Cryokinesis is the ability to control ice and cold energy.

Sub-power(s): Ghost Sense.


In "Urban Jungle," Danny suffered from spells of extreme cold and shivering. When Undergrowth started wreaking havoc on Amity Park, Danny visited the Far Frozen in the Ghost Zone for help.

They taught him that his freezing problem was due to the fact that his body was generating extreme cold, and over the next day trained him in controlling his natural cold energy. He returned to Amity Park and used his new powers to defeat Undergrowth.


The user can shoot rays of intense cold from his or her hands or eyes, or radiate cold energy all around his or her body. Some users can create solid objects from ice out of thin air.

Ghost sense is a sub-power of cryokinesis, and works on the same principle.

Known Users

Users who have exhibited only ghost sense are not listed here.



  • When Danny uses this power, his eyes turn icy blue instead of their usual glowing green.


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