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Doomed is a multiplayer online computer game. It appears to be a first- or third-person shooter game divided into multiple levels. The goal of the game is to collect seven keys, known as the Seven Silver Keys to the Apocalypse, and reach Level Thirteen to unlock a door to gain access to the worldwide web.

Danny and Tucker often stay up late playing this game together. Sam is one of the highest-ranked Doomed players, which greatly surprised Danny and Tucker when they found out.


In "Teacher of the Year", Technus goes into the game to try to gain access to the worldwide web. Danny has to enter the game himself via the Fenton Helmet to defeat Technus.

In "Identity Crisis", Danny has to save his ghost-catching files on his computer, but his hard drive is full, so he deletes his old copy of Doomed. This releases Technus from the game and back into the world.

In "Secret Weapons", the Doomed icon appears on Jazz's and Vlad's desktops, though this is likely a goof as the rest of the desktop is identical to Danny's (including the hard drive name).

Known players

These are the players of Doomed and their usernames (if known) shown in the series:

Gameplay and levels

Level Zero

S01e12 Level Zero.png

This level is a glitch that can be accessed from Level 13 (and possibly from other levels). If players enter Level Zero, they cannot leave and are trapped within the "pocket level" forever.

Level One

To defeat this level, players must battle against troll-like creatures that wield axes capable of shooting energy beams.

Level Two: The Bridge of Doom

To defeat this level, players must reach the other side of the bridge without dying. The main obstacle is an evil truck that drives towards the players from the other side.

Level Three

To defeat this level, players must defeat the Shaolin Wushu warlords. This level is set in Japan.

Level Nine

There is a challenge called the "Gauntlet of Doom."

Level Thirteen

This is the final level of the game. This is the level at which players must insert the 7 keys they have collected into the door to unlock access to the worldwide web.



  • Power-up/Power cube: Power plus cube. This makes the player's avatar larger and gives them additional fighting abilities. This power-up means that when in contact with the user, they can obtain great power and a change of their player avatar.
  • Hidden item/Bonus Life: An extra life is hidden in the safe at MegaMart.
  • Laser guns: A common piece of equipment, you can use one or two guns that shoot laser beams.
  • Laser missile launcher: It is a missile launcher that shoots a laser, it is only used by Tucker.
  • Laser beams from the hands: The player can shoot laser beams from their hands to destroy their enemies, also there are several colors: light blue, green, pink.
  • Hand Grenade: An explosive object that explodes at a large radius, only used by Chaos / Sam.
  • Jetpack: The user can propel himself with a jetpack at high speed, he is only seen used by Danny.


  • On Level 13 there is a cheat hidden in the tiki totems. When activated, a player can step inside and become a near-unstoppable tiki warrior.


Season 1

Season 2


  • The name of this game is a reference to the video game series DOOM.
  • There are several references to Mario:
    • The Level Zero glitch is a reference to the Mario glitch known as the Minus World glitch. Both glitch levels are inescapable.
    • The power plus cube is a reference to the Big Mushroom in Mario.
  • Tucker's username, Fryertuck, almost certainly alludes to Friar Tuck, the companion of Robin Hood.
  • Danny can merge his ghost powers as the ultimate Cheat code.

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