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"That's the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, folks!
Every button in this baby is a ghost's worst nightmare.
Jack Fenton[1]

The Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle (GAV) is an invention created by Fenton Works. It is the Fentons' RV and primary method of transportation. It is heavily equipped with anti-ghost weaponry and is frequently modified to fit new technologies. It is likely that it has been rebuilt multiple times as it has been destroyed on several occasions.[2][3][4]


Season 1

First introduced in "Bitter Reunions," the Fentons take the GAV for their road trip to Jack and Maddie's college reunion. They slept in it in an RV park overnight, but later chose to sleep in the mansion as the cabin of the GAV is not equipped to fit 4 sleeping bags.

In "Public Enemies" Jack and Maddie used the portable ghost portal to protect the students of Casper High during their lunchtime. It was destroyed shortly thereafter by Wulf when he drilled through the shield and straight into the GAV. At some point after the events of this episode, the GAV is rebuilt.

In "The Million Dollar Ghost" Jack and Maddie drive (crash) into the Nasty Burger parking lot to join the other ghost hunters. Later, Jack uses the GAV to claim the "reward" for capturing Danny Phantom.

Season 2

In "Identity Crisis" Danny utilizes Jack's ghost obsession to get to the movie theater as fast as possible. During the ride Technus takes over the vehicle, using it as the base to build Technus 2.0. At some point after the events of this episode, the GAV is rebuilt.

S02e07 treader rethreader.gif

In "The Fenton Menace" the Fentons go on a camping trip, taking the GAV on their trip. Jazz deactivated the weapons making it "just a regular RV" for the weekend. During their road trip Youngblood tried to crash the vehicle, at one point destroying the treads. Fortunately Jack installed the "Treader Re-threader" and the problem was quickly solved. Danny utilized the bathroom to slip away from his family to fight Youngblood. Later that evening Jazz tricked him into the GAV and locked him in. Danny used the non-combative features of the GAV (windshield wipers and external speakers) to taunt Jazz. By the end of the evening, Jazz unlocked the weapons and used the GAV to fight Youngblood.

In "The Ultimate Enemy" Jack and Maddie drive to the Nasty Burger with Danny to meet Mr. Lancer.

Season 3

In "Girls' Night Out" Danny and Jack drive the GAV to Lake Eerie for their fishing trip and, somehow, use it to bring the lake monster back to Amity Park.

In "Torrent of Terror" Jack and Maddie use the GAV to attend Vlad's speech. It is later caught in a tornado and crashed into a tree.

S03e06 Fenton RV cutting through Undergrowth.gif

In "Urban Jungle" Jack and Maddie attack Undergrowth using a blade arm attached to the GAV. It successfully cuts through the vines, but is caught by Undergrowth and torn apart. At some point after the events of this episode, the GAV is rebuilt.

In "Forever Phantom" Jack and Maddie use the GAV to search the town for Danny, whom they believe to be missing. The GAV is not destroyed, but it was temporarily abandoned as Jack forgot where they parked it.

In "Boxed Up Fury" the GAV was used to attend a picnic in the park, and later used by Jack, Jazz, and Maddie to join the battle against the hydra.

In "Phantom Planet" Jazz drives the GAV to the jail to pick up Jack and Maddie after Masters' Blasters arrested them for illegally harboring ghosts in Fenton Works.

Non-combat features

  • Airbags,[4] though they do not always deploy.
  • Bathroom[5]
  • External speakers[5][6]. Used to make announcements outside the vehicle.
  • Internal speakers[5]. Can be used to play music within the vehicle.
  • Rear window.[1][5]
  • Stick shift[1], though this may have changed in later re-builds.

Weaponry and Equipment

S01e07 GAV weapons in use.gif

The GAV is equipped with an extensive arsenal of ghost-hunting weapons and equipment. These include:

  • Black box[3]: A recording device that can be used to diagnose ghost-related interference with the vehicle.
  • Blade arm[4]: A mechanical arm with a rotating blade attached at the end. It is attached from the roof of the GAV and can move 360 degrees to reach any side of the vehicle.
  • Ecto-Converter[7] (formerly): It uses a ghost's ectoplasm as a power source. 
  • Ectoplasm blaster[1]: Either in the form of a small blaster or an extending arm, it shoots a stream of ectoplasm at the target.
  • Emergency eject[3]: Shaped like Jack's face, the eject button ejects all seats from the GAV. The seats themselves are equipped with parachutes.
  • Energy beam blaster[1]: Shoots a beam of (unspecified) energy at the target.
  • Freeze ray[1]: Shoots a freezing beam at the target.
  • Ghost shield[2]: A portable ghost shield built into the vehicle. The first build of the GAV had a wide-range shield that lasted for a maximum of 15 minutes. A later build included a shield that prevented ghosts from passing from either side (inside or outside of the shield).
  • Lightning ray blaster[1]: Shoots a beam of lighting at the target.
  • Navigation system[3]: As part of the Fenton onboard computer, the navigation system plots the clearest route to the desired destination.
  • Treader re-threader[5]: A mechanism that can attach a new tread on the rear wheels if it breaks. Jack initially developed the technology to apply to clothing belts.
  • Weapons control fob[5]: A key fob used to turn on and off the weaponry.
  • Weapons control panel[1]: In the first build of the GAV the steering wheel retracts and is replaced by a panel with a targeting screen and two handles to control the weaponry.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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