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The Fenton Phones are an invention created by Fenton Works. They are designed to "filter out spectral noise" (i.e. Ember's music) and able to function as wireless communicators between other Fenton Phones, both on Earth and in the Ghost Zone.


Fenton Phones look like earbuds with a small extension tipped with a light grey stem and neon green microphone. The inner portion, that goes into the ear, is gray, and the rest of the earpiece is neon green.


In "Fanning the Flames," Sam and Tucker wear Fenton Phones while inside the Specter Speeder to allow them to communicate with Danny while inside the Ghost Zone, without any interference from other ghosts. As Tucker notes in this episode, they also function as wireless earphones, and Sam comments that they make great techno-goth earrings. And throughout the episode Sam was unaffected by Ember's music due to her wearing the Fenton Phones.

In "Teacher of the Year," Danny, Sam, and Tucker use the Fenton Phones to maintain contact while on patrol. After Nicolai Technus is defeated in the park, Technus transfers his energy to Danny's Fenton Phones to hitch a ride back to a larger computer.

In "Flirting With Disaster," Danny and Sam use them to communicate while Danny explores Axion Labs. Danny almost gives away his position while invisibly eavesdropping on Valerie and Damon when Sam checks in with Danny.

In "Eye for an Eye," Danny uses the Fenton Phones to communicate with Sam and Tucker while he turns the wall of Vlad Masters's hotel room invisible.

In "D-Stabilized," Danny, Sam, and Tucker use the Fenton Phones to maintain contact while on patrol.


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