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Ah yes the cold sensation. Your central core reading indicates extreme cold. As if your body is self generating it. I sensed it within you the last time we met.


Cryokinesis is the ability to control ice and cold energy. This is arguably Danny's secondary ghost power, as he used it from Urban Jungle to Phantom Planet, for both offensive and defensive matters.

Sub-power(s): Ghost Sense.


In "Urban Jungle," Danny suffered from spells of extreme cold and shivering. When Undergrowth started wreaking havoc on Amity Park with Danny being helpless before his power, Danny visited the Far Frozen in the Ghost Zone for help.

They taught him that his freezing problem was due to the fact that his body was generating extreme cold, and over the next day trained him in controlling his natural cold energy. He returned to Amity Park and used his new powers to defeat Undergrowth.


The user central cores generate extreme cold energy, which allows them to manipulate it and create ice and snow. This allows them to shoot rays of intense cold from their hands or eyes, or radiate cold energy all around their body, sending out cold waves, freeze water to solid ice, or generate ice projectiles, like regular or powerful snowballs that can freeze anything/one instantly when it hits them. Some users can create solid objects out of ice, create ice from thin air, or freeze objects on physical contact. Some users can combine their Ghost Ray and Cryokinesis together for enhancing effects like an explosive snowball or and ice energy shield to block fire attacks.

Ghost sense is a sub-power of cryokinesis, and works on the same principle. When other ghosts are near, the ghost's central core releases a burst of cold energy/blue mist that comes out of the ghost's mouth or nose. It also allows them to sense the cold energy in others.


Known Users

Natural Ability

Users who have exhibited only ghost sense are not listed here.

Through Technology


  • When Danny uses this power, his eyes turn icy blue, resembling his normal eye color instead of their usual glowing green.
  • Without his knowledge, this power has been building up inside of Danny as negative temperature ever since he first gained his ghost powers, by the time of Urban Jungle his body had become too numb and chilled when the pent-up energy finally became too much for his hybrid-physiology to withstrain within, giving him flu-like symptoms such as intense chills.
    • This could be why Danny wears a tank top at the pool and gets sunburned easily or in Torrent of Terror in the middle of a super hot day that Tucker commented had the hottest temperatures on record, which the weather seem to put Danny is a very bad mood.


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