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This page is for Dream Invasion, the ability to project into and interact in other people's dreams. For the ability to control dreams, see Dream Manipulation.

Dream invasion is the ability to project into people's dreams and manipulate them. Ecto-entities of this ability overshadow a sleeping person and the appears/include themselves within the subject dream and manipulate the dream around themselves to create a message. It is a sub-power of Overshadowing.


In "Frightmare," Danny first uses this power to enter Tucker's dream, where he questions Tucker having Danny be his janitor in his dream in order to wake him up.

Danny then invades Sam's dream, and sees that she is having the same dream he was having earlier in the episode. To wake Sam up, Danny overshadows Dash in her dream and transforms into Dash Phantom.

After Sam, Danny invades Jazz's dream and has her dream that she is married to Dash.

Later, Danny, with Sam, invades Nocturn's dream in order to defeat him.

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