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Electrokinesis is the ability to control, generate and/or absorb electricity. Sub-power of Weather Control.

Sub-power(s): Ghost Stinger, Technopathy


Users are able to generate, manipulate, absorb and/or reflect electricity/lightning. Simple effects include the ability to generate/shooting electricity that can destroy and/or vaporize matter, Ghost Stinger, or overload a circuit and even in a victim with electrical currents.

More complex users include manipulating the electrical energy within a person, directing current in a more complex route than the one of least resistance, firing sparks, turning off electrical devices, infuse electricity into other parts of their limbs or weapons, and with a lot of control atomize the matter.

Some users are skilled enough to absorb, conduct, create, and/or control electricity of various intensities, other than themselves. This causes them to draw in power from naturally occurring and/or artificial electricity to increase their abilities or charge objects with electricity, heating them and/or making them conduct electricity.


  • May be limited only to the path of least resistance.
  • May become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate.
  • May have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge.
  • Some users may have problems using electronics.
  • Users who possess negative electricity may short circuit if hit with water.
  • Electricity can be insulated by the air.

Known Users

Natural Ability

Through Technology


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