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"Cross over to the dark side..."

Frederich Isak Showenhower, more commonly known as Freakshow, is a villain in Danny Phantom.


Freakshow is the ringmaster of the Circus Gothica, and comes from a long line of ghost-obsessives. His family has the largest-known knowledge of ghostly artifacts.

Control Freaks

Freakshow first appeared in the episode "Control Freaks," where he opens a circus called the Circus Gothica in Amity Park which Sam loves. The performers in the circus are actually ghosts that are on a crime spree, held under Freakshow's command by a special staff. The staff is Freakshow's main weapon in this episode and is so powerful that even a picture of the staff makes a ghost weak and willing to do the bearer's bidding.

Danny accidentally catches sight of the staff when he sees an ad for the Circus Gothica and ends up in Freakshow's command, stealing money for him and becoming a performer in his circus. He is saved by Sam, who manages to return him to the hero he truly is. Danny subsequently rescues Sam, destroying the staff in the process.

Following the staff's destruction, Danny and most of the formerly controlled ghosts (except Lydia, the tattoo ghost lady) confront Freakshow, trapping him in his own stolen goods until the police can arrest him.

Reality Trip

Freakshow reappears as the main antagonist in "Reality Trip." In this episode, the Guys in White have captured Lydia, using her to get Freakshow to talk about the Reality Gauntlet, which he does. Freakshow tricks the Guys in White into giving him the Reality Gauntlet and he uses it to escape with Lydia. He then attacks Danny at Casper High's "School's Out!" Dumpty Humpty concert.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker use the Gauntlet's defense mechanism to transport three critical gems from the gauntlet, making it useless. Freakshow escapes with help from Lydia, but not before revealing Danny's secret identity to the entire school and Amity Park media. Nursing his wounds, Freakshow comes up with a plan to get all three gems back by kidnapping the parents of Danny, Sam, and Tucker.

Freakshow forces Danny, Sam, and Tucker to retrieve the three gems in exchange for their families' lives, giving them three days to do so. After Danny and friends succeed, Freakshow double-crosses Danny and retakes the Reality Gauntlet, giving himself control over all reality. In a deadly attempt at showmanship, Freakshow gives Danny the chance to save the lives of his friends and family from a roller coaster filled with deathtraps.

Freakshow as a ghost.

Informed by Jazz that Freakshow suffers from "ghost envy," Danny, in an attempt to defeat Freakshow, taunts Freakshow and makes him jealous of Danny's ghost powers. Outraged, Freakshow uses the Reality Gauntlet to transform himself into a ghost. This allows Danny to capture him in the Fenton Thermos.

Danny then uses the Reality Gauntlet to undo Freakshow's madness and to rewrite reality so that his secret identity was never revealed. Danny uses the gauntlet to turn Freakshow human again and gives him back to the Guys in White. Despite Danny's reality rewrite, Freakshow's lack of a blank expression suggests he may actually still know Danny's secret identity.

Phantom Planet

Freakshow makes a cameo in "Phantom Planet" as a ghost. This is likely an error, as Freakshow is human.


Freakshow has pale chalky-white "anemic"[1] skin, is bald, and has red eyes. He wears red lipstick and black eyeliner, has yellow teeth, and has an abnormally long pointed nose. He wears ringmaster attire consisting of a red unitard, a black vest and bow tie, and black boots with red buckles.

He also wears a long dark gray jacket with three red buttons on each cuff and a red stripe near the bottom trim of the jacket. Freakshow's accessories include a small black bowler hat with a red stripe, a triangular red earring (a.k.a the power source for the Reality Gauntlet) on his right ear, and black gloves.


A charismatic performer, Freakshow is a smooth-talking man of drama and showmanship, seeing the world as a circus with him as its ringmaster. A glutton for power and attention, he is a controlling, vindictive man who does whatever he can to get what he wants.

He claims to love ghosts, as his family has worked with them for generations. However, he truly hates them, only using them as minions, and exhibits an obvious jealousy toward ghosts and their powers, throwing tantrums and fits of rage whenever he is "upstaged" by them.

He feels that his family, his audience, and even he himself likes ghosts more than they like him. This envy fuels his desire to acquire even more power, but is also a great weakness (giving Danny the chance to tease him into a losing position in "Reality Trip").



Lydia is more than a mere assistant or sidekick to Freakshow. It is hinted that the two have, or had, a romantic relationship despite Freakshow being a human.

Danny Phantom

Freakshow sees Danny as his main enemy. He wants revenge for being sent to prison, and kidnapped Danny's family as a scheme to get the reality gems back. After Danny sent him to prison again, it is most likely that Freakshow's desire for revenge has only increased.

Jazz Fenton

Despite being enemies and Freakshow attempting to kill her along with the rest of Danny's friends, family, and friends' families on the deathtrap-filled roller coaster, Jazz Fenton appears to be the only person Freakshow seems to respect. Their relationship is based on their common ghost envy, though Jazz's is not as bad as Freakshow's. Because of their common envy, Jazz is empathetic to him.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Knowledge of Ghostly Artifacts: His family has the largest-known knowledge of ghostly artifacts. This also gives him an impressive knowledge of how they function, being able to operate the Reality Gauntlet and its gems within moments and has even written a book about them.


  • Crystal Ball Staff (formerly): Freakshow acquired the Crystal Ball Staff as a family heirloom, choosing to use it for sinister purposes, unlike the previous users. With the staff he controlled ghosts, forcing them to commit robberies and perform in his circus, which was used as a cover for said robberies. In "Control Freaks" he used a form of clairvoyance to see the image of Danny Phantom in the crystal ball while still searching for the ghost to put under his control. He successfully hypnotized the half-ghost and forced him to rob stores and act as a "Grim Reaper" character in his circus. During a struggle between Freakshow, his minions, and Sam and Tucker the Crystal Ball staff is destroyed, releasing the ghosts that had been under his control.
  • Reality Gauntlet (formerly): Later, in "Reality Trip," Freakshow uses the Reality Gauntlet and its gems to turn Danny's world into a circus nightmare. Using the Reality Gauntlet, Freakshow became the self-proclaimed "Ringmaster of All Reality" until Danny defeated him and destroyed the Gauntlet. However Freakshow didn't know the sequence (form, fantasy, form, life, fantasy, power source) to control all reality. It has a defense mechanism when you touch a gem and think of a location you want it to go.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Control Freaks

  • "Cross over to the dark side..."
  • "Greetings fellow outcasts. I am Freakshow, your master of ceremony."
  • "Prepare to be disturbed and appalled by a small sample of the bizarre and abnormal world of Circus Gothica!"
  • "Show them your true colors - and when I say colors, I mean all black."

Reality Trip

  • "Oooh, the Guys in White, top secret ghost catchers who can't actually catch ghosts."
  • "The Reality Gauntlet!... Never heard of it."
  • "And Freakshow said: let there be life!"
  • "Freeze? If you insist!"
  • "Au contraire. That's French for, 'I'll bet this hurts!'"
  • "We must flee! But...dramatically!"
  • "I will not be upstaged by ghosts!"


  • He is similar to Nosferatu as well as DC Comic's Joker in dress and appearance.
  • Although Freakshow is not really a ghost, in "Reality Trip" he had a ghostly aura just like the other ghosts in the series.
  • He is the fourth villain to try to kill Danny's family and friends, the first being Vlad Plasmius, the second being Youngblood and the third being Dark Danny.
  • The reason why he is so pale is because he is anemic, as revealed in "Reality Trip."
  • The circumstances of Danny's defeat of Freakshow in "Reality Trip" are similar to the circumstances that allowed Aladdin to defeat Jafar in the Disney film, as both cases featured the hero tricking a powerful villain into transforming into a fundamentally more powerful form that nevertheless possessed a crucial weakness that the hero could exploit (Freakshow becoming a ghost allowed Danny to trap him in the Fenton Thermos, and Jafar becoming a genie condemned him to be trapped inside a lamp).


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