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Episode opens with Vlad Plasmius floating near his newly built Mansion.
Vlad At last, my new mansion is complete! [He phases into the house and into the Master Bedroom.] Bigger and better than what it was before! [He then phases into a stunningly immaculate kitchen.] Everything is absolute state of the art! [He then phases into his new, underground laboratory] Including my new subterranean Ghost Lab. Completely undetectable to prying eyes. [Finally, he phases into his study and reverts back to Vlad Masters. He walks around the study, clearly feeling proud of himself and his renewed home.] This showplace is the pure embodiment of me; Larger than life, reeking of money and power and totally impenetrable.
Just as he finishes the last word, a loud rumbling sound is heard running across the walls.
Vlad What in the blazes-!?
Just then, the white 'Guys in White' tank breaks through one of the mansion's walls, federals leaking into the house in its wake.
Operative O Operation White Wall, go! Tear this place apart. If there's Ghost Contraband in here we'll find it!
Vlad See here! I demand an explanation!
Operative K Save it for the slow and painful interrogation, rich boy!
Guys in White pour into the house and start dismantling Vlad's house with mallets
Vlad NOOOO!!!!
Vlad's mansion crumbles to the ground and everything is left in ruins. He falls to his knees besides some of his scattered books.
Vlad My precious house! Ruined! AGAIN! [Grabs books and hugs them.]
Operative K Funny, no sign of ecto-material anywhere. Guess that Fenton kid was wrong.
Vlad [Eyes widen.] Fenton kid? [Mutters bitterly.] Oooh, so that's it…. All right then, Daniel. Game on. [Threatening glare. Turns to the agents casually.] You know, it's funny you should mention the Fentons, gentlemen. [Smiles.]
Image fades to Fenton Works, where the trio is watching the news on Danny's computer.
Shelly Makamoto Although no ecto contraband was found, it's certain that the mansion itself didn't stand a ghost of a chance against the government onslaught! Now, on to the upcoming, mayoral elections…
Danny promptly shuts the computer off and both he and Tucker start laughing, Sam looking at them disapprovingly.
Tucker Oh man! That's got to be the greatest practical joke ever!
Danny [Lifts arms in triumph.] YES! I really knocked Vlad off his High Horse this time! [Turns to Tuck and Sam.] I mean, can you even imagine his face when the feds busted in on him like that?
Just as Danny utters the last word, the wall to his bedroom crumbles and Operatives K and O jump in with 'rappelling' equipment and mallets in hand.
Operative O Nobody move! This is a raid!
Sam [Turns at Danny.] Um, I think I have a pretty good idea…
Theme song
Loud crashing sound is heard.
Danny That's my computer!!!! [Operative 'O' smashes Danny's bed with the mallet.] My bed!!! [Operative K smashes the dresser.] My dresser!!!
Operative O is about to smash Danny's TV when the door opens and the agent hits something else accidentally; loud grunt from Jack is heard.
Danny MY DAD!
Maddie and Jack enter Danny's room; Jack massages his head with stars flying where the mallet hit him.
Maddie Danny, what on earth is going on?
Jack [Spots the agents.] Cool! The Guys in White are trashing our house! They're my heroes!
Maddie [Glares at Jack.] JACK!
Jack Er, I mean… QUIT TRASHING OUR HOUSE! [Shakes fist but stops as he catches a glimpse of the agent's weapon on his back and approaches it.] Hey, is that the Ecto-Annihilator 47? Those things rock! [Thumbs up.]
Operative O Stand down, Fenton. Our intel says you're harboring Ghost Fugitives.
Operative K We're shutting you down! Lock stock and Ghost lab!
Jack [Covers door with his body.] No way! You'll get to my lab over my- [GIW click guns menacingly.] Gee…uh… I uh… [mutters.]... kinda forgot how the rest of that goes… [He stands aside and invites the agents.] Show you to the Lab, fellas?
Sam Hold on a second. [Everyone turns to Sam.] Do you've a Search warrant?
Agents Warrant? [Start laughing.]
Sam Laugh it up boys, but page 198, sub-chapter 7; paragraph 37B of the Anti-Ghost Code says you need a warrant, unless exigent circumstances supersede the authority of the judge or magistrate. [Smiles.]
Operative K Exigent circumstances? [Laughs.]
Operative O Save it, K. We don't even know what that means.
The agents turn to the door, ready to leave. On their way out they warn Jack.
Operative O You're off the hook until we can get a warrant…. Or a legal dictionary…. [Leaves.]
Jack Stay for dinner, fellas?
Maddie [Glares.]
Jack Er…I mean… GET OUTTA MY HOUSE! And… I, uh… any chance you can hook me up with one of those ecto-annihilator thingies? [Follows Agents downstairs and Maddie follows suit.]
Once alone in the room…
Danny Thanks for the backup, Sam. I'm glad you're up with your Anti-ghost laws.
Sam No problem. [Eyes destroyed room.] They really did a number on your room, though.
Camera pans at Danny's destroyed room.
Danny Yeah… and I don't think they acted alone. [Frowns.]
Image fades to "Regal Hotel" where Vlad is accommodated after his mansion was destroyed. Camera pans across the lavish room and stops at the bathroom where Vlad is taking a shower with the TV on.
Lance Thunder One time community pillar Vlad Masters insists he had nothing to hide.
Vlad comes out of the shower.
Vlad One time pillar indeed. Danny Fenton has tarnished my reputation and has made me the laughingstock of Wisconsin! And no one bows down to a laughingstock! [Wraps towel around his waist, below his six pack, and exits bathroom.] But I'm sure that my shrewd countermove has put these kids to its "high-jinks".
Lance Thunder We now go live with breaking news from helicopter 2 flying above the hotel.
Vlad turns the TV off and as soon as he does his clothes starts flying around the room because of the strong gusts of wind produced by the helicopters hovering outside his window. The wall seems to disappear as Vlad is in full view of at least 3 news helicopters, the winds causing his towel to fly away.
Vlad Oh, butter brickle!'
Above the hotel, the Specter Speeder is stationed, Sam and Tucker laughing loudly within it as they watch an embarrassed, naked Vlad through an incorporated TV-screen in the control panel.
Tucker Can you say 'too much information?" [Laughs.]
Sam [Snickers.] Maybe when I'm done suppressing my gag reflex. [Sam has the Fenton Phones on, which she uses to communicate with Danny.] You okay down there, Danny?
Danny is flying besides the building, making the wall and himself invisible with his hands.
Danny Better than ever! An invisible wall! Top that, Plasmius!
Scene fades to Casper High School; Lunch Time. Sam walks up to Tucker how is sitting on one of the benches.
Sam Hey Tucker, Danny stashed away in the locker room as usual?
Tucker You know Mr. Modesty! After Gym Class, when he cleans, he cleans alone.
Suddenly people start laughing and pointing at some direction, Sam and Tucker make their way through the crowd and gape in horror as a naked, scrawny Danny stands there, oblivious to everyone while scrubbing his head with some shampoo before he hears laughter behind him. Danny turns around and gasps.
Danny Oh no… [Tries to cover himself.]
It's revealed that the wall that had been hiding Danny was turned invisible by Vlad's Vulture minions.
Tucker A ghost kid with tan lines… Who knew! [Shrugs at Sam.]
Scene shifts to the Nasty burger, where Sam's voice can be heard coming from inside.
Sam So, how about that big mayor election?
Everyone in the Nasty Burger is turning, pointing and laughing at a clearly embarrassed Danny.
Danny Forget about changing the subject Sam! [Sinks into seat.] I'm never gonna live this down…
Tucker Never is a long time, Danny… [Random kid emerges from behind Tucker, laughs at Danny and slinks away.] …But the next few weeks are gonna be brutal…
Danny leans to take his Nasty burger before Operative K comes and takes it from his plate.
Operative K Everybody out! This is an evacuation!
Operative O [Standing at the doorway with more agents pouring in.] This place is being demolished by orders of the new owner.
Danny [Stands up.] New owner?
Operative O and the others step aside to let Vlad through, who is sporting a smug smile.
Vlad That's right, Daniel…
Danny gasps in shock.
Vlad You know these walls are infested with harmful ecto-bestos. As the new proprietor it is my duty to tear this place down. [Vlad leans to mutter to Danny.] With your own extensive background in demolition I'm sure you understand, yes? [Smiles smugly.]
Danny frowns, angry at Vlad. The scene shifts to outside, where everyone is standing quiet. A big truck with a giant pummeling cylinder drives up to the Nasty Burger.
Operative O [Talking through walkie-talkie.] One, two, three… demolish!
The huge metal contraption falls down on the establishment, making it crumble to the ground.
Dash How could they!? I did some of my best nerd wailing in the men's room there!
Tucker [Picks up a discarded Nasty Burger Soda cap.] Farewell old friend! We hardly knew ye! [Brings cap to his check miserably.]
Vlad [Leans behind Danny so no one hears him.] Let this be a lesson, Danny. I put the 'pro' in Quid-pro-quo. Not that you're bright enough to know what that means…
Danny [Faces Vlad in anger.] I get the idea and I don't like it! Believe me, this isn't over yet! [He frowns and walks past Vlad, fuming.]
Vlad [Turns around to see Danny leaving with his friends.] Oh good, I'll take that as a challenge… [Eyes "vote for Mayor Montez" Propaganda.] And I do SO enjoy being the challenger…. [Smirks evilly.]
Scene shifts to reporter Makamoto on TV; Maddie and Jack are watching the T.V in the kitchen when Danny comes in.
Makamoto Our Election Day coverage continues!
Danny Hey dad, is it okay if-
Jack [Interrupts Danny.] Behbeheh, not now, Daniel! It's Election Day and I've got my voting shoes on! [Jack shows Danny his red, white, and blue boot and Danny frowns.] I've gotta run out and cast my vote for the next Mayor of Amity Park!
Jack takes out a box full of red, white, and blue "Vote for Vlad" propaganda and Danny gasps as Jack literally smothers Danny in it; Danny is not pleased.
Danny Vlad Masters for Mayor!?
Maddie [Sighs.] He's a last minute, write-in candidate. At least he's channeling his… sociopathic, lonely-bachelor energy into something positive… But he doesn't care about other people!
Jack And that's why he'll make a great politician!
Vlad [On TV, standing on a podium.] If elected, I hope to breathe new life into this town! [Crowd cheers.]
Jack That's my Vladdie! Breathing lives and taking names! I'm his #1 supporter! [Jack's eyes begin to water.] And one day, maybe… His running mate! Hey, Maybe I need some running shoes too!
Danny Uh, I gotta go…
Danny runs from the Kitchen and 'Goes ghost' in the hallway, resulting in a flash of white light.
Maddie Did you just see a flash of light?
JACK It's only the brightest of a new day dawning on our fair city! [Hugs Maddie and gives thumbs up.] Kudos, Vlad!
Scene shifts to the roof of Fenton Works, where Danny phases out of, looking determined.
Danny They say you can't fight City Hall, but they never said you couldn't fight in it!
Danny flies to the City Hall, which fades into the screen; we hear Vlad and Reporter Makamoto finishing an interview before camera shifts into the two of them.
Makamoto Thank you for revealing more to us than just your moles, Mr. Masters!
Vlad Oh no no no no, thank you, dear lady! And remember to vote for citizen Vlad, although I'm sure you will! [Chuckles.] By the way, those are beauty marks.
Makamoto That is debatable! [Smiles and leaves.]
Vlad frowns slightly as he turns to leave, but gasps as Danny's hand phases through the floor and grabs him by the ankle, pulling him down to the basement of the city hall and slamming him against the plumbing; Vlad looks unfazed and smirks up at Danny floating above him.
Vlad Why, Daniel! Come to wish your old uncle Vlad good luck, have you? [Stands up and grins.]
Danny Save it, Plasmius! Whatever you're up to, it ends now!
Vlad Oh, I assure you my boy, it is only just beginning. [Grins wider and changes to ghost mode.]
Plasmius charges at Danny with a cry, intent on punching Danny, but Danny lurches backwards and uses a tube as support for when Vlad hovers above him, he kicks him right in the stomach and sends him crashing through the ceiling(s) of the city hall; Danny eyes the 'holes' left by Vlad's body crashing out of the edifice through the 'floors' and the roof.
Danny Wow. Looks like Vlad's a little rusty, which is all the invitation I need!
He smirks and flies out of the building, turning around just in time and managing to avoid Plasmius' blasts heading his way by flying away from the line of fire Danny hovers and mocks Plasmius.
Danny Boohoo! It's that it? You forgot to take your supplements! Have a dose of vitamin ME!
Danny flies at Vlad; Vlad shoots 'disks' of ecto-energy at Danny but Danny dodges them and punches Vlad twice in the face before kicking him and sending him crashing to some building's roof; Danny lands on the roof and laughs.
Danny You lost your edge! Why don't you go back to Wisconsin and look for it? In other words: GET OUT OF MY TOWN!
Vlad straightens and smirks, looking not too hurt.
Plasmius Fool! Do you really think I'm this weak? I'm more powerful that you'll ever know and even now my power increases! Look!
Vlad motions to the Voting Booths below where the citizens are lined up to cast their vote. Immediately lots of shadowy and dark-looking Vlad duplicates hover above the voters before they soar down and overshadow each and every one of the voters.
Danny Oh man! He's overshadowing the voters!
Jack makes his way through the crowd.
Jack Out of my way, I'm voting for Vlad! [Gets overshadowed.] I mean… OUT OF MY WAY! I'm voting for Vlad!
Danny DAD!
Danny tries to fly to his dad but Plasmius lurches forward and tackles him out of the way, sending Danny crashing through a thick brick wall and into a car below.
Reporter Makamoto comes in with a camera man after her, the crowd standing behind her with support signs.
Makamoto Holy hanging chads! In all my days as a reporter I've never seen such a ground swell of support for any candidate! [Grabs a paper handed to her.] According to the latest polls, Dark horse, Vlad Masters is the new mayor of Amity Park by a landslide! What an up set!
Crowd cheers as Danny emerges from the car wreck.
Danny [Mutters.] You're telling me…
Danny gasps as a shadow falls upon him and he turns to see Plasmius pelting towards him. Danny jumps out of the way and Plasmius pummels the car, standing over it.
Plasmius What do you young folk say? "Don't hate, congratulate? [Laughs and sees Danny glaring at him before reverting to human mode.] Oh, what do I care, go ahead and hate…
Crowd and reporter approach him and Danny steps aside.
Makamoto And here he is now! The new Mayor elect of Amity Park! Vlad Masters!
Crowd Masters! Masters! Masters! Masters!
Danny gapes at the crowd and Vlad grins at him. Scene fades to the City Hall as Vlad steps into the podium to speak up. Crowd cheers loudly as Vlad forms the 'victory' signs with his hands.
Vlad Thank you! Thank you one and all!
Jack Huzzah! The Fentons are one heartbeat away from the Mayor's Office! Next stop, the White House, and I'm gonna be Vlad's number two man!
Maddie [Disbelievingly.] Jack… you're dreaming…
Jack Am not! Why, just this morning he told me that when he thinks of number two, he thinks of me!
Vlad I'd like to take a moment now, if I may, to thank a very special person in my life…
Jack Oh, shucks already, Vladdie! Save it for my swearing in!
Vlad Come on up here! Danny Fenton!
Danny remains silent as the crowd cheers again and Jack pushes Danny forward. Danny staggers to the front and Vlad grabs him close so that only Danny can hear him.
Vlad I'm rubbing your nose in this mess you made, Daniel. Doesn't it smell yummy? [Turns Danny so that he's facing the multitude, and speaks up.] It was this young man who inspired me to pursue my true calling! Politics! For that, I owe him a debt. And I will pay it by protecting him and all the precious children of Amity Park from the biggest problem facing this town… Ghosts!
The mass cheers again.
Sam Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling about this…
Tucker Relax, Sam! So he will propose a couple of lame laws. How bad could it be? [Smiles confidently.]
Scene fades to Casper High and Tucker's despaired wail is heard resounding across the school; Vlad's voice is heard over the scenes flashing by, the first one being of Lancer carrying a bunch of technological gadgets in his arms.
Vlad VO The Technus Act will ban all high-tech gear susceptible to ghost infiltration…
Lancer walks across a classroom with devices in his arms and Tucker clinging to his leg as he walks.
Tucker No! No! No!
Vlad VO A strict dress code will guard against anything dark and gothic which can attract ecto-unfriendlies.
Sam is shown walking down the school hall with a blue and red uniform, a look of discontent on her face.
Vlad VO And in addition, there will be a 4 PM curfew; Mandatory Roll Call before and after class, and heightened security to ensure the safety of students.
Danny is shown being stopped in the hallway and slammed into a locker by a guard as his mate registers Danny's backpack by emptying it on the floor. The guards leave after nothing wrong was found and Danny leans to pick up his books. Sam meets him and so does Tucker, who is still clinging to Lancer's leg but let's go as he passes in front of Sam and Danny.
Tucker No, no no! [Lets go of Lancer.] For the record dude, this reeks…
Sam And everybody thinks it's your fault, Danny. [Bends down to help Danny pick his books.] Guilt by association with Vlad.
Danny [Grabs book.] Hey, I'm taking the biggest hit here! [Stands up and looks at a surveillance camera over his head.] With all this surveillance and restrictions, Vlad is making sure that I can almost never go ghost!
Tucker That might be a good thing… [Shows the cover of a newspaper in where Danny Phantom's face is surrounded by a circle and a line going across his image..] Looks like you're paranormal-non-grata again.
Sam Vlad's claiming that Danny Phantom's presence may be more an invitation to ghosts than a deterrent.
Danny Which we all know is an absolute load. With me out of the picture, ghosts will be on the lose all over town!
Several scenes of Vlad and the Guys in White capturing random ghosts are shown; It fades to the trio looking at a newspaper's cover with the headline "Ghost Masters".
Sam Boy, Vlad's PR Machine is really trumping up all this ghost battles.
Danny All those phony attacks were staged! Vlad's convincing everyone that they don't need me anymore…
Tucker But on the bright side, at least Vlad's rebuilding out hangout!
The trio turns to look at the new building, which is not the Nasty Burger but McMasters, with a sign labeled "Grand Opening'; Teenagers are standing around it.
Danny McMasters?
Danny, Tucker, and Sam approach the restaurant but are stopped by an agent.
Bouncer Can I help you to leave? [Kicks trio away.] There're no teenagers allowed here!
Danny What!? You can't be serious!
The agent points at a display that shows a silhouette of Danny's head encased in a red circle with a red line going over it.
Bouncer Now, beat it, all yous kids!
Dash and Co. walk past Danny.
Dash This is all your fault, Fenedic Arnold! You're responsible for this lousy mayor!
Danny Okay, I really feel like crud now. [Frowns.] There's one thing left to do. I'm goin' gh-
Sam WAIT! [Points at a camera hanging from the restaurant's roof.]
Tucker No worries! Vlad took away my tech, so I'm taking his! [Tucker runs forward and clings to the camera, detaching it from its place and consequentially disabling it.] Go ahead dude! [Cuddles camera.] Hello, special new friend!
Danny 'goes ghost' and phases to Vlad's Office.]
Vlad Ah, Daniel, I had a feeling you'd come. [Smirks.]
Danny [Sighs.] Look, this goes against everything I stand for but... I'm sorry I played those stupid pranks on you, and I'm hoping you'll accept my apology and stop making things miserable for me and my friends... [Puckers brows but extends his hand.] Truce?
Vlad How nice. A Gentleman's handshake... But you forget... Where you and I are concerned..... I AM NO GENTLEMAN!
Danny OH COME ON! Can you even pretend to have a heart!? I' m doing an effort here!
Vlad I KNOW! And even though the apology is a welcome departure from your usual childish arrogance, it belies a greater truth! [Points.] YOU HAD THIS COMING!
Danny But-
Vlad NO BUTS! Trust me when I tell you that your life has just begun to become a relentless nightmare beyond your feeble IMAGINATION! AND ONE THING FURTHER, when I said this place was off limits to teens, that includes ghost teens!!
Vlad presses a button and the Guys In White break into the room, aiming their ecto-weapons at Danny. Danny flies away but gets blasted out of the office by the GiW; He lands near Tucker and Sam, reverting back to human.]
Tucker So… how'd that go?
Danny [Stands up dejectedly.] This reeks… I'm ruined. My ghost career is over, my school career is over, every kid at Casper hates me!...er… More than usual…
Sam [Eyes the students.] Yeah, but I bet they hate Vlad even more… I got an idea!
Scene fades into the Casper High courtyard where Sam, Danny, and Tucker have rallied the rest of the students.
Dash Let me get this straight… you're leading a protest against your buddy the Mayor?
Danny [Standing on a lunch table.] Trust me; he's no buddy of mine, or yours! He's just using us!
Sam But the people have the power to make it change!
Tucker Right! We can take back this town one Nasty Burger at a time!
Tucker, Sam, and Danny lift up protest signs.
Danny So, what do ya say? Are you with us?
Students YEAH!
Scene fades to a TV, where Reporter Makamoto is standing in front of a mob of protesting teenagers.
Makamoto It's a chaotic scene here at McMaster's as irate Casper High Students protest the eateries no teenager policy.
Maddie and Jack are watching the new in their kitchen TV.
Maddie We better get down there, Jack!
Jack Right! Gotta protect Vlad's investment!
Maddie I meant to protect our kids!
Jack Oh yeah, that too…Maybe grab a Vladdie Meal to go!
Scene shift to students of Casper high protesting in front of McMasters with signs of protest.
Crowd Fries not lies! Fries not lies! Fright not lies!
Sam This is so cool! This protest is bound to rattle Vlad's cage! Right Danny? [Looks around for Danny, whom is nowhere to be found.] Where's Danny?
Tucker He must be taking a break. But I'll tell you whose here! The Mayor himself!
A limousine drives up in front of McMasters and Vlad steps out, smiling confidently.
Vlad Now, now, children! I'm sure we can reach some sort of understanding here!
Sam We're not children, so stop treating us that way!
Danny, meanwhile, is crouching on the roof of McMasters, overlooking the scene and smiles.
Danny Just what I hoped for! Now it's time to blow Vlad's game once and for all! [Goes ghost.]
Jack and Maddie arrive at the restaurant.
Jack Never fear Vladdie! We're here to scoop the small fry! Which reminds me… never thought of super-sizing those Vladdie Meals?
Vlad [Grumbles in annoyance.] Oooh, for the love of… [Turns back to Sam.] Come on now, 'dudes'! Can't we wrap about this? Open a big, meaningful dialogue?
Danny lands some meters away from Vlad.
Danny What about I open something up? Like a big can of worms!?
Jack It's the ghost kid!
Jack takes out gun and aims it at Danny but Vlad takes the gun away and places an arm around Danny's shoulders.
Vlad Just a moment. We're all friends here, mhhhm? Let the lad have his say! [Smiles.]
Danny Uh… really? Okay then! I'll, uh, give it to you straight! [Turns to the crowd.] The Mayor is a phony, and he's hiding a secret that will shock you all! It's time for all the world to know!
Crowd's attention perks and TV Cameras are set on 'rec'.
Danny …Vlad Masters is really-
Danny gets interrupted by a voice shouting from the sky.
Voice The most feared nemesis in the entire Ghost Realm!
Everyone gasps as Plasmius hovers over everyone, smirking and arm-crossed.
Vlad [Feigns concern and surprise.] Oh dear, it's a clearly evil – yet devastatingly handsome- ghost villain! Whatever shall we do?
Plasmius starts shooting ecto-rays at buildings and people, wreaking havoc.
Vlad [Smirks at Danny as everyone runs around in fright.] Check and mate, Daniel.
Danny glares and shoots up after the Vlad Plasmius duplicate.
Danny Okay, you carbon-copy freak! I'm taking you down!
Plasmius I don't think so. Remember I'm merely a single duplication and still more powerful than you!
Plasmius blasts Danny away with ecto-ray and makes Danny crash against the restaurant's wall.
Vlad Oooh, I bet that hurt, or at least, I hope it did… [Grins.]
Danny and Plasmius start fighting and Plasmius conjures an ecto-tornado by swirling around rapidly. Plasmius' tornado diffracts Danny's powers and bites him in, only to send him pelting like a bullet a second later and causing him to crash into the restaurant; Plasmius' flies after him and into the restaurant.
Vlad [To the crowd.] See? Danny Phantom attracts the worst of what the Ghost world has to offer and he's virtually powerless to stop them!
Plasmius and Danny fight within the restaurant; Plasmius has the upper hand and blasts Danny through the roof and into the sky; Plasmius flies after him and grabs him by the neck before Danny has a chance to recover.
Danny Let… go of me!
Plasmius Oh I will, in just a few seconds. Watch and learn!
Vlad I see that I'm forced to take matters into my own more capable hands! [Vlad takes ecto-gun out and aims at Plasmius.] Stand down, you fiend! There's a new mayor in town and his name is Vlad Masters! [Crowd gasps and look at Plasmius.]
Plasmius [Pretending to be scared.] Oh no, please don't hurt me Mayor Masters, I beg of you! [Grins at Danny before flying down and kneeling pleadingly before Vlad.] Please, take pity of me; I'm but a poor dumb ghost! I can't help being bad!
Vlad Which is exactly why I'm taking you down!
Danny What!? He's gonna zap his own clone to make himself look good! [Lets struck by an plan.] Unless…. It does just the opposite! I've got an idea!
Danny goes invisible and flies down, overshadowing the Plasmius duplicate.
Plasmius [Spasm.] Gaaaaah! Uggghhhh…. [Eyes turn a bright green.] Go ahead! Do your worst!
Plasmius flies past Vlad and zooms about out of control in order to scare the citizens; Vlad aims the gun at him and fires at him; the duplicate flies behind the limo and Vlad blasts it to bits. Once the smoke clears away, everyone runs to see the wreck, only to find a severely hurt Danny Fenton laying on the pavement, his clothes torn and his face scratched.
Danny [Feigning innocence.] Uuuuugh, uh, wha-? What happened? [Looks sad and broken.] I'm just a hopeless, impressionable teenager who was minding my own business when- [Winks at Sam and Tucker.] - boom!
Sam [Smiles then gasps.] Oh my gosh! The Mayor shot Danny!
Tucker [Weeps.] He zapped an innocent kid!
Everyone turns and glares at Vlad.
Vlad What!? I… NO!... I mean…
People point at him accusingly and mumble things at him in discontent. Meanwhile, Danny's parents run to his side and Maddie takes him in her arms.
Jack and Maddie Danny! Danny! Are you all right?
Maddie [Nuzzles Danny.] Oh my baby!
Vlad Please! I can explain! [Glares at Danny and Danny smiles.]
Scene fades to the City Hall, where everyone is reunited and Vlad is seen standing on a podium, about to give an announcement.
Vlad By popular decree, I hereby rescind all previous anti-ghost restrictions! [He shows a signed document and the crowd cheers and applauds.]
Danny [Smiles lightly.] I gotta admit… he's good.
Sam Yeah, he's good… But you were better.
Tucker Yeah, taking those blasts forced Vlad to save his image by getting rid of those stupid laws and making the world safe for sweet technology again! [Takes out PDA and smooches it.]
Vlad In addition [Uncovers a picture of the Nasty Burger.] I'm going to rebuild the Nasty Burger! Teens welcome! Who's your favorite Mayor now!
Crowd cheers
Sam Wow, a little self-serving but another victory for our side. All in all, Danny, I'd call it a draw.
Danny Yeah, I guess. There's only one problem with that, though. Whenever there's a draw, there's bound to be a rematch…
Vlad and Danny look at each other, Danny frowning and Vlad smirking at him.