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Foley by Tucker Foley is a homemade all-over body spray created by Tucker. According to Tucker, it combines with the wearer's natural odor to create a sweet manly scent that smells different to everyone who sniffs it.


In "Doctor's Disorders," Tucker debuts his new cologne at school by spraying it on himself in the hallway. Danny is put off by it, saying that Tucker smells like a "sweaty cookie." Sam soon after gets a whiff of it and says that it smells like "gym socks and snickerdoodles."

After the school goes under quarantine, Tucker shows Danny that he caught one of the ghost bugs that have been infecting students. The two wonder why it hasn't bitten Tucker, then realize that Tucker's cologne acts as a repellent against the bugs.

Later, when Danny needs Tucker to rescue him at North Mercy Hospital, Tucker goes in armed with his cologne and a lipstick blaster. He later sprays the cologne into the hospital's ventilation system, which spreads it into all the rooms and causes the ghost bugs to leave the infected students' bodies. As he sprays it, Danny says that it smells like "gym shorts and ginger snaps," while Spectra says it smells like "tennis shoes and fudge-nutters."


Foley by Tucker Foley is packaged in a silver spray can. It has a blue label that says "Foley" in a fancy white font, with "By Tucker Foley" written underneath in a red font in a yellow circle. The spray itself appears as a green mist.


Season 2

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