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A fake-out make-out is a term used to describe when two people quickly Kiss as a last resort in an emergency situation, often to cover up their previous actions so they don't get caught by others.


In "Shades of Gray," Sam pulls Danny into a fake-out make-out behind some bushes to quickly hide themselves from the approaching Valerie so she doesn't catch Danny Phantom.

The next day at school, Tucker interrogates Sam and Danny for kissing, but they insist that it was just a fake-out make-out but Tucker tells them that it still has the words make and out in it.

Sam and Danny's first fake-out make-out

Later in the episode, after he sets off the security alarm in Axion Labs and gets caught, Tucker tells Valerie that he's hoping for a fake-out make-out as an excuse to save her from being caught in her ghost-hunting uniform by her dad.

Tucker and Valerie's fake-out-make-out.

In "Memory Blank," Danny pulls Sam into a fake-out make-out in front of the Fenton Portal when he hears Jack coming down the stairs into the lab. The kiss helps him quickly transform from ghost to human form so Jack doesn't catch Phantom.


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