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Disintegration is the power to destroy/banish, such as weapons, or beings, such as an swarm of tattoos, into nothing/thin air. They can just as easily make these objects or beings vanish. This ability is marked with an effect, like a flash of light or a puff of smoke. It is a sub-power of Apportation.


In "What You Want", Danny used the Fenton Thermos to banish Dash's ghost to the Ghost Zone. This only happen if the thermos is inserted inside a ghost portal.

In "Fright Night", the Fright Knight uses his Soul Shredder to banish Mr. Lancer to a dimension where his worst fears come to life. He later used it again to banish Tucker to that dimension where he appeared to be in a separate one. Once Danny put the sword in a pumpkin both Mr. Lancer and Tucker came back.

In "Reality Trip", Freakshow used this power to cause Lydia's bindings to crumble around Danny's arms.

In Girls' Night Out, Kitty used her kiss-blowing power to cast a spell on anybody struck by it, banishing them to some other unknown realm. And if Kitty doesn't reverse the spell and bring the victim back within 24 hours, it will become permanent, and the victim will be gone forever.

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  • Disintegration is similar to apportation, which is the power to transfer objects from one place to another without physical contact. This power is often mistaken for disintegration.

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