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The Foley residence is where Tucker and his parents, Maurice and Angela Foley, live.


In "Teacher of the Year," Tucker plays Doomed from his computer in his bedroom.

In "13," Sam and Tucker continue goth-ifying Tucker in the Foleys' bathroom.

In "Public Enemies," Danny, Sam, and Tucker hide Wulf here since they are unable to do so at Fenton Works. After successfully removing Wulf's collar, he jumps out the window, shattering the glass. That evening Mr. and Mrs. Foley join the two teens, insisting on keeping them safe by sleeping in the same room.

In "Life Lessons," Tucker sets up Flour Power Day Care in his garage.

In "The Fright Before Christmas," Tucker is playing with an RC car in his room when the Ghost Writer animates all of the toys in town.

In "Flirting With Disaster," Tucker's room is seen briefly in the background while he is video chatting with Danny and Sam.

In "Forever Phantom," the Foleys are preparing to have dinner as soon as Maurice gets home from work. Amorpho (posing as Mr. Foley) comes in and ruins their dinner before jumping out the first floor window. Immediately after the real Maurice walks in but is soon chased out of the house by his wife and son.

In "Frightmare," Danny uses Tucker's security video to help determine what happened to the town, and later Danny visits again to wake up Tucker.



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  • The attic has a window facing the street, but it is only shown in "Public Enemies" when/after Wulf jumps out.

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