This page is for Ectoplasm, the viscous substance that makes up all ghosts. For the energy source behind ghost powers, see ghost energy.

Ectoplasm is the viscous Substance that makes up all ghosts. In the case of half-ghosts, their DNA is infused with Ectoplasm, giving them the status of being both human and ghost. Ghost hunters and scientists keep and study samples of ectoplasm to learn more about ghosts. They also use it to harness its energy to power their ghost-hunting equipment.


Season 1

In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," Danny uses the Fenton Ghost Weasel to suck up Technus, accidentally sucking up a bunch of lab equipment as well. This causes the Ghost Weasel to overload and explode. When it explodes, ectoplasm splatters all over the lab and various equipment. Later, Technus reforms around this ectoplasm-contaminated equipment to form a giant battle-suit. In "Bitter Reunions," Danny shoots Vlad with ectoplasmic goo from a blaster on the Ghost Assault Vehicle, forcing Vlad to drop Maddie. In "Prisoners of Love," Maddie mentions that there's a casserole in the freezer next to the ectoplasmic residue samples before she angrily leaves for Arkansas, leaving Jack to wonder how he'll be able to know which is which. In "Fright Night," Danny enters the Fright Knight's lair and gets cut by a swinging ax. When he pulls his hand away from the cut, he has ectoplasm on his hand. As shown in "Life Lessons," Valerie has test tubes and jars of ectoplasm samples on a desk in her room to perform experiments and take notes on.

Season 2

In "Reign Storm," Valerie shoots pink ectoplasmic goo at Pariah Dark, forcing him to drop the unconscious Vlad and Danny so she can rescue them. In "Kindred Spirits," Vlad's multiple clones of Danny all dissolve into ectoplasm whenever Danny defeats them, due to their instability. Dani begins to dissolve whenever she uses too much power, but since she is somewhat more stable she survives.

Season 3

Later in "D-Stabilized," Vlad sees that Dani is back in Amity Park and is somehow still alive despite looking worse for wear. He sends Valerie to capture Dani so he can melt her down and study her ectoplasmic remains in order to build a better clone. Dani is temporarily melted down, but Danny saves her by using the Ecto-Dejecto on her.


Ectoplasm is a viscous, gooey substance, either green or pink in color. When combining with human DNA, ectoplasm takes on the appearance of a green strand of DNA with a small monster face on it and fuses directly with the human strand.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • According to Butch Hartman, the Ghost Zone is an "endless place of ectoplasm."[1]
    • Each Ghost Zone lair has its own type of ectoplasm surrounding it, and if this ectoplasm mixes with that of another lair, they will combust into a ghostly black hole.
  • If ectoplasm is used to power kitchen appliances (such as food processors[2] and microwaves[3]), it will cause the food they are being used on to mutate and come to life.


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