S03e11 weak in the knees
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Skulker: Well, it's a minor prize with any prey is good prey. Boo. skulker Man: AHH!

Skulker: The element of suprise, the hunters best friend! 

*gets blasted by the Men In White*

Skulker: And the hunted's worst enemy

Man In White #1: Decoy ghost liberated. 

Man In White #2: What about the unfriendly?

Man In White #1: Any prey is good prey. Unleash white lightning sidewinders.

Skulker: Huh? *gets hit by missiles* What? I can't brek free! Auto eject in 3...2...1.

Man In White #1: Target ghost obtained.

Man In White #2: True, but his suit is hard-wired. If we can access it's database, it may help lead us to our primary objective: the punk known as Danny Phantom.

*Theme song plays* 

Sam: Danny, if you're going to drool, would you mind not doing it over my tofu soy melt?

Tucker: Drool on a tofu soy melt isn't drool; it's seasoning. Seroiusly, Danny, you need to let go. It was over between you ans Valerie before it really began. 

Danny: Yeah, I know, but it's not easy. I mean, do you guys realize what it's like to like somebody you can't be with?

Sam: *spits out soda*

Tucker: Do you, Sam? huh? do you--ooh! 

Sam: All I know is, you'll never catch me going googly-eyed over some...ooh, my. 

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