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Empress She-Wolf is a super villainess from an unknown comic.


When battling Freakshow in "Reality Trip," Danny, Sam, and Tucker hide the Reality Gems in various locations. The Gem of Fantasy ended up at the San Diego Comic Fab, hidden by Tucker who planned to attend that summer. At the convention, the gem is picked up and activated by a cosplayer who then passes it to two other cosplayers. One of said fans is dressed up as Empress She-Wolf and due to the reality altering properties of the Reality Gem the cosplayer transforms into the character.

While the other two cosplayers are attacking Danny, she goes to Sam and Tucker. Tucker describes her as "the hottest nerd I have ever laid eyes on." Before attacking, she transforms from a clothed, more humanoid form to a hairy wolf-like form. Even after her transformation, Tucker still stands by his earlier statement. Danny slams into her before she can attack his friends. When Danny knocks her down, she transforms back into her humanoid form.

When Danny takes the fight outside, she follows him and throws her grappling claw at him, slamming him onto a near by roof.

Shortly afterwards, Danny retrieves the Gem of Fantasy and puts it in the Fenton Thermos. This returns the three cosplayers to their human forms.


She has pale skin with dark blue-grey hair which reaches past her waist, with a single white streak running through the middle. She has long ears, both pierced with gold earrings, and a tail, and she has red cat-like eyes and wears purple eyeshadow.

She wears a black corset with a purple border at the top, black shorts, and a purple belt with a gold emblem in the middle and purple fabric hanging down like a loincloth. She has black cuffs with gold trips on her wrists, and purple fabric hanging from them. On her upper harms, near the shoulder, she has two gold emblems, styled the same as her belt buckle. Her shoes are tall black boots with purple lining at the top. On her right leg, she has a holster for her sword.

When she transforms into a more wolf-like form, all articles of clothing disappear and her entire body becomes covered with hair. In this form she resembles a bipedal wolf.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation: She can transform from a humanoid form to a more wolf-like form.
  • Flight


She has a claw on a rope, which acts as a grappling hook in that the claw is able to grasp objects. She also wields a sword.


Season 2

Season 3

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