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Flight is the ability to hover and move in the air at will due to thrust acting against gravity and friction.


  • The user can hover in the air and fly through the air, often at considerable high speeds and heights.
  • The user can walk on walls and ceilings as though they were normal floors.
  • Some users can use their flight abilities to travel through space.
  • Some users flight ability grants them a resistance to be unaffected by the vacuum, stardust, or cosmic radiation, though the user apparently still needs a helmet to breathe, if they have the ability to self-sustain to breathe in space.
  • Human users can achieve this ability through technology such as jet packs or flying cars.

Known users

Because ghosts' bodies are unaffected by gravity,[1] all ghosts have this power. Some humans, such as Valerie Gray and the Guys in White, have suits or other equipment they can use to fly as well.

Natural Ability

Through Technology


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