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Elliot, who goes by the pseudonym Gregor for the majority of the episode he appears in, is a teenage boy that briefly attended Casper High while claiming to be an exchange student from Hungary.

It was later revealed that he is actually from Michigan, and that he lied about his life and interests in order to impress Sam Manson.


In "Double Cross My Heart," Elliot is introduced to Danny, Tucker, and Sam by Mr. Lancer at the Nasty Burger as Gregor, a foreign exchange student from Hungary. Sam quickly becomes smitten with him after he claims to share many of her interests.

Danny becomes suspicious of Gregor, as the Guys in White start to show up whenever he is around. Danny starts to believe that Gregor is a spy for the Guys In White, and begins spying on him and Sam. Later, Elliot attempts to propose going steady with Sam, but loses his composure after being annoyed by Tucker, and accidentally speaks without his Hungarian accent.

Realizing that his ruse has been seen through, Elliot explains to Sam that he had lied about himself to impress her. Furious, Sam promptly breaks up with him.

After being attacked by the Guys In White, who were under the impression that he was Danny Phantom, Elliot flees and claims that he is going back to Michigan, whilst revealing his real name.


While in his Gregor persona, Elliot acts friendly towards Danny and his friends. He speaks with a Hungarian accent, and occasionally forms sentences incompletely.

Like Sam, he claims to be both an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian and a Goth, often referring to aspects of the subculture as Euro-Goth.

However, when it is later revealed that all of his personality was simply an act to get Sam to like him, Elliot speaks with a typical American accent, and begins acting rudely towards Tucker.

Soon after, he notices two cheerleaders and adjusts his persona and the pitch of his voice again, asking them if they like football.


Season 2


  • Elliot is still listed as "Gregor" in the credits for the episode, even though his true name had been revealed.
  • In the Hungarian and Spanish dubs of the show, Elliot instead claims to be from Hamburg, Germany.


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