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The Fenton Ghost Catcher is an invention created by Fenton Works. It is a ghost-removing device that separates and traps any ectoplasmic energy from people and ghosts who have overshadowed people, objects, and places. It resembles a huge dream catcher; the glowing net or web in the center is designed to act as a filter.


The Fenton Ghost Catcher is first seen in "What You Want" when Danny accidentally flew through it while not watching where he was going, causing his human and phantom forms to be separated. However, Danny Phantom immediately flew back to Danny Fenton, causing them to instantly remerge. After Jack and Maddie explain the device and why they built it, Danny tests it by putting his hand through it, which separates his hand into human and ghost forms. He pulls his hand back out, and notes that he must avoid the Ghost Catcher. Later in the same episode Danny uses the Fenton Ghost Catcher to separate the evil, Desiree-created Tucker Phantom from regular Tucker Foley.

It later reappears in "Identity Crisis." Danny first uses it to remove Technus from the computer after accidentally deleting the game he was imprisoned in. Danny intentionally uses it to split himself in order to multitask, and in the process split his personality, resulting in the slacker human Danny Fenton and the over-heroic ghost Danny Phantom.

Attempts to reverse the process by simply having Danny Phantom enter Danny Fenton like last time failed. This may be because of the length of time that had elapsed since Danny had split himself, as opposed to last time when he instantly recombined. They then attempted to reverse the split by going through it again, which only resulted in dividing their human and ghost sides unequally. While the two could both be human and go ghost, their powers were limited, with one being able to turn intangible and the other able to fly and use ecto-blasts. They eventually find at the end of the episode - while the two are fighting Technus and get swept through it again - that the device has two sides, "merge" and "separate."

In Frightmare, Sam indirectly mentions the Fenton Ghost Catcher while looking for Nocturn.


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