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"Legend has it that if his sword, the Soul Shredder, cuts through you, you get teleported to a dimension where you live out your worst fear."
Sam Manson[1]

Fear projection is the ability to sense and read the fears of others and then cause them to live them out. This power is unique to the Soul Shredder and used by the Fright Knight when wielding it.


This power is used twice in "Fright Night."

The first instance occurs when the Fright Knight cuts through Mr. Lancer. He is sent to a dimension where he's surrounded by chalkboards. The writings on one of the chalkboards grab onto his wrist and force him to scratch his fingernails against the chalkboard. He cries out that it's "too scary."

The second instance occurs when the Fright Knight cuts through Tucker. He is sent to a deserted island where his technology and clothes disappear, before he is faced by a giant notebook and pencil.


When the Soul Shredder cuts through someone, they glow green and then are teleported to a dimension where they live out their worst fear.

The only way to stop the effects of this power and return the victims to reality is to sheathe the Soul Shredder in a pumpkin.

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