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Fade in to the Ghost Zone, littered with purple doors and ectoplasm and ghosts floating everywhere. Pan to Sam and Tucker in the Specter Speeder; Klemper tackles Danny to the ground below the Speeder.

Cut to Danny straining under the weight of the ghost’s hand in his hand. He opens his eyes.

Danny Get off me, Klemper!
Cut to Klemper with his hand shaking in Danny’s.
Klemper But I just want to be your [Smiles gleefully.] friend!
Cut to a wide shot of Klemper holding Danny's torso, as Danny turns to face Sam and Tucker inside the Specter Speeder.
Danny Will someone please remind me- [Klemper pulls Danny into a hug.] Why- [Cut to Sam holding her hair back so she can admire her earphone, which Danny’s voice is coming out of.] This was a good idea? [Sam lowers her hand.]
Sam Hey, you’re the one who wanted to [Raises a palm.] map out the Ghost Zone. Yep. It was YOUR good idea that brought you here.
Sam lowers her hand and looks to the left. Pan to Tucker talking into his PDA wearing green earphones.
Tucker You’re also the only one that doesn't have to [He puts a finger on his green earphone and looks at it.] wear these stupid Fenton Phones.
Tucker presses a button and an image of a green disc rotating flashes on-screen. Music begins to play.

Cut to Sam with the music coming out of her earphones covered by hair. She looks bothered and puts her hand to it.

Music [Throughout.] Ember... you will remember... [Cut to Tucker, looking at his PDA happily.]
Tucker Good thing they also work as wireless earphones, because these things [Looks at them with scorn.] are a fashion [Puts his hand on his earphone.] “don’t”.
Cut to Danny, talking behind him.
Danny They’re not supposed to look good. [Strains. Zoom out and rotate to reveal Klemper hugging him tightly. Danny has his hands pushing Klemper’s head and his feet are wiggling wildly.] They’re supposed to filter out spectral noise so [Places feet on Klemper’s chest trying to pull his hand away. Klemper, concerned, doesn’t want to let go.] we can communicate. [Danny is flung backwards. Pan left as he lands on his back with Klemper on top of him. Danny tries to push him up.] Like when I say things like [Shouts as Klemper wiggles his tiny legs.] HELP GET THIS THING OFF ME!
Cut to the side mirror of the Specter Speeder. Sam is looking into it, pulling back her hair to admire her earphones.
Sam They’re not stupid. [Zoom out quickly to show Sam with one hand on the driving control while looking in the mirror.] I think they make great techno-goth earrings.
Close-up on Danny with his arms vibrating under Klemper’s weight. Klemper’s hand is on his head.
Danny Really? [Smiles.] Hey, maybe I should give a pair to Paulina. [Klemper shoves a hand over Danny’s mouth, silencing him.]
Cut to Sam and Tucker. Sam has both her hands on the driving control, but Tucker has his hand in the air and the other on his earphone. Sam looks back shrugging, Tucker dances in his seat.
Sam Yes, Danny. [Raises a hand.] That’s what I’m saying. [Crosses her arms, disappointed.] Give a pair to Paulina.
Cut to Danny and Klemper. Klemper is holding Danny nice and tightly while Danny has both his hands and feet on Klemper’s head, attempting to pry himself off. Danny finally stretches all his limbs and breaks free. Klemper looks shocked when Danny turns to him angrily. Danny flies off. Klemper turns and follows, also angry.

Cut to Danny’s hand and ghost tail on a green action background. Klemper claps his hand on Danny’s tail. Close-up on Danny. His eyes widen. He screams as he is pulled away.

Cut to the Ghost Zone. Klemper is pulling a wide-eyed and shocked Danny on screen. Klemper lets go when Danny turns to him.

Cut to Klemper. He takes a breath and opens his mouth to shoot out blue mist.

Cut to Danny with his arms out, frightened. The mist forms into a cloud on Danny and spreads into an ice block with a Danny shape inside it. Two energy hot spots form where Danny’s hands are. They increase in intensity, causing the ice to crack. Danny stretches out with his green ghost rays still firing when all the ice breaks off.

Cut to Danny. He opens his eyes with an angry expression and raises his glowing green hands.

Cut to Klemper. Among the doors he’s floating near includes a refrigerator door with some magnets and papers on it. Zoom in on the door.

Cut to Klemper from behind as Danny looks at him. Green blobs drift past in the background among the purple doors. Pan left as Danny rushes off. Klemper turns around, confused. He flies off after Danny.

Close-up on Danny’s hands reaching the refrigerator door. Zoom in as Danny gets closer.

Cut to the door. Danny flies in and latches his hands on the handle, with both his legs on the door while looking back.

Cut closer to Danny. He opens the door, revealing several snow-covered mountains and a dark, cloudy and overcast sky inside. It’s snowing. On the inside of the door are several purple bottles of questionable materials.

Cut to Danny holding the refrigerator door open. The snowy tundra is inside and the door holds the purple bottles. Klemper flies in head-first. Danny turns his head as Klemper passes. He then slams the door shut with both hands.

Cut to the snow floor, while it’s snowing. Klemper lands on his hands and knees. He looks up, confused. Zoom out to reveal the full expanse of empty snow-covered mountains and a dark overcast sky while it snows heavily.

Cut to Klemper looking up. A penguin is standing in front of him. Klemper looks to the penguin. He smiles and leans to the penguin.

Klemper Will you be my friend? [Klemper frowns as the penguin squawks and turns around, walking away.]
Cut to Danny looking at the closed refrigerator door. He lets out a green ghost ray and fries the handle so it disappears, turning away from it as his hand smolders green a little. He flies up and off.
Cut to an irked Sam with both her hands on the driving control while Tucker is pumping both his hands, moving them in his seat.
Tucker [Singing off-key while music plays.] Ember! [He points his fingers.] So warm and [Puts out his palms.] tender!
Danny phases intangibly through the bottom of the seat, resuming color and changing back to Danny Fenton. Danny looks confused as Sam leans toward Tucker.

Cut to Danny. He blows on his hands and rubs his palms together. He begins to shiver a little, then look to the right as he continues to rub his palms.

Danny Can a ghost get frostbite?
Cut to Danny and Sam. Sam lifts her hands.
Sam Oh, here. [She wraps her hands around Danny’s.] My hands are warm. [Cut to Danny and Sam’s hand bundle.]
Cut to Danny and Sam looking at the hand bundle like there’s something significant about it. Danny hunches over uneasily as Sam leans toward him. Both of them look away from each other and blush. They look toward each other and give weak smiles.

To ruin this moment, the screen zooms out instantly to show Tucker pointing his hand and waving them while raving.]

Tucker [Singing off-key.] Ember! Go Ember!
Tucker chants those lines throughout. Cut to a creeped-out Danny and Sam. They look down uneasily.
Danny Uh... [Sam and Danny release their hands suddenly, with Danny narrowing his eyes in a weak smile.]
Cut to Danny holding up his hands.
Danny I think I’m gonna need my hands [Puts his hands on his ears.] for this.
Cut to the Specter Speeder floating in the Ghost Zone. Sam is driving, Danny is covering his ears, and Tucker is still pumping his arms and chanting. Tucker mutes as the music plays once more and the Speeder is turned around. The three boosters on the back glow, panning right as the Speeder blasts off back through the portal.
Music [Throughout.] You will remember my name...
When the music stops and the Speeder is gone, two Victorian-age ghostly gentlemen pop up. The right one speaks.
Ghostly Gentleman What on Earth is that ghostly wail?
Fade to black.
Fade in to Casper High. Music is playing. The bell rings.
Music [Throughout.] Ooooh Ember... you will remember... [Zoom in slowly.]
Fade in to Tucker playing Remember on his PDA. He appears to be wearing a black T-shirt and a gray wristband. Zoom out to reveal Tucker walking dreamily, with a black T-shirt with a blue flame reading “EMBER” in purple letters and a purple beret with an “e” inside a blue flame.

Cut to Danny, Tucker and Sam. Danny is holding his backpack strap and putting out a palm while Sam is holding a book in front of her with both hands, looking scornful.

Danny I don’t get it! [Looks at Tucker’s shirt.] This Ember McLain comes outta nowhere [Cut to Danny.] and suddenly she’s the biggest thing since MP3s! [Arches his eyebrows.] It’s so-- [Sam, from off-screen, interrupts him. Danny looks disappointed.]
Sam Infuriating how mindless [Cut to Sam, talking matter-of-factly.] pre-packaged corporate bubble gum is preventing true musical artists from being heard?
Cut to the trio.
Danny I was gonna say “weird”, but, uh, [Shrugs, smiling.] okay.
Tucker Ember’s not just about music. [Cut to a hallway spattered in purple Ember posters. The trio walks in from around the corner.] She’s an expression of my [The trio stops, and Danny and Sam look wide-eyed in shock.] unique individuality.
Zoom out quickly to show an entire hallway of kids wearing various pieces of Ember-related apparel and admiring them, along with more posters on the walls and lockers. Cut to various students wearing Ember apparel, including Valerie, Dash and Kwan.

Cut to a disappointed Sam.

Sam Oh yeah, [Looks to the left; sarcastically.] you’re one of a kind!
Cut to the trio. Danny looks at Sam, pleased. Sam puts a hand on her hip.
Sam [Sarcastically.] Every single one of you!
Zoom out to reveal Paulina in black Ember apparel from behind, looking annoyed. Everyone looks at her, Danny with a smile and Sam with a nasty look.

Close-up on Sam with the Fenton Phones sticking out. They sparkle.

Cut to Paulina. Teens pass by in the background as she arches her eyebrow.

Paulina Nice earrings. [She smiles nastily and puts out a finger.] Sale at the 89 cent store?
Cut to Danny, smiling.
Sam [Off-screen. For you information, Paulina. [Steps up next to Danny with a smug smile.] they’re a gift. [She motions to Danny, who pops and looks absolutely scared.] Danny gave them to me.[Sam puts a hand on her hip while Danny sweats with a weak smile.]
Paulina Really? [Points.] He gave you earrings? [Cut to Paulina pointing to a smug Sam and a helpless Danny. Scoffs.] I always knew you two [She turns away from them, making both widen their eyes and open their mouths in shock.] losers would end up together.
Paulina walks away, with Danny looking upset and Sam looking boiling mad.

Cut to Sam, leaning forward.

Sam We’re not losers!
Zoom out to reveal Danny holding out his palms.
Danny We’re not together.
Zoom out to reveal Tucker pumping his arms and chanting. Danny is surprised but Sam is just miffed. The music plays in the background.
Tucker Ember! Go Ember! [Cut to Tucker.] Ember! [Shuffles to the side.] Remember! [Slides back.] Ember! [Slides back to the side.] Go Ember! [Tucker cringes and stops as Danny and Sam crowd their head in on him to scold him.]
Danny and Sam Will you keep it down?! [Cut to Dash and Kwan.]
Dash Hey, check it out! [He leans to Kwan and points a thumb away from him.] The lovebirds are ganging up on [Jabs.] Foley!
Cut to a miffed Danny and Sam jumping up into the shot.
Danny and Sam We’re not lovebirds!
They exchange looks, then look forward in shock, then arch their eyebrows in unison. Fade to a door. A bell rings. Zoom in.
Mr. Lancer [Off-screen.] As you know, the Northwestern Nine [Cut to Lancer in front of a blackboard reading “LEARNING IS HIP!”.] Standardized testing starts in two days, [Smiles and puts out a palm.] and because my bonus is proportional to your grades, [Looks to the right.] we have installed the [Zoom out to reveal a complicated rectangular prism device with a TV antenna over it along with lights, switches, buttons and dials.] CramTastic Mark Five.
Zoom out. Every student is wearing a helmet with four prongs with a keyboard and three computer screens on every desk. The screens are blinking “STAND BY” in green letters.
Mr. Lancer The latest in state-of-the-art [Cut to a blond, bespectacled boy looking into the screens. He turns around and looks about warily and confused.] subliminal study-aid technology. [Cut to Lancer by the machine holding up a finger.] Let the learning [Leans over to press a red button on the device.] begin!
Cut to the screens reading “STAND BY”. They fizzle with static and show Ember with her hair in flames holding a purple and blue guitar and a microphone.
Ember Eeeember! [Holds it up higher.] So warm and teeennder!
The image of her face fills the CramTastic screens.
Ember You will [Looks forward with her green eyes. remember my name! Yeah!
The song continues in the background. Cut to the front of the class with everyone cheering.

Cut to Danny and Sam holding their helmets, shocked. Danny holds his off his head while Sam moves it away.

Cut to a stunned Lancer. He angrily turns to the device and points at another button.

Cut to the button by Lancer’s finger. It’s a red one that reads “ON/OFF”. He presses it, illuminating the “OFF”.

Cut to the same blond boy from behind cheering with the Ember images on his screens. Everyone stops in their tracks as soon as the image flicks off.

Cut back to the disc drive. It ejects, revealing a blue disc that reads “LIVE! Ember”. Lancer removes it from the drive not even bothering to hold it by the edges properly.

Cut to a miffed Lancer holding the disc. He holds it up, gritting his teeth. Then he looks confused as a drum solo starts to play in the background, shifting his eyes.

Cut to everyone in the CramTastic, including Tucker in Ember apparel. Tucker shifts his head.

Cut to Lancer, thrusting out the disc.

Mr. Lancer Foley! [Retracts it.] Turn off that blasted [He throws the disc.]


Cut to Tucker holding his PDA. He drops it when the disc flies toward him and ricochets off his monitors.
Tucker [Protesting.] It’s not me! [He turns to the right pointing with a thumb. Someone takes their helmet off.] It’s coming from outside!
Cut to a row of open windows with a yellow sky. Everyone rushes up to them as the drum beat continues..

Cut to outside Casper High. A truck with a sound-stage on it drives up in front of it, with large amps and a black banner reading “EMBER” in purple letters. It stops with a skid.

Cut to the banner. Zoom out as the amps blare with the drum solo. A riff is heard and with a flash of light, the stage fills with billowing purple smoke.

Cut to a part of the purple cloud. As it dissipates, it reveals a pair of gray boots with skull designs on them on a pair of skinny legs in tight black pants. Pan up to show the top half of Ember in person, holding her guitar with her bare hand and her strap and holding up her hand with the black gauntlet on it in a fist. Her hair is flaming.

Cut to another part of the stage. With another flash of light and cloud of purple smoke, a blue-skinned drum player is playing purple drums with the word “EMBER” on it. He is wearing a red collared shirt that’s frayed at the sleeves, bracelets, a backwards baseball cap, sunglasses without legs and has a horrible bite radius.

Cut to Ember with the drum player in back. Two more purple clouds go off and reveal two other backup members, one a guy with long purple hair under a bandanna with a frayed white-and-red shirt, a red skirt, jeans and giant shoes playing a purple axe. The second one has an earring, a green Mohawk, a black belly shirt with shorts and tall boots, and is playing a green guitar in the shape of a skull.

Cut to the foot of the drum player thumping the pedal.

Cut to the guy in the green Mohawk strumming his skull guitar.

Cut to Ember holding up a hand. She leans into the shot, strumming her guitar to reveal the green Mohawk guy.

Ember [Singing.] Yea-ah!
Cut to the other backup player playing his purple axe. He leans the neck forward, playing it.
Cut to an overhead shot of the whole band. Ember stands up straighter.
Ember Oh-oh-ah- [Cut to Ember, singing.] Oh-oh!
Cut to an aerial shot of the band playing in front of Casper High. Cheering is heard as students pour into a crowd from three different sides of the building.

Cut to an entire crowd of cheering teens.

Cut to Ember and her band in front of the cheering teens in the foreground.

Ember Hell-o Casper [Pumps her hand.] High!
Cut to Ember. She puts down her hand on the neck of her guitar and leans into her microphone.
Ember Tell me who you love!
Cut to the crowd of teens chanting and pumping their hands up and down.
Crowd Ember! Ember!
The crowd continues to chant. Cut to Ember. She opens her hands as her hair begins to surge into more intense flame. Pan up slowly to show the fire.

Close-up on Ember.

Ember That’s it, babies! Say my name! [Looks forward.] Are you ready for a little [Narrows her eyes.] youth revolution?!
Cut to a confused Danny and miffed Sam on the stoop. The crowd cheers and rushes forward. Tucker runs from the doorway in between his friends, jumping into the crowd as if into a pool, but the crowd’s not there and he falls off with three red stars of painful impact. Danny and Sam look concerned.
Cut to Ember and her band far off with the crowd a sea in front. Tucker is held up by the crowd in a mosh-pit style to watch her.
Cut to Tucker in the mosh pit.
Tucker We love you, [Holds up both his hands.] Ember!
Cut to Ember with her hand curled into a fist.
Ember That’s because I fill a void in your empty lives!
Cut to Danny and Sam, Sam is bothered by this but Danny is unaffected.
Tucker [Off-screen.] You’re right, Ember!
Sam looks at Danny in surprise when his ghost sense goes off.

Close-up on Danny. His eyes shift warily.

Danny Uh-oh.
Cut to a fire hydrant in the middle of the crowd. Lancer puts his hand on it and climbs up onto it.

Cut to Lancer towering above the sea of cheering teens. He is holding a bullhorn. He holds up a finger.

Mr. Lancer Attention, freakishly dressed teen idol! [Cut to Lancer.] I order you to cease (puts up an arm) and desist!
Cut to Ember.
Ember Desist this, [She looks down. Pan down to her guitar with her adjusting one of the dials.] grandpa!
Cut to the dial. It’s on a red musical note. On it are a purple vortex, a blue flame, a pink heart and a green skull. She clicks it to the vortex.

Cut to Ember leaning over with her backup band playing behind her. She raises her arm and strums once, a purple vortex of sound coming out from her strings, filling the screen. Zoom out at is expands in a wave outwards.

Cut to the anticipating students. They close their eyes with bliss as the wave passes over them. They open their eyes, all red and glowing.

Cut to Lancer from the back. Six kids turn around and look at him with demonic red glares.

Cut to two angry teens.

Cut to three more.

Close-up on Lancer on a red action background.

Mr. Lancer Pride and Prejudice!
Cut to a smiling Ember with the green Mohawk guy playing in the background. Zoom in on Ember.
Danny [Off-screen.] Ember’s [Cut to Danny, mystified.] the ghost? [Cut to a shocked Danny, bending down.] Oh my gosh!
With a flash of light, a ring forms around him and he begins to transform.

Cut closer as the rings pass to reveal Danny’s black jumpsuit.

Cut to Danny’s foot. The ring passes over it to turn it into a white boot.

Cut to one of Danny’s arms. The ring passes over it to turn it into a white glove.

Cut to Danny Fenton with the ring around him, rotating and zooming into the shot on the stoop as he transforms, ending on a close-up of his face. Zoom out to reveal Danny Phantom standing on the stoop.

Danny [Bends down.] I gotta save Lancer! [Close-up on Danny. He asides.] Wow, this is bittersweet.
Cut to Danny, still bent. He jumps into the air and flies off.

Cut to an aerial shot of Lancer on the street with his bullhorn as a crowd of kids walk toward him all zombie-like. Danny flies up into the shot, observing from overhead.

Cut to a confused and scared Lancer. He crosses his arms in front of his head to brace himself. Danny flies in to put his hands on Lancer’s back, turning the two of them intangible. A small mob of zombie students rush through them. As soon as they are gone, Danny opens his eyes to check behind him, resumes color, and flies off. After Danny is gone, Lancer resumes color as well.

Close up on Lancer. He warily opens his eyes, then puts down his arms to see what’s going on.

Cut to Danny flying, looking over his shoulder.

Danny Now to knock the pop princess [Turns his head forward.] off the [Stops suddenly.]
Cut to an empty hole in the street surrounded by students.
Danny [Off-screen.] -charts?
Zoom out. All the students are in a ring around absolutely nothing.

Cut to four kids. One of them has a hand on his head; the other one has a goofy smile. Yellow sparkles pop as both of them don’t remember what happened. The red-head in the letter jacket and the boy in sunglasses with purple hair walk off to reveal Tucker in his Ember apparel, also smiling but confused. He tilts a little until Sam walks up, concerned. Tucker’s a little disappointed.

Cut to Tucker, annoyed.

Tucker Hey! [Looks confused.] No encore?
Cut to Sam as Tucker walks up with his hands cupped in desperation.
Tucker What’s that [Slumps his shoulders.] all about?
Fade to Lancer walking through the halls sorting through a stack of magazines. Three girls are in the halls by their lockers.

Cut to Lancer’s magazines. The first reads “I ROCK” with the caption “NEW SMOLDERING SOUND” depicting a picture of Ember holding up the evil fingers. Lancer takes it away.

Mr. Lancer Ember... [The next magazine reads “MUSIC NEWS: EMBER!” depicting Ember with her guitar on a background of purple flames.] Ember... [He takes it away. The next magazine says “HOT: Here’s Ember” depicting Ember holding her guitar.] Ember... [Lancer removes this one. The next one shows Ember’s face and reads “CHART: Ember is on FIRE!”]
Cut to Lancer looking down at his magazines with narrowed eyes.
Mr. Lancer If I see one hint of that woman in school today [He looks up suddenly.] I’ll-
Cut to two kids wearing extra-large black shirts with Ember’s face on them. Zoom out to show three kids wearing that shirt, plus a boy wearing a white shirt of Ember’s boot with blue flames and a girl wearing Ember’s one-strap shirt, gauntlet and a black skirt with blue flames. She also has a blue ponytail sticking from her black hair. Ember posters are everywhere.

Cut to Lancer

Mr. Lancer Chicken Soup for the Soul!
Cut to a smiling Tucker wearing his Ember T-shirt over his yellow shirt. He also has Ember’s eyeliner and in place of his beret is a blue flaming thing with a purple “e” on it. He has his hands behind his back, pleased. Danny and Sam walk up, holding two identical periwinkle textbooks. They look confused at Tucker’s new hair.

Cut to Danny.

Danny Tucker, you’re starting to scare me. And I fight ghosts!
Cut to Tucker, defiant.
Tucker It’s an Ember thing. [Pats his new wig with his hands.] You wouldn't understand it.
Cut to Sam, holding her book in her arms.
Sam Uh, you do realize she’s an evil mind-controlling spirit from another dimension?
Cut to tucker, holding up a finger.
Tucker Yeah, [Points, smiling at his comeback.] but you said the same thing about Paulina.
Cut to Tucker pointing at an indifferent Sam with Danny in the middle. He looks back to Sam as Tucker removes his finger.
Danny You know, he has a point.
Right on cue, zoom out to reveal Paulina in an Ember outfit down to the eyeliner and the blue ponytail springing from her head. The trio looks in surprise.
Paulina Hey, everyone! [Cut to Paulina with her fists clenched in excitement.] Ember’s giving away free concert tickets at Bucky’s Music Megastore! [She suddenly looks to the right, pointing with glee.] Nice hair!
Cut to Tucker.
Tucker Thanks. [Points both his fingers to the left.] Nice hair!
Cut to a crowd of students rushing and cheering, most in Ember apparel.
Crowd Ember! Ember! Ember! Ember!
The crowd chants throughout. Cut to the exit. Lancer steps in front of it and guards it, spreading his hands.

Cut to Lancer.

Mr. Lancer You people [Holds up a finger.] aren't going anywhere except detention! [The last word comes out strained as the crowd pushes through Lancer out the door.]
Cut to a row of lockers. Tucker is straining and perspiring as Danny has both his hands clamped on Tucker’s arm and Sam is helping Danny by holding Danny’s waist.

Cut to a strained Tucker.

Tucker Must- have- [Opens his eyes.] Ember- [Smiles.] tix!
Close-up on Sam.
Sam We’re going to have to deprogram him!
Cut to Danny and Sam exchanging nervous glances as they are pulled in short bursts. Then they look down at themselves. The put their arms behind their backs and whistle.

Fade to Tucker in the classroom with the CramTastic helmet on his head, displacing his wig. Danny is standing next to him. Sam appears to be tightening a rope around Tucker so he cant’ escape.

Cut to the trio. Sam drops the rope. Danny looks a little sorry for Tucker.

Cut to Tucker looking at the CramTastic screen. It fizzles, then blinks thrice showing random charts, graphics and text about nothing important.

Cut to Sam with her arms crossed.

Sam This is where the healing starts.
Cut to Tucker’s glasses. Reflections of the CramTastic screen are shown in them. They cycle, showing random graphs, equations, spheres and right triangles.

Cut to a row of lockers. Danny and Sam walk up.

Danny I still don't get [He places his hands on his locker and turns it intangible.] why we're not affected by Ember's music. [Danny plunges his hand inside as if he's searching for something. Sam shrugs.]
Sam Maybe because of you ghost powers [Close up on Sam as she moves her eyes up to think.] and my-
Cut to Danny, leaning by his locker with the intangible arm inside. He interrupts.
Danny Individuality or [He takes the Fenton Thermos out of his locker, resuming color in his arm as he points up with his other hand.] intelligence?
Cut to Sam, pleased.
Sam I was gonna say “utter disdain for anything popular”, [Blushes.] but okay.
Cut to Danny holding the Fenton Thermos, looking quite surprised at a blushing Sam.
Sam You really think I'm smart?
Danny leans forward. Zoom out to reveal Lancer in the foreground with a torn shirt and a scratch on his arm. Danny and Sam are shocked to see him.
Mr. Lancer Not so fast. [Cut to Lancer. He has a shiner, more scratches and a blackened tooth.] You two lovebirds may be the only students left in the entire school-
Danny and Sam We're not lovebirds!
Cut to Lancer. He lifts his hands.
Mr. Lancer But that's not going to stop me- [Moves his hands down.]
Cut to the bodies of Danny and Sam, Danny is holding the Fenton Thermos. Lancer's hands grasp them by the arms.
Mr. Lancer From giving you an education. [He swipes them both away.]
Cut to a bruised Lancer dragging Danny and Sam by the arms, with Danny still holding his thermos.

Cut to a beleaguered Danny and Sam. They exchange glances and smiles.

Cut to the area between Danny and Sam. They grasp hands and both turn invisible.

Cut to an invisible Danny with green eyes, looking smugly at the still visible thermos in his hand and his wrist in Lancer’s. He becomes intangible and retracts his arm, freeing himself.

Cut to Lancer walking with an invisible Danny and Sam behind him, Danny looking smug and Sam looking happy. Danny holds the thermos visibly. As Lancer walks off, Danny and Sam turn to the left. Danny bends down and flies off with his ghostly tail with Sam, panning off to the left.

Cut to a wall covered in Ember posters. Danny and Sam fly invisibly through the wall.

Cut to a bruised Lancer walking through a doorway. He looks down at his empty hands with widened eyes, opening his palms with shock.

Cut to Lancer looking back into the hallway littered with Ember posters. He gasps.

Mr. Lancer Lord of the Flies! [Cut to Lancer in the hallway with his arms raised.] They’re slipping right through [Kneels on his knees.] my hands!
Fade to a tall cardboard cutout of Ember with her arms crossed. Zoom out to reveal a large building with signs reading “BUCKY’S” and “music mega store” beneath. Banners hung on either side of the doors read “EMBER” and in the center is a banner with Ember’s picture. A large crowd has formed outside.

Cut to Danny Phantom holding Sam as they fly over the city with a yellow-orange sky. Sam has her mouth open as she admires the city below. She looks down.

Cut to below. We see yards, orange trees, wires, an igloo with a dog dish and a bone, but mostly autumn trees.

Close-up on Sam looking down. She looks to Danny, gasping.

Cut to Danny with the sun shining all over him, rotating and zooming in slowly.

Cut to Danny and Sam as Sam gazes dreamily at Danny. Danny looks to Sam. But looks confused at her.

Danny Are you okay, Sam? [Cut to Sam, suddenly looking nervous and awkward.]
Sam Huh? Oh! [Giggles nervously and blushes.] It’s just really nice up here, that’s all. Flying’s nice. [Giggles nervously again.]
Cut to a serious looking Danny. His eyes pop open in surprise, then turns away, smiling and blushing.

Cut to the two awkward teens looking at each other in a dreamy fashion. Suddenly, the giant, cardboard face of Ember pans in from the left, causing the two lovebirds to slam their faces and bodies against it and ruin the moment. They peel off.

Cut to Ember’s cardboard boot. Both Danny and Sam land on their backs, raising the dust.

Sam Falling stinks.
Cut to inside Bucky’s Music Megastore. Inside is an arch that reads “BUCKY’S” with a banner over it reading “EMBER” in big, purple letters. Two giant cutouts of Ember are on either side of the door, one looks like it is strumming the guitar and the other looks like it is looking over the crowd with an evil look. Teens all over the ground and on the various floors and balconies crowd and cheer as Ember’s song plays in the background. Zoom out a little.
Song [Throughout.] Ooh, Ember! So warm and tender! You will remember my name!
Cut to the ground floor where teens are cheering. A tower of video screens all fill up from the bottom row, left to right, showing a collective picture of Ember singing on her microphone. Pan up to a top balcony where two men in yellow security shirts stand on either side while spotlights shine down on the floor from the ceiling.

Cut to the balcony. A purple plume of smoke erupts, clearing to reveal Ember standing there.

Cut to the crowd below, breaking out into cheering screams. Pan right to reveal more teens, one of which is Jasmine wearing a black top, glove, bracelet and choker matching Ember’s, with matching eyeliner and two pink earrings on one ear just like Ember’s.

Cut to Ember from behind looking over the whole store. Her cutouts are still standing and her banner is still hanging over the archway. She is holding her guitar upside-down behind her back, with yellow slips of paper in her hands. Behind her is a table with what appear to be either CDs or more papers on it. She holds out her arms to reveal the yellow papers to the crowd.

Cut to Ember, holding a fan of six yellow tickets in one gloved hand. Pan right to show five more in her other hand.

Cut to Ember on the balcony with one security guard. She leans back, throwing all the tickets down into the air, with her hands up and her smile open and wide. Pan down to show the tickets sailing down through the air.

Cut to Ember.

Ember Tell- me- who- you- [Throws up her arms.] love!
Cut to the cheering crowd below. Several are holding up blue jewel cases for CDs as yellow tickets rain down upon them.
Crowd [Throughout.] Ember! Ember! Ember!
Cut to Ember, holding her hands tightly on the edge of the balcony, smiling with the adoration. She leans back, holding out her fists as her body begins to glow all green and her blue hair surges to life.

Cut to Ember from farther, glowing with a heavy green energy with her flaming hair standing as tall as she is. It dies down for only a second to flare up with twice the height it was before.

Cut to a poster on a brick wall showing Ember holding her guitar by the neck in one hand while screaming into the microphone, surrounded by blue flames. It reads “EMBER LIVE!”. Danny and Sam phase invisibly through it. They resume color shortly.

Cut to Danny. He looks down with determination.

Danny Something tells me they’re not gonna love seeing their idol sucked inside [Looks to Sam.] the Fenton Thermos.
Pan right to Sam. She looks to Danny with a plan.
Sam I think I can distract them.
Cut to Ember, looking down with her flaming hair.

Cut to the whole store with all four of the floors containing cheering teenagers worshiping their idol and shouting “Ember!” throughout. Ember’s picture is on the screen below the balcony on which she stands, her hair flaring up to nearly four times her height.

Cut to the cheering crowd pumping their fists. Their cheering stops as they all gasp and look to the left.

Cut to Sam hanging on the hair frond of a cardboard cutout of Ember, holding a red marker in her hand as red markings of glasses, a mustache and a goatee have been drawn on Ember’s cardboard face. Sam leans back, admiring her “art”.

Cut to Sam with her marker on the cutout. She shouts down to the crowd below.

Sam Hey everybody! [Close-up on Sam.] Look, it’s Ember McLame!
Cut to an angry Ember with a waning fire ponytail. It shortens to a tiny flare. She looks up at it with disappointment.
Ember Oh great. [She stands up, her hair resuming its standard level of length.] A critic. [Close up on Ember as she perks up.] Maybe you’ll like my new song [Zoom out to show all of her.] better!
Cut to Ember’s gloved hand turning one of the dials on her guitar to a symbol with three purple crescents. The crescents light up in sequence and beep.

Cut to the ceiling. Danny flies up. He charges up a green energy beam in his hands and launches the combined ghost ray.

Cut to Ember on the balcony with her gloved hand glowing a sparkly pink. As she is about to strum, she is suddenly knocked away by Danny’s energy blast, panning left as she is flung off-screen, shrieking.

Cut to Danny, popping into the shot.

Danny Hey! Do you take requests? [Close-up on Danny.] How about “Beat It”?
Cut to Ember, floating up into the shot as she holds her guitar at the ready.
Ember How about I just lay down a few power chords instead, [She raises her hand with a pick to strum.] dipstick! [She strums. A green sound-wave with skulls lining it comes out panning right as a power chord is sounded out.]
Cut to Danny floating in front of Ember’s banner. He has a strap on his suit and reaches out behind him to take out the Fenton Thermos, trying to screw off the lid. But as he does, he looks increasingly concerned as the power chord with skulls knocks him away with the Fenton Thermos flying in the other direction.

Cut to a shocked Sam still hanging on the Ember cutout. She turns to the left as the Fenton Thermos’s strap catches itself around Ember’s ear.

Cut to the ear of the cutout with the Fenton Thermos hanging like an earring next to Ember’s two pink ones.

Cut to the real Ember floating near the ceiling. She straightens up and giggles evilly as she strums again, this time her blue hair wraps all around her in a flame spiral as she vanishes from view. The spiral thins away into nothing. Danny flies in just as Ember is gone, turning around as he looks for her.

Cut to the crowd of teens, still cheering on their teen idol, who has clearly given them a sweet show of special, ghostly effects.

Cut to the roof with a purple sky. We see various roof props, including vents and a door that likely leads to a staircase. Danny phases through the roof and up top, resuming his color. Zoom out to reveal Ember floating in front of him, her guitar hanging behind her back.

Cut to Danny.

Danny “Dipstick”? [Smiles falsely.] Ho ho. [Returns to serious.] Funny. [He flies off.]
Cut to a miffed Ember. Danny flies up, linking his fingers with hers in an attempt to wrestle her down. Their hands shake with effort.
Danny Who writes your insults? [Cut to Danny.] The same hack who writes your songs? [He looks down to the side.]
Cut to a crowd cheering outside Bucky’s Music Megastore. The Ember banners and picture are still up. They scream “EMBER!” throughout.

Cut to an aerial shot of the roof with Danny and Ember fighting next to the giant Ember cutout. The whole place is in shadow for a split second as Ember’s ponytail flares up once again.

Cut to the inferno of Ember’s hair. Pan down to show Ember grinning ear to ear.

Cut to Ember from behind as Danny, who is still clasped in her fingers to push her down, is looking increasingly unsure. Ember pushes her arms forward, with Danny barely able to defend as he becomes more worried, grunting with effort.

Close-up on Danny, perspiring under the effort.

Danny Chanting... [Blinks, looking to Ember.] makes her stronger...
Ember You got that right, baby pop. And the more kids chanting [Cut to Ember from behind with an overwhelmed Danny. She flings him away to the right with only one hand, turning around as her hair flares up.] the stronger I get!
Cut to Danny flying through the air, yelling. He is upside-down as he looks from the ground to behind him, panning right as the cutout comes into view. He hits the back of the head, snapping a rope that keeps it up, grunting in pain. The cutout falls over, revealing Danny looking down at it.

Cut to the edge of the roof. The cardboard cutout lands face-down with the hips keeping it on the roof, the torso, arms and head are hanging off it.

Cut to the feet of the cutout as they stumble as settle with dust clouds rising.

Cut to a shocked Danny looking below. His eyes turn to look behind him.

Ember [Off-screen.] And if you think I’m strong now [Danny gasps. Cut to Ember and her flaming hair floating in front of Danny. Pan up as she floats up a few feet.] just wait until midnight! When my concert goes global. [Ember's eyes narrow.] And the whole world’s chanting my name! [Cut to Ember floating above a scared Danny.] Then you’ll all [Raises her arm.] be my slaves!
As she says her last word, she strums another power chord, unleashing a red sound wave that knocks Danny away screaming.

Cut to the crease between the cardboard cutout’s legs. Danny screams as he lands in that crease with his back to the ground. A flash of light emits from the crease as he lands.

Cut to the door on the roof. It opens, revealing Sam with the Fenton Thermos.

Sam Get away from him! [She runs off to the right.]
Cut to Danny lying on the ground between the legs of the cutout, on his back. A blue ring of light forms around his waist, changing him back into Danny Fenton with some last sparkles fizzing out.

Cut to the hips of the cutout. Danny gets up out of it, one hand on the thigh of the cardboard and the other hand on his head, sparkling with confusion.

Cut to Ember floating, looking to the left as Sam walks into the shot. Ember faces Sam as Sam turns to her, holding out the Fenton Thermos.

Cut to Ember with a dreamy look.

Ember Aw, teen love! [Looks rather upset.] They say it never lasts [Cut to an angry Sam with the Fenton Thermos, the Fenton Phones, and Danny sitting inside the space between the cutout’s legs, confused and awkward.] but nothing distracts teenagers more than [Sam’s eyes pop open wide.] hormones. [Cut to Ember.] And I need [Narrows her eyes.] to keep you busy [She looks down.] for the next eight hours...
Pan down to Ember’s guitar. She picks at a dial.

Cut to the dial. The symbols show a red version of two conjoined eighth notes, a pink heart, a green skull, a purple wave of three crescents, and a blue fist. The dial is on the wave where Ember left it. She switches it to the heart, which begins to glow.

Ember I have more than just music for you. [Close-up on Ember.] Now that they’re chanting my name [Zoom out.] my music [Raises her hand.] CAN affect you! [She strums her guitar casually, raising her leg as a pink wave full of hearts surges from her strings with a power chord.] How about a love song?
Cut to a shocked Sam with the thermos. As the wave passes over her and fills the screen with pink, she braces herself for impact, screaming as she is blown away.

Cut to Danny in the full force of the love wave. His eyes open revealing pink circle loops as Sam flies over him, continuing to scream.

Cut to the head of the cutout hanging precariously over the edge of the roof. Sam is shouting and sliding on it with the Fenton Thermos in hand.

Cut to a shot of Sam on the cutout over a crowd outside the store and rushing traffic in the street below. She stops on her hands and knees, looking down with absolute terror as the cutout begins to shift under her weight of the impact.

Cut to Danny in the pink wave with his eyes all pinked out. He blinks as his eyes resume their blue color, with sparkles flowing up as he gives an absent, rather goofy and dreamy grin.

Cut to Sam from behind looking at Danny. Danny turns to face Sam with two rivers of hearts flowing upward.

Close-up on Danny with the heart, blinking dreamily.

Cut to a shocked Sam. She lowers her eyebrow nervously.

Sam Huh?
Cut to Ember.
Ember Well, I think I’ll leave the new couple alone. [Cut to Ember floating, holding her hand up to say good bye.] Ciao, babies! [She crouches down and turns an intangible blue, phasing through the roof in a blaze of fire as her evil laughter echoes throughout.]
Cut to Sam on her hands in knees as the cutout teeters.
Sam “New couple”? [Looks skeptical.] What the heck is she talking about?
Cut to Danny in the crease between the legs with his two heart rivers still flowing. He crawls closer to the corner of the crease and climbs onto the cutout.

Cut to a confused Sam teetering.

Sam Uh, Danny? Now would be a real good time to [Lifts her hand.] go ghost and fly me out of here.
Danny doesn’t listen. Cut to Sam on the edge of the cutout as Danny, against all rhyme and reason, climbs closer from the foreground.
Cut to the legs of the cutout, beginning to tip over slowly with the extra weight.
Close-up on a scared Sam.
Sam Danny, wait! [Zoom out as Sam reaches out her hand.] What are you doing?
Cut to Danny crawling with a dreamy, empty stare with the sky dotted in a sea of hearts.
Danny [Dreamily.] Wow. I just never realized [Cut to Danny crawling toward Sam at the edge of the cutout over flowing traffic below. Horns honk.] you’re really pretty [Stops crawling.] when you’re about to fall off a building.
Cut to Sam, still scared.
Sam Danny? [Looks down below.] Get back! [Begins to sink down.] Danny!!!
Cut to commercial
Fade in. We see a crowd on the ground outside Bucky’s Music Megastore, all gasping in terror as they see the tipped-over cutout of Ember hanging off the building.

Cut to Sam, her hair blowing in the breeze.

Sam [Begging.] Danny, stop! [Cut to Sam on the edge as Danny is stepping toward her with sparkles popping around him. Sam raises her hand.] Don’t come any closer!
Cut to Danny, with his hair flung back by wind. He puts his hand forward.
Danny But you’re over there [He lowers his eyes dreamily as he puts his palm near his chest.] and I’m over here. I wanna be [Points.] over there!
Cut to Sam.
Sam Wait, I know that look. That’s that same, longing puppy-dog stare you give Paulina!
Cut to Danny, smitten by sparkles.
Danny [Crawling forward dreamily.] Who’s Paulina?
Cut to Sam, pleased.
Sam That’s a pleasant side-effect.
Cut to a pleased Sam on the edge as Danny, slumping his shoulders, takes another step closer. The balance further tips to Sam’s side. Sam suddenly flicks back to painful reality and screams.

Cut to the dreamy Danny with the sparkles. He puts his palms up forward, curling his fingers once.

Pan down to Danny’s legs. He takes another precarious step and the cardboard tilts more.

Cut to Sam in panic as she begins to slide off, panning right and screaming. Her outstretched arms are the only things hooking her on the edge of Ember’s hair. Then she falls off.

Cut to below Sam as she screams and falls and falls. Pan down as her feet fall below her and her arm is in the air.

Cut to Sam’s raised hand as she screams throughout. Suddenly, the shot snaps back to reality as a beefy gloved hand catches her by the wrist.

Zoom out to reveal that Sam was caught by a man hanging from a rope ladder dangling from a white helicopter that reads “SWAT” with a yellow police badge on the side. Danny is still standing on the cutout, but two more agents flank him by standing on either side of it with another rope ladder dangling near them. Another helicopter hovers in the background.

Cut to the SWAT agent holding Sam by the wrist as she hangs. Sam looks disappointed by this new turn of events.

Cut to a full crowd of Casper High students. Zoom out as three SWAT vans with flashing red lights pull up.

Mr. Lancer [Off-screen over a megaphone.] Attention, students! By authority of the Emergency Mass Grounding Act-
Cut to a SWAT agent next to the back of a van with open doors. He throws kids inside as they come down the line.
Mr. Lancer [Off-screen through a megaphone.] You are all under house arrest.
Cut to Lancer standing on top of a school bus talking through a school bus radio coming from the front window. A police car, a SWAT van, a road block and a SWAT agent are standing by.
Mr. Lancer You will now be returned to your homes to await parental punishment.
Cut to Lancer.
Mr. Lancer And, as for your precious Ember, she’s going down! [Lancer looks up suddenly as a shadow starts enveloping him. He screams in terror.]
Cut to Lancer at the top of the bus. He jumps to the right off-screen just in time, dropping the bus radio. Zoom out as the Ember cutout drops down into the shot, breaking the school bus in two and causing more collateral damage to the police car. The SWAT agent runs away. When the dust settles, Dash and Kwan in their purple Ember jackets and black Ember shirts slide into the shot.

Cut to the cutout Ember’s face. Danny Fenton climbs up on Ember’s pony tail holder, with sparkles showing his dazed confusion.

Dash and Kwan [Off-screen.] EMBER! [Pan down and left to show Dash and Kwan. They throw up their arms.] We love you! [Both of them hug each other while admiring the cutout.]
Fade to FentonWorks. Police sirens wail as a SWAT van with blinking red lights drives up to the house and stops.

Cut to the front door. Two booted legs kick the door open. They step down, chucking in Jasmine and Danny on their stomachs with Jasmine still in her Ember outfit, panning left to show a confused Maddie and Jack. They grunt in pain at landing and open their eyes.

Cut to Jack and Maddie. Jack looks angry.

Jack What is the matter with you kids?
Close-up on Maddie, lecturing.
Maddie You need to be preparing for the Northwestern Nine testing tomorrow!
Cut to a dreamy Danny on the floor with sparkles popping around him.
Danny How can I study? [Closes his eyes.] All I can think about is Sam.
Pan left to Jasmine, looking confused.
Jazz What’s wrong with you? [Close-up on Jasmine.] Why aren't you thinking about Ember?
Cut to Jack.
Jack Well, I’m thinking about putting you both [Puts his fingers on his chin.] in the Fenton Stockades.
Cut to the inside of the Fenton Stockades. It has a metal door with spikes and a small square hole for the eyes. Maddie peeks in through the eye hole and opens the door, revealing an open shackle on the stair case and a lock on some drab chest.
Maddie Jack, we can’t lock the kids in some medieval containment device.
Cut to the whole dungeon. From a spiral staircase leads down to the floor. Shackles hang from the ceiling. A lock is on some chest. Behind a dreamy Danny with green sparkles and a defiant Jasmine in an Ember outfit is another doorway. Maddie is looking into the Fenton Stockades, Jack looks annoyed with his hands on his hips.
Jack Oh, all right. [Maddie turns to look at Jack with her hands on her hips. Jack turns away with disapproval and crosses his arms.] We’ll just ground them like every other parent.
Cut to Jasmine and Danny. Jasmine’s arms are crossed, but Danny’s too infatuated with his green sparkles to care.
Jazz I’m going to Ember McLain’s midnight concert tonight [She grabs Danny by the arm, and walks past Maddie panning right. Danny opens his mouth dreamily.] and there’s nothing you can do about it!
As they almost leave, Maddie holds up her arms and catches her children by the back of the neck.
Maddie You and your brother [She holds Jazz and Danny, snapping them both back to reality for a minute.] are not leaving this house, young lady!
Cut to Jack, pointing his finger at his face suggestively.
Jack [Singsong.] Fenton Stockades!
Close-up on Maddie. She scowls. A slamming is heard as we see Jack’s face in the square eye-hole of the Fenton Stockades from the outside. Zoom out to show Jack locked in the rather high-tech-looking medieval containment device.
Jack [Mouth filling the eye-hole.] I meant them! [Jack scowls.]
Cut to Jazz's room where Jazz, still dressed as Ember, is laying on her bed. She looks sad, but perks up when she hears rock music playing outside the open window. She gets up and looks outside where an Ember van is driving down the street, blasting Remember.
Song [Throughout.] Yeah! Whoaaoooaaaoooaa!
Cut to Jazz in her room looking out the window. She bends down and grabs a grapple gun from under her bed, shooting it out the window until it snaps taut. She jumps out.

Cut to the Ember van driving in the street. Dale peeks out the window smiling as Jasmine swings past on the grapple rope. As she leaves, Dale climbs out and slides down the water pipe out of his room.

Cut to a skyline with houses and a tree. The flaming top-part of the Ember van drives past. Pan down to the stoop of a house. Teens, some dressed in Ember merchandise, chase after the van., cheering

Cut to a shot of various pieces of Sam memorabilia.

Cut to Danny on his bed with all the scraps in his Sam Shrine. His legs are crossed and his index and pinky fingers are up. He breathes in.

Danny [Meditating..] Sam...
On cue, Sam peeks in through Danny’s barred window. She looks to Danny.

Cut to Sam. She knocks on the glass.

Danny [Off-screen.] Sam...
Cut to Danny meditating. His eyes pop open. He puts down his arms and turns to the right with more green sparkles following him.
Danny Sam! You snuck out to see me! [He hunches his shoulders and closes his eyes dreamily.] Oh, this is just like Romeo and Juliet [The sparkles stop as Danny points a thumb to his chest.] except I’m the one on the balcony [He smiles gleefully and shrugs as the sparkles resume.] and I can understand everything we’re saying.
Cut to Sam with her fist on the glass.
Sam [Muffled.] Danny, [Turns to him angrily.] open up! [Danny walks into the shot to open the window.]
Cut to outside. Sam has a ladder set up to Danny’s window and is standing on the rungs. Danny slides his window open to let Sam in. Sam climbs inside and the screen shakes as she falls onto the floor.
Sam Ow!
Danny puts out his palm.
Danny You want me to open up? [Cut to Danny leaning as he looks onto the floor.] Okay. [He puts a finger on his face to think.] Um, one time, [Puts out his hand.] when I was five, [Clasps his hands together dreamily.] I really wanted a puppy, [Points up a finger in a mimicking lecture.] but my parents-
Cut to Danny behind his bed. Sam pops up to yell at Danny.
Sam Will you knock it off! [Danny slumps his arms in an absent look. Pan right as Sam steps away as she explains the plan, standing next to the Sam Shrine.] We have to stop Ember’s concert before (steps forward and spreads her arms) she takes over the world! [Sam looks down at the Sam Shrine on Danny’s bed.]
Cut to a shot of various pieces of Sam memorabilia.

Cut to Sam, cringing.

Sam Okay, even the part of me that’s kind of liking the attention is really freaked out by this.
Zoom out as Danny walks in behind Sam and happily talks in front of her.
Danny It doesn’t matter! [Danny takes Sam’s hands and admires her with green sparkles flaring up everywhere.] Just so long as we have each other.
Cut to Sam. She yells out.
Sam Snap out of it! [Cut to a dreamy Danny holding Sam’s hands. Sam grabs his wrists and pushes his hands away as Danny looks to her, bored.] You don’t feel that way about me and I don’t feel that way about you.
Cut to Danny. He looks down, the smirks.
Danny So why are you still holding my hands?
Zoom out to show Sam holding Danny’s hands by the wrists. She holds them up and throws them down, groaning with exasperation. Danny looks a little sad as she walks away.

Cut to Danny. He points toward Sam as the sparkles come back.

Danny And why are you still wearing those [Close-up on Danny.] Fenton Phones I gave you?
Cut to Sam walking away. She turns around to give a rebuttal.
Sam Danny, they’re not even real earrings! [Throws up her hands shouting.] They’re just some stupid communicators that [She opens her eyes suddenly. Close-up on Sam with realization.] filter out ghost noise!
Cut to a dreamy Danny with green sparkles.
Danny [Sparkles clear.] Does this mean that we’re breaking up?
Cut to a smiling Sam.
Sam Don’t you get it, Danny? [Spreads her hands.] That’s why I haven’t been affected by Ember’s music! [She takes the Fenton Phones out of her ears and holds them in her hands.] I’ve been wearing the Fenton Phones [Cut to the Fenton Phones in her hands. One sparkles.] the whole time!
Cut to Danny and Sam. Danny points to Sam as the green sparkles resume. Sam looks confused.
Danny So we’re not breaking up?
Cut to Sam. She arches her eyebrows angrily.
Sam How can we be breaking up? We were never together!
Cut to Sam and Danny.
Sam We’re gonna have to deprogram you like [Sam grabs Danny by the hand and drags him to the doorway as he resumes his dreamy sparkling.] we did Tucker! [Sam stops in her tracks, skidding her boots. Cut to Sam leaning back into the shot with sudden realization.] Oh my gosh! Tucker!
Cut to a dark classroom. Tucker is still bound to a chair by ropes in his Ember shirt, wig and make-up. The wig is crushed under the CramTastic helmet. His teeth are chattering. Zoom out as a concerned Danny and Sam walk in.
Tucker Twelve... hours... of... intensive standardized test prep. [Sam proceeds to take the helmet off Tucker’s head.]
Sam Tucker, I’m so sorry!
Danny smiles. Cut to Danny He leans over in admiration and green sparkles.
Danny You’re beautiful when you’re wracked with guilt.
Cut to Sam holding the ropes. She puts them aside.
Sam Not now, Danny.
Cut to Sam, the now free Tucker sitting in the seat, and the dreamy, sparkling Danny. Tucker looks to Danny.
Tucker Man, it’s about time! [Tucker stands up and hugs Danny and Sam close by the necks. Sam is confused and frightened while Danny is undisturbed and sparkling.] I always knew you two would end up together!
Sam shoves Tucker and Danny away. Tucker looks sad at being scorned, but Danny doesn’t care.
Sam We’re not together! [Cut to Sam, explaining.] Ember put him under some kinda [Lifts her arms.] spell!
Cut to confused Tucker and dreamy, sparkling Danny.
Tucker [Pointing.] So you don’t want to end up together?
Cut to Sam. She shrugs and puts a fist on her forehead.
Sam I don’t know! [Puts out her arms.] Maybe! But not like this!
Close-up on Tucker.
Sam [Off-screen.] Tucker, please! [Cut to Sam.] We have to break the spell!
Cut to Tucker and dreamy, sparkling Danny, stiff as a cutout. Tucker reaches down and puts the CramTastic helmet on Danny’s head.
Tucker Let’s crank up the story problems and [He turns away from Danny with his hands on his hips.] we’ll see him in twelve hours!
Cut to the clock. It reads 11:45.
Sam [Off-screen.] We don’t have twelve hours. [Pan down to Sam pointing up at the clock with a sparkling Danny with the CramTastic helmet sparkling, seen from the back.] Ember’s concert starts in fifteen minutes. [Sam puts her hand down.] She gets her power when people chant her name. [She spreads her arms in panic.] And with a whole world-wide audience [Cut to Sam.] she’ll be unstoppable!
Cut to an aerial shot of the classroom with Sam looking at Tucker and Danny. Tucker takes the helmet off Danny and chucks it away, putting his hands on Sam and Danny’s back as she pushes them to walk away. Danny and Sam look wary of him.
Tucker Then we better bolt down to that show and crank down the volume!
Cut to Tucker. He pops into green sparkles and talks quickly.
Tucker The volume of a sphere is equal to the square of the race of the base times pi times the height.
Tucker snaps back to reality.
Tucker Wow, that thing really works! [Annoyed.] And I spent the first nine years of my school life actually reading?
Cut to an arena. Lights in the parking lot around it are all lit. There is a residential zone right next to it and empty streets leading to it. On the hill behind it is a sprawling section of the city only being built. Zoom in as drumming plays.

Cut to a billboard of Ember with her face and name written on it. Pan down to show a sign below reading “Entrance” and a line of teens cheering and coming in supervised by a beefy man in a yellow security shirt. People are saying things like “Yeah” and “All right!”

Cut to the security guard. His eyes shift as the line of teens walk past him. Pan up slightly to show an intangible Danny Fenton, Tucker and Sam float up from the ground and resume color even though Danny is not touching either of them. Tucker and Sam are holding Fenton Thermoses, Danny has his strapped to his back. They run out of sight.

Cut to a back door. Another security guard is sleeping in a chair and snoring as the trio runs up. Danny grabs Tucker and Sam's forearms and phases them through the door.

Cut to a control station inside with two chairs and lots of cables. Tucker and Sam walk in with Danny behind them, seen from the back.

Sam [To Tucker.] Go kill the power. We'll stand watch.
Tucker runs toward the control terminal.

Cut to Sam and Danny. Danny breaks out into the sparkles again and gazes dreamily at Sam.

Sam Uh, can you watch something besides me?
Danny pops back to reality, if only for a moment before taking out a photograph of Sam and gazing at it. Sam looks disappointed.

Cut to Tucker, who has left his thermos in the seat next to him. Sam and Danny are in the hall behind him.

Tucker [Putting a finger to his chin.] Okay [Cut to the control board. It has dials and switches reading “MIN-MAX” on them. Pan across the board to more switches and controls until we pan down to a big red switch reading “PA SYSTEM”. Tucker flips it with his thumb.] cutting off the power. [Cut to Tucker suddenly.] Electrical power equals electrical current times electric potential. [He shakes his head back and forth. Cut to Tucker as he puts a hand on his head.] Man, I gotta stop doing that!
Cut to three amps above the stage.
Tucker [On the amps.] Man, I gotta stop doing that!
Pan down to show Ember on stage adjusting her microphone stand while Dash and Kwan in security jackets are standing by. All three look up warily.

Cut to a door backstage reading “STAGE 1”. Ember opens the door and jumps inside with Dash and Kwan following.

Cut to Ember with her hands on her hips next to Dash and Kwan. Ember points her gloved hand toward the left.

Dash and Kwan We love you Ember!
Ember cringes with annoyance at her cheering security guards. She looks at them with one eye.
Ember I heard you the twelfth time. [She puts her hands on her hips.] Now bag ‘em and gag ‘em!
Dash and Kwan rush off.

Cut to Sam holding her Fenton Thermos next to a dreamy, green-sparkly Danny with his strapped on his back. Kwan reaches out and grabs him suddenly, zooming out quickly to show Sam and Danny hanging on the guards’ forearms wrapped on their necks.

Cut to the control terminal. A third security guard which appears to be Dale is dragging Tucker on the floor by his hand.

Tucker If a train moving at 25 miles an hour...
Cut to an aerial shot of the arena. The place is totally packed. On the stage is a giant back-board in the shape of purple flames that reads “EMBER”. A couple of riffs go off and the whole arena dims.

Cut to backstage. Dash and Kwan are showing their capture to Ember. Sam looks annoyed, Danny is rather concerned. Ember also looks annoyed. Dale steps in holding Tucker.

Pan right to two men and one woman at a control station with headphones.

Cut to the man in the blue hat and purple shirt. He turns around and holds his headphone. The screen below him reads “ON AIR LIVE” with a 6. It counts down.

Control man On the air in five, four-
Cut to Ember leaning in with her guitar to Sam and Danny.
Ember Later, dipsticks. [Sam looks angry at Ember.] I gotta go rock my world. [Cut to Ember.] And when I say [Widens her eyes, pleased.] my world [Zoom out a little to show Ember’s hair blazing. Boldly.] I mean my world! [She walks away.]
Cut to Danny and Sam.
Sam Danny, stop her now!
Danny closes his eyes defiantly.
Danny I won’t leave you, Sam.
Cut to a backup member’s blue hands playing some seriously rocking tunes on a keyboard.

Cut to a boot with a torn pant leg pounding on the base pedal of the drum-set.

Cut to a blue-skinned backup member strumming a pink axe with a gray pick.

Cut to the axe player. She has a bandana, a red plaid skirt and a torn shirt on with sunglasses. Pan right to the drummer. He has a red baseball hat, a torn red plaid shirt and spike bracelets and a horrible bite radius. He pounds on the drums with his drumsticks. Pan right again to the keyboard player. He has a green Mohawk, a scar on his face and his keyboard is decorated with a purple flame decal and a pile of three skulls in front of it.

Cut to Sam.

Sam Forget about me!
Cut to Danny, arguing.
Danny I can’t! [Close-up on Danny.] I won’t!
Cut to all three members of the backup band onstage. The whole stage blacks out for a second to reveal Ember, alone in the spotlight. The crowd erupts in cheers.
Ember [Raising her fist.] Hell-o, Amity Park! [Cut to Ember. She drops her fist and shouts out.] Tell me who you love!
Cut to the crowd, cheering.
Crowd Ember McLain! Ember McLain!
They continue throughout off-screen. Cut to Ember, smiling as her hair flares up violently.

Cut to the front of the crowd again. Pan left to a crew member with an 8-ball shirt operating a TV camera with the number 3 on it.

Cut to a van reading “ACTION NEWS” outside the arena as drums sound and the song begins. Pan up to a giant satellite on top of it as it sends out blue rings of signal into the airwaves.

Cut to a satellite in space with two solar panels and four dishes, broadcasting signals in various parts of the world.

Ember [Song.] Yeah! [Cut to a green television in a wooden room with two dials on it. Ember’s image fizzes onto it.] Oh-oh-ah-oh-oh! [Cut to two identical blonde men in lederhosen dancing on a rug with flowers on it in front of a white couch. Outside the window are the mountains.]
Lderhosen men [In Dutch Accents.] Ember! Ember! Ember! Ember!
Cut to some place in Japan. Five women in colorful kimonos with their hair tied up are watching TV and bowing. Two are standing and three are sitting. There is a sword in its sheath on the wall and two wooden sandals on the floor by a lantern.
Geishas [Japanese accents.] Ember! Ember!
Cut to some place in Arabia. A crowd of cheering Arabic people are assembled outside some small building watching Ember’s concert on TV. A barrel is next to the building and an Aladdin-style sultan palace is in the scenery behind them.
Middle easterners [Arabic accents.] Ember! Ember! Ember!
Cut to some place in the Outback. There are five Aboriginal peoples present, one with a giant earring with gray hair appears to be a father of four smaller ones. They are painted with white markings and wear basic loin coverings and headbands. Three of them hold spears. A kangaroo is randomly sitting next to them. They appear to be watching a TV with a cord protruding to who knows where. Two of them shake their spears and cheer.
Aborigines Whoo-hoo!
Cut to Sam next to a dreamy, sparkling Danny.
Sam I hate to do this to you, Danny. [She looks to Danny with seriousness.] But if I can’t break Ember’s spell [Close-up on Sam, unsure of what she’ll do next.] I’m going to have to break your heart!
Cut to Dash holding Sam. Sam looks up at him, turns around and takes his arm.
Dash What are you looking at?
All of a sudden, Sam jumps into the air and hugs Dash with one of her boots flying up as she kisses him passionately. Dash looks totally confused.

Close-up on the kiss. Dash blinks. The two part away to reveal a green sparkling Danny.

Danny Sam [Close-up on Danny.] how could you? [Closes his eyes angrily.] How? [Zoom out to show Danny yelling.] Hey, get away from her!
Cut to a wall. Dash, disgusted and shocked, steps back into it.
Dash Ugh! She tastes like geek!
Cut to another wall. Sam, also disgusted and shocked, steps back into it.
Sam Ugh! He tastes like failure!
Cut to Dash, Kwan and Dale with Sam, Tucker and Danny. Dash screams and runs away with Kwan and Dale following.

Cut to Sam looking behind her back next to Danny. She turns to him and tries to explain herself.

Sam Danny, I’m so sorry, [Crosses her hands.] I-
Danny looks down.
Danny You and Dash? [Points to Sam, smiling.] But we were [Close up on shocked and worried Sam, blinking. Close up on smiling Danny, who looks down again. Cut to Sam and Danny again.] But... we weren’t, [Danny drops his hand, Sam looks down.] were we?
Cut to Sam.
Sam No, Ember did that. [She leans her head forward.] It’s just, this is so hard because part of me... part of me really liked this and-
Cut to Danny. Zoom in as he looks down. He turns to the right looking with determination.

Cut to an angry Danny with Sam next to some amps. Pan right to Ember strumming as she sticks out her tongue.

Ember Bleh!
Cut to Danny. His eyes blaze green in anger.
Danny [Growling.] Ember...
Zoom out to show Sam putting her hand on Danny’s elbow.
Sam Danny? Are you okay?
Danny closes his eyes. The green glow fades away.
Danny No. I feel like my heart’s been ripped out. [Close-up on Danny.] But I know who I can take it out on!
Cut to Danny going ghost.

Cut to Sam with Danny in his flying stance next to him. Danny jumps up off-screen, blowing up all of Sam’s hair.

Cut to Sam from the ground. She uses her hand to push back her hair, zooming out as she smiles.

Cut to an aerial shot of the arena. The band plays.

Ember [Song.] Oh, Ember! [Cut to Ember with her hands on the microphone.] You will remember! [Cut to the arena again.] Ember! [Cut to Ember holding the microphone again. She opens her eyes to looks around.] One thing remains. [Cut to the arena again.] Oh, Ember! [Cut to Ember with her band as the crowd cheers.] So warm and tender! [Cut to Ember, putting down her hand as she looks around.] You will remember my name!
Cut to the cheering crowd. Several are wearing Ember apparel. One is holding a sign with green letters reading “Remember”. Pan left to show Ember from behind playing her guitar. Her hair flares up again.

Cut to Ember with her band as her hair flares up to be as tall as she is. Suddenly, Danny flies in a loop and knocks her off-screen. She screams.

Cut to some spotlights. Pan up as Ember flies upside-down into a television with her picture on it, cracking the screen and turning it purple. Sparks fly.

Cut to the stage as Danny floats in.

Danny Hey, No-Hit wonder! Mind if I jam with the band?
Cut to the crack in the sparkling television monitor. Ember raises a gloved hand, then peeks out of it with messy hair, red bruises and messed-up face paint. She flies out.

Cut to Ember’s guitar taking flight. It stops in mid-air as Ember lands on it, surfing away. She dives down.

Cut to Danny from the back as he watches Ember surf past and land just hovering on the stage.

Cut to Ember. She raises her guitar and her hair is flaming wildly.

Ember Get this straight, dipstick! [Cut to Ember’s guitar setting dial. She changes it from skull to fist, which lights up as it activates. Cut to Ember.] I don’t do duets!
Zoom out as she raises her fist, glowing green with energy. She strikes a flaming power chord, panning right as a green wave with a fist at the front surges forward.

Cut to Danny at the edge of the stage. The fist impacts him head-on. He screams as he goes flying into the air.

Cut to the crowd, standing up on what appears to be pavement. Even the tuba player has a white Ember T-shirt and his tuba is covered with a smorgasbord of Ember stickers. Paulina is also there in the foreground. Danny lands on his back in a blank spot between teens.

Cut to Danny on the ground, putting his hand on his aching head. He groans, and then opens his eyes to look. He turns an intangible blue and phases through the ground.

Cut to the stage. Ember’s backup axe player and drummer are playing as Ember steps up to the microphone again with the spotlight following her.

Cut to the floor of the stage as Danny phases up through it. Pan up to Ember, who opens her mouth to sing until Danny’s glove peeks in to swipe it away from her as her. Her eyes pop open suddenly with stage fright.

Close-up on Ember, looking angry.

Danny [Off-screen.] Sorry! [Cut to Danny holding the microphone stand in both hands.] No vocals in this number! [Close-up on Danny.] Have you considered taking up mime?
Cut to Ember. She jumps up into the air.

Cut to Danny crouching with the microphone stand as Ember jumps in. Ember sweeps her guitar at Danny to knock him off his feet, but he jumps over it. They clash microphone to guitar.

Freeze frame. Cut to Ember on a purple background. Zoom out and rotate to reveal Danny blocking her guitar slice with the stand.

Freeze frame. Cut to Danny on a blue background clubbing with his microphone stand. Zoom out to show Ember blocking with the guitar at her back.

Freeze frame. Cut to Ember on a green background attacking. Zoom out and rotate to show Danny taking cover with the stand over his head, blocking the guitar.

Close-up on Danny. He leans back in the turquoise action background bringing his stand back like a bat and screaming his head off like a maniac.

Close-up on Ember. She brings her guitar back to bat it, also screaming like a maniac.

Cut to the stage as they both jump in, clashing their instruments in a way that produces a bright, astounding wave of blue light. They hold it as long as they can until there are both flung away.

Cut to a part of the stage. Ember lands on her skull boots crouched low.

Zoom out. Danny’s foot touches the floor. Ember jumps up again.

Cut to Danny. Ember screams as Danny holds up his stand. Ember clubs Danny with her guitar, causing him to fall backwards and the floorboards to bust up under the force of the smash.

Cut to the stage. Danny lands on his bottom with two bent halves of a microphone stand. He looks at them as the bottom half smolders.

Cut to Ember’s boots. She drops her guitar on the ground as it smokes blue. Pan up to her, her hair in a question mark shape ending next to her head. She holds her fists over her head and charges pink energy, throwing her hands forward into two energy beams, screaming her head off.

Cut to Danny on the floor, looking up in shock with his broken pole. The beams impact him, but he remains unharmed. Zoom out to show him inside a swirling, conical pink vortex, obviously trapped.

Cut to Jasmine and Paulina in the crowd.

Jazz Mindless teenage rebellion and a killer light show? [Turns to Paulina.] Is this an awesome concert or what?
They pump their fists as everyone breaks out cheering again.
Crowd [Throughout.] Ember! Ember! Ember!
Cut to Ember looking at a shocked Danny inside the vortex with her guitar on the floor.
Ember Hear that? [Motions to the audience.] They’re chanting my name [Raises her hands in strength.] all over the world! [Cut to Ember, putting her hands on her hips. She lifts one hand and lets it blaze with pink energy.] The revolution will be televised! [Cut to Danny in the vortex.]
Danny She’s too strong. If I could just stop the crowd from chanting. [Cut to the crowd pumping their hands in the air. Pan across it to the right. Off-screen.] Something horrible that will break the spell [Close-up on Danny, looking back.] Like... [Cut to Danny. Pan left as he turns back to Sam and Tucker backstage.] Sam kissing Dash! [Cut to Tucker with his dreamy smile. Zoom in on him. Cut to Danny. He’s smirking and holding a microphone.] Or worse. [Zoom out as Danny prepares to chuck the microphone.] Tucker, sing! Take the mic and sing! [He chucks it. Cut to Tucker, his arms out to catch it. He holds it, unsure.]
Tucker Wait, you want me to sing? [Cut to Tucker popping up.] You said I stink!
Cut to Danny in the vortex.
Danny Oh, uh, [Laughs and shrugs.] I-I was kidding! [Points his fingers.] You rock! [Lifts his arms.] You rock out loud!
Cut to Tucker.
Tucker You got that [Zoom out as he holds out the microphone.] right!
Cut to the stage. There are two identical pink axe players, both of which along with the drummer and Ember have stopped playing. Danny is still stuck in the pink vortex. Tucker runs in and slides on his knees into the spotlight.
Tucker [Squawking off-key.] Ember! You will remember! [Cut to Tucker holding up the microphone.] Ember! [Bows his head and holds up a finger.] One thing remains! [Tucker raises his hand and waves it.] Ember! [Puts his hand on his heart.] So warm and tender!
Cut to a crowd cheering “Ember!” throughout.
Tucker [Off-screen.] You will remember my name!
Suddenly, the entire crowd loses its focus as it is swamped with green sparkles. One acne-faced red-hair boy puts a finger to his chin.
Red-haired boy Ember?
Cut to the two dancing Dutch men. They dance and cover their ears doing it.

Cut to the Japanese women. They all cover their ears. One of them in a purple kimono with flowers reaches up for the samurai sword and chucks it at the TV.

Geisha Hi-yah!
Cut to the Arabic crowd. They all scream and cover their ears.

Cut to the Outback. An Aborigine and a kangaroo are jumping on top of a cracked TV set. The gray-haired man with the earring is pointing his spear at it.

Cut back to the stage. Ember runs up desperately.

Ember What? Wait! [Cut to Ember as her hair reduces to nothing. She raises her hands.] No, stop!
Cut to Danny standing like a pencil in the pink vortex. The whole thing vanishes instantly. He runs off.

Cut to Ember with her hands on her chin and a very, very small bun ponytail.

Ember No! [Runs toward the camera.] Tell me who you love! [Cut to the disinterested crowd. Pan left across them. Off-screen.] Come on, say it! [Cut to Ember. Zoom out as she falls onto her knees.] Say my name. [Crying out.] Say my name! [She falls over next to Danny, holding the Fenton thermos in his crossed arms.]
Cut to Danny as Ember’s eye twitches.
Danny The only thing we’re saying here is [Thrusts out the thermos as it charges up blue.] goodbye! [The thermos blasts a blue capture beam.]
Cut to Ember on the floor. The beam takes her. She shrieks as she is pulled up it.

Cut to Danny with the thermos. Ember screams as she flows up the beam into the thermos. The thermos smokes blue, and Danny caps it.

Cut to Danny onstage. He looks to the right. Pan to Ember’s backup band. The drummer vanishes with a blue pop, leaving the drum set. The axe player pops away. The keyboardist does, too, but leaves the keyboard behind. There are no skulls in front of it.

Cut to Danny. He turns forward and looks down.

Danny Uh, o-okay, [Turns and raises a palm.] y-you can stop now.
Cut to Danny with a hand on his hip looking down at Tucker on the floor, still screaming into the microphone.]
Tucker Ember! [Danny flies off over him.] One thing [Tucker stops suddenly as his eyes pop open.]
Cut to Tucker as he stands up. His wig is removed somehow as he turns.

Cut to a crowd covering their ears. They all start cheering again.

Cut to Sam backstage as Danny swoops in and changes back to Danny Fenton in mid-air. They share a hug.

Sam Danny, that was awesome! [Cut to Danny and Sam hugging. Sam’s eyes pop open. She steps back and blushes dreamily. Danny blushes, too.] Uh, I guess Ember’s spell hasn't quite worn off.
Pan left to reveal Tucker without his wig, pointing his finger at Sam, ruining the moment.
Tucker You were never under Ember’s spell.
Sam jabs him in the stomach with her elbow. Tucker holds his shoulder as yellow and red stars pop around him.

Cut to Danny, smiling.

Fade to Casper High.

Mr. Lancer [Off-screen.] These standardized test scores are the worst in school history.
Fade to inside. Lancer has his hand on a stack of papers. Principal Ishiyama is standing next to him. The black board behind him reads “Homework Due Monday!!” and “Learning is hip!” Everyone is in CramTastic helmets. Zoom in slowly.
Mr. Lancer No doubt due to the rampant late-night carousing prior to test day.
Cut to Lancer as he holds up a loose-leaf paper with red pen reading “100 A+”.
Mr. Lancer However, one student’s perfect score did manage to bring the entire school average up. And that’s [Perks up.] good news for my bonus. [Pan right to Principal Ishiyama.]
Principal Ishiyama Therefore, Tucker Foley is excused from this afternoon’s mandatory CramTastic session.
Cut to Tucker with Danny and Sam looking at him. All of them are wearing CramTastic helmets. Tucker lifts his hands and throws off his helmet.
Tucker Yes!
Cut to Tucker pointing his finger.
Tucker This would an example of irony: a literary device employing the incongruity between [Points to the right.] what might be expected, [Puts down his hand.] and what actually occurs.
Zoom out as two girls in glasses, a red-head and a blonde, lean in with their fingers clasped adoringly.
Girls Tucker, we love you!
Tucker wraps his arms around both as they all walk off.

Quickly pan back to Danny and Sam.

Sam I don’t suppose you could release Ember and get us out of this?
Cut to Danny.
Danny Nope. Besides, [Leans his head back.] she’s a little busy right now.
Cut to the Ghost Portal. Zoom in.

Fade to a collection of floating islands of ice and snow surrounded by two rings of purple doors. Ember is walking forward with Klemper.

Cut to Klemper as he pumps up and down.

Klemper Ember! Ember!
Pan right to Ember, her arms wrapped around her making her appear cold and miserable. She covers her ears, then puts her arms down as she screams shrilly.
Ember Stop saying my name!
Cut to Ember and Klemper. Klemper continues chanting Ember’s name throughout. Zoom out to show all the floating ice islands as a wisp of wind with snow loops past.
Iris out on Klemper.
-End Title Card Screen-