Electrokinesis is the ability to control, generate and/or absorb electricity.


Users are able to generate, manipulate, absorb and/or reflect electricity. Simple effects include the ability to generate electricity, shoot lightning, Ghost Stinger or overload a circuit. More complex ones include manipulating the electrical energy within a person, directing current in a more complex route than the one of least resistance, firing sparks, turning off electrical devices, and with a lot of control, atomize the matter.


  • Absorb, Conduct, Create, Generate and/or Control Electricity of various intensities.
    • Charge objects with electricity, heating them and/or making them conduct electricity.
    • Draw in power from naturally occurring and/or artificial electricity to increase their abilities.
    • Power electronic devices.
    • Death Inducement by overcharging the victim with electrical currents.
    • Electric Breath, Lightning Ball Projection, Electrical Shockwave, Electrical Beam Emission, Lightning Bolt Projection, Electrical Bolt Projection and Electrical Blast for direct attacks. May be able to generate enough power to destroy and/or vaporize matter.
    • Energy Strike and/or Weapon Infusion by surrounding their limbs or weapons in electricity.



  • Weather Control
  • Lightning generation


  • May be limited only to the path of least resistance.
  • May become useless if confronted electrical resistant material such as rubber or silicate.
  • May have to find electrical sources of power in order to recharge.
  • Some users may have problems using electronics.
  • Users who possess negative electricity may short circuit if hit with water.
  • Electricity can be insulated by the air.

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