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Ecto-acne is a strange disease causing severe physical debilitation. Symptoms of ecto-acne include a terrible acne which covers the whole face, and physical weakness that could lead to death.


Vlad Plasmius

In college, Vlad was infected with ecto-acne during the accident which gave him his powers, destroying his social life and his chances at winning over Maddie Fenton.[1]

Sam Manson and Tucker Foley

Tucker and Sam with ecto-acne.

Later, Vlad once again suffers a case of ecto-acne. He infects Sam and Tucker with it as well, forcing Danny to find a cure.[2]

Jack Fenton (alternate timeline)

Jack Fenton with ecto-acne.

In the alternate timeline in 'Masters of All Time," Jack is caught in the blast of his prototype portal instead of Vlad, getting infected with ecto-acne as well as gaining the ghost powers that Vlad has in the present timeline.[2]


The only known cure for ecto-acne is ecto-purifier. It is revealed in "Masters of All Time" that Vlad caught his first case of ecto-acne due to Jack using diet cola, instead of ecto-purifier, in his prototype ghost portal. Ecto-acne can wear off on its own as well, though this process can take years.


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