise is flying off the shelves is just an expression. (Comes in and fires a couple of ecto-blasts at them.)
Four ghosts appear as they are zapped, two male and two female.
Danny Woah! Who are you guys?
One male, a dwarf, jumps on Danny's shoulders and pulls on his mouth then covers his eyes.
Danny Hey! I'm not a hat person! Especially if the hat is a dwarf! (throws dwarf ghost off)
Dwarf crashes into a case and sets off the alarm, Danny tries to leave and runs into the other male, who is much MUCH larger.
Danny Okay, all things considered, maybe the tiny hat guy was better.
Large ghost grabs Danny with one fist and throws him toward a female, eye-patched, who stretches herself across two columns, making slingshot across the room.

Danny opens his eyes and the other female, a tattooed ghost, reveals herself to be covered in tattoos, which come alive and attack Danny.

Danny powers up and fires and ecto shock wave that blows all the tattoo creatures into the other ghosts.

Danny You know, it's ghosts like you that give ghosts like me a bad name.
Sirens are heard and a police cruiser pulls up in front of the store.

The tattooed ghost collects her tattoos, and she and the other ghosts phase through the ceiling, dropping their jewelry on Danny, which the two officers see when they bust in.

Cop 1 Freeze Inviso-Bill!
Danny Although it's hard to come up with a worse name than that. (phases through the floor, leaving the jewelry on the floor)
Cop 2 Hey. Want to take this stuff and blame the ghost kid?
Cop 1 (sigh) You're under arrest.
Cop 2 Awww...
Theme song
Sam is sleeping soundly until a shaft of light hits her face.
Mrs. Manson Good morning, sunshine! And how do we great the brand new day?
Mr. Manson With a smile on your face and an attitude of gratitude!
Sam (groans and wraps pillow around head) I'm a creature of the night doomed to a family of morning people.
Mrs. Manson Uh, Sam, sweetie, I thought maybe we'd try to mix it up a little with wardrobe today. (produces pink sun dress with yellow floral print)
Mr. Manson Nothing says "Hey world, look at me!" like floral prints.
Sam Okay, but I need to add just one little personal touch.
Sam produces can of spray paint and scissors, sprays the dress black, making it look now like a funeral dress, and cuts the skirt part much shorter.
Woman on TV Up next, is your teenage daughter moody, surly, is her outlook on life blacker than her eyeliner?
Sam blinks and glances at her parents, who glare suspiciously at her.
Woman on TV Take an active interest in your child. Know who her friends are. Learn to recognize a bad influence when it walks in your door.
Danny comes in through the door with CDs.
Danny Hey Sam, I got that Morbid Anti-social Youth CD you wanted.
Sam's parents glare at Danny.
Danny What? Have you heard "My Parents Reek"? That cut rocks!
They glare more.
On TV, there's a red spiral shown and Freakshow comes on.
Freakshow I... am Freakshow, ringmaster of the Circus Gothica...
Skeleton is shown juggling skulls.
Freakshow ...where your nightmares come alive.  Circus Gothica...
Gloomy/scary clown with sharp teeth is shown, howling with demented laughter, but while (still) frowning.
Freakshow ...where the clowns never smile.
Heavily pierced man in an iron mask is shown.
Freakshow Circus Gothica. Come and get your freak on... with real freaks. Circus Gothica! Coming to Amity Park. Cross over... to the dark side. (wields staff with glowing red orb)
Danny (trance-like) Cross over to the dark side... (eyes glow)
Mrs. Manson (turns off TV) Now there's some evil mind pollution we won't be seeing any time soon, sweetie.
Sam But we already bought our tickets.
Sam's parents raise eyebrows.
Sam (exasperated sigh) We'll be fine, it's just harmless entertainment, right Danny?
Danny Cross over to the dark side...
Sam Hilarious. Can we leave now, or do you want to stay and corrupt my grandma? (pulls Danny out door)
Grandma Manson (trance-like) Cross over to the dark si-i-ide.
Sam's parents look concerned.
Grandma Manson I'm just kidding, lighten up!
Sam Will you quit messing with my parents? That's my job!
Danny (blinks) What? Um, sorry, Sam, musta got a little spacey. (rubs head) I was up pretty late last night.
Sam Just watch what you saw around them, they already think I'm on the road to troubled teenhood. (begins walking)
Danny Where are you going? School's this way. (points back)
Sam The circus Gothica Train pulled into town last night, I'm cutting first period to watch the opening ceremony at the train station.
Danny Sam...
Sam Take it easy, Tucker's got first period free, he's covering for me.
Tucker is dressed in drag, finishing the final touches to his Sam costume.
Tucker This is so wrong. (looks at money in hand) But you make it right.
Sam runs off.
Danny Don't blame me if you get caught!
Danny's Ghost Sense goes off and he turns to see the dwarf ghost running with a heavy bag.
Danny And speaking of getting caught. (looks up to see the rest of the ghosts, also carrying bags) I'm goin' ghost!
Danny leaps onto trashcan, then a truck, then into the air, goes ghost, and chases after the ghosts as the cops catch up to them.
Danny Opening a new bank account? Don't forget your free toaster! (fires ecto blast which knocks the money sack out of the dwarf's hands)
The sack lands on a cruiser, causing it to swerve into a fire hydrant.
Cop Curse you, ghost kid!
Danny Oh great, more fans.
Danny chases the ghosts across town. They phase through a Circus Gothica billboard and Danny is temporarily hypnotized by Freakshow's orb.

Danny shakes his head and phases through to find himself at the opening ceremony, where Circus Gothica's equipment and tents are already finished being set up.

Many goths are swarming the place.
Danny Terrific. The crooks got away, I'm late for school, and, I've never seen so many goths out in broad daylight.
Goths open up black umbrellas.
Sam Well, look who decided to slum it with the troubled teens.
Danny (lands) What? I'm not in trouble.
Sirens are heard approaching.
Sam Oh yeah, you're an upstanding citizen. Need to hide from the law?
Danny (goes invisible) No.
Danny jumps behind a bunch of iron drums and de-ghosts. He and Sam whistle nonchalantly as cops go by.
Cop Come back here, Inviso-Bill!
One train car opens with a drop-down ramp and Freakshow slowly steps out of the shadows.
Freakshow Greetings, fellow outcasts. I am Freakshow, your master of ceremonies. Are you ready to smile, relax, and forget all your troubles amid the pleasant diversions of the circus?
Goths NO!!!
Freakshow (walks amid the crowd) Then you've come to the right place! Prepare to be disturbed and appalled by a small sample of the bizarre and abnormal world of Circus Gothica. (gestures back to the train car)
An arrow tied to a rope launches across from the car and embeds in a pole. A woman emerges, crawling on the rope much like an insect, the goths gasp. A man balancing on a ball and juggling skulls rolls out, a heavily-pierced woman within an iron, spiked wheel follows, and an incredibly tall man in a skeleton suit emerges last. The goths cheer and Danny finds his gaze landing on Freakshow's staff and becomes mesmerized again.
Sam This is the greatest moment ever. Nothing could ruin this for me!
Mrs. Manson (over megaphone) Parents of Amity Park!
A large protest crowd has gathered behind the Mansons.
Mrs. Manson We urge you to boycott this morbid assault on the morals of our children!
The goths boo at the protesters.
Sam What are they doing here?!? Why can't they have day-jobs like regular parents?!?
Freakshow (leaps upon a crate above the crowd) Don't let the rantings of the closed-minded norms beat you down. Show them your true colors! And when I say "colors", I mean "all black". Make them see you for who you are.
Danny Make them see us for who we are... (eyes turn red) Hey everyone! (waves arms) Over here! We're Danny Fenton and Sam Manson! We cut school and we're proud of it!
The goth teens cheers as Danny poses proudly.
Goth boy (sprays Danny's shirt black) You're one of us, now.
Mr. and Mrs. Manson Sam?
Sam holds her head in her hands.

Later, Casper High. Sam, Danny, and their parents are in the principal's office.

Principal Ishiyama Some might call this little act of rebellion a cry for attention, but I call it a cry for detention. (chuckles) Isn't that clever?
Sam Nice job, Danny. Maybe I should have cried "Hey! It's Inviso-Bill!"
Danny I'm sorry! I don't know what came over me back there.
Jack Bad judgment, that's what! Next time, think before you act!
A small gun on Jack's arm engages and squirts ecto goo all over the Mansons.
Mrs. Manson ...Obviously, the apple doesn't fall very far from the over-bearing, orange-jump suited tree!
Maddie Jack, let me handle this. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH JUMP SUITS?
Mrs. Manson Samantha, I forbid you from seeing this boy or any of your other troubled friends.
Sam My friends are perfectly normal!
Mr. Lancer slams the door open and in walks Tucker in the Sam outfit.
Principal Ishiyama This is so wrong.
That night, at the Circus Gothica fairgrounds.
Freakshow Slaves! Center ring!
The tall man in the skeleton costume pulls off the outfit. It's actually the dwarf ghost on stilts. The juggling man becomes the large ghost. The spider woman leaps down and is the eye-patched ghost. The heavily pierced woman reveals herself to be the tattooed ghost.
Freakshow For generations my family has controlled ghosts with this; (holds up staff) untold power and all they could think to do was to entertain the masses, whereas I have found a much more profitable use for you minions. (digs through chest of gold/money) And as soon as the newest member of our cast joins us, this entire town will be mine for the taking.
The orb glows and reveals Danny Phantom's face.

The next day, library at Casper High.

Sam (holds up Circus Gothica ticket) I wanted to experience something horrific and unimaginable. (watches Lancer clip his toe nails) This isn't what I had in mind.
Danny We can always go to the circus tomorrow. That is, assuming we're not grounded and your parents let me within two-hundred feet of you.
Tucker (hiding PDA behind a book) Guess we'll have to settle for the live web-cast of opening night.
Freakshow appears on Tucker's PDA.
Freakshow Creatures of the night, unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica!
Danny Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica... (walks towards the door)
Lancer (jumps in front of Danny) And just where do you think you're going, Mr Fenton?
Danny's eyes turn red, he smiles and leaps into Lancer.
Danny (overshadowing Lancer) Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica... (walks into janitor closet)
Danny phases out and locks Lancer inside.
Lancer Cask of Amontillado! (bangs on door) Let me out, let me out!
Sam Danny, what are you doing? We're in too much trouble as it is!
Danny No such thing as too much trouble. Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica. (phases through ceiling)
Tucker Man. We better follow him.
Sam (sarcastic) Oh no! But that would mean skipping detention and going to the circus! (notices Tucker's stare) Hello? Irony. (grabs Tucker and runs off)
Dusk, Circus Gothica big top.
Freakshow Please welcome a performer who puts the "death" in "death-defying acts".... the Grim Reaper himself! (gestures to high wire)
A hooded figure wielding a scythe glides across the wire, causing gasps of shock, then balances on the blade, causing cheers.

Outside, Sam enters the big top by the "Cast Only" entrance.

Freakshow What are you doing back here?
Sam Woah! Freakshow! This is so cool! Focus.. Uhm, I'm looking for a friend of mine who was acting kinda weird.
Freakshow Oh, that narrows it down to, oh, everyone in this tent! HA-HAW!
The hooded figure approaches.
Freakshow What are you doing, dolt?!? Get back out there and do your encore!
The hooded figure pulls back their hood and is revealed to be Danny.
Danny Sam?
Freakshow What's that? Was that---was that free will?!? (holds staff higher) Obey me, minion!
Sam What? You're controlling him?
Freakshow Get her.
Danny raises scythe and Sam screams.

Center ring

Freakshow Please welcome a brand new vict-- talent to the high wire in her first....and final...performance. (gestures to the high wire)
Sam is perched precariously on the wire with a blindfold on that Danny slices off. Sam looks down and almost loses her balance.
Tucker (runs in) Sam?
Sam Danny, listen, you don't wanna do this! You're being controlled!
Danny raises his scythe and cuts the wire with an evil laugh. Sam screams as she falls and Danny returns to normal, leaping down and saving her. The crowd cheers.
Sam Danny, don't scare me like that!
Danny (controlled again) How should I scare you? (backs off)
Freakshow Consider that a warning, girl. (walks off)
Tucker Jeez, Sam, you nearly gave me a heart-attack! Can we take time off from your gothapalooza and actually look for Danny?
Sam That was Danny, under the hood, Freakshow's controlling him with some kind of crystal ball! C'mon! (runs out)
Sam and Tucker run right into the mob of parents.
Mrs. Manson Sam! Shouldn't you be in detention?
Sam Umm... Lancer let us out?
Lancer Let me out!
(Circus Gothica)
Maddie Are we late for the protest?
Jack I brought the Fenton Riot Gear.
Jack pulls large gun from behind back and accidentally sets it off, blasting the Mansons' signs. Mrs. Manson glares at Mr. Manson.
Mr. Manson What? I didn't invite them.
Jack (notices Sam and Tucker) Hey, isn't Danny supposed to be with you?
Mrs. Manson Not according to this restraining order he's not.
Maddie Well he's not here and he's not at school, so where is he?

Museum alarm goes off and Freakshow's ghosts emerge, carrying various paintings. Danny emerges, decked in royal jewelry.

Danny Ecto-butts in gear!
Danny fires ecto blasts at the ghosts' rears, causing them to cry out. The ghosts fly off.
Danny This party's just getting started! (follows)
Police cars come flying up the road.
Danny Oh please! (fires ecto blast at the cars' tires)
TV News
Tiffany Snow In the wake of parental protest, Circus Gothica ringmaster Freakshow had this challenge to his critics:
Goes to Freakshow, standing in front of angry mob.
Freakshow I invite you to attend a free performance for parents, police, and concerned authority figures. See the show and see for yourselves that we're harmless entertainment.
Cuts back to the woman
Tiffany Snow In other news, police got a break in the recent rash of mysterious burglaries as security cam footage revealed the ghostly culprits.
Goes to security camera footage of Freakshow's ghosts and Danny stealing money. Danny sees the camera and blasts it.
Tiffany Snow And finally, have you seen this out-of-shape teacher?
Goes to picture of Mr Lancer with 'MISSING' across the bottom of the screen.
Tiffany Snow He was last sighted in the Casper High School library--
TV switches off. Sam is sitting on her bed with her laptop by her. Tucker comes on screen.
Tucker Sam, didja catch the news? We gotta do something to save Danny!
Sam How ironic is it that I'm stuck under house-arrest while to a free Circus Gothica show?!
Tucker Only slightly less ironic than the fact that they were right about it being evil.
Sam drops a rope ladder outside her window and crawls out. On the ground, she runs into her grandmother.
Grandma Manson And just where do you think you're going, bubbala?
Sam You don't understand grandma! My friend is in trouble, and if I don't do something right away--
Grandma Manson Ya know, I had a wild streak when I was your age.
Grandma Manson pulls out photo album and shows Sam a picture of herself when she was young. She's riding a scooter.
Sam Why are you showing me this?
Grandma Manson Who knows? Maybe I'm old and babbling, or maybe you should sneak out and help your friend while I'm lost in my memories.
Sam smiles and kisses her grandmother on the forehead, then runs away.
Grandma Manson (takes off clothes, revealing clothes like Sam's) This is so wrong... (puts on wig like Sam's hair) But I dig it!
Circus Gothica big top
Mrs. Manson (writing on clipboard) I'm keeping a detailed list of anything I find objectionable, immoral, or obnoxious.
Jack spits soda/popcorn all over them.
Mr. Manson He on the list?
Mrs. Manson Right now, he is the list.

Sam is sneaking about the grounds when a bat-shaped shadow falls on her. She hides under the train.

Tucker Sam?
Sam Tucker?
Tucker (ducks to see her) Hey Sam. Is this a great Circus Gothica hat or what? (points to bat on beret)
Sam gets up and slaps the bat away, mad.
Tucker I'll take that as an "or what."
Sam and Tucker jump on the train and go in through a top hatch in the caboose. They land in piles of gold, money, jewelry, paintings, etc. They look around and see Freakshow's staff.
Sam There's the crystal ball! Let's grab it and--
Suddenly Sam and Tucker are blasted out of the caboose. Danny emerges with Freakshow. The train whistle sounds and the train pulls away.
Sam Danny! No!
Freakshow Yes, yes, please scream. A shame anyone who might help you is busy enjoying my free show. HAAAH!
Tucker and Sam chase after the train.

Back in the big tent. The tattooed ghost phases through the top and releases her tattoos upon the crowd. The crowd screams in terror.

Jack and Maddie GHOSTS!
Mr. Manson pulls back the tent flaps in an attempt to leave and come against a brick wall.
Mr. Manson We're trapped!
Mrs. Manson Okay, that's objectionable, immoral, and obnoxious. (writes down on clip board)
Outside, Sam and Tucker look down upon the train from an overpass.
Sam We have to jump.
Tucker You crazy? I can't jump.
Sam And I can't abandon Danny.
Sam and Tucker hold hands and jump together onto the train. They land and fall on their stomachs.
Sam Plus, I'll never hear the end of it if my parents learn they're right about him being evil.
Jack Stand back everyone!
Guns/phasers emerge from various parts of the Fentons' suits and fire in every direction while they make action poses. All of the tattoos are destroyed and the tattooed ghost is knocked away. Maddie lands in front of the Mansons.
Maddie I ask you once again; YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH JUMPSUITS?
The Mansons grin nervously and hold their hands up.

Sam and Tucker run along the train cars towards the front. Inside, Freakshow and the three remaining ghosts hear their footsteps.

Freakshow What are you waiting for? GO!
The ghosts phase up in front of Sam and Tucker, and Danny phases up behind them.
Sam Danny, it's us, Sam and Tucker! You're best friends, remember?!
Danny (blinks) Tucker? Sam? I.. I..
Sam and Tucker smile hopefully.
Danny (shaking) I... (eyes glow) ..am a.. ghost. I have no friends.
Freakshow is now on top with them.
Freakshow Don't waste your breath, children. He's under my control now.
Mr. Manson We owe you Fentons a debt of gratitude and an apology!
Jack Save it for the bake sale, Thurston. We need to bust out of this tent!
Mr. Manson Leave it to us!
Mrs. Manson If there's one thing we Mansons know how to do, it's whip and angry mob of parents into a frenzy.
Soon, the crowd explodes out of the big top.
Jack Saddle up the Fenton RV! We'll head those spooks off at the pass!
On top of the train
Freakshow Don't just stand there, finish them!
The train approaches some scaffolding.
Tucker Maybe you should try holding that thing up a little higher.
Freakshow raises staff and it is knocked out of his grasp as the train passes under the scaffolding. Tucker makes a grab for it but misses and it lands in Danny's hand.
Tucker Way to go man! (walks up to Danny, hand raised) Now gimme five!
Danny raises his hand and knocks Tucker away with a blast. Tucker hits the large ghost and is grabbed.
Freakshow Very good, drone. Now, bring me my staff. Come on, bring it (makes kissing noises as if calling a dog over)
Danny looks uncertainly at the staff.
Sam Fight it Danny! He's not holding the crystal ball anymore, you are!
Freakshow grabs Sam and throws her aside, causing her to nearly fall off.
Freakshow Silence! Obey me, ghost! Give me my staff. Come on. (makes kissing noises as if calling a dog over)
Danny looks uncertain again.
Sam I saw you up on that high wire, you were fighting him the whole time! Fight him now, Danny! You're not just a ghost! Fight him!
Danny (groans) Quiet! (holds head) All of you! I need to think!
Freakshow Stop her! Now!
The train crosses onto a bridge, with a gorge below.
Sam Well, it's the crystal ball or your friend, Danny, your choice! *backs away from the approaching ghosts and accidentally backs off the train* I didn't mean that to be so literal!! (screams)
Tucker Sam! No!
Danny Sam? SAM!
Danny jumps after her, letting go of the staff as he races after her. He catches her and brings her back up while the staff smashes on the ground below. Danny's eyes turn back to green.
Sam Danny.. are you okay?
Danny I think so. It's all a blur. I did some bad stuff, didn't I?
Sam Nothing you can't fix.
They land back on the train.
Tucker Good. Now maybe you can convince Tiny here to let go of me?
The three ghosts' eyes also go back to normal.
Eye-patched ghost H-huh? Where are we?
Dwarf ghost Are we free? Finally free?
Danny Only one way to find out.
The ghosts and Danny gang up on Freakshow, grab him, and phase into the train.
Freakshow Okay, uh, when I called you, er, "minions," it was really a-a term of endearment like-like "I love my minions!"
Danny You wanted a big haul? Try this on for size!
Danny blasts the boxes/bags of gold/money above Freakshow and causes them to fall on him.
Freakshow Gah! Oh! That.. quite.. smarted..
The train pulls to a stop in front of/among police cruisers that have blocked the track.
Danny So, what d'ya say we stick around and explain to the cops we were being controlled by an evil ringmaster?
The ghosts phase out of the train.
Danny Ya know, I had a feeling that would be their answer. (phases out as well)
The cops bust down the door and Freakshow grins innocently. A cop shoves Freakshow into the cruiser.
Jack Nice work, kids. You caught that weirdo goth punk thief red-handed!
Mrs. Manson I'm just happy you're all safe!
Mr. Manson More than safe, they're heroes!
Maddie We're so proud of you.
Fenton and Manson parents BUT YOU'RE ALL STILL GROUNDED!
Danny, Sam, and Tucker are all in the library, being forced to study.
Grandma Manson Grounded, shmounded! (points at Sam) This is cruel and unusual punishment!
Sam (wearing the sundress from earlier) I know, but it was the only way I could convince them to lift their restraining order on Danny.
Danny At least Freakshow is in custody and the stolen goods were returned.
Tucker So why do I feel like we're forgetting something?
Mr. Lancer (banging on door) Waiting for Godot, is anybody out there?! (sobbing) This is so wrong!
Janitor (opens door and pushes mop in) See ya Monday. (closes door)
Lancer jumps on the door and tries to pull it open, then continues banging on it.