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The Diner is a small restaurant located in Amity Park.


In "Flirting With Disaster," Danny and Valerie go to the Diner during a date. While they eat, Technus creates a power outage, causing the Diner's lights to go out and an employee to bring two candles to their table, thus setting a more romantic mood.


The Diner is a small, metal rectangular building with a parking lot in front of it. It has a door on its left end and three square windows on its face. On top of its roof is a "Diner" sign in pink neon letters with a clock above it that has a fork and spoon for hands.

Inside, the Diner has individual booths for customers with red seats, silver tables, and lights hanging above. The windows have orange blinds.


Season 1

Season 2


  • The Diner's menu includes french-fries, which Danny and Valerie split a serving of during their date.


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