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A userbox is a template that can be placed within a user's userpage to express who they are within the wiki, along with their personal interests.

Userboxes are only to be used in userpages and should NOT appear in articles or in the main namespace.

Sample template


This is an example of a Danny Phantom Wiki userbox.

Individual userboxes


Template:User Danny

This user {{{1}}} Danny {{{2}}}.

Template:User Sam

This user {{{1}}} Sam {{{2}}}.

More to come soon...


Template:User Grammar Hunter

S01e19 GIW first appearance.png

This user is a Grammar/Spelling Hunter.

Template:User Spammer Hunter

S01e03 Skulker first full body appearance.png This user is a Spammer Hunter.

Outer space

Template:User Earth

This user lives on Earth (Terra/Gaia/Antu).

Template:User Moon

This user has seen the Moon (Luna) in real life.

Template:User crescent moon

This user has seen a crescent moon before.

Template:User Mars

This user has seen Mars in real life.

Template:User Jupiter

This user has seen Jupiter in real life.

Template:User Saturn

This user has seen Saturn in real life.

User rights (restricted)

These userboxes are only to be used in the userpages of users who bear such rights. Do NOT have these userboxes in your user page if you lack the said user right!
Template:User administrator

This user is an administrator of Danny Phantom Wiki.

Template:User bureaucrat

This user is an bureaucrat of Danny Phantom Wiki.