A small ghost is laughing and flying around the town. Skulker emerges from the street and activates his goggles. He watches the small ghost.
Skulker Well, it's a minor prize. But any prey is good prey!
Skulker flies off as a scared man watches him.
Skulker Boo.
Man AHH!
Skulker flies off and chases the small ghost. He catches it with a gadget on his wrist.
Skulker The element of surprise, the hunters best friend!
Skulker gets blasted in the chest by the Guys in White.
Skulker And the hunted's worst enemy!
The men's plane flies closer, machines beeping.
Operative O Decoy ghost liberated. What about the unfriendly?
Operative K Any prey is good prey. Unleash white lightning sidewinders!
Skulker approaches the plane, shooting his own missiles at it. The plane dodges every missile. In turn, they shoot their own missiles at Skulker.
Skulker Huh??
Skulker ARRGH!!
Operative K smiles and drives the plane above Skulker. Pressing a button, he activates a beam that captures the ghost, bringing Skulker up to the plane.
Skulker What? I can't break free! Auto eject in 3...2...1!
Skulker watches the plane fly away.
Operative K Target ghost obtained.
Operative O True, but his suit is hard-wired. If we can access its database--
Operative K --it may help lead us to our primary objective... the punk known as Danny Phantom.
Cut to theme song.
Danny, Sam and Tucker sitting at a booth in the Nasty Burger
Sam Manson Danny, if you're going to drool, would you mind not doing it over my tofu soy melt?
Tucker Foley Drool on a tofu soy melt isn't drool; it's seasoning. Seriously, Danny, you need to let go. It was over between you ans Valerie before it really began.
Danny Yeah, I know, but it's not easy. I mean, do you guys realize what it's like to like somebody you can't be with?
Sam spits out her soda and looks over at Danny
Tucker *wiggling his eyebrows* Do you, Sam? huh? do you--
Sam throws her soda at Tucker's face and crosses her arms.
Tucker Oof!
Sam All I know is, you'll never catch me going googly-eyed over some...ooh, my.
Camera pans over to Gregor and Mr. Lancer.
Mr. Lancer Ah, there you children are. This is Gregor, an exchange student visiting us from...Hungary?
Tucker offers his hamburger to Gregor.
Gregor No, thank you. I have already eaten.
Sam giggles.
Danny *rolls eyes* Ugh....
Gregor Yes. There is only so many opening lines you can use when you're actually from Hungary.
Mr. Lancer Great. You're getting along, and I don't get paid for overtime. You kids have fun, Bye!
Lancer leaves the building.
Sam So, did you actually eat?
Gregor Yes, but not here. I doubt there's anything I would like to eat here. I don't eat anything with a face on it because I'm ultra-recyclo vegetarian.
Sam Ultra-recyclo vegetarian?
Danny looks over at Sam, annoyed. Sam offers her hand to Gregor.
Gregor *sniffs* tofu soy melt. Excellent choice, Miss...
Sam Manson. Sam Manson. It's short for Samantha but my friends call me Sam. You can call me Sam, too. Why am I still talking? I am such a spazz.
Gregor scoffs and sits down at the booth
Gregor I find it charming.
Gregor and Sam gaze at each other while Danny angrily grabs his soda.
Danny *ghost sense appears* Well, I'd love to stay and chat but we gotta go... Sam.
Danny runs off while Tucker follows.
Ghost Hahahaha!
The people in the nasty burger run off screaming while the ghost passes through Gregor and Sam's table.
Gregor Ghost?
Sam Welcome to Amity Park!
Danny runs towards the men's restroom and notices the door handle. Text: 10¢
Danny *motions hand out to Tucker* Dime, please.
Tucker tosses a coin towards Danny.
Danny Thanks!
Danny enters the restroom and transforms. Tucker guards the door while Danny flies out and past Sam and Gregor's table.
Gregor Now, There is a ghost that knows hair!
Ghost Hahaha!
Ghost flies through the ceiling with Danny chasing it.
Danny Where'd you go?
A laser shoots through Danny's hair.
Danny (gasps)
Danny looks up and sees the guys in white coming towards him.
Danny The Guys in White.
Tucker You need our help?
Danny Nah, I can handle these losers.
The men shoot lasers out of their flying vehicles as Danny dodges them in place. He flies off and runs across the Nasty burger roof.
Danny *Jumps back in the air* ...Losers who got better.
Danny shoots a beam towards the guys in white but they use their shields to propel them.
Operative O Commence attack protocol z. In accordance with standard rules of engagement, section two, paragraph one.
Operative K Second edition, abridged?
Operative O *in agreement* Second edition, abridged.
Operative O pulls out a pen from his jacket and presses the top of it, activating some kind of device. Operative K follows suit.
Danny attempts to shield himself but the Guys in White shoot him with energy beams.
Danny A lot better.
The Guys in White fly off and circle back around, activating more weapons from their ships. They begin to shoot at Danny as he dodges them in place.
Danny But I got better, too!
Danny forms a green energy ball with his hands and shoots it at them which makes them fall off their ships.
The Guys in White Ahh!!
The guys in white land in a large pool while their ships continue on, flying over Danny and crashing behind him. Danny flies away.
Danny Now, to rescue Sam and Tucker from the clutches of a smarmy exchange student.
Remaining unseen, Danny approaches Gregor, Sam and Tucker.
Tucker Nice PDA. Where'd you get the enhanced graphics?
Gregor I do you Americans say it? beam you the upgrade software? Europe is always 6 months ahead of technology curve.
Gregor grabs Tucker's beret and puts it backwards on Tucker's head.
Gregor And we wear our berets, just so. It's very goth.
Sam You're a goth? But you're in white.
Gregor In Hungary, white is the new black.
Sam giggles as they continue walking down the sidewalk. Danny watches them, feeling dejected.
Scene changes to the Guys in White at a hotel called The Safe House. Operative K is trying to open a safe, holding a stethoscope. The safe opens revealing chocolate bars and soda. He grabs a chocolate bar and closes the safe with his foot.
Operative K Exosuit analysis status?
Operative O is typing away on a computer.
Operative O Still unable to access data bank but the noose is tightening. We've traced the phantom from the town at large to something called, Nasty Burger. Apparently the prime hangout for Casper High.
Scene changes to Casper High. The bell rings. Tucker is walking into people in the halls with his beret still on backwards.
Tucker Oh! Sorry! My bad.
Tucker walks into Danny.
Tucker Excuse me.
Danny Will you wear this thing normal?
Tucker What? Gregor thinks it's cool.
Danny Who cares about Gregor?
Danny rolls his eyes.
Sam Guys...
Tucker puts his hand around Danny's shoulders.
Tucker Give you 3 guesses...
Sam walks towards them.
Sam I've been looking for you.
Danny Where, in Gregor's locker?
Sam Whoa! Thank you Joe Hostility.
Danny Look, I'm sorry, Sam. I'm just saying that Gregor--
Gregor appears behind Danny.
Gregor That Gregor...what?
Danny Uh... heh heh... Hi, Gregor.
Gregor By the way, cool shirt.
Danny Not too much red messing up the whole white thing for you?
Gregor It totally works for you. *puts hand to his face* I could never pull off such a look myself.
Danny Really? ...Thanks!
Gregor scoffs and holds his arm out.
Gregor Sam, would you care to show me around school?
Sam I thought you'd never ask!
Sam walks over and grabs Gregor's arm as they walk away.
Tucker You know... he's not a bad guy.
Danny I still don't trust him.
Danny's ghost sense sets off and an ectopus appears in the school's hallway. The students run off screaming.
Danny More on this later.
Danny runs off into a vacant room and transforms. He quickly flies off towards the loose ghost, chasing it into various rooms. The ghost hits him in the face multiple times with its tail, making Danny dizzy. The chase continues on and they both end up in the pool area, both flying into the water.
The Guys in White, wearing swimming gear, aim their weapons at Danny. They shoot and he quickly dodges it.
Operative O Firing ghost depth charge! Prepare for the great white whale!
Operative K Wait! those are only for--
Operative O activates the weapon as Mr. Lancer walks into the pool area with a book in his hand.
Mr. Lancer Ah, the perfect way to spend lunch. Shakespeare by the pool, and dry white toast.
The pool water immediately shoots up towards the ceiling. Danny turns himself intangible as the water forces him upward and out of the room. Mr. Lancer squeezes the water out of his toast, annoyed. He notices the Guys in White at the bottom of the empty pool.
Mr. Lancer Hunt for Red October!
Operative K ... Deep water use.
Scene changes to a dark street lit up by street lights. A cat screeches in the background. Danny and Tucker are in an alleyway.
Danny Think about it. Gregor shows up, so do the guys in white. He's got the whole white hair-white clothes do the guys in white! And what's with the phony accent? and that 'Pfft' thing?
Tucker So you're saying Gregor's a spy?
Danny ..And I'm saying that maybe I should keep an invisible eye on him and Sam.
Tucker What?? I don't're gonna spy on Sam?
Danny looks out of the ally way and sees Sam and Gregor walking towards them.
Danny Hey, it's for her own good.
Danny turns invisible and flies off. Tucker shakes his fist at the air.
Tucker It's a bad idea!
Gregor Shouting angrily into the sky! Very euro-goth. I like it.
Gregor turns Tucker's beret backwards and walks off hand in hand with Sam. Danny, still invisible, flies back over to Tucker and turns his beret the way he usually wears it. He then flies off towards Gregor and Sam.
Tucker It's still a bad idea!
Montage of Gregor and Sam hanging out together starts. Sam and Gregor are skipping rocks against a pond. Sam giggles as she throws a rock that skips through Danny's face, who's invisible in the water. He looks on annoyed.
Scene changes to a movie theater. A romantic movie is playing and Gregor puts his arm around Sam. Danny watches the two and flies through the theater. His shadow appeared on the screen for a second, making Sam turn around and look.
Scene changes to the Amity Park Mall, Sam and Gregor are sitting together, sharing a plate of spaghetti. Danny watches them from above.
Danny Oh, man. If they share a strand of that spaghetti, I'm going to hurl.
The Guys in White walk out of a store together. Text reading: Sophia's White sale!
Operative O Why do they call it a white sale when none of the clothes are white?
Their watches begin to beep and they smile at each other. Running off, the Guys in White activate their ghost seeing googles. They look around the mall and spot Danny floating nearby.
Operative K The fox is in the hen-house!
Operative O Silencers on!
The Guys in White point their weapons at Danny and shoot at him. He gets knocked out of the mall without being seen. Sam, thinking she saw or heard something looks up.
The Guys in White activate their suits.
Operative O Intangibility suits deployed.
Operative K Operation "Ivory Mist" is go!
They fly off to chase Danny as the blast of their weapons shot him off pretty far.
Danny Ahh!!!
Danny shakes off the dizziness and prepares to fly off.
Danny Close, but you'll never catch me now!
Operative K Guess again, kiddo.
The Guys in White point their weapons at Danny as he looks at them, irritated.
Danny What's the matter with you two?? I'm not doing anything! Why can't you leave me alone?
Operative O An unauthorized entity of scale-7 ectoplasmic power?
Operative K A prepubescent specter operating freely? Unacceptable!
Danny Hey! I have totally hit puberty!
Danny reaches into his suit and plucks a hair, showing the two men.
Danny See that? Totally a chest hair!
The Guys in White fire their weapons, hitting Danny and making him fall to the ground of a parking lot. He quickly hides behind a car and de-transforms. The Guys in White fly over him, searching for Phantom.
Danny Could this week get any worse?
Danny hears Sam giggling in the distance. He turns around and sees her and Gregor walk out of the Mall. Gregor stops her under one of the parking lot lights.
Gregor Wait. Sam. Is something I must tell you... right here and now.
Sam Okay...what?
Gregor holds up Sam's chin with his fingers.
Gregor You have little tiny strand of spaghetti hanging from your lip.
Gregor kisses Sam on the lips as Danny watches them, horrified. Sam closes her eyes and kisses Gregor back, putting her arms around his shoulders and his hands on her waist.
Danny Okay! Now it's officially worse.
Danny looks down sadly as the screen fades to black.
Scene resumes with Danny watching Sam and Gregor kiss from behind a car.
Danny I'm beginning to think that spying is better left to soulless government drones.
Danny, feeling terrible, transforms and flies off. Sam opens her eyes and pushes Gregor away by the shoulders.
Sam Whoa! Easy there, big fella. Don't you think we're rushing this a bit?
Gregor Uh, yes yes! I forget. The American girls like to take it slow.
Sam I've just got some things to figure out.
Gregor Of course. I respect this.
Gregor takes Sam's hand in his and she smiles. As they walk off together, Sam's smile fades a little.
Scene changes to Casper High. Sam, Tucker and Danny are sitting at one of the tables with their lunches.
Danny So...uh, Do anything fun last night?
Sam I don't know. Just hung out.
Danny With Gregor?
Tucker ...I wouldn't do that.
Sam Why is that any of your business?
Danny scoots close to Sam, looking at her face.
Sam What are you doing?
Danny moves back to his seat.
Danny I don't know. Just, uh, checking for pimples, dimples...spaghetti sauce.
Sam Spaghetti-- *gasps* Were you spying on me?
Tucker I told you it was a bad idea to spy on her.
Danny *glares* Niiice.
Sam gets up from her seat, infuriated.
Sam You used your ghost powers to spy on me?! You've really crossed the line!
Danny Not you! I was spying on Gregor! He's so obviously working with the guys in white!
Danny gets up from his seat and Sam puts her hands on her hips.
Sam Oh, so that's it! The only way a boy could like me is if it was a part of a plot to get to you? huh? Ego much?
Gregor Hey, Sam. You want to--
Sam Whatever it is, Yes!
Sam takes Gregor's hand and drags him off.
Tucker I think I can guess the answer, but how'd it go last night?
Danny Well, I got hit in the face with a rock, Gregor kissed Sam! And the Guys in white attacked again. So there's got to be a connection between them and Gregor.
Tucker Wait. Hold up. Gregor kissed Sam?
Danny Yeah! But apparently that's none of my business.
Danny grabs his milk carton, drinks from it and then crushes the carton. He tosses it behind him, looking down at the table sadly.
Tucker Tell you what. Since you get attacked every time you get close to Gregor, I'm gonna tage along with Gregor and Sam. I'll be your mole.
Danny Really? To protect Sam?
Tucker That, and Gregor rocks! Plus you're my best friend, and I gotta watch your back too, right?
Tucker gets up from his seat and turns his beret backwards. He walks away confidently but falls into a sewer hole under construction.
Tucker AHH!
Danny winces at Tucker's sounds of pain but quickly turns his attention to the voice of one of the guys in white. He runs behind a tree to listen to the conversation.
Operative O The purple-back gorilla information we accessed traces back to an assignment you gave in your class.
Mr. Lancer And what makes you think I want to cooperate with the feds?
Operative K Because ghosts are a constant threat to your student body.
Operative O And because we're with the government and have access to your tax records.
Mr. Lancer *nervously* What do you want to know and how fast do you want to know it?
Danny This is getting too close for comfort. I need to lay low and let Tucker do his thing.
Scene changes to a book store. Text reading: Skulk and Lurk and Books.
Gregor Edward Gory. Excellent choice. Even his name is... Gory.
Tucker Hey guys. Thanks for letting me tag along. I hope I'm not getting in your way too much.
Gregor Of course not.
Sam Yeah, of course not. You asked to tag along. Unlike some people I know who better not be here right now!!
*Looks around at the ceiling*
Gregor Shouting angrily at the sky... it reminds me of home. *wipes tear away*
Scene changes to a mini golf course. Text reading: Golf 'n' Putt. Gregor is preparing to swing his golf club.
Tucker You're cool, Gregor!
Gregor hits the ball wrong, startled by Tucker. It hits the windmill and ricoshets towards Sam. The ball lands in her mouth.
Gregor Classic American humor, yes?
Scene changes to the Nasty Burger. Tucker bites into his food, making the sauce of his burger fly off towards Sam and Gregor, sitting on the other side of the booth.
Tucker And my fly was down the entire time!
Some sauce flies and hits Sam in the eye.
Sam Ugh! Tucker! *turns to Gregor* I'm so sorry for this.
Gregor lets out a loud belch and slaps his hand down on the table, laughing.
Gregor His fly was down entire time!! Ha ha ha!! ...What is fly?
Scene changes to Sam's movie theater. A movie is playing in the background while Tucker is loudly playing a video game on a game-boy. Sam is looking over at Tucker annoyed while Gregor has his arms crossed behind his head.
Tucker Oh. Does this bother you?
Gregor Pfft. Not at all.
Tucker's ringtone goes off. He takes his phone out and the screen says "Danny Fenton Calling"
Tucker I have to take this.
Sam So do I, apparently.
Tucker walks out of the room, leaving Sam annoyed.
Tucker Yo, dude. What's up?
Danny *In his room* Hey, Tucker, anything to report?
Tucker Well, I bought this great graphic novel at the Skulk and Lurk. I was two under par at the put-putt course. Oh! and Sam has some kicking new surround sound.
Danny I mean, anything about Gregor!
Tucker If he's a spy, he's really cool for a spy.
Gregor Tucker, my friend. Movie is over. You up for bowling?
Tucker Got to go! *Hangs up*
Danny Great. Now I'm losing both my best friends.
Scene changes to The boys locker room at Casper High. A student throws their gym shoes into their locker. Danny walks over to his locker and sighs.
Danny Gregor, I know you're not what you seem to be and-- ah. Gregor! I know you're up to something, and--! Oh! Come on! Find the words!
Danny shuts his locker to see Gregor standing right next to him.
Gregor Danny, I wish to talk to you, if you are done talking to yourself.
Danny Uh... ah. Oh. Uh. Heh. Sure, Gregor. Uh, what's up? *sits down*
Gregor I am not blind. You do not like me.
Danny Gregor, that's not--
Gregor Let me finish. You do not like me because you want to protect your friend, Sam. and I respect this.
Danny I-It's not just that.
Gregor You like her more than just friends?
Danny Well...
Gregor takes a seat next to Danny and puts a hand on his shoulder.
Gregor You hesitate, which means you are unsure. I am not, and I'm going to ask her out.
Danny looks at Gregor, shocked.
Gregor I hope we can-- How do you Americans say? Hang out?
Gregor smiles and hugs Danny. He pulls away and takes Danny's face into his hands.
Gregor I'm glad we had this talk. Mwah! Mwah!
Gregor kisses Danny on both cheeks and walks off.
Danny touches his cheek and blinks. He puts his hand down and becomes angry, getting up from his seat.
Danny I know who you are, and I know what you're up to! and--
Danny's demeanor changes as he looks into the empty locker room.
Danny ...Somehow, I pictured this chat going differently.
The school bell rings. Student are chattering as they exit the school. Danny looks off at Tucker, Sam and Gregor. As they're walking off, Sam and Tucker look at Danny. Sam looking annoyed but then looking off sadly. Tucker followed suit. Gregor waves happily at Danny and takes Sam's hand again.
Danny, feeling bad, gives them one half-hearted wave and heads home.
The scene then changes to the Fenton home.
Maddie Fenton Our son? Hanging out with Danny Phantom? Well that is preposterous.
Jack Fenton Danny! Get over here!
Danny walks to the entrance of his kitchen. He gasps when he sees the Guys in White standing beside his parents.
Operative K We've managed to trace this PDA to Tucker Foley. We figured the ghost must be an associate of his.
The guy holds up the PDA to Danny as proof. Danny nervously puts his hand behind his neck.
Danny Danny: H-Have you checked...uh, Dash Baxter?
Operative O Affirmative. He's too much of an oaf to be the ghost kid. and you-- you're too prepubescent!
Danny *offended* Hey!
Operative O And it's not that Manson girl, which leaves the Gregor kid we saw them hanging around with.
Operative K Of course! How did we not see that? He's got the white hair, and so does the ghost boy! Come on!
The Guys in White pull out their weapons and head out.
Jack Hey! If you ever need a guy in orange, Jack Fenton's your man!
Danny Wait. Gregor can't be a spy for them if they're going after him with guns blazing...and Sam and Tucker are right in the line of fire.
Scene changes to the Amity Park Observatory on a mountain where Tucker is looking through a telescope.
Tucker Cool! It's a new moon! You guys want to take a look?
Gregor Later, perhaps. I wish to have a word with Sam-- In private.
Gregor takes Sam's hand and leads her away.
Gregor I will not mince words, Sam. I like you and I would like to go steady.
Sam With me?
Gregor With you, and not with your losing friend, Tucker.
Sam It's "loser".
Gregor Then you agree!
Tucker You two really have to see--
Sam No, I don't agree. Tucker may be annoying but he's one of my best friends. He's part of the package.
Tucker Uh... am I interrupting something? Gregor? Dude? Hello!
Gregor furrows his brows as Tucker waves his hand in front of his face. Gregor snaps, yelling at Tucker and making him forget to use his accent.
Gregor Dude, Do you ever stop talking??
Tucker frowns as Gregor continues his outburst.
Gregor Do you even know how obnoxious you are? With your stupid jokes and lame-o technology? Idiot! ...Uh, I mean... Psssh *resumes accent* Is nothing. Uh...*loses it again* Aw, darn it.
Sam Wait a minute. You were faking it? The accent? and liking Tucker? Just to get on my good side?
Gregor Ugh, I'm a guy. Hello! I mean, I really like you, but... *gestures to Tucker* Come on!
Tucker and Sam glare at him.
Gregor We're...through. Aren't we?
Sam Oh, beyond.
Gregor Oh, well.
Two girls walk by, giggling.
Gregor Cheerleaders. Better adjust my pitch.
Gregor pulls out a varsity jacket and puts it on, walking towards the two girls.
Gregor Hey babes, you like football?
Sam and Tucker watch him walk away, arms crossed.
Tucker Can I hit him for you?
A missile suddenly comes flying in between Sam and Tucker as they quickly dodge it. It continues towards Gregor and the girls, missing them but hitting the edge of the ob's balcony, blowing it up.
Sam Thanks, but I think that's covered.
They both gasp as look up at the white plane flying above them.
Operative O Commence operation "White Noise, White Heat".
The Guys in White press one of their buttons, making their plane lock onto Sam, Tucker, the girls and finally their target, Gregor.
Sam Gregor, although I think you're the world's biggest jerk-- RUN!!
Gregor Huh??
Gregor still on the ground, looks up at the plane. It begins to fire and Gregor jumps away. He continues to run as the guys in white shoot at him.
Scene changes to Danny flying around town, searching for Sam, Tucker and Gregor.
Danny Where--
Danny is cut off by the sound of an explosion behind him. He sees the observatory being attacked.
Danny Oh, no. I'm too late!
The Guys in White lock onto Gregor and continue firing. While running, Gregor jumps and falls. He skidded towards the observatory entrance.
Missiles are shot above him, causing debris to crumble down. The large sculpture of Earth comes falling down towards Gregor.
Tucker Gregor--
Gregor Huh?
Tucker runs towards Gregor and quickly shoves him out of harms way.
Gregor Dude, you saved my life!
Tucker Yeah, but I despise you now.
The Guys in White continue firing at Tucker and Gregor as they run off.
Operative O We've got the ghost boy on the run.
Danny uses a fist to knock the plane's window.
Guys in White Huh??
Danny You boys looking for me?
Danny then flies through the plane and grabs the men, pulling them out of the plane. The plane then loses control and crashes.
Gregor This town is too crazy for me. I'm going back to Michigan!
Gregor removes his shades and runs off.
Tucker Don't you mean Hungary, Greg-or?
Gregor My name is Elliott!
Gregor runs off and the scene pans to Danny, floating in the air with a Guy in White in each hand.
Danny Guys, I'm only gonna say this once. Stay away from those kids.
Operative K Or what?
Danny then throws the Guys in White into large puddles of mud. He dusts his hands off and flies off. The men begin to get up but are stopped by another agent.
Agent Alpha O. K. Is that a cleanliness breach? Are your suits completely black with filth?
Operative O Uh... D-Did you know that in Hungary, black is the new white?
Scene cuts to Danny, Sam and Tucker standing in front of Casper High.
Danny So... I'm sorry. I never should have betrayed your trust by spying on you and your... boyfriend.
Sam *rolls eyes* Ugh. He's not my boyfriend. I dumped him as soon as I figured out that you were right about him being a phony. Apparently that's is the only way a boy can like me.
Tucker That's not true!
Danny That's totally not true! There are a million reasons a boy can like you-- I mean, you're smart, you're fun, you're cool, you're pretty---
Sam looks off towards Tucker, blushing.
Danny ...Why am I still talking? I am such a spazz. Still friends?
Sam Pssh. The best.
Tucker You think I can use that 'Pssh' thing to pick up girls?
Paulina and Star walk past Tucker. He turns his beret backwards.
Tucker Excuse me, ladies.
Tucker follows them.
Tucker Pssh. *gets slapped* Ahh!!
Sam and Danny That's a no! *Both laughing*
Episode Ends
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