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Disintegration is the power to destroy/banish, such as weapons, or beings, such as an swarm of tattoos, into nothing/thin air. They can just as easily make these objects or beings vanish. This ability is marked with an effect, like a flash of light or a puff of smoke. It is a sub-power of Apportation.


In "What You Want", Danny used the Fenton Thermos to banish Dash's ghost to the Ghost Zone. This only happen if the thermos is inserted inside a ghost portal.

In "Fright Night", the Fright Knight uses his Soul Shredder to banish Mr. Lancer to a dimension where his worst fears come to life. He later used it again to banish Tucker to that dimension where he appeared to be in a separate one. Once Danny put the sword in a pumpkin both Mr. Lancer and Tucker came back.

In "Reality Trip", Freakshow used this power to cause Lydia's bindings to crumble around Danny's arms.

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  • Disintegration is similar to apportation, which is the power to transfer objects from one place to another without physical contact. This power is often mistaken for disintegration.

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