Shot of the Amity Park Mall. Cut to the inside. Sam is sitting at a table at the food court, looking bored / annoyed. Tucker holds up his PDA to her face, inserting a cartridge.
Tucker And this cartridge makes my PDA a GPS. And this chip here makes the GPS a GBA. And ... I'm boring you, aren't I?
Sam You're KILLING me!!! Why aren't we hanging out with Danny today?
Tucker He said he was busy. [Valerie and Star sit down at the table next to them.] Hey Valerie. [Disdainfully] Star.
Star [Disdainfully] Foley.
Valerie [Disdainfully] Manson.
Sam Whatever.
Star Where's your loser boyfriend Danny?
Sam & Valerie [Simultaneously] He's not her boyfriend!
Sam & Valerie [Getting into each other's face] And he's not a loser!
Tucker Umm ... ladies? Hello? Another good looking guy right here? [He wiggles his eyebrows.] And people wonder why I love technology. [His PDA goes static.] Sweetie? Are you okay?
Valerie So ... where is Danny anyway?
Sam Not that it's any of your business, Valerie, but ... he said he was busy.
Danny Phantom crashes on Sam and Tucker's table. People run away screaming.
Technus [floating above the food court] Are you mad, child? Picking a fight with me in my upgraded form?
Danny You upgraded to a mullet?
He fires some ectoblasts at Technus, who dodges and then lifts up several phones and PDAs to use as a shield. Danny jumps up and pushes himself off another table into the air, flipping it and dumping food all over Valerie.
Valerie [Screams and wipes food from her eyes, then takes off her backpack. Books fall out.] Argh, that's right ... Dad took my ghost-hunting gear and locked it in his lab.
Technus fires an ectoblast, knocking Valerie off her feet.
Danny [Looks down at Valerie and turns to Technus] I am gonna break you in half!!! [He charges at Technus]
Technus Temper, child, temper. [Reforms from a stream of computer code and teleports behind.] There's that emotion of yours again. [Grabs Danny by the throat] And emotion, whether you know it or not,[Shocks Danny to the ground, knocking over a display of pink boxes] is your greatest weakness.
[Technus wipes his hands and flies as a stream of code into Valerie's phone, face reforming on the screen of Valerie's phone before the screen pans out to show Valerie, covered in food, making her way through the crowd of people]
Valerie Move it! Get out away! [Stands shocked at the sight of Danny Fenton laying dazed among the boxes] Oh,hi. Didn't expect to see you here.
[Camera cuts back to Danny]
Danny Uh,didn't expect to be here.
Valerie gazes romantically at Danny
Cut to Sam and Tucker
Sam Oh I'm gonna hurl
Cut to Technus, whose face appears on Valerie's phone.
Technus Perfect! Rage! Desire! Weakness I can use against him (Laughs)
Fade to a school bus. Pan right to Axion Labs with a white banner that reads, “NOW PART OF VLADCO”. Cut to the interior of Axion Labs.
Mr. Falluca Well, class. It was very kind of Mr. Gray to give us a tour of Axion Labs.
Mr. Gray My pleasure, Mr. Falluca. Shields down, please.
Cut to the mechanical doors shutting shown its ghost shields and opening.
Cut to Technus, smiling evilly. The phone turns off, pans out to show Valerie, walking her way through the line of teens. Mr. Gray puts his hand on Danny's shoulder.
Mr. Gray Danny, could you hold up for a minute?
Cut to Danny's face.
Zoom in on Danny's face.
Cut to a laboratory. Pan down to show Mr. Falluca, Sam, Tucker, and other students walking down the lab.
Tucker Cool! This is the X-23 booster rocket! Capable of launching a person into space in less than two minutes! (turning and walking a few steps toward something looming) And this is part of the Cybertron main computer. It's the hub that leads to the actual computer processing unit which floats in space.
Sam Why would they put it in space?
Tucker For safety. Sam, a computer that powerful could be used to control every other computer in the world. We can't just let anybody get to it.
Bored by Tucker (again), Valerie wanders off from the others. Just as Valerie enters a smaller side room room, Technus re-activates her phone, jumps into the electronic door control, and uses it to lock Valerie inside that room, out of sight of everyone else.
Valerie Huh? (door slams down behind her.) Hey!
Technus jumps into the hub that Tucker continues to bore all the other students besides Sam about.
Tucker That's why the only access to the main computer is through this hub, after a 10,000 digit security code.
Sam And you know this why?
Tucker Sam, I'm a techno-geek. What do you think I do all night on the internet, math homework?
Mr. Falluca I had always assumed so. Perhaps I need to assign more.
Cut back to Damon still talking to Danny outside the shielded lab.
Damon Son, are you OK? You seem nervous, son.
Danny Well, uh, kinda.
Damon You seem like a nice kid. And I know my daughter likes you.
Camera pans up to show a portrait of Vlad Masters above Danny, labeled “Our Boss”, then down again to Danny and Valerie's dad.
Damon Just do me a favor, one thing. (bends down to put his huge hand around Danny's shoulders) Keep your family's ghost-fighting weirdness away from my daughter, hmmm?
Danny's ghost sense goes off as soon as Valerie's dad leaves him alone.
A hole appears in the ceiling in the lab with the hub and the X-23, and Valerie's suit and hoverboard comes through. It begins shooting around the room, destroying some equipment but not harming any of the people or the the hub unit.
Mr. Falluca Everybody! Single file! Run!
Everyone scatters. The suit flies into view and blasts the place where Mr. Falluca stood. Danny takes the opportunity to dodge into another small room, change, and come out as Danny Phantom. Then just as Danny flies off to confront what he thinks is Valerie in her suit, Valerie's dad comes back into the lab right behind where Danny and gasps.
Cut to a wide shot panning from various students still in the lab back to Valerie's Dad, who walks around looking at the wreckage, ending up just outside the door that trapped Valerie as it opens up and Valerie comes out.
Valerie Wow! What happened here? (Damon grabs her wrist) Daddy!
Cut to Technus in the cyberspace inside the hub computer.
Technus A 10,000 codex firewall, eh? Please! (mockingly) (enters a few digits and fails) Aaaa! This could take awhile. And that ghost child could be snooping around here at any time, unless I continue distracting him. (opens a virtual window showing Valerie) And the girl will be the key!
Cuts to the dumpy rooming house where the Grays still live and then to its cluttered, cobwebbed basement laundry area.
Valerie I tell you, it wasn't me!
Damon Well, it was your suit! So what am I supposed to think?
Valerie That somebody took it? That I'm telling the truth? How about that?! (storms off)
Cut to Valerie's room. She enters and flops down on the bed. Then she begins thinking aloud.
Valerie It wasn't me. So who— (her computer beeps)
The computer has an instant messaging program running, showing a message from D. FENTON reading “VAL. R U OKAY?” Valerie reads the message aloud.
Valerie Danny?! (Valerie smiles joyfully and talks to herself as she types in a reply)   I'm fine. Don't know what happened, but, yeah.
Cut to Danny at his own computer. He's online using something like Skype to talk to Sam and Tucker, visible in two different windows.
Danny Doesn't it seem weird to you at all? I mean, usually, she's all just WHERE'S THE GHOST! I FIND THAT GHOST I'M GONNA WASTE IT! But she didn't say a word.
Sam She spoke with her gun, Danny. Remember?
Tucker looking at his PDA) (weird noises coming from his PDA)
A third window appears, the same messaging program Valerie is using. An avatar with Valerie's face is above the text window, and her handle is GHOSTH8R—“ghost hater” for the non-computer-geeks.
Sam & Tucker What's that? (they not only heard Danny but saw him smile, courtesy of his webcam.) Is that from Valerie?
Angela Foley (off screen) Tucker! Are you online again!?
Tucker signs off, and then Danny closes both Sam's and Tucker's windows.
Danny (talking to himself as he types in his reply) I'm fine, but I don't know what to think. How about you?
Cuts through a short montage, from Danny's room, to the Fenton Works under a rising full moon, and on to the Fenton works under a rising sun.
Cut to the outside of Casper High as the bell rings. Students are gathered outside waiting to enter. Tucker and Sam are right in front of the doors, facing Danny down the steps.
Medium shot of Danny yawning, then panning up to Tucker and Sam.
Tucker Long night?
Sam Of flirting with disaster?
Danny You should really give her a chance, Sam. I know she wants to waste Danny Phantom, but did you know she's a ninth-degree black belt? That her favorite fruit is kumquat because it's a funny word?
Sam No, Danny, I didn't, because I never can get past the “waste Danny Phantom” part!
Cut to Valerie inside the school walking with and talking to Star.
Valerie Do you know that he wants to be an astronaut? That he bowls with a 150 average?
Star No, all I know is that his family is a bunch of ghost-hunting freaks. (Just as Star said that, she comes up on Danny.) I'm sorry, but by “freak” I mean... Nah, I mean it! See ya, Val! (walks onward) See ya, freak!
Valerie Ah, don't mind her.
Danny Her? W-was there another girl with you? I hadn't noticed.
Valerie Pretty cheesy, Neil Armstrong. You got lunch plans?
Cut to Tucker and Sam, who've been watching and listening.
Sam Is he nuts?
Tucker Ah, don't worry, Sam. This is the puppy love stuff. He'll come to his senses in no time. Just watch.
Sam Oh, I was planning to. (Brings up large binoculars)
Cue a montage of romantic scenes, including:

  • Sharing fries at a late-night diner in the lenses of Sam's binoculars—with Technus watching and smirking. Technus makes it even more romantic by killing the lights and a server putting candles on their table.
  • At a baseball game, being put on the jumbotron as a couple, and winning tickets to...
  • A carnival, where they're on a ferris wheel when it stops with them together near the top. Technus manipulates the lights in the buildings facing them to spell out “DF+VG.” End montage through Sam's binoculars with Valerie leaning into Danny with sort of a “let's get a room” look if this wasn't a kids' cartoon.
Tucker And now we know why. It's picking up Technus. Something in this new upgrade is making my PDA all wonky.
Sam Like at the mall. And the lab. And the ferris wheel. He's pushing Danny and Valerie together!
Tucker (laughing)
Sam If you're done, we have to tell Danny.
Tucker (still laughing) You want to tell Danny that Technus is playing matchmaker? How do you think he's going to react to that?
Cut to Danny leaning against a tree laughing as Tucker looks on, smiling, and Sam looks on, not smiling.
Sam You done yet?
Danny No. (falls back against the tree and laughs some more) Okay now, I'm done. You're trying to tell me that Technus is trying to hook me up? C'mon! Technus hates emotions.
Sam And hello! He's using yours against you?
Tucker Dim lights? Stalled ferris wheels? You think the universe wants you to be together?
Danny Well, maybe. (Camera pulls back to show Valerie is watching and listening from behind Danny at this point, looking surprised.) But... I don't know... I might.
Sam, and then Valerie, both suck in their breath with shock.
Tucker Uh, really? Because Tech—
A brief shot of Valerie shows that Tucker interrupted himself because he spotted her behind Danny.
Sam Uh, tech-nically because we just want you to be happy. (painfully cheerful) If you like her, we'll just have to make space for her at our table.
Sam flutters one lower eyelid, either a signal to Valerie or a nervous tic like that teacher I helped drive nuts in 1966.
Danny (happily) And speaking of Valerie, I'm supposed to meet her before class.
Danny turns around and walks away. But Valerie has quietly moved around him behind the fall foliage. She emerges from the red-and-brown shrubbery next to Sam and asks a question.
Valerie Excuse me, but did you mean that?
Sam Well, uh, uh... (squinting with effort and/or pain) Yeah, sure! If Danny likes you and you like him, then the least we can do is give you a chance.
Valerie immediately hugs Sam.
Sam (sotto voce) Human contact... crushing... Goth indifference.
Danny, walking out of the trees toward the school is still laughing a little bit.
Danny Technus as matchmaker! Please!
Then he hears branches breaking behind him. He looks around, but...
Danny (uncertainly) It's... nothing. (more confidently) She was probably being paranoid!
Danny turns and sees—and hears the distinctive digital chatter of Technus infecting something electronic.
Danny But it doesn't mean she's not right. Valerie's not in there, is she.
Technus (actually talking to Danny through the suit he's controlling) No. She's right over there, in full view.
Technus actually makes the suit point down to Valerie, walking below on the sidewalk to school, just like Danny. Valerie spots Danny, smiles and waves. Danny smiles and waves back. Then:
Technus (suit taking aim) You should run now.
Danny runs, passing close by Valerie.
Valerie Hey, Danny. Sam and I just had the greatest conversation and... (Her suit and board streak right by her) That's my suit!! And it's after Danny! Runs to the side and empties out her backpack). Oh, please, please let there be something I can use!
Valerie picks up a fallen branch and sets out. Meanwhile, Danny is running and talking over his shoulder to Technus.
Danny You were pushing Valerie and me together!
Technus You're welcome! (takes aim and starts firing.)
Danny dodges around while Technus fires four shots, but none of them are even near misses. As Danny stops and starts to go ghost, Technus stops to chide him.
Technus (gun raised up to the sky in one hand and other hand holding out a scolding finger) “Uh-uh-uh, careful! Secret identity, remember? (indicates a surveillance camera on the school building. Danny cancels his transformation.) I wonder who'll miss you the more. The angry ghost hunter? Or the frustrated little goth girl who can't admit her feelings?
Danny Whadya—
Technus Ah,well, nothing you need to worry about now, because you are through interfering with my plan. (takes aim)
Technus Yes! Yes! (sighting laser focuses on Danny) So long Child!
A milk carton sails through the air and hits the suit, distracting Technus. Valerie leaps into the air, than bats the suit off the board with her branch, then to knock the suit off the board.
Valerie Danny! Run!
Danny But...
The suit crashes down between them.
Valerie Just run!
Danny Oh, I'm running! Running to get help!
Squaring off against her suit on the ground, Val runs toward the suit, pole-vaults on the branch, and lands a foot right in the faceplate.
Tucker Wow! She really is a ninth-degree black belt! He better not forget their anniversary.
Danny hops into a dumpster, transforms, and flies out covered with garbage. He phases out to get rid of most of it, which falls back into the dumpster.
Valerie is running away and dodging fire. She upends a picnic table to use as a shield, but Technus begins shooting it away piece by piece. She takes out her keys and uses them as shurikens during a flying leap. They all hit and drive into the chest—but there's no heart of any kind in the suit or in Technus. But the impact does distract Technus for a moment.
Valerie Oh, great! Now I'm doomed and I can't get back into my house!
Technus' next bolt knocks down Valerie. Technus moves the suit closer for an apparent killing shot, but Danny arrives and departs with the suit, slamming it into a clock tower. Technus knocks Danny back into another building, giving him time to call the board back to the suit. Danny lands, and as the suit approaches:
Danny Valerie's not in there. (After he says this, Valerie crawls out from cover) Which means I'm not holding back!
As Valerie watches, Danny blows the hoverboard to pieces from under the suit. The suit lands standing up. Danny  shoots the gun arm off the suit, then the opposite foot. The suit manages to remain standing.
Danny Say goodbye, punk!
Danny blasts a massive hole through the chest, leaving only a few sparking wires. Then the suit falls on its face. Danny pauses to admire his work, and then notices a countdown. He takes off just in time to avoid the explosion as the suit blows up.
Technus (in cyberspace) Aha! Demoralized! Now my plan can go forward!
The bell rings.
Danny Uh, I gotta go. (flies off)
Valerie (reaching inside the still-smoking suit) You were trying to do that to me! That could have been me! But... it... wasn't... (looks up at the surveillance camera) And I now can prove it!
Cut from the view from the camera to the same view framed on a monitor at Axion labs, where Valerie is talking with her father Damon.
Damon (pointing at the screen) That could have been you!
Valerie No! Because it never was me!
Damon I'm sorry I didn't believe you. (putting his hand on her shoulder) Y-you did do a good job of protecting your friend. I guess I can let it go for this time.
Valerie You're only saying that because the suit's destroyed. (pan over the the wreckage of the suit)
Damon Bingo.
Cut to an exterior shot of the Fenton Works as Tucker speaks. He's in Danny's room with Danny and and Sam.
Tucker So Technus was behind the attack during the tour. Which mean's probably trying to crack the code and get into the main computer in space.
Sam Which he could use to control every computer in the world!
Tucker You only know that because I told you that.
Danny You should have seen Valerie's face. I'm sure she thinks I was trying to waste her.
Sam But you weren't!
Danny It doesn't matter! If I want to ask Valerie out, I'm gonna have to never tell her I'm Danny Phantom. But first (getting off his bed) I'm gonna get rid of that virus called Technus! Once and for all!
Jack Fenton fills the door Danny was about to go out through.
Jack Danny! The word on the street is you got yourself a girlfriend! (Gives his son what he thinks is a friendly elbow nudge.) Can you two leave so I can have a totally awkward father-son chat.
Sam & Tucker Gone and gone! (as they run out of the room at top speed.)
Cut to Danny and his dad sitting at the kitchen table with bowls of Ice cream which by the stripes on the container was drawn by someone who likes Dreyers.
Danny Does it have to be awkward?
Jack Yup. I'm going to give you some fatherly advice. Then, I'm going to say something that'll make you cringe and run out of the room in embarrassment.
Danny Check. Advice first?
Jack All right. If you really like this girl, Danny, you would let her know. Give her something like this. (Puts golden ring with a blue-green stone on the table.)
Danny A class ring?
Jack A girlfriend's not a girlfriend until you give her a class ring, Danny. It also says I think you could be the girl I fight ghosts with. Or at least that's the way it was with your mom. I don't know how appropriate that would be for you.
Danny (laughs) You'd be surprised. (holds up ring) I can give her this?
Jack Only if she's special. I'm sure Sam will love it.
Danny (Laughs nervously) Of course it's not! You guys are just friends. I even had it engraved.
Danny sees that the ring is engraved inside “SaM”.
Jack You see, that's the embarrassing part. Now, if you'll be excuse me, it's time for pie. (after Danny leaves) Clueless.
Cut to the usual night shot of the Axion building, zooming out to show Danny, Sam, and Tucker a (hopefully) safe distance outside.
Cut to a closer shot.
Danny Here. (drops some things in Sam's hand.)
Sam The Fenton Phones?
Danny Once Technus leaves here, let me know. (Starts to go toward Axion, then turns back.) Oh, hold this. (A single chime as he puts the ring in Sam's hand.)
Danny turns invisible as he flies off to Axion.
Tucker He really is clueless, isn't he.
Sam (Examining the ring upside down) Who the heck is “Wes”?
Danny, still invisible, comes upon Valerie having her own talk over ice cream with her own father. Same brand and flavor, too.
Valerie This isn't going to be one of those awkward father-daughter conversations, is it?
Damon Probably. You really risked your neck to save that Fenton kid.
Valerie Yeah. I like him a lot. Maybe even enough to give up ghost hunting.
Sam (over the Fenton phones) Clueless One, this is Goth One, over.
Danny whooshes out of the room.
Danny (now flying in a different part of the building) Goth One, this is Clueless One. Why am I “Clueless One”?
Tucker (Overheard from Sam's Fenton Phone) Tell him!
Sam Shut it!!
Danny flies into the area where the X-23 booster rocket is, near the wreckage of Valerie's suit and hoverboard.
Danny I'm in. (grabs the X-23) And from the looks of the computer, Technus is still in there.
Sound of a heavy door opening.
Valerie (pointing accusingly) You!!
Valerie's dad is right behind her.
Danny (caught with the X23 in both hand) Oh, darn it.
Cut to Technus in cyberspace
Technus Ten, nine, eight...
Back to the real world inside the lab.
Damon Get away from that!
Technus (cyberspace)  What is that racket? Security camera fourteen! Visual!
Shot of a camera around to scan its field of view. Cut back to Technus' virtual screen showing an angry Valerie behind her angry dad who's about to fire an angry-looking energy weapon.
Danny (after dodging Damon's first shot) There's an evil ghost in there trying to take control of your computer satellite!
Valerie Yeah! And we're lookin' at him!
Damon Can you expect us to believe you?!
Technus No! I need more time!
On Technus' screen, he watches Valerie hold up the biggest part of her destroyed suit, saying:
Valerie See this, ghost? They think they can do whatever they want. But somebody has to stop them.
Technus Excellent idea!
Technus channels his powers into a beam from the security camera that hits Valerie. Then he creates a new much more cyberpunk suit around her.
Valerie Oh, yeah! This is gonna be good!
Technus Two! One! And done! Goodbye computer in Amity Park! Hello fancy satellite in space!
Tucker (Skull appearing on his PDA screen) Uh, oh. Baby's got a headache.
Technus takes over the satellite, and the dome at the end becomes his new head.
Inside computer room at Axion, Technus uses the PA system and screens to gloat at Danny.
Technus It's over, child! You can't stop me now!
Danny We'll see about that!
Danny puts on the X-23 and the helmet from the spacesuit near it. He activates the X-23, turns insubstantial, and flies out of the building without leaving a hole.
Valerie deploys her new board which kind of looks like a ghost with devil's horns from below, and rises.
Damon (from below) Valerie! Get outta that suit!
Valerie I will! As soon as I get that ghost!
Cut to Danny flying high above.
Danny Whoaaaa! Hey! I'm an astronaut!
Valerie flies out from under the big satellite dish to intercept Danny.
Sam Uh, Danny.
Danny (doing a loop) Wahoohoohoo!
Sam Danny, come in. Stay alert! You have company!
Danny Company? What kinda company. (Energy bolt narrowly misses.)
Sam It's your girlfriend.
Danny She's not my girlfriend until I give her the ring.
Tucker What is this? 1955?
Danny turns the jets off. Valerie shoots past him, then loses control of her board turning back.
Technus begins taking over computers all over the world, starting in New York City, London and Japan. Fans of Japanese monster movies will recognize Osaka Castle and a four-headed version of Ghidorah with Technus faces.
Danny fires blasts at the satellite, but they just reflect off. Valerie catches him between the forks of her sled and then activates a sort of reverse Jacob's ladder which marches down to shock Danny. He seems to be helpless, but is able to charge up his hands and zap Valerie unconscious. She drifts off into space.
Watching her between that are hands still charged up from what he did to Valerie, we might get the impression that Danny has killed her, and that he thinks he has. But...
With a grim look on his face, Danny switches the jets back on. He flies to the satellite which is casting chaos down to the Earth as Technus does his maniacal laugh shtick. Then Danny stops, sets the X-23 to overload, and fires up again, and flies into Technus' mouth. Technus swallows—and then blows up.
Down on Earth, Technus' chaos monsters become lifeless, and people cheer.
Danny has gone insubstantial and invisible, and, finding Valerie is not dead, hitches an invisible ride on her board back to Earth.
Cut to Sam back on earth some time later.
Sam Here you go (giving the ring to Danny)
Tucker You sure about this?
Danny Well, she said she'd give up ghost hunting. For me! Besides, I like her, and she likes me back. Isn't it supposed to be that simple?
Sam and Tucker leave Danny at the picnic table outside the school.
Sam & Tucker (some distance away from Danny) Clueless.
Sitting at the table, Danny feels a hand on his shoulder.
Valerie Danny?
Danny Wow. (rising to face her.) I-I'm glad you're here. I, uh, wanted to ask you something.
Tucker quietly leaves at this point. Sam stays, staring.
Valerie Actually, me first. (Sam leaves) I mean, I've had a lot of fun these last few days, but my life's way too complicated right now for us to be anything other than... friends.
Danny Just... friends? B-b-but I thought...
Valerie I thought so too. But there's something important I have to do and I don't want you to get hurt because of it. Besides, it's not like you were going to give me some lame class ring, right? (kisses Danny's cheek)
Danny Ye-eah, right...
Danny holds a smile until Valerie is around the corner of the school building, then opens the hand that was holding the ring and looks at it.
Valerie changes into her new suit around the corner, but then looks back at Danny, and does see how sad he looks. But then she gets a determined look on her face much like the look Danny had before he destroyed the satellite, and flies off.
Danny sits back down at the picnic table outside the school building, and Sam returns.
Danny Can you hang on to this?
Sam (tossing the ring up like flipping a coin) Ah, clueless. (walks away) (Doesn't take another look at the engraving, which means she's just as clueless as Danny.)
Cut to Tucker as two nerdy-looking girls walk up behind him.
Nerd Girl with big glasses Dumped him, huh?
Tucker Apparently.
Nerd Girl with big glasses Goth girl makin' her move?
Tucker Doubt it.
Tucker urns to the girls and tries to turn on the charm. And fails.
Nerd Girl with ponytail I wonder if he likes brunettes.
Tucker That's settles it! (to his PDA) You seein' anybody?
Close on a tracking shot of Valerie flying out from behind Casper High, making a long turn passing close to the camera, and then zooming back to the distant horizon.
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