S03e11 weak in the knees
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Fade in to outside Casper High school. The sky is overcast and bleak, and a clock reads 1:00. Pan right. The screen fills with the sight of a bright, orange pumpkin that has the words “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” carved into it, with the bleachers in the background.
Suddenly, Danny’s face lands in the pumpkin chin down, grunting in pain. The bottom part of the pumpkin shell is intact, but pieces of the shell and some pumpkin juice clutter Danny’s face. Danny puts down a gloved hand and opens his green eyes, looking to the top-right corner in an expression of irritation.
Cut to a shot of the bleachers. Danny is seen from behind and is crouching down. An electric blue ghost eel is floating in front of Danny, his body cascading. The eel growls slightly. Danny stands up into a fighting stance, the screen panning up with Danny.
Cut to a close up of the eel. its body is still cascading, and now it turns around to fly off-screen, in the direction of the top-left corner.
Cut to Danny, seen from the front. He is assuming a fighter stance, standing on grass with some orange leaves on it. There is a picnic bench behind him, on a piece of concrete a foot tall. Casper High is in the background, behind a mesh fence. There is a banner hanging on it that reads “Happy Halloween”. There are also two pumpkins, one with three identical circles for a face that is on the concrete next to the table, and another on the ground that has three identical triangles and a wide mouth on the ground next to Danny. Danny bends his knees down, clenching his fists and jumps up into flight.
Cut to a gray, action background. Danny flies onscreen from the bottom-right corner, with his hair blown back and his arms both out and fingers open, a ghost tail cascading behind him.
Cut to a sky shot. In the bottom-right corner there is a street with a tree and a pole next to it. In the top-left corner is the ghost eel. The screen pans left as the eel flies in that direction; with Danny’s glove reaching out from behind on the right side of the screen. Zoom in on the eel’s tail. Danny’s gloved hands come in from the right side of the screen, attempting to firmly grasp the tail with a blue action shape added for emphasis as Danny grunts with effort off-screen.
Cut to another shot, this one on a diagonal tilt. The eel’s tail is flying on the top-left corner, while Danny is flying in the bottom-right corner, his hands on the tail. As they are both flying at the same speed, the tail slips out of Danny’s hands. Danny looks down at his hands, which are in a cylindrical formation to show where the tail was, and reaches out his left hand in the direction of the camera to grasp the tail in a fist, while his right hand flies off open-palmed to grab the tail as well. But the tail slips out of his fist again. Danny takes both of his aimless hands to clamp it down, but the eel’s tail whacks him on the top of his head, forcing Danny to look down while his hands go down with it. The screen stops panning as Danny stops in mid-air, sitting with his knees bent, his right arm on the top of his head.
Cut to an aerial view of Amity Park. There are buildings in the back and on the right, with streets to the left. The eel flies in front the bottom-right corner, seen from behind. When it is far back, it turns around to look at Danny mischievously. Cut to Danny’s face.
DANNY You’re one slippery ghost eel, but I bet you don’t know this trick!
Zoom out to an aerial view of the Casper High campus. The school itself is seen in the far back, while the football field is in the front, with a mesh fence and a courtyard separating the two. Danny is floating full-body, with his back arched forward in a fighter stance. Danny lifts his arms and bends his knees backward, his hands blazing with green ectoplasmic energy blasts. The force of the blasts knock him back as Danny is lying down in the air with his knees bent in front of him, lasers coming out of his hands.
Cut to the eel. It’s smiling as the blast reaches it, the eel glows green for a second, just absorbing the blow without a second thought, with a purring growl. The eel then straightens it neck back, zooming in on its face as its solid green eyes change to a blazing solid red. Cut to a close up on Danny.
DANNY Oookay. Maybe you do.
Cut to a close up on the eel’s red, blazing eyes. Two red lasers emanate out of them, toward the top-right corner of the screen. The screen flashes with light. Cut to a full-body shot of Danny, his left leg bent high and his right one bent low, both his arms outstretched in front of him, trying to brace himself for the impact. Danny screams in pain as the red laser blasts him from the bottom-left corner to the top-right, Danny flying out of view.
Cut to an aerial shot of the school. The screen pans right as Danny is flung backwards on his back, quickly getting smaller as he gets closer to the school.
Cut to a hallway. A banner is hanging that reads “Hall-of-Ween” in yellow and orange letters. There are random decorations on the walls, from paper jack-o-lanterns, paper bed sheet ghosts, a skull head, and a bat. There are orange streamers on the top of the walls. On the left is a red-haired boy hanging up a purple poster, on the right a brunette girl is pasting on some white thing. In the back, an Asian girl is carrying a purple poster, and a jock with a red-haired girl is holding up a ladder to an Asian boy to put up some orange streamers. There is a ladder to the right in the foreground.
Pan right. Dash is holding a wet paintbrush with purple paint on it in his left hand, while he holes a white poster with the words “Happy Halloween” painted in purple text on it. There are two bats on the top, while there is one pumpkin on the bottom, both orange. A purple can of paint is on the ladder next to him.
Zoom in on the top of the paint can. It reads “Quality Paint”. Paint is dripping off the side of the can. Dash’s arm is seen dipping his brush into the can, letting it go to sink into the paint. Cut to Dash. He is admiring his job well done, holding the poster with both hands, the non-colored side facing the camera. He turns to the wall to hang up the poster.
Cut to a row of lockers. Danny phases through the wall in full ghost mode, head first, lying down. Cut to the ladder. Danny slams his back into the ladder with the paint on it.
With a flash of light, Danny transforms back to human. He falls to the floor. The can has been flung to the right. Pan right to Dash. The can of paint falls on his back, drenching him in purple paint. Dash looks back at his jacket, and then he growls in anger. Cut to Danny, sitting on the floor with his knees bent up to his chest. One of his hands is planted on the floor while the other is on his head, with dizzy sparkles popping near it. Suddenly, Dash’s arm grabs Danny by the shirt. Danny’s arms go flying as he shouts in surprise. Cut to Dash. He holds Danny by his shirt, staring down menacingly at him.
DASH Defacing my letter jacket? [Zoom in on Dash’s face.] That’s a violation punishable by wedgie!
Cut to a close aerial view, as if looking from the eyes of a taller person. Dash is seen from the back holding Danny by his shirt. Danny is looking up in terror, with his two arms free.
LANCER Grapes of Wrath, break it up!
Danny and Dash both look up. Cut to Lancer. He is seen from an angle looking up, both his arms akimbo. There is a clipboard showing something in his right hand.
LANCER Give me one good reason why I shouldn't *suspend* you both for fighting on school property.
Cut to a far shot of the hall. Lancer is on the right, with Danny on the left and Dash in the middle, both boys facing him. To the left of Danny is the ladder and the spilled paint next to Danny’s feet, Dash’s poster is on the wall behind them. Lancer is still holding a blue clipboard in his right hand.
DASH Uh… [Zoom in on Dash.] I’m a football star?
Cut to Lancer.
LANCER True. [Lancer raises his blue clipboard in his right hand, looking down at it.] Still, I must at least *pretend* to be fair, and you two need a more creative outlet [Cut to Danny and Dash, exchanging looks.] for your aggressions. [Cut to a close up on Lancer’s face.] As you know, [Smiles with roguish impression.] every year one of the faculty puts together [Cut to Danny and Dash. Lancer holds up his clipboard at them, causing the two to lean back.] a haunted house party at the abandoned [Cut to the clipboard. There is a picture of an old, spooky mansion taped to it, and an orange pumpkin on it. A yellow sticky note has “haunted house” printed on it in red text, with an arrow pointing left to the photo.] Townsend place. [Pan down to show a picture of a smiling Lancer. An orange arrow pointing right shows “My Turn” in purple text.] This year, it’s my turn. [Cut to a far shot of the hall. Lancer is seen holding up the clipboard in his right hand; Dash and Danny are looking blankly at him. Dash’s poster is in the background with a pumpkin and a ghost.] And I am bound and determined [Stands up straight.] to decorate it better than Ms. Tetslaff [Points at the clipboard for emphasis.] did last year.
Danny, Dash and Lancer jump up and look to the left at the scene pans out to the left to show a large woman in the foreground. Her fist clenches. Cut to Ms. Tetslaff. She’s a red-haired woman with a white shirt and a whistle around her neck; clearly the gym teacher.
TETSLAFF Fat chance.
Tetslaff turns left and holds up a photo of herself in a pink dress, pearl necklace and with green skin and black eyeliner.
TETSLAFF You’ll never outdo my Franken-Gurkard-Stein monster.
She walks off to the left, revealing Tucker and Sam behind her. Tucker is on the left, Sam on the right. There are orange streamers and a paper skull on the wall behind them.
Cut to Lancer.
LANCER [Leaning back.] Welcome aboard “Team Lancer” gentlemen. [Close up on Lancer.] Scariest room avoids detention. [Cut to Dash. Lancer leans forward pointing a finger at him, Dash crouches back.] Football star or not.
Cut to Tucker, Sam and Danny in front of the ladder. Tucker is on the left, Sam in the middle, Danny on the right. Danny turns to face his friends.
DANNY Scary? [Lifts his hands.] Haunted house? [Clenches his hands into fists.] This is great! [Cut to another shot of Danny. Dash is standing behind him facing right but looking to the left at Danny.] I am going to [Crosses arms, while Dash turns and puts his arms on his hips.] totally kick his butt!
Cut to a shot of the lockers. Dash pops in from the right.
DASH You think so, Fen-tons-o-fun? [Close up.] How about a little side-bet?
Zoom out to Danny and Dash. Danny is on the left, Dash on the right. Danny thrusts his arms back as he looks up at Dash with a smug look.
DANNY Sure. [Zoom in on Danny.] If I win, [Looks down and rolls eyes back, trying to think of something.] you have to [Looks up.] run through the school parking lot in your underwear!
Cut to Dash.
DASH Okay. [Zoom out a bit to reveal Dash to his knees.] And when you taste defeat [Dash thrusts back and puts his hand in his jacket.] you have to eat [Background changes to an action purple as Dash thrusts out a pair of underwear with “Dash” written on it, full of holes and smoking a trail of green, cartoony stink.] THESE!
Close up on the underwear. “Dash” is written on it more clearly, and a label in the back of the strap reads “Tighty Whitey”.
Cut to Danny, Sam and Tucker. Danny is in front on the right, Tucker and Sam are in the background in front of the ladder, Tucker on the left and Sam on the right. All three scream in horror. Danny thrusts a hand across his chest, Tucker and Sam put their hands to their mouths in shock. Zoom in to Tucker and Sam. Tucker puts his hands down a few inches, Sam puts hers up.
TUCKER I don’t know what’s scarier. The underwear, or the fact he carries them around in his coat!
The latter. Definitely the latter, Tucker.
The screen fades to black.
OPENING THEME HERE (Possible cut to commercial)
PART ONE Title Screen is shown. Depicted is Danny Phantom with a green sword in his hands, flying away from what appears to be an evil knight on a bat-winged horse flying out of a jack-o-lantern. The caption in the top left reads, "SPOOK-TACULAR!"
Fade in to FentonWorks. Zoom in. Fade to a sketchpad with a skeleton penciled on it, with a hand holding a pencil drawing on it and another hand on the left holding the pad.
DANNY What if we did something with… skeletons? [As he says this, he draws Dash being choked by the already drawn skeleton. Cut to an aerial shot of Danny’s room. Danny is sitting on his bed with legs crossed, Tucker is sitting to the right on a swivel chair with his arms on the back rest and his legs on either side of the support beam. Danny shows the sketchpad to Tucker.] See? H-How scary is that?
Cut to Tucker.
TUCKER On a scale of not to 10? Not.
Cut to Danny. He tears out the page with his right hand, puts the pad down, and crumples it up. He tosses it off-screen. Cut to an overflowing trash bin next to Danny’s dresser. The wad of paper lands on the pile and bounces to the floor, then bounces a second time.
Reminds me of me when I’m thinking of art ideas. I do better when I doodle unfocused in class as opposed to concentrating, so Danny should do this in school.
Cut to Danny, standing up.
DANNY How ‘bout this?
Zoom out. There are rockets hanging from the ceiling. Danny thrusts up his arms. A blue ring sprouts from his torso.
Cut to a straight shot. Danny goes ghost and is hovering over the bed. He puts his arms down and turns invisible, putting his feet together and sinking into the bed.
Cut to Tucker, looking skeptical. He lowers his left eyebrow.
Cut to a straight shot. Tucker is still sitting on the right. To the left of Danny’s bed is a nightstand with a lit lamp, three books, and a skateboard. A rocket hangs from the ceiling. The sheet raises itself and floats above the bed.
Nice try, Danny, but the ghostly bed sheet trick only works when the sheet is WHITE, not dark purple. Wait, you have a skateboard? What other goodies do you have in this room?
DANNY Wheee-oooo…
He continues to make sound effects like these throughout.
Cut to the doorway. There is a basketball hoop over it and a TV set to the left with a sign that has an arrow pointing right on it. Sam walks in with her furry purple spider backpack.
Cut to a straight shot. Tucker is still sitting on the chair, Danny is still making fake ghostly moans while the bed sheet floats. Sam walks past without flinching.
SAM Lame.
As Sam passes, the sheet drops from a hanging formation to a standing-straight formation, turning to the left. Zoom in on the sheet. Danny’s face becomes visible. He takes the sheet off his head with his left hand.
DANNY Oh, man! [With a flash of light near Danny’s chin, two rings appear as he turns back to a human.] Halloween’s a week away-
Cut to a farther shot of Danny’s room. Tucker is still sitting in the swivel chair backwards on the left while Sam has taken a seat on the chest in front of Danny’s bed on the right, her left hand on the bed rail and her right one on her backpack strap. Danny drops down on the bed back in an Indian-style sitting position with his right hand on his chin and his left one on his knee on top of the sheet which is no longer neatly made.
DANNY And I still don’t have a [Raises his arms, looking up.] clue what I’m gonna do for my [Puts his right hand back on his chin and his left hand back on his knee.] haunted house room.
Cut to Sam. She is moving her left hand toward her backpack, getting it off her back. She sifts through her furry-spider backpack with two eyes, a fanged smile and a pocket in the back.
SAM Which is why I picked this up at the old bookshop where I [Pulls out a light brown/tan book with a lot of orange rectangles on it and looks at it.] like to skulk and lurk.
You mean the Skulk and Lurk?
Cut to Danny sitting on his bed. He thrusts his arm off-screen to grab the book, looking in astonishment. Cut to the book. It reads “Chronicles of the Fright Knight” in large, orange letters.
DANNY “Chronicles of the Fright Knight”?
He opens the book to the first page. There is an intricate black-and-white drawing of the Fright Knight riding a horse with bat wings and brandishing a burning sword. The text beneath it reads “The Fright Knight, riding upon his ghoulish steed, the Nightmare, is notorious as the Spirit of (Halloween). With his ghostly broadsword he appears-.” Close up on the drawing to show more details.
SAM He’s the age-old spirit of Halloween. Legend has it, that if his sword, [Zoom in on the sword.] “The Soul Shredder”, cuts through you, [Cut back to Sam, holding her arms on the bedstead.] you get teleported to a dimension [She lifts her left arm.] where you live out your worst fear.
Cut back to the book. There is another image of the Fright Knight riding his metallic unicorn with bat wings while brandishing the Soul Shredder, this time from the front. The caption reads “(The Fright) Knight”. Danny’s hand turns the page. The next page is also a drawing, a map of some kind. On the top there is a banner that reads “Fright Knight’s Lair”. There is a large, spooky castle in the center on a floating rock island, with four other floating rock islands nearby. Zoom in on the castle for a better look. Cut to a close up on Danny.
DANNY Wait a minute… [Cut to a shot of Danny reading the book, he looks up in surprise.] I’ve seen this before!
Cut to Danny’s nightstand. His arm comes in from the right and opens the top drawer. Inside there are a few sheets of paper, one of them reading “Map of the Ghost Zone (in progress)” in red letters. Cut to a shot of the book. Danny places his map next to the one in the book. Cut to the image in the book. Pan right to Danny’s map, which looks identical, save for the fact that it has no shading. Places on the map surrounding the Fright Knight’s lair are labeled in red letters: “Skulker’s lair” on the top-right, “Walker’s prison” on the bottom right, and “Klemper’s realm” on the bottom left.
This is a pretty good map; Danny could go for the Future Cartographer award for this. Too bad he lost this by the time of IR and had to replace it with one of worse quality. Say, one of the locations is “Klemper’s Realm”. Mean something? ;P
Cut to Danny, looking up.
DANNY Look familiar?
Cut to Tucker and Sam hanging on the bedstead, Tucker on the left and Sam on the right. They are looking down.
TUCKER It matches the map we’ve been making of [Tucker and Sam look up.] the Ghost Zone!
Zoom out to a far shot. Tucker and Sam are in the same poses with Sam’s backpack at her feet. Danny turns around, Tucker and Sam stand up straight.
DANNY This is great! He’s a ghost, [Zoom in on Danny.] and he’s the spirit of Halloween? [Danny picks up the book and looks in it again.] That means I can take the best ideas from-
Cut to the book. Inside is a head-and-shoulders photograph of the Fright Knight, the with text underneath: “One slash of his ghostly sword, ‘The Soul Shredder’, and the victim of the cut is transported to an (di)mension to live out th(eir)- for all eter(nity).” Close up on the image.
DANNY This guy and fuse them [Close up.] into my haunted house room!
Fade to a street. It has a normal sidewalk with a broken, metal gate and a jack-o-lantern. A pair of kids, one of them a bed sheet ghost with jeans and shoes and the other a girl in a witch’s outfit with a green nose and a broom holding a treat bag walk past. Pan up to a spooky-looking mansion with black trees and tombstones. Zoom in on the house.
Fade to an image from the book with the Fright Knight sitting on a throne. The picture gets thrust away downwards to reveal a model of the Fright Knight made with a bucket helmet and cardboard on a green chair, complete with a yellow inflatable sword.
SAM [Off-screen.] And by “fuse”-
Pan out to see the whole room. There are three hay-stuffed skeletons hanging on the right, two more hanging on either side of the green “throne” with green buckets under them. On the left there is a makeshift brick fireplace with a paper fire taped on a stand with a pile of purple skulls lying next to it, and a white sheet resembling a ghost hanging on top with the word “BOO” painted on it in orange letters. On the floor in front of the throne is a rug that looks like a skull.
SAM [Off-screen.] You meant [Cut to the trio. Sam is on the left, holding the book open and looking front, Tucker in the middle looking blankly, and Danny, looking at the others with a smile.] “totally rip off?”
Cut to the head of one of the hay-stuffed skeletons, zooming out to reveal three of them. Cut to a purple rubber spider hanging, zooming out to reveal three near the throne, the left-most one bouncing on the string. Cut to a close up of the head of a green teddy bear, zooming out to reveal that it’s head was torn off and put on a stand, with the green bear in the center, a purple bear on the left, and a yellow lion on the right.
Cut to Jasmine in her room. It’s all pink, with a red guitar next to her window. She picks up her decapitated stuffed animals.
It’s a good thing she doesn’t get any more screen time in this episode, because Danny really has it in for him.
Cut back to the trio in their positions from the last scene.
DANNY Well, [He lifts his arms.] it’s not about being original, [He puts down his right arm and points with his left one.] it’s about not eating Dash’s underwear.
Cut to a shot of the room with the throne and the fireplace. Danny walks onscreen from the left. He jumps in the air, goes ghost, and overshadows the Fright Knight model, which glows with a green aura. Cut to the model, standing up with its arms in the air as the bucket head shakes around.
Danny takes out the yellow sword from the hilt and brandishes it, zooming out as he thrusts out the sword. It jiggles.
Cut to Tucker standing while looking with a bored expression. The Fright Knight model jumps in on Tucker waving the sword.
DANNY [With a salesman tone.] It slices. [Danny bops the sword on Tucker’s head, causing the sword to squeak.] it dices, [Danny slams the end of the sword into Tucker’s stomach, and lifts it up, bonking it on Tucker’s head a couple more times.] it creates your worst fear! [Cut to another shot, this time looking up at the model while Danny thrusts the sword down near the camera, the sword jiggles. Still with a salesman tone.] Now, how much would ya pay?
Cut to Tucker. The sword is in front of his face.
TUCKER For this thing? [Pinches the sword, it toots and a yellow musical note sprouts from it.] About 59 cents. [Tucker turns around, closes his eyes, and lifts his hand between himself and the sword.] Now if you’ll excuse me…
Cut to the empty green throne. The model Fright Knight sits back down in it, Danny’s ghostly form comes out and regains visibility, flying off-screen.
Cut to a shot of the room with the fireplace in the back. Sam is standing near the back with the book in her hand. Tucker is lifting an empty pumpkin for Halloween candy.
TUCKER I’m a little late [Danny flies on screen from the right and changes back.] to start scamming some free candy. [Tucker turns around to face Sam and Danny as Danny lands on the floor Cut to a close up of Tucker, he thrusts out his PDA with a map on it.] Got my route planned out for [Cut to Sam and Danny, looking at the PDA.] OCP.
'Cut to the map. It reads “Amity Park Route”, featuring a blue line that zags past a lot of green rectangles next to a red zone.
TUCKER Optimum Chocolate Payload. [Cut back to Tucker, pointing at the PDA.] You want to stay clear of the red zone. [Tucker puts the PDA down. Nothing but fresh fruit and granola bars in the red zone.
Cut to Sam.
SAM So where’s your costume?
Cut to a body shot of Tucker. With one arm he is holding the pumpkin basket, with the other he takes out a pair of glasses with a big nose and puts it on over his glasses. Cut back to Danny and Sam, exchanging glances. Cut to a close up of Tucker.
TUCKER Gotta travel light [He turns the other way and points a finger.] if you wanna maximize your haul. [He puts his hand down and starts to walk to the left.] C’mon, baby! [Cut to the doorway. Tucker runs toward it and proceeds to open it.] Hit me with something sweet!
Cut to the other side of the door. The shadows of Jack and Maddie are on the door. Tucker opens the door up with glee, then suddenly looks up as a sound of a bazooka charging is heard.
Cut to another shot of Tucker. He looks surprised as a stream of green foam hits him, causing him to yelp in surprise and get knocked backwards off-screen.
Cut to the doorway. Jack and Maddie, both with their hoods up are smiling proudly and both holding bazookas. Jack jumps into the room, with a giant metal cylinder on wheels following in after him. Cut to a shot of Jack’s hooded face.
JACK Haha! [Two windshield wipers clean his goggles as the lenses turn from green to blue.] Look at that, baby! The Fenton Foamer works [He turns the other way.] like a charm!
Zoom out to Jack holding the bazooka. Maddie walks onscreen from the left holding a sensor device.
MADDIE I know! [Looks up at Jack.] There was a ghost reading in this very room seconds ago, [Looks the other way to the ceiling.] and now the room [Looks back at the device in her hands.] is clean!
Tucker, covered in globs of green foam, walks from the right. The foam bubbles continuously.
TUCKER Speak for yourself. [Tucker looks backwards.] If anybody needs me, [Walks off, Jack and Maddie turn to watch him.] I’ll be in a different doorway every 38 seconds.
Zoom in on Jack and Maddie. Jack pokes his head in from above to talk with Maddie, pointing his finger.
JACK Isn’t he a little old to be [Maddie turns to face Jack.] walking around in public in a stupid costume?
Cut to the fireplace. Danny walks up.
DANNY Mom? Dad? What are you doing?
Cut to a far shot. Danny is talking to Maddie and Jack, Jack is carrying a bazooka attached to a metal barrel, Sam is off on the side with her book. There is a purple spider and a hay-stuffed skeleton in the foreground.
MADDIE Decontaminating the [Thrusts an arm out.] area, son!
Cut to a close up on Jack.
JACK You know how ecto-storms always flare up around Halloween, Danny.
Cut to Danny, holding up a hand.
DANNY This is all very riveting, [Puts down his hand and looks down.] and by riveting I mean “Dull” with a capital “D”, [Looks up and points his thumb over his shoulder.] but you guys need to leave before Lancer thinks you’re helping me.
Cut to Jack and Maddie.
JACK Lancer? Hey, this isn’t some sort of anti-detention project, is it?
Cut to Danny, Sam is further off.
DANNY No! No, no, no! [Danny walks to the left off-screen with his arms raised, Sam follows. Cut to the doorway, Danny is walking his parents to the door.] Um, I’m just starting to get interested in ghosts, [Thrusts out his arms.] like my old man!
Close up on Jack, he smiles proudly.
JACK Finally! If I didn’t consider it a sign of weakness, [Lip wavers, his head turns around and water builds up in his goggles.] I’d weep with joy!
Jack continues to cry, little windshield wipers wipe away the tears as he walks out the door. The door slams.
Cut to Danny, standing bored. Zoom out as Danny strikes a pose, bending his back and knees while thrusting his arms out at his sides. With a flash of light, two rings appear on Danny’s waist. Cut to one of Danny’s sides. His arm and body flicker black and white until a blue ring of light passes over it and changes to a black jumpsuit with a white glove.
Cut to Danny’s feet. They flicker a little until another blue ring passes over them changing to black leggings with white boots.
Cut to Danny’s back. A blue ring passes over it from bottom to the top, changing Danny’s outfit to the black and white jumpsuit, also turning his hair white. He turns around with a smirk at the camera. Zoom out. Danny is now in a ready pose.
Cut to a top view. Sam is on the ground holding the book as Danny flies onscreen, seen from behind.
DANNY Decorated room, [Cut to Danny from the front, floating. He looks downward and points behind his shoulder with his thumb.] faked-out parents…
He lifts his chest up, holding his arms outstretched from his sides.
DANNY Only thing left to do is to check out what Dash’s lame theme is [Crosses his arms and closes his eyes.] then spend the rest of the night gloating!
Danny flies downwards off-screen. Cut to the model Fright Knight on the green throne. Danny swoops past and grabs the yellow inflatable sword. Cut to a spooky hallway, complete with a tattered rug, cobwebs, old picture frames, a purple sofa, and a lamp. Danny phases intangibly out of the door on the left, invisible although the yellow sword is still visible. Danny drifts to the back of the hallway and turns right.
Cut to a door that reads “Dash’s Spa of Doom” in orange letters. There is a purple lantern coated in cobwebs to the right of it. Danny comes in visibly from the left carrying the sword and pauses in front of it, turning invisible and poking his head through the door. Cut to the other side of the door, Danny’s head makes it through from the other side.
Cut to an image of a dummy in blue and white athletic clothes being crushed under a giant red dumbbell. Zoom out to see another dummy being hanged by a jump rope yet is sitting down on the floor, another red dumbbell in the foreground.
Cut to a dummy with the tongue sticking out, a blue “7” on his shirt, on a bench holding a red dumbbell. Zoom out to reveal his shins have been removed.
Cut to another pale dummy with a shirt that has a blue “4” on it and a blue baseball cap. It has X-ed out eyes and his tongue sticking out, with bones sticking out of his severed arms. Zoom out to reveal it’s sitting in a chair, with two red dumbbells on either side both with arms that have bones sticking out of them attached and grasping them, as if his arms fell off.
Cut to a treadmill. A skeleton made from bones drawn on cardboard wearing a red baseball cap is held by strings and is running on it, with it’s arms in a 90-degree hanging down position.
Cut to a boxing ring. There is a jack-o-lantern next to it. Two identical skeletons on strings with blue shorts and boxing gloves are sparring, the left one attempts to punch the right one but the right one leans back to dodge. The right one punches the left one in the head. The left one suddenly lifts his arm really high above his head knocks the other skeleton’s skull off, sending it flying off screen.
Cut to the floor. Two teal shoes on the right have bones sticking out of them. The skull lands next to them. Two legs in torn purple pants and white high-tops walk in from the left and kick the skull away. Pan up to show Dash in a green letter jacket, a green baseball cap, with eyeliner and a fake scar on his cheek. He is smiling proudly with his arms akimbo.
Zoom out to show Lancer, holding a pencil to his chin and a clipboard in the other. He begins to write on it.
LANCER The Spa of Doom? [Zoom out to show the whole room.] Quite impressive, Mr. Baxter.
Cut to a robot structure on a circular path. Someone that looks like a dorky, small kid with thick glasses and a bow tie is being chased by a bigger, beefier kid with red eyes, sharp teeth, and a towel. It runs on the track until it paused to slap the dorky kid with the towel. It does this throughout.
LANCER And I must admit, your knowledge of audio-animatronic technology [Zoom out to show Lancer from behind, he turns around and writes on his clipboard.] is very impressive. [Close up on Lancer.] What else do you have for me?
Cut to a far shot of the room, the robotic stand and the dead guy on the bench is in the background.
DASH A twenty-minute presentation about [He turns around and walks to the left, Lancer follows.] the horrors of Athlete’s Foot!
Dash and Lancer walk off screen. Danny invisibly creeps up onscreen behind them, holding the yellow sword, which is still visible.
Cut to a train track with a giant red high-top with a pumpkin on top of it. Dash and Lancer walk up to it.
LANCER Well, let’s make it snappy. [Cut to the seat, Lancer sits down from the right holding the clipboard and writing on it, Dash jumps in from the left.] My guests arrive at midnight, you know.
The shoe takes off. Cut to a farther shot, the shoe keeps moving left on the track, passing a tan punching bag. It pans left and zooms toward Dash.
DASH You will love the Tunnel of Fungus!
Okay, I understand the dummies, and I’m willing to bend for the robot, but what’s with the train tracks? That wasn’t there overnight, you know.
The shoe is now off-screen. Pan right to see and invisible Danny standing on the tracks, holding the yellow non-invisible sword. He turns visible again. Close up on Danny.
DANNY Man, that is cool! [Danny looks down. Cut to his hands. The yellow sword is lying prone, and it deflates with a high-pitched hiss, falling over Danny’s wrists. Cut to another shot of Danny with the deflated sword.] And man, that’s not! I have to do something fast [Cut to a shot of Dash’s feral underpants in a glass case on a table. Nest to it is a blue placard that reads “Reserved for Fenton”.] or it’s Tighty-Whiteys [Zoom in on the underwear.] for dessert.
Cut to Danny. He holds up the limp sword in his left hand, and then looks up with a smirk.
Cut to the Fenton Portal. The limp, yellow sword has been disposed of on the floor. Zoom in on the portal. Fade to a straighter shot of the portal, keep zooming in. Fade to a part of the Ghost Zone; purple doors drift past as the screen moves forward. When there are no more doors, the screen pans down. Danny enters from very far, lying horizontally and holding a piece of paper.
Cut to Danny holding his map. On the left it reads “Map” and on the right it reads “Ghost Zone”. Danny looks left, then right. He holds the map up to his face.
Cut to the map. The penciled drawings and labeled locations are the way they were before, “Skulker’s lair” on the top-right, “Walker’s prison” on the bottom right, and “Klemper’s realm” on the bottom left. The map pulls away to show a rock island with an ominous red castle on it, along with a few other red castles on other islands on the top-left, top-right, and bottom-right of the screen. Zoom in on the center castle.
Cut to Danny from the front. He is drifting toward the screen, his arms hanging, one of them holding the map in a fist. His form rotates as it moves forward.
Cut to the castle. It also rotates with the shot. A bolt of lightning flashes on the screen as the castle becomes straight-up.
DANNY Desperate times [Cut to a farther shot, Danny is about to enter through a window. His face faces front and turns to face the back as he enters.] call for desperate measures.
Cut to a back-shot of Danny. He is holding the map in one hand. As he drifts forward, his body becomes shrouded in shadow. Cut to a room in the castle. There is a window, and a ray of light peeks in from the top. Danny comes in from afar from one side of the screen, then stops. He turns vertical, falling toward the ground, passing some chains in the foreground as he hits the floor. There are torches burning on the wall, and a staircase in front of him.
Cut to a top-shot. Danny is standing on the hexagonal tiled-floor, holding the paper in one hand, looking around, in a patch of green-yellow ghostly light. Cut to the stairs. Torches hang on either side of them, and many look broken and old. Pan up to show that they turn to the left, then come back on the right to reach a doorway on the top.
Cut to a straight shot of the staircase. There are some chains in the foreground. Pan left as Danny drifts higher and higher following the stairs.
Cut to a close up of Danny, the paper in his left hand. He is looking with a stoic expression until he turns to the left in shock. Cut to a red action background. An axe quickly swings ion and off-screen, entering from the left and exiting right. Cut to another action shot, this time three blades swoop in from the right and exit left.
Cut to Danny, still floating and looking to the left. A blade passes overhead, he ducks with a grunt. He then stretches his torso longer so his legs are in place but his body is farther away. He yelps in pain, clutching his side.
Close up on Danny’s hand-covered side.'
DANNY Oh, right. [Danny removes his hand, revealing a small gash in his side and a pool of green, ectoplasmic goo on his glove. Zoom out to Danny.] Rule number one: [Thrusts back.] In the Ghost Zone, [Turns and clenches his fist.] ghosts can be hurt.
Danny flies off-screen. Cut to another shot of the stairs. Danny is still flying forward until he stops and looks toward the camera, shocked. Three more blades come from the left and swoop toward the right. Cut to a straight shot. As the blades swoop from the back to the front, Danny performs several flips on the stairs.
Cut to the top of the staircase. A red wooden door opens. Danny performs one last back flip through the door as is slams shut and a blade cuts through it.
Cut to the other side of the door. The blade is sticking out through the wood. Danny gets up from the floor and stands with his back to the door with a scared expression, his arms out at his sides keeping the door shut.
Zoom far out to reveal a hallway of skeletons, all holding spears and pumpkins. Cut to two skeletons, they have spears and pumpkins. Cut to another two skeletons with pumpkins and spears, the closer one with the head off-screen and the farther one with the legs off-screen.
Cut back to the original hallway shot. Spikes suddenly sprout from the walls. Close up on Danny’s scared expression. It zooms out to the whole hallway. The spiked walls begin to close in. Cut back to Danny, his eyes blink. Cut to Danny’s point-of-view, we see the entire hallway with the red wooden door at the end of the hall. It zooms in for emphasis.

Cut to a full shot of Danny. He looks ready to tackle this obstacle and takes flight. Cut to a bird’s eye view of the hallway, Danny flies through it as the walls close in. Cut to the door, the shot rotates as it zooms in. Cut back to Danny flying through the spiky room.

DANNY Wait a minute! That’s right!
He leans on one side and looks toward one of the spiky walls closing in.
Danny Ghosts can be hurt here…
A flash of white light emits from Danny’s torso. Cut to a farther view. The walls of the room are about to collide, and a flash of light is seen from the gap. The walls slam shut. Cut to a lower shot. Danny Fenton walks out of the walls in a blue intangible form with a smile, looking back on the room.
DANNY …but *humans* have it made!
He walks off with a carefree attitude. Cut to another room from top view, which looks like a large room with torches. The tall doors open. Danny is a tiny speck compared to them. Close up on Danny’s face. He blinks and looks forward, gasping. Cut to a back view of Danny’s head. There are two skeletons littering the ground. Pan up so Danny is off-screen; a glowing green sword is places upright inside a purple jack-o-lantern. This is the Soul Shredder Sam was talking about.

Cut to Danny from the front. He walks toward the camera. Cut to a floor shot. Danny’s legs pass several limp skeletons, one in the foreground and two in the background. He accidentally steps on a skeleton, the bones break to pieces and crunch underfoot. Cut to Danny’s top half, he looks down in careful shock and turns his head, continuing to tread forward. Zoom out. Danny carefully approaches the glowing sword in the pumpkin, tow skeletons are lying prone on either side. He stops and looks intently at the sword. Cut to a front shot. The green, glowing sword has a small pumpkin on the bottom of the hilt. It is obstructing the view of Danny, pan up to reveal Danny’s face behind the sword. Cut to a side shot. Danny slowly lifts up a hand then grabs the hilt while bracing himself. His eyes shift about the room. Realizing nothing’s wrong yet, he puts his empty arm down and relaxes. He then uses his other arms to grab the hilt of the Soul Shredder and pull it out. Danny struggles. Cut to the base of the pumpkin. The sword gets pulled out vertically with some purple pumpkin residue on it. Danny pulls it out, grunting it effort. Cut to a skeleton lying. Danny stumbles backwards, carrying the weight of the Soul Shredder with one hand. The screen pans left as he does so. The sword falls lower with weight, and Danny bends over, placing his other hand on the hilt to stabilize it and prevent it from dropping. Purple residue drips from the Soul Shredder. Zoom in on Danny. He is looking down on the sword and lifts it up, looking at it in awe. He smiles, having retrieved his prize. Cut to a couple of lying skeletons. All of a sudden, they produce a green aura and lift their heads, growling. Cut back to Danny, holding the sword. He rolls his eyes back.

Danny This place gives *me* the creeps.
He holds the sword upright with glee
Danny Which means it’ll scare the pants offa Lancer!
Cut to a far shot of the room. Danny is facing back, holding the sword. He turns around and saunters carelessly toward the camera with the sword waving in one hand like one would carry a baseball bat. When his face fills the screen, he pauses and gasps in fear.

Danny, that sword is forged of powerful ghostly metal and is 2/3 your size. How could you possibly walk out of here like that with the effort it took you to lift it from the pumpkin and stabilize it? Ghost metal must be light. Camera rotates. Danny is now being seen from behind, holding the sword and seemingly dwarfed by seven skeletons twice his height. Cut to another shot. The skeletons all crouch down to the floor, Danny jumps back with a yelp of surprise. Another skeleton crouches to the floor, obscuring all the other skeletons. Cut to Danny. He falls through the air backwards and lands on his back, still clutching the Soul Shredder. The shadows of four skeletons encroach upon him. Cut to five pairs of skeleton legs. Pan up to show the heads of the men. Cut to a front shot of Danny, who rises up onto the screen.

Danny You guys need to eat more red meat.
Zoom out. A flash of light comes from Danny’s torso as his body flickers. Two light-blue rings encompass his body, transforming him into Danny Phantom. He takes a fighter’s stance, lifting one leg like a ballerina pose, and extending both his arms out with the hands hanging limp.
Danny *Hi-ya*!
Danny takes a second pose, this time holding the sword over head with his other arm extended crossing his body, his palm flat with all the fingers spaced. The leg on the floor hasn’t moved, but the leg in the air is now extended.

Cut to the skeletons, there are seven of them standing upright. They all raise their arms, bend their knees to the floor, and bow down. Cut to Danny making his stupid pose with the bowing skeletons in the shot. Danny gets out of his pose and stands.

Zoom in to Danny’s face, looking bold and disciplinary.
DANNY That’s right!
Closes his eyes and smiles, his nose high.
DANNY You know badness when you see it.
The room starts to rumble and quake. Danny gasps in surprise. Cut to a close up of the back of Danny’s head. It turns around to face front.
Cut to a far-away shot of the empty purple pumpkin on the altar. A column of green smoke rises from it and then spirals in a horizontal ring that gradually grows larger, encompassing the ceiling higher breaks into debris flying upward as if something or someone is breaking through it from the bottom.

The green cloud envelops the screen. A shadow of a flaming knight grows visible. Bats fly through the cloud as it begins to dissipate from the front, revealing the Fright Knight in the back with green smoke billowing in the background. He’s everything Sam’s book depicted him as, with his armor, flaming gauntlets, and purple cape and hood of fire. He raises his arms and yells out a cry of freedom. Cut to the Fright Knight’s legs. Pan up to show the full body of the Fright Knight, his arms ready at his sides. Green smoke continues to billow. Cut to the back of the sanctum. The shot is very far away, with seven skeletons and Danny carrying the Soul Shredder in front of them, blocking the door. A very fast zoom-in displays Danny’s expression of total fear, gaping. Cut to Danny from behind, holding the sword. The Fright Knight is far off, standing in front of a ruined floor of debris. Green smoke billows.

He points a finger at Danny with an outstretched arm
FRIGHT KNIGHT You have (puts his arm back down) released me.
Cut to a closer shot of the Fright Knight. He extends his hand into the foreground.
FRIGHT KNIGHT Return to me my sword so my reign of terror can begin anew!
Cut to a shot of Danny. He is seen between the Fright Knight’s bowed legs in the foreground, still clutching the sword. The skeletons are still guarding the door.
DANNY I-I can bring the sword back by midnight,--
Zoom in to Danny, his eyes roll to the left looking at the floor.
Cut to the Fright Knight’s helmet.
FRIGHT KNIGHT It was not a request, whelp!
Zoom out for a full body shot of the Fright Knight. He crouches on one knee and braces his arms out.
FRIGHT KNIGHT It was a demand!
The Fright Knight jumps up off-screen. Cut to an aerial shot of Danny looking up, the skeletons’ feet behind him. Danny quickly turns around and flies off right before the Fright Knight lands his fist where Danny was, creating an impact so forceful all the skeletons’ feet are displaced and jump up.

Cut to a vertical view. Danny is flying up higher and higher with his ghost tail cascading behind him, holding the sword with both hands in front. The Fright Knight and his flaming purple cape are on the floor below him. Danny looks up and gasps. Cut to a green window, contrasting from the red room. The shot rotates and zooms in for emphasis. Cut to Danny. The shot zooms out as Danny extends one of his arms to send a burst of ectoplasmic energy out. The screen flickers with above-normal brightness. Cut to the window. The screen flickers with brightness a little as the blast reaches the window, shattering the glass. Danny flies through it quickly, using it as an improvised escape route. Cut to the Ghost Zone outside the red castle of the Fright Knight. Danny flies from it holding the sword in both arms in a vertical position and gradually gets closer to the camera as the scene pans left away from the castle. He flies off-screen. Cut to a small, orange jack-o-lantern. The gauntlet of the Fright Knight reaches down to grab it. He gets up from the floor and examines the pumpkin’s face. He then tosses it to the left, the scene panning left as the pumpkin flies past. It lands with an impact that bursts it to pieces, releasing an explosion of green smoke. As the smoke clears, the Fright Knight’s bat-winged unicorn-horned steed, the Nightmare, as Sam’s book calls it, and as a crew member named it, (What did he name it?). Cut to a closer shot, the Fright Knight jumps onto the saddle and takes the reins. Close up the Fright Knight. Zoom out to reveal the Nightmare bucking like a bronco and whinnying. Cut to a full shot of the room. The Nightmare takes flight vertically until it flies off-screen. Cut to outside the castle, once again. The Nightmare emanates from it as the screen pans left, the steed growing larger as it gets closer to the camera. It zooms in on the helmet of the Fright Knight. Fade to a shot of a dark purple sky with a crescent moon obscured by a few clouds. The clouds drift over the full moon. Pan down to a row of Brooklyn-style houses. There are many trick-or-treaters in the street approaching the houses. Pan right to show more costumed kids and more of the street, with a silhouetted tree and a jack-o-lantern. Zoom in on a pair of figures, presumably Jack and Maddie judging by the color. Cut to Jack and Maddie. Jack is still hooded; carrying a bazooka under one arm and his head is facing the back while his body is turned toward Maddie in the front. Maddie is hooded as well, both her hands holding an ecto-detection device, she’s staring at the screen. There’s a bazooka standing behind her as well.

Cut to a view of the ecto-detector’s monitor. On a green grid diagram, a grid-version of an upside-down funnel sprouts. There is also a green compass rose on one side and two horizontal green lines on the other. On the ecto-detector itself are two red buttons, a green circle with three red lines, and a green rectangle with three sections.
MADDIE Ecto-storm’s flaring up.
Cut back to Jack and Maddie, hunched over the small machine in Maddie’s hands.
JACK Better alert the local townsfolk!
Jack stands up straight and produces a megaphone in the hand that isn’t holding the bazooka under the armpit and announces commands in it. Zoom out to show Jack and Maddie next to a silhouetted tree, Maddie still looking at her device and Jack shouting through the bullhorn.
JACK Code five!
Jack turns the opposite direction as the scene zooms out to show four costumes children, a witch and pirate on the left and a pink bunny and a clown on the right.
JACK Code five! Code five!
Cut to a close up of Jack Fenton. He turns to his original direction.
JACK This is not a drill!
Cut to three more costumed kids, this time a pumpkin, generic superhero and a clown, all interrupted from their business to turn to face Jack.
Jack Repeat
Cut to four more kids, these are a Frankenstein’s monster, a pirate, a generic spook with a purple cloak and a top hat, and a pink bunny with whiskers.
Cut to five trick-or-treaters. One is the generic superhero another the chicken, another a kid with a bed sheet on over his jeans, a fourth the generic spooky guy with the cloak and top hat, and the lat one a black cat. A blond boy wearing a Robin Hood-like costume pops up.
ROBIN HOOD KID Weird costumes.
He turns to the other kids.
ROBIN HOOD KID What are they, plumbers?
All the children laugh. Cut to Jack and Maddie.
JACK (lifts the bullhorn to his mouth) Is, uh, is this thing on?
Cut back to Danny. He is flying away quickly in a flight of fear holding the sword. He looks downward hearing a whinnying from the Nightmare.

Cut to the Fright Knight riding the Nightmare. As the horse flies, it moves its legs and flaps its wings. Cut to the Fright Knight. Zoom out a little. He generates purple eye beams. Cut to Danny flying and holding the sword. The purple beams shoot off where he is, Danny flies a loop around it with the sword in one hand to dodge the blast. He swoops close to the camera and off-screen. Cut to a far-off front view of the Fright Knight and the Nightmare. Pan right to show a close up of a terror-stricken Danny’s face. Danny gasps. Cut to the Fenton Portal. The shot rotates as it closes in on the Portal.

DANNY (offscreen) *Yes*!
Close up on Danny.
DANNY Home sweet home!
Fright Knight and the Nightmare. They fall back in an attempt to stabilize themselves, then the Nightmare begins flying off again at its original speed.

Cut to FentonWorks. Danny flies through the portal with the sword and lands safely, turning back toward the portal, hearing a whinnying. Cut to a box on the wall with two buttons, the top one a green button with the word “Open” on top and the bottom one a red one with “Close” one the top. Danny’s gloved fist punches the “Close” button. The button dings. Cut to the Fenton Portal. As the shadow of the Nightmare closes in on the green swirly-ness that is the Fenton Portal, the black and yellow doors slam shut before the Fright Knight can reach it. Pan out to reveal Danny looking toward the portal. He turns around with relief.

Danny lifts up the Soul Shredder with glee. The sword lets out a single spark. Cut to an aerial view of the lab. Danny takes flight with the sword and flies up and off.

Cut to a close up of the yellow and black striped doors. Two pairs of black-gloved fingers glow with a ghostly glow. Cut to the Fenton Portal. The hands pry the doors open and the Fright Knight yells a cry of effort. Cut to the Fright Knight with a determined look and zoom in. Fade to the Old Townsend Place. Cut to Sam in Danny’s haunted house room. She walks through it.

SAM Where is he?
Cut to the floor where Sam’s boots are. A blue, intangible hand phases through the floor and becomes visibly gray again, tapping the back of Sam’s leg twice gently.

Sam turns around with a yelp of fear, looking down to see what prodded her. Cut to a full shot of Sam. Danny phases through the floor looking all blue and turning visible as he speaks, his hands behind his back.

DANNY If you think that’s scary,--
Cut to a front-view close up of Danny.
The scene zooms out to reveal Danny holding the Soul Shredder prone in both hands. The sword sparkles a little. Cut to a shot of Danny’s arms with the sword in the foreground. Sam walks up closer, looking at the sword .
SAM You went into the Ghost Zone (looks up at Danny in disbelief) and stole the Fright Knight’s sword?
Cut to Danny, holding the sword. He closes his eyes and looks up with pride
Danny Stole, borrowed.
Danny holds the sword downward in one hand and shrugs with the other.
Danny Semantics
Cut to a full shot of Danny and Sam. Danny is holding the sword pointing toward the ground.
Danny You worry too much.
Cut to the floor. The Soul Shredder plunges into the floorboards, with some wood splinters flying up. Suddenly, the sword glows and the room becomes a spooky dark blue. Cut to Danny looking at the glowing sword with some worry. He takes his hand off the hilt and walks backwards in awe, joining Sam while she gapes at it.

Cut back to the Soul Shredder. As it glows, a ray of green light emits from the handles up through the ceiling. Cut to the roof of the house, a green ray of light breaks through the roof, sending debris flying. The landscape around it becomes green as well. Cut to a front view of the mansion. A towering green mushroom cloud begins to develop over the house as the red sky flickers black and purple and red. Cut to a view of the mushroom cloud from below. The green ray feeds the cloud as it builds and surges. Zoom out. A bolt of lighting comes down from the cloud and reaches a green window. Cut to Dash’s Spa of Doom. A couple dummies, one appearing to bench-press and one doing chin-ups get zapped by the ghostly lightning and begin to turn green as they are shrouded in the light. Pan left to Dash and Lancer, Dash in his purple and green outfit holding the door and Lancer in the doorway writing on his clipboard. Zoom in. Lancer finishes writing and leaves the room. Dash slams the door, confident of winning the contest, and turns around, walking with his eyes closed at a job well done. Then, he opens his eyes in complete shock, gasping. Two green glowing zombies bursting with ghostly energy walk up from the side to look at Dash; both of them are making menacing poses. They are scaly, with red eyes and long claws, wearing blue and white gym clothes that are all tattered and torn up. Cut to Dash with a terror-stricken expression. Zoom in until his face fills the screen. He screams in terror. Cut to Danny and Sam, gaping at the sword the energy stream coming from it. Sam turns around to listen to screams from across the hall.

DASH (off-screen) Zombies!
Cut to an aerial shot of the room. Sam and Danny look upwards.
Danny Maybe I should get this thing back.
Mr.Lancer can be heard coming and Danny gasps with a blank expression on his face.
LANCER Mr. Fenton
Cut to Lancer walking into the room with the clipboard as the scene pans left.
Lancer It’s time
Cut to Danny standing next to the glowing sword with the ray of ghost energy. Sam jumps in front of him from the right, covering up the fact that he’s a ghost. A ring forms around Danny’s waist as he turns back into Danny Fenton. Cut to Danny and Sam. Danny peeks out from behind her.
DANNY Right after Mr. Lancer judges my room! Besides,--
Cut the outside of the house with a red sky and a giant green cloud overhead forming from a ray of green energy coming from the roof. Zoom out.
Lightning strikes a few times, causing the screen to flicker as the house is silhouetted, then next to a purple sky, then back to red. Cut to a random field. A bolt of white lightning strikes and an explosion of debris occurs, causing a green smokescreen. When the smoke clears, it reveals the Fright Knight on the Nightmare.
Cut to the hooves of the Nightmare, pan up to the Knight
FRIGHT KNIGHT And once I regain possession of my sword,--
Cut to the Fright Knight and zoom in as he speaks.
Close up on the Knight’s helmet.
FRIGHT KNIGHT And then, (eyes narrow) I will *rule*!
Cut to an aerial shot of an empty neighborhood street, save for the Fright Knight and the Nightmare. The horse whinnies as the wings start flapping and ascending, panning up to show the crescent moon in the red sky. The horse turns around and flies off-screen. Then in swoops back into the shot and charges at the camera with the Knight at the reins, closing in on the space between the Knight’s eyes. Fade to black.

-Cut to commercial-

Fade in. It’s a red sky, a beam of green light is coming from the roof of the house, and rings of green clouds are coming out of the light in a target shape. Pan down to show a view of the house. Lightning strikes. Zoom in as the green clouds descend upon the house.

Cut to a view from outside a window. Sam, Danny and Lancer are standing in front of a fireplace as three ecto-powered zombies with torn sports attire come toward them, groaning their ghostly moans.

SAM Uh, Mr. Lancer?
Cut to a shot in the room. Three zombies come forward, one of them with a bone stub for an arm with a red skull on his white shirt, another with a red hat and a torn red shirt with a white Danny-esque design on it, and a third in a letter jacket similar to Dash’s, with a “C”.

Cut to the fireplace with Sam holding her book and looking a little frightened, Danny also looking frightened, and Lancer with his clipboard looking a little bored.

SAM I don’t know if it’s (looks up at Lancer, Lancer turns to Sam) safe in here.
Cut to Danny.
DANNY That’s right, Sam.
He runs off-screen. Cut to an open doorway. Danny pushes the three zombies out and slams the door behind him with a “There’s nothing wrong” smile. He then stands up straight and proud with his index finger in the air.
DANNY *Nothing* is safe inside… (bends over to pick up an object) Danny Fenton’s… (now carrying a functional flashlight and shines it in his face for a creepy effect) “Room of Doom”!
Cut to an aerial shot of Danny. The scene zooms out to reveal the whole room; Danny raises his arm to show the room’s scope. There is a rug on the floor in the shape of a skull, hay skeletons are hanging on the side, a purple rubber spider is on a string, the hay, cardboard and bucket Fright Knight is sitting on his green “throne” on his cardboard altar, Sam and Lancer are standing in front of the brick fireplace made of a box on its side. Hasn’t changed one bit.
DANNY Enter if you dare.
shining in his face, flipping the switch. Cut to Lancer, looking bored with a lamp overhead. He looks up as the lamp flickers on.

Cut to a section of the floor with a fishing pole on a dingy green stand. Danny slides in on his knees and turns the rod’s handle. Cut to the bored Lancer with the dim light overhead. Four purple rubber spiders descend on strings near his head, Lancer remains unfazed. He looks over to the one closest to him and lifts up a hand to pinch it, the spider making a squeaking sound.

LANCER I’ll have you know I don’t fall for cheap theatrics.

Cut to the roof outside, the beam of green light is still creating the green clouds overhead. A bolt of blue, ghostly lightning reaches a window on the mansion. Cut to Danny’s room. There is a box of purple spiders labeled “Rubber Spiders”. Mr. Lancer is seen far-off from behind with some strings around him, the other spiders. The blue lightning comes in through the broken window and zaps the box, making it look all green and surrounded by light. Cut to Lancer.

LANCER And I don’t scare easily.
A giant green spider’s leg taps Lancer on the shoulder. Lancer has one eye open looking toward where the leg came from. Zoom out to reveal a large black spider, with green skulls on the abdomen, green legs, an asymmetrical 7 eyes, and large green fangs looking at Lancer under the lamp. Danny is off to the side staring with an “Uh, that’s not good” expression while holding the flashlight. Cut to a shot of them from the spider’s point of view. Lancer turns around and proceeds to write on his clipboard. Danny’s eyes drift to Lancer while looking terrified, some glass shatters off-screen.
LANCER But you’re off to a promising start!
Close up on Danny.
Danny (chuckles weakly, smiling, before turning back to the spider) All part of the show.
Cut to Dash, outside, running next to a brick wall and some silhouetted trees. He yells in terror as he runs. Zoom out to show his whole body.
DASH Zombies!
Cut to an aerial view of the street. Dash runs on the sidewalk next to the brick wall, the Fright Knight on his Nightmare are overseeing Dash from overhead.
DASH Ghost!
Cut to the Fright Knight.
FRIGHT KNIGHT: I know that terror.
Close up on him.
FRIGHT KNIGHT It carries the scent (zoom in a little) of my blade.
Cut to a full shot of the Fright Knight and his Nightmare. The horse whinnies as it swoops down off-screen.

Cut to Dash, running toward the camera. The Nightmare’s heavy hoof falls in front of him in the foreground, causing Dash to stop in his tracks and scream. Cut to the head of the Nightmare. Zoom out to show both the Fright Knight and Dash from behind.

FRIGHT KNIGHT You, tell me.
Cut to the Fright Knight. He points a finger at Dash off-screen
FRIGHT KNIGHT Where are you running from?
Cut to Dash, looking up at the Fright Knight off-screen. A green cloud billows in the distance
DASH 917 Maple Street.
He points his arm behind himself for emphasis. The scene pans right to show the mansion, which has a large green ecto-storm cloud overhead. Lightning strikes.

Cut to Fright Knight.

FRIGHT KNIGHT Yes. Upon yonder hill lies (zoom in as he speaks) the instrument of my ultimate ascendancy!
Cut back to the mansion.
FRIGHT KNIGHT My Soul Shredder!
Pan left to Dash, his eyes looking at the house behind him in scared confusion. He quickly jumps over the brick wall in an effort to get away.

Last we’ll be seeing of him for the rest of the night. Cut to a street. There is a small turquoise minivan parked next to a hydrant.The mansion with the ecto-storm is in the far distance upon yonder hill. A bolt of lightning zaps the car, with a little green smoke the car suddenly turns into a car-shaped ghoul with one eye on the windshield, four tires, dragon wings, a tail, a couple large nostrils, and fangs. Its front wheels come off the ground as it growls loudly, and it takes flight off-screen. Cut to an ordinary post office box that reads “Mail” on it in red letters. A bolt of lightning hits it, and with a bunch of green smoke, the mail box suddenly becomes a ghoul with purple hair, red eyes and a mouth. It coughs up a letter, and looks with a little confusion. Cut to an intersection with an ordinary stop sign. Another bolt of lightning hits it, and with more ghostly green smoke it becomes a ghoulish lady with red hair, green skin, a tattered green shirt and squid tentacles for legs. It growls in a feminine voice as it wanders off-screen. Cut to a normal street. Three trick-or-treaters are running in terror and screaming: They are: a bed sheet ghost with jeans, a generic superhero, and a shirtless boy with dark green shorts and a green mask with antennae. Zoom out and pan to the right to reveal a bunch of ghouls chasing them, most of them with their arms raised in a spooky fashion. These are a giant, blue reptilian monster, a woman clad in skintight black with rather large, ugly bare feet, a turquoise gelatinous thing with two solid red eyes and one red iris-type eye, a formless purple thing, the tentacle-legged woman that used to be the stop sign, a light-blue alien thing with three black, segmented eyes and bat wings, and another green-skinned woman clad in skintight black, her belly open and with light blue hair. They walk off-screen. Pan up-right to the ecto-storm in the background. The Fright Knight rides his Nightmare into the scene, surveying the anarchy. Close up on the Fright Knight.

FRIGHT KNIGHT This is only the beginning.
His helmet twitches in surprise as he hears a non-terror stricken voice.
Tucker (off-screen) Hi, Danny.
Cut to the street. The Nightmare is hovering above it as Tucker walks without a care up to the intersection with his fake nose and his pumpkin bucket of candy.
TUCKER Is that you?
Cut to Tucker from behind. The Nightmare swoops down in front of him. Tucker remains unfazed.
FRIGHT KNIGHT Child, you may want to show a little more respect to your future ruler!
Cut to Tucker, staring with a bored, unfazed expression.
TUCKER Yeah, yeah, very scary.
Tucker looks forward with wide eyes to observe more closely.
TUCKER The fake horse is pretty neat, though.
The Nightmare leans toward Tucker from off-screen with a menacing glare, Tucker leans back to avoid it.
TUCKER What’s it made out of? Flaming bed sheets?
Cut to the Fright Knight. The Nightmare’s head leans back into a straight position.
FRIGHT KNIGHT Flaming bed sheets of death!
Cut to Tucker, looking down at something. A rapid beeping is heard.
TUCKER Whoa! (he lifts up his PDA and looks at the screen) I’m running late.
He puts down the PDA and looks up at the Fright Knight happily.
TUCKER I gotta be at the Henderson’s in five--
Tucker is unable to finish his sentence, for a huge, gauntleted hand grabs his body and lifts him up off-screen.Cut to Tucker being lifted up by the Fright Knight on his steed.
FRIGHT KNIGHT I am the Fright Knight.
Cut to the Fright Knight from Tucker’s point of view.
Fright Knight The Spirit of Halloween!
The Fright Knight unleashes some purple eye beams. Cut to the pumpkin bucket full of candy. As the purple ecto-beam hits it, the entire bucket turns purple with a purple aura of energy. All the candy melts to a gray pile of burned, smoking slurry. The pumpkin is orange again, but it is charred with carbon scoring.

Cut to Tucker, being held by the neck by the Fright Knight off-screen.

TUCKER (holding up bucket of melted, burned candy) Aww, man! (puts the bucket down and angrily glares at the Fright Knight) Why’d you do that?!
Cut to the Fright Knight, still holding Tucker. Tucker is seen from behind.
FRIGHT KNIGHT (ignoring Tucker) And once this ecto-storm touches every corner of this globe,--
Cut to a shot of the street. Tucker and the Fright Knight are hovering in the distance. Three costumed kids, a bed sheet ghost with jeans, a Frankenstein’s monster, and the ghoul with the top hat and purple cloak are standing there as a bolt of lightning zaps three news boxes, turning them into one huge, turquoise monster with four legs, horns, and a pointed tail. It opens its mouth really wide, the kids run in fear.
FRIGHT KNIGHT --All these transformations will be permanent!
Cut to the Fright Knight holding Tucker by the neck.
FRIGHT KNIGHT --shall be my new domain!
Zoom out to show the whole neighborhood.
Close up on the Fright Knight’s eyes.
Cut to the Fright Knight’s outstretched arm. The Fright Knight lunges forward as he brings Tucker toward himself. Tucker stares with disbelief.
Close up on Tucker.
Tucker You’re not Danny, are you?
Cut back to the mansion. The ecto-storm is now so large that the stream of ecto-energy feeding it has now encompassed the whole place. Cut to Lancer, in a cobweb, stuck inside a cobweb cocoon.
LANCER This has potential. Sticky, gross. I like it!
Cut to a full-body shot of Lancer. His entire body save for his head is inside a cobweb cocoon; his two legs are in the shape of a fish tail. Zoom out to reveal the large, black, menacing spider from before. It hisses, vibrating its fangs.

Cut to a straight shot of the spider. It now has a symmetrical eight eyes instead of seven, and hisses and screams as its fangs continue to vibrate. Zoom in on its mouth. Cut to the sword, still generating ghostly energy. Danny and Sam are looking at the spider with some cautious terror.

SAM Danny? You might want to end this before things spin out of control!
Close up on Danny.
DANNY (looks toward Sam, smiling as if he has control over the situation) I will, as soon as Lancer declares me the winner!
Cut to Lancer in the cobweb, seen from behind. The behemoth spider comes up from the left, opening its mouth wider and hissing. Saliva drips from its mouth.

Cut to Lancer with a surprised look. The fangs on the spider are in the foreground

Lancer Okay, I’m mildly impressed. A few more surprises and you might have this thing wrapped up.
Cut to Danny standing next to the sword. He jerks his arm downward with victory.
Danny Yes! (stands up straight, arms akimbo) I’ll take “mildly impressed”.
Danny That’s my cue to clean up!
As he says this, his eyes drift backwards. Cut to a Fenton Foamer on the floor. Danny’s arm reaches in to grab it from the handle and pick it up. Cut to Danny. He picks up the Foamer and aims it forward, shooting out a stream of green foam. The scene pans left as the foam shoots out.

Cut to Lancer in the web with the spider still hissing at him, but not touching him. Yeah, it’s scary, but no one’s getting hurt. It’s a good thing Lancer hasn’t turned into spider lunch. The foam lands in torrents upon the spider, it glows with a green aura for a second, and then pops back into a small, normal rubber spider. It falls down. Cut to the floor, the spider lands with a squeak. Cut to Sam behind an open door. Three skeletons with green auras lunge through the doorway, making deep groans. Sam attempts to slam the door on them, but their hands stay on the door and they peek through. Cut to Danny, holding the Fenton Foamer in both hands. He tosses it off-screen.

Danny Sam!
Cut to Sam, still trying to hold the door shut.
Danny (off-screen) Catch!
As he says this, Sam takes her hands off the door and catches the Foamer, looking at it and smiling. Suddenly, the skeletons burst through the door, knocking Sam back off-screen. She shouts.

Cut to Sam, flying through the air and landing on the floor with some impact. She is holding the Foamer by the handle. She looks up and gasps as some low growling is heard. Cut to Sam’s point of view. Three skeletons are creeping toward her fairly quickly. Cut to a front view of Sam. She is kneeling on the floor with the Foamer held by her two arms, the shot zooms in. She aims the Foamer toward with a charging sound, and the screen is engulfed in foam. Cut to the skeletons. They are standing perfectly still as a wave of green foam engulfs them. When the wave passes, they are coated in foam and glowing with a think green aura. The three skeletons pop back to normal as three rubber sacks with skeletons drawn on them. They fall on the floor with a squeak and some green clouds coming up from them.Cut to Danny looking to the right. Sam walks onto the scene with the Fenton Foamer still smoking.

DANNY *See*? (leans back and crosses arms) I told ya I had everything under control.
Cut to Danny.
DANNY We’ve got enough--
Danny reaches off-screen and takes a Fenton Foamer, turning to the left and points it with his eyes closed
Danny crouches over and aims the Foamer with one eye open
Zoom out a little as Danny fires the Foamer. His eyes close as he leans back due to the Foamer’s force.

Cut to Lancer, still in his cobweb cocoon. A giant mouse with bad teeth, red eyes and missing parts of its fur is growling at him. The foam that Danny fired covers the rat and the rat glows green; it instantly pops back into an ornately carved red plush chair. The chair lands on the floor, softly. Cut to Danny holding the Foamer. Sam is standing next to him.

Zoom out to reveal the sword. Both kids stare at it from afar.
Cut to the ceiling. The Nightmare crashes through it with debris falling. The Fright Knight is riding it, and Tucker is lying on his stomach over the saddle. The horse whinnies as is flies off-screen.

Cut to Danny and Sam seen from behind. Danny is still holding the Fenton Foamer. They are both scared out of their wits as the Nightmare descends upon them. Cut to the Fright Knight on the Nightmare. Tucker is laying stomach-down on the Fright Knight’s lap, also terrified. Pan up to show the Fright Knight better. Close up on Lancer.

Lancer Hmm! That’s one fancy flaming robot.
Cut to Tucker lying helpless on the lap of the Fright Knight. The Nightmare’s wings flap as it hovers up and down.
TUCKER Danny! Whatever you do, don’t let him get the sword!
Cut to the Fright Knight with his hands on the reins. He looks down to Tucker, off-screen.
FRIGHT KNIGHT Silence, whelp!
Cut to a dining room table that is fully set with plates, goblets, and candelabra. Tucker is tossed head-first and face-up over the table, the scene panning left as Tucker lands in a prone position and bounces, him yelling in pain the whole time.

Cut to a large cobweb. Tucker lands on it safely in a position where his arms are out at his sides, his legs in a similar fashion. Zoom out. Tucker turns to a cocoon-trapped Lancer.

Tucker Hi! Come here often?
'-Cut to Danny popping up onscreen, he carries a Fenton Foamer.
DANNY *Tuck*!
Zoom out a bit. Danny aims the foamer. It begins to charge.

Immediately cut to the Fright Knight on his steed. Purple eye beams come out of his helmet as he looks down upon the room. Cut to Danny. The foamer is knocked out of his arms from the force of the beams. Close up on Danny. He opens his eyes with fear after being disarmed. Cut to the sword, still generating energy, the floor still cracked beneath it. Zoom in on it. Cut to the Fright Knight on his steed, holding the reins.

FRIGHT KNIGHT My sword. (close up) At last!
Cut a further shot of the Fright Knight on his horse. He jumps off of his horse from mid-air and lunges with his arms forward, flying off-screen.

Cut to Danny running with a determined look. Close up on the Soul Shredder. Danny’s hand enters from the right and grabs the hilt. The Fright Knight’s flaming gauntlet grabs the hilt just above Danny’s hand. Cut to Danny.

Danny Hah!
Danny’s face suddenly changes as he is forcefully lifted up and off-screen. Cut to the Fright Knight in the air, reaching downward. He lifts up Danny hanging on his sword with little effort, and shakes Danny back and forth four times in an attempt to shake him off, Danny grunting each time as his arms feel like falling off. The Fright Knight stops as Danny holds the hilt with both arms tightly. Cut to Lancer.
Lancer That’s certainly exciting,--
Zoom out to reveal Tucker looking at Lancer in disbelief, still stuck where he is.
Cut to another shot. The Fright Knight takes a couple more steps back, then swings the sword to the right with Danny on it.

Cut to Lancer with wide eyes. The Soul Shredder cuts through him without a single gash. His body glows green for a second, then pops out of existence with a little green smoke. The cocoon that held Lancer is now empty and falls off the web. Cut to the Fright Knight holding the sword. Zoom out to reveal Danny still hanging in the air with a tight grip on the hilt, he looks backward.

DANNY Lancer?
Cut to a closer shot of Danny hanging. He turns around in mid-air.
DANNY Where’d he go?
Cut to a dark screen. Lancer fades in, looking over his shoulder.
Lancer Yes, it’s scary.
Cut to an aerial view of Lancer on a tiny rock spire with a tile floor that is glowing with a ghostly green aura. The shot zooms out as six chalkboards with complex math formulas on them approach him on all four sides.
LANCER It’s very scary!
Cut to Lancer with another floating chalkboard in the background. He lets out a trembling sound of fear as he jerks his arm back, but the chalk band is too strong for him and it drags him off. Lancer screams in terror.

Cut to the chalkboard. The Pi sign still has its cleft reaching off, and there’s an X5 below it. Lancer’s hand lands on the board with the fingernails on it, zoom out to reveal a creeped-out Lancer cringing in fear as the Pi makes his fingers move downward and scratch the chalk board.

Back to reality. Cut to Danny lifting the cocoon that previously held Lancer, looking in it for a trace of the teacher. It’s still smoking a green, ghostly smoke. Tucker remains motionless on the web.
DANNY Mr. Lancer?
Cut to a close up of Danny seen from behind. He turns around, facing directly toward the camera.
DANNY What’d you do to him?
Cut to the legs of the Fright Knight, the sword is hanging limp across his right leg. Pan up to see the Fright Knight’s helmet, looking down upon the viewers.
FRIGHT KNIGHT I sent him to where all who feel the sting (thrusts up the Soul Shredder) of my blade are sent.
Close up on the Fright Knight.
FRIGHT KNIGHT A dimension where his worst fears come to life!
Cut to the web. Tucker is still staring blankly and remaining motionless on the web, Sam is off to the back staring blankly, Danny is hunched over, also staring blankly with the cocoon in his hands.
DANNY *YES*! (crouches down with fists clenched, eyes closed and smiling with victory) This contest is SO MINE!
Cut to a closer shot of Danny in his “I’m so gonna win this” pose. Sam is standing behind, she begins to glare down at Danny with the evil eye. Danny turns his eyes toward her attempting to correct himself.
DANNY Uh, (turns eyes forward) I mean--
Danny runs off-screen. Cut to an action shot of Danny running continuously and determined.
DANNY (with pretend, proud superhero voice) Bring him back, you fiend!
Cut to a blue action scene. Danny is flying downward with his fists clenched and his foot outstretched downward. He swoops past the camera.

Cut to the Fright Knight from behind. Both his hands are up and in front of him in a fighting stance, as Danny closes in the Fright Knight bats him away with one wave of his arm. Cut to Danny, falling backwards. He is screaming all the while as the shot pans left. He plunges head-first into the drywall, creating a huge hole with several puffs of dust. His legs are hanging out of the gaping hole. The hole smokes a bit. Cut to the Fright Knight. Out the window is a red sky with the ecto-storm still on. He walks forward as he talks.

FRIGHT KNIGHT Listen to the sound of your doom!
Lighting strikes outside a different window next to the Fright Knight. Cut to outside the window, wind is rushing past with some leaves. The Fright Knight with his glowing Soul Shredder is seen inside. The shot zooms out as he talks, revealing windows that are solid green inside.
FRIGHT KNIGHT The world will be forever transformed!
Cut to the Fright Knight from above.
FRIGHT KNIGHT And no one--
Shot zooms out as he sheaths out his sword above his head.
Cut to Danny’s legs, still hanging out of the hole in the wall. He sits up with his fists clenched.
DANNY Not if I can help it!
Danny lifts himself out of the hole and takes flight. Cut to an action scene, Danny is flying toward the camera on an angle, with his ghostly tail cascading, implying he’s going to ram someone.

Cut to the Fright Knight. He looks unfazed and remains motionless as Danny flies into his rock-hard abs head first with a clang! sound and a grunt. Danny stops for a second, then falls down. Cut to the floor as seen between the Fright Knight’s shins. Danny falls into the shot and lands on his back, his face up and his arms out. He lifts his head and one knee up, gaping back at the Fright Knight. Cut to Danny.

DANNY Which, *apparently* I can’t.
Cut to Danny on the floor, seen from behind. The Fright Knight walks up with his sword, standing in a pose that looks as if he was the victor and is ready to vanquish his opponent.

Close up on the Fright Knight. Zoom out a bit as he lifts up the sword with both hands on the hilt, the sword pointing downwards. Cut to Tucker, who has one foot on the ground and two hands on the web, as if he just climbed out.

He takes his hands off the web and runs to the left.
TUCKER Look out
Cut to Danny lying helpless on the floor. Tucker runs into the scene and stops when he is standing on top of Danny, his legs on either side. He stands up straight and looks up in terror while trying to protect his friend, only to be rewarded with the Soul Shredder swinging though his body without making a big, vertical gash, narrowly missing Danny’s legs. Tucker bends down a little, glows green with sudden realization, and pops away in a puff of smoke with Danny looking terrified at his vanishing friend.Cut to Danny.
DANNY Tucker!
Zoom in a little, Danny’s eyes roll up, and then they fill with regret.
Cut to Tucker’s nose-masked face in a light sky. Zoom out. He is standing on the sand with two phone/walkie talkies in each hand, a boom box on the sand on the left, a mini-TV on a small table on the right, and a couple of other gadgets strapped to his belt. He looks down at them with love.

Suddenly, they all vanish with a pop. Tucker looks straight with shock, his hands now bereft of the gizmos he was holding a second ago.

TUCKER (eyes look to the left) No phones? (eyes roll to the right) No games?
Close up on Tucker.
Zoom out to show Tucker’s full body. He is on an island with two palm trees, and has nothing but his beret, glasses and a pair of white boxers with red polka dots. His hands attempt to cover his underpants.
TUCKER And no clothes?!
Zoom out far away. Tucker is a small silhouette on the tiny island that’s only about 20 feet across.
TUCKER All my technology, (lifts up his arms in ranting futility) useless!
Zoom in a little closer so Tucker is now in view. He turns to the camera with his arms at his sides, braced. The ground opens up as a huge ray of green light bursts out of it; Tucker lifts his arms and crouches back for cover. Cut to Tucker’s upper body, he opens his braced-shut eyes. He then turns around in shocked horror, gasping.

Cut to a giant pencil and a notepad of paper, floating in mid-air. Zoom out to show Tucker from behind. Cut to Tucker from the front, looking in terror-stricken disbelief. He lifts his hands to his head.

TUCKER (zoom out as he screams) *NOOOOOO*!
Back to reality. Cut to the Fright Knight from an aerial shot, holding the Soul Shredder. He jumps up in a battle pose, one leg bended in front and one leg streamlined in the back. Both hands are above his head, holding the sword. He yells a battle cry.Cut to Danny. He enters the screen, turning to face the left and has both his hands forming a ball of ectoplasmic energy, pouting. He then turns, blasting all the power from both his outstretched hands while giving out a grunt of effort. Pan right to show the beam.Cut to the Fright Knight in mid-air. He is wielding the sword. The energy beam comes his way, he swings the sword like a baseball bat, and with a clanging sound, and it ricochets downward.

Cut to Danny. He is floating in mid-air, appearing to be lying semi-horizontally. His own energy blast gets sent back at him and lands directly on his face. Danny begins to scream. He continues to scream as he is knocked backwards, Sam holding her book to her chest watching in fear as his back slams into a table with a box of assorted objects on it, causing a huge dust cloud. As the cloud clears, cut to Danny with his feet hanging out of a newly formed second gaping hole in the wall.

DANNY (within the crack) Doesn’t *anything* work on this guy?
Cut to Sam, looking in terror while clenching the book to her body.
SAM (opening book and reading) There must be something (turns several pages as she speaks) in this book that tells us how to beat him!
Sam stops turning pages as the shadow of the Fright Knight descends upon her. She looks up from the book and with a nervous expression, turns her eyes toward the Fright Knight from off-screen. She turns her head and looks up at him.

Cut to the torso of the Fright Knight. Pan up to show the head part.

He lifts the sword over his head and behind his back.
FRIGHT KNIGHT But you will never find it!
Cut to Sam, holding the book in front of her with her hands out. Zoom out. Danny approaches Sam from behind and grabs around her arms.
Shredder slashes the book vertically in two. An intangible Sam lets go of the book as it falls away. Danny quickly flies both of them off-screen.

Cut to a blue action shot. Danny is holding Sam, both are intangible.

SAM Darn it! (looks back) That bookstore--
They both turn visible again, Danny looks back.
SAM --has a no-return policy!
Cut to the Fright Knight from behind. The book is torn and on the floor, two pages are torn out and nearby. The Soul Shredder is stuck wedged in the floor. The Fright Knight heaves it out behind his head with a sheathing sound. Pan over to a chair seen from behind. Danny and Sam land behind it, both of them crouched.
DANNY I'm so sorry.
He lifts his hands in a shrug.
DANNY I wanted to win so bad!
Close up on Danny. His eyes look back in regret.
DANNY But not *this* bad.
Cut to Sam.
SAM Stop beating yourself up over it (lifts her hand and points a thumb over her shoulder) and start beating him!
Cut to the front of the chair. Sam and Danny stand up and hold their hands on the back of the chair, Danny looking in sheer terror.
SAM It’s the only way we’ll be able to get Tucker and Lancer back safe,--
Zoom out to reveal the Fright Knight. As Sam speaks, he sheathes the sword out and looks at it.
Cut to Danny, flying at a strange, indescribable angle with one of hands looking like he’s grasping an invisible cell phone.

Cut to the Fright Knight from behind. As Danny closes in to punch him, the Fright Knight just turns around and swats him away, Danny yelling out another cry of pain. Zoom out. Danny rolls across the abandoned dinner table as plates and cups go flying off of it, shattering on the floor. He tumbles off-screen. Cut to Sam on the floor, leafing through all the torn pages of her book. Danny flies past the screen in the foreground while yelling, some forks and a cup following after him. They crash off-screen, the shot rattles a bit.

SAM Come on, (lifts up a piece of paper and reads it) show me a weakness, (tosses it aside and lifts up a few more with both hands) a vulnerability, (tosses the first page aside and leaves her arm outstretched) *anything*!

She then looks with wide eyes and a wide smile as she holds out the papers in front of her with both her hands.

She then looks with wide eyes and a wide smile as she holds out the papers in front of her with both her hands.
SAM Ahah!
Cut to a corner page. It looks yellowed and torn. There is ornate calligraphy writing on it. Sam reads it aloud.
SAM “To cease the storm, to end the fear,--
Shot pans out to show Sam’s hands holding the whole page. Next to the writing is a well-drawn picture of the Soul Shredder plunged into a pumpkin still on a vine with leaves.
SAM (taking eyes off page) “Pumpkin near”!
Cut to a farther shot of Sam holding all her papers.
SAM (looking up) Danny!
She steps forward a couple steps and points to the page with one hand and holding it in out with another. Other pages litter the floor.
SAM You’ve got to put the sword back in a pumpkin!
Cut to Danny, holding a giant Grandfather Clock.
DANNY A pumpkin?
Zoom out so Danny is taking up only ¼ of the screen in the top-left.
DANNY There are no pumpkins in the room.
Danny looks down. The Fright Knight jumps up, only to be bashed off-screen again by Danny as he tosses down the clock, hoping it would work.Cut to Danny. A look of realization on his face
DANNY “No pumpkins in the room”? (relaxes shoulders) It’s Halloween! (puts hand to face) What am I, an idiot?
Cut to Sam on the floor, waving a piece of torn paper up and down. Papers litter the floor.
SAM You have to find another pumpkin (leans forward) fast!
Zoom out to show Danny looking over his shoulder to Sam.
SAM (swinging a pointing arm to the page) That’s the only thing that can stop the sword’s power!)
eyes turn to the Knight.

Cut a little closer to Danny. The Fright Knight’s flaming gauntlet grabs Danny in his giant fist from the right; Danny lets out a grunt of pain as he clenches his eyes shut. The gauntlet thrusts Danny off-screen. Cut to outside the house, a tree is seen just over the green windows. Pan up over the roof. The Fright Knight flies up on the screen with the sword and Danny in hand, some debris following him. The Fright Knight flies backwards to the right, Danny flies backwards to the left. Cut to a part of the house’s roof. Danny floats backwards from the right on screen, with one arm up and one arm down. He looks to the left. Cut to the Fright Knight holding the sword in front of him as the ecto-storm surges behind him. Pan to the left a little as the Fright Knight swings it and yells, swinging it over his head and advancing forward to the left. Cut to another section of the roof. Danny floats and lands on it, seen from behind as the Fright Knight descends upon him, swinging the sword. He then lifts the sword behind his back as Danny dodges by putting his back to a windowed wall next to him, the Fright Knight yelling another battle cry and looking down to see the sword plunge into the wooden boards of the roof, some woodchip debris flying up. The Fright Knight then does a half-circle horizontal swing to get Danny, but Danny flies up off-screen to dodge the attack, the sword slashing all the glass. Cut to another part of the roof with the green clouds overhead. Danny does a back-flip and lands on the roof facing away from the camera. He turns around quickly as the Fright Knight flies up to meet him, Danny running. The Fright Knight lifts the sword over his head and swings, his legs lifting over his ducked-down head, Danny jumps to avoid it. Danny is now running faster, the Fright Knight shouts again and attempts the same move once more, Danny jumps up even higher almost off-screen. He lands with effort and jumps off-screen once more as the Fright Knight brings the sword to his side to make a circular horizontal sweep, missing Danny entirely. The Fright Knight thrusts his palm forward and puts it on the ground, stopping temporarily. Cut to another part of the roof. Danny flies in backwards up into the scene, it pans up as Danny goes higher and stops. His left arm is outstretched in front of him; the right hand is holding the right arm

DANNY Strike 6! Way to whip, Mr. October!
Danny charges a sphere of ectoplasmic energy. He closes one eye as the shot blasts down-right reaching off-screen.

Cut to the Fright Knight. All of a sudden, he looks up at Danny’s shot with his eyes thinking “Uh oh” as is blasted in the chest, flung back into the roof of the house, making another gaping hole in the roof. Danny flies into the hole quickly to follow him. Cut to the ceiling. The Fright Knight bursts through the ceiling and a lot more debris fall, making an even bigger mess. Pan down to see the Fright Knight land on the table, breaking it in half and engulfing the room in a dust cloud. Danny quickly falls on top of him feet-first. Pan left to show a terror-stricken Sam, looking upon the damage. Cut to Sam, smiling with confidence.

SAM C’mon, Danny. (zoom in as she speaks) You can do it!
Cut to the Fright Knight. Zoom out a little. Danny is on screen and extends his arm and punches the helmet of the Fright Knight.
Fright Knight’s, but with no avail. The Fright Knight stands up into the shot and flings Danny down and off-screen.

Cut to the floor. Danny lands on it on his back, his chest being pressed down by the giant hand of the Fright Knight. Danny’s hand is still on the Fright Knight’s hand, his eyes clenched shut. Cut to a higher part of the room with a window. The Fright Knight stands up straight and lifts his sword over his head, yet again. Cut to Danny, lying on the floor, looking up. He gets up and takes flight off-screen. Cut to a blue action shot. The hilt of the sword is being thrust downward with the hand of the Fright Knight on it. The sword stops abruptly as Danny’s two gloved hands press it from both sides. Close up on the Fright Knight. He looks up with surprise. Zoom out to show Danny keeping the sword still in his two hands; his back leg is being used as a friction stopper to prevent him from sliding. His aura begins to become thicker and green. Cut to Danny, holding the sword.

DANNY “To cease the storm…
Cut to the Fright Knight, looking down.

Cut back to Danny. Danny is us more effort and lifts the sword an inch, opening his eyes

DANNY To end the fear…
Cut back to the Fright Knight. He “closes” his eyes, looking like they vanished. He also vibrates, grunting with effort.

Cut back to Danny. He is perspiring.

DANNY (lifts the sword a little more, looking to the left) The sword must sheathe…
Cut to the table with Tucker’s carbon-scored pumpkin trick-or-treat bag. Zoom in a bit.

Cut to the roof of the house, the ecto-storm continues, lighting strikes. Cut back to Danny.

DANNY In pumpkin near!”
As he finishes the verse, he lifts his arms up as far as they can go, closing his eyes and opening his mouth super-wide. His aura is now a thick white.

Cut to the sword. The Fright Knight’s hand is still on the hilt, and Danny’s gloves are still pressing it on both sides. Suddenly, Danny’s hands grab the Fright Knight’s hand. Zoom out to show both the Fright Knight and Danny. Danny’s aura is a thick white. In slow motion, he thrusts the Fright Knight over his shoulder and flips him onto the ground, the scene zooming out as he lands. Danny now has the sword, crouching to the right with both his hands on the grip. The scene bobs up and down to show the force of the Fright Knight’s fall. Cut to Danny, still in position with his sword and his thick, white aura. In slow-motion, he takes flight and flies off-screen. Cut to Danny, this time Danny is seen from below as he descends in slow-motion, his knees bent, holding the sword above his head, yelling a battle cry. The scene pans downward as Danny lands with both feet on the table, bending his knees and back as he plunges the sword into the melted, burned candy in Tucker’s pumpkin. Some of the gray gunk flies out of the pumpkin as it is inserted.The screen flickers black and white. Suddenly, a blast of green energy comes forth from the pumpkin, flinging Danny back from the table. Cut to a green-tinted wall. The Fright Knight pops in from the bottom, looking forward with sudden revelation. He closes in on the shot.

Cut to the pumpkin with the sword inside. It is now glowing radiantly with a white flash of light lined by green. Zoom out to show the whole pumpkin and sword.

Cut to the floor next to the Fright Knight’s leg. Danny lands on his back forcefully, grunting in pain. He then gets his back up with his legs and hands still on the floor.

DANNY Trick *and* treat, buckethead!
Pan over to the Fright Knight, his eyes wide, his hands bent in defeat.

Close up on Danny.

DANNY Told ya I’d have it back by midnight.
Cut to the Fright Knight, running forward. Scene pans right as he runs.
FRIGHT KNIGHT No! (comes upon the pumpkin with his sword inside and puts his hand on the hilt) No! *Nooo*!
The pumpkin and sword flash out a large flash of light with a green lining, knocking the Fright Knight away. Cut to a section of the floor. The Fright Knight lands on it sitting down, his butt and hands on the floor. Zoom out to show Danny, his hair being blown back and looking with an “I hope this works” expression.

Cut to Tucker’s pumpkin. It looks different now, like it’s smiling and it has a rim. Green flashes of lightning are coming out of it. Zoom out for a larger shot, more lighting flashes around the pumpkin. Cut outside to the house with the swirling green ecto-storm cloud overhead and silhouetted trees in the foreground. The cloud slows it’s swirling and reverses the rotation. Pan down on the house. Cut to a black-gloved hand holding a PDA-esque device with a green square thing and two red buttons. A vector image of a house with a vortex over it is seen.

MADDIE (off-screen) This ghost front is coming from the direction of (green text beings to appear on the screen over the graphic) 917 Maple Street.
Cut to the Fentons. Maddie is looking at the device in her hand, Jack is also looking, his hand rubbing the back of his hooded neck.
JACK 917 maple, eh? Hm, (puts a finger to his chin) I could’ve swore it was coming from-
Zoom out a bit, Jack turns around and points his finger up and bend it forward. Maddie turns as well.
JACK --that spooky house with the big, swirly cloud (puts his hand down) overhead.
Cut to said spooky house with a big swirly cloud overhead. Maddie is heard gasping. Zoom out to reveal the Fentons looking at the mansion.
MADDIE That’s where Danny is!
Cut to Jack and Maddie.
JACK Then let’s shake a tail feather, momma!
Zoom out, Jack and Maddie strap huge Fenton Foamers over their shoulders and grab the handles
JACK Our boy’s in danger!
They walk off.Cut to Star, without a costume on. She is screaming in terror as her back is to a brick wall near an intersection. The mailbox ghoulie has its back crouched over her, its wing-arms raised, its huge mouth open and growling. Suddenly, with a little green smoke, it turns back into a mailbox, landing on the sidewalk. Star stops screaming and looks at it.

Cut to a baby in a stroller. It’s crying. Zoom out to reveal a green-skinned woman with tentacles for legs and red hair raising its arms in a scary pose, and a blue-skinned ghoulie that resembles with a black shirt, red hair and one taloned foot on the top of the stroller drinking out of the baby’s bottle. Suddenly, the baby looks up as the green woman turns back into a blue teddy bear and the blue kid turns into a mobile. Cut to the baby. He looks with joy as the bottle and teddy bear fall into the stroller. He picks up the bottle and begins to feed from it.Cut to a street. A ghoulie suddenly turns into a ladder; it falls down as a dog runs past. A floating ghoulie that looks like a man wearing a white poncho that serves as a ghostly tail turns into a TV, it falls down to the street below and shatters. A green-haired, wide-shouldered ghoulie with no legs becomes a car parked in the street. Pan left. Another ghoulie becomes a lamppost, a bat-winged woman flies onscreen and becomes a porcelain bathtub, and a blue-haired woman in skintight black clothes becomes a lamppost with a sign that reads “Elm”.Cut back to the house. A ray of green light comes up from the whole house. Pan up to reveal debris coming up with the ray of light. Cut to the head of the Nightmare, looking scared. It whinnies. Zoom out to reveal the whole Nightmare, crouching down on the ground as its bat wings, reins and tail is being sucked upwards. The scene pans up as it whinnies and is caught in the updraft. Cut to a higher part of the room. The shot pans up into the vortex as the Nightmare comes up from the bottom and is sucked into the vortex, and then it disappears from view. Cut to Danny and Sam on the floor. They look up with wide smiles. Their hair is being blown up by the updraft.

SAM It’s sucking everything into the Ghost Zone! It’s *working*! Aagh!
The scene pans up, she is slowly being carried upwards.
He turns and grabs Sam by the arm, Sam looks down at Danny as her body is being forced up, her legs off-screen.

Close up on Sam’s worried face. Close up on Danny’s determined face with his arms holding Sam off-screen. Cut to Danny. He pulls Sam downwards. Cut to the floor. Both kids are on their knees. Danny is holding Sam wrapped in one of his arms, the other arm turning intangible and phasing through the floor. Cut to a pipe. Danny’s intangible hand phases through the floorboards above and it latches onto the pipe. It regains its color. Cut to the Fright Knight.

FRIGHT KNIGHT I will have my vengeance!
Zoom out a bit. The Fright Knight thrusts his hands downwards.
FRIGHT KNIGHT Mark my words!
Cut to the helmet of the Fright Knight. The flaming purple cloak behind him disappears. The helmet begins to break off into pieces and get sucked up by the updraft..

Cut to the Fright Knight’s headless body, slumping over. It is within a column of surging green light. The scene pans up as the armor is sucked up through a gap in the ceiling like an alien abduction. Cut to outside the house. The clouds are swirling, but are thinner. The column of green light coming from the house stops thins and stops radiating, the clouds swirl out of existence. Cut to the pumpkin with the sword. Green lightning comes from it. Suddenly, the sword and the pumpkin close in on themselves and vanish in a small flash of light. The green tint of the room fades back to a nice blue. Cut to a part of the room in front of a broken window. Tucker pops back into existence and lands with his feet on the floor, without his nose-mask. He reaches into his pocket with hope that there’s something inside it. Cut to Tucker. He pulls out a PDA and smiles.

He holds the PDA high with both hands.
TUCKER Sweet beautiful technology, (hugs it to his face) you’re mine once again!
Cut to a wider shot. Tucker retains his pose, Lancer pops back into existence and lands with both feet on the floor, dazed. Pan left to Danny and Sam looking with stunned realization. Danny clenches his eyes and transforms back into Fenton. He leans back with an “innocent” smile, and Sam looks up with an “innocent” smile as well. Lancer turns around to face them.

Cut to Danny, smiling with his mouth open. It quickly melts away as Lancer approaches him.

Mr.Lancer Mr. Fenton, I have to say that *was* the *most* horrifying thing I have ever seen.
Cut to Danny, not knowing what to think. He blinks his eyes.

Close up on Lancer

MR.LANCEr (suddenly widens his eyes and smiles) You win!
Cut to Danny with his hands behind his back, Lancer in the foreground. Danny takes out his hands in fists and celebrates.
Danny raises his arms in joy, closing his eyes and opening his mouth super-wide.
Danny puts his hands down and Lancer turns around.
LANCER Take that, Tetslaff!
He walks off-screen. Danny relaxes his arms as Sam walks onscreen, the two of them share a hug.
Cut to Danny, whose face leans on screen. He looks to the right with a smile. Then he looks with surprised realization. He lowers his eyebrows as his eyes look to the floor, ashamed. Then he looks up with his eyebrows tensed, determined. He calls out.
DANNY Mr.Lancer?(runs off-screen) Wait up!
Cut to Lancer, walking. He swoops his hand across his face.
LANCER I can see it now, Tetslaff.
Lancer clenches his fists and blows a raspberry. Cut to Lancer walking to the wall, seen from behind. Danny races up to follow him. Lancer turns to face him.
DANNY Mr. Lancer, wait. (straightens up) I have to be honest.
Cut to Danny
DANNY (looking to the right, eyelids hanging low) I-I cheated.
Cut to Lancer, lowering his eyebrows.
LANCER Cheated?
Cut to Danny, he lifts an arm, his palm lying flat.
DANNY Well I borrowed--eh--uh, (lifts the other hand, palm lying flat) -- stole, (brings the arms to his sides, they are still up) some of my parent’s technology.
Close up on Danny.
SAM (off-screen) You mean this stuff?
Danny’s eye’s jump. Cut to the room, Lancer is seen in the edge of the foreground with a fist clenched, Sam walks up with a Fenton Foamer in hands, Tucker follows.
SAM Like the Fenton Foamer?
Danny’s head turns to face her
SAM Which causes a psychosomatic reaction in whoever’s exposed to it-
Cut to Sam and Tucker.
Danny and Sam both look with “innocent” expression. Cut to Danny.
DANNY Yeah! That!
Cut to Lancer
LANCER Daniel, the good news for you is (looks up with eyes closed and smiling) I don’t care. (looks to the right and lifts a hand) I have two scary rooms (he puts down that hand and lifts the other, looking to his watch on his wrist) and it’s midnight!

Zoom out to show Danny in the shot. Lancer lifts both his arms and celebrates.

LANCER Let the party begin!
Cut to a purple door. Lancer opens them up from the inside with an attitude of gratitude.
JACK AND MADDIE (off-screen) Nobody move!
Suddenly, Lancer looks with shock as he is knocked back by an onslaught of green foam. Cut to Maddie and Jack, firing their bazookas, Maddie looks intently, Jack looks with a wide, open-mouthed smile. As they hear Lancer’s screaming, they look with regret and foam stops coming from their bazookas, the foam littering the ground.

Cut to a disappointed Lancer with green foam on his head. It drips. Pan out to reveal Tucker, Danny and Sam with wide-eyed looks and more foam all over them dripping down. Cut to a disappointed Lancer with green foam on his head. It drips. Pan out to reveal Tucker, Danny and Sam with wide-eyed looks and more foam all over them dripping down.

TETSLAFF (off-screen) Oh,--
Everyone looks to the left.
Cut to outside. Tetslaff is dressed as a witch carrying a broom. A pirate boy carries a grocery bag of Halloween-y things. A Frankenstein boy behind him holds a yellow sign reading “Happy Halloween”. A witch girl behind him has two pizza boxes in one hand. A girl in a slick black cat suit carries another grocery bag. The boy in the red suit with the purple cloak and top hat is behind her.
TETSLAFF “Early oil spill”.
Turns to the kids.
They all walk off proudly and the scene pans right.
TETSLAFF Let’s get out of here.
They go off-screen, passing Jack and Maddie, who look with realization, holding their bazookas at their sides.

Cut to Lancer, Danny walks up.

LANCER Changed my mind. Dash wins. I’ll see you in detention, Fenton.
Lancer walks off. Cut to the Fentons in the doorway, they look at one another as Lancer storms out between them. Jack and Maddie look back at him.

Cut to Jack.

JACK What? (turns and looks angry) This was some sort of anti-detention scheme!
Cut to the three foamed kids. Jack and Maddie come upon them menacingly, holding bazookas, arms akimbo
JACK Well, you’re in a lot of trouble, Mister!
JACK Well, you’re in a lot of trouble, Mister!
Cut to Danny, looking up sadly. His hair is full of foam.
DANNY You don’t know (slumps down, miserable) the half of it.
Scene fades to the Casper High School cafeteria. Danny is seated and looks forward toward the camera. Kids are looking in the background. there are two banners, the left one reading “win” and the right one reading “Go!”
SAM (coming in from the left, holding salt) Salt.
Danny takes it with his other arm, without turning. Sam turns around and leaves off-screen. Tucker comes in from the right with pepper.
Danny takes it with his other hand, without turning. Tucker turns and leaves off-screen. Sam comes in from the right once more, this time placing a clothespin on Danny’s nose.
SAM Clothespin
She turns and leaves off-screen. Zoom out to show more of the table. Dash’s hands place a covered dish on it. Danny looks down upon it. One of Dash’s hands lifts the handle on the cover, revealing the torn, smelly underpants with a stream of stink coming out from it.

Cut to the underpants. It reads “Dash” on the label. Zoom out to show Dash.

DASH Bon Appa-Tighty Whitey, loser!
Cut to Danny with the clothespin on his nose. He lifts the underpants with his hand and looks at it. He groans as his face goes all green and his cheeks bulge with puke. Purple sickly-stars flash in front of him.
-End Title Card Screen-
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