These are the Blog Guidelines for the Danny Phantom Wiki.

For more guidelines, please see the full list.

Please direct any further or unanswered questions you may have to an administrator.

Blogs Overview

Blogs are a great place on this wiki to express your thoughts and other content that doesn't belong in articles. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a blog:

Permitted blog content

  • Theories/speculation about the show
  • Questions for the wiki community
  • Fan fiction
  • Events or news about the series
  • Fun games and ideas for the community
  • Reviews of episodes

Non-permitted blog content

  • Advertisements
  • Scams/Porn
  • Self-promoting
  • Biographies (belong on user pages)
  • Simply YouTube videos
  • Suggestions for wiki improvement (belong in the forum)
  • Content that belongs in an article

Blogs that violate these rules will be taken down or deleted.


You may not edit, close, or remove another user's comments, posts, or blogs unless they are clear, blatant spam/advertising. If you have a problem with someone's post or comment, contact an administrator.

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