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Fade in to Casper High. Music is playing. Fade in to Danny holding his lunch tray. He appears to be in a good mood. Danny walking, happily, with a white paper in his pocket. Cut to a close-up of the paper with blue words reading “SCIENCE TEST” in purple letters and red mark with an “A+” inside a red circle. Cut to two kids in the lunchroom. One of them is a red-head girl with a blue cardigan over a yellow turtle-neck. The second is a brunet jock holding a sandwich. Pan left to Dash and Tucker. Cut to a close-up of Tucker and Dash, who looks angry. Cut to a close-up of Danny.
Danny Oh, no! Dash is going to destroy Tucker! (Walks toward them.) Guys, wait! Violence is never the answer.
Cut to Dash.
Dash Well, look who's finally here. I've been waitn' for ya, Fenton! (Cut to a close-up of Danny. Zoom in on Danny's face. Danny braces for impact before he gets attacked. Dash raises hands and pulls up his seat.) No, seriously, we've been saving your seat for like ten minutes. Where ya been, buddy?
Cut to Danny, surprised, looks at his seat. The football team walk by and start up a raucous victory celebration of Danny. On the table is a newspaper. The main headline reads "CASPER HI-LITES, FENTON THROWS WINNING PASS", and has headshot of Danny, in a football uniform, holding a football. Danny reaches down to pick up the paper.
Dash Three seconds left in the game, and you call a reverse! You're the best quarterback Casper's ever had!
Cut to Danny.
Danny I am? I-I-I-I mean I am. (Ghost sense goes off) (To himself:) Speaking of comic book villains.
Danny looks up and sees Fright Knight, riding on Nightmare with his sword, through the window floating outside the school. Cut to Dash. Kwan is sitting behind him holding his hands up to his head in fear.
Dash Danny...Outside...(points at Fright Knight) The Fright Knight!
Cut to Danny.
Danny Eh, (so panicked that he's sweating) why ware ya telling me?
Dash (He lifts his hand to hit his forehead) Duh! Because you have ghost powers.
Cut to Danny and pan out to reveal the crowd cheering and chanting "Go, Danny, Go". Everyone is chanting to Danny, who is surprised.
Danny Eh, going ghost.
With a flash of light, a ring forms around him and transforms him to Danny Phantom. Danny flies up through the ceiling. Cut to mid-air with a purplish-pink sky. Danny phases through the roof and flies up after the Fright Knight, resuming his color. Outside up in the air, Danny flies in and comes to a stop and floats. Cut to Danny Phantom floating in front of Fright Knight and Nightmare, his sword is held in his hand.
Danny Hey, Frightnut. (Starts to charge up his hands with cold energy) Do you know the freezing point of metal? (He charges up a blue energy beam in his hands and launches the combined ice blasts.)
Cut to Fright Knight on his horse with his sword glowing a flaming green. As he sat there floating, he is suddenly blasted by Danny’s ice blast that freezes him into an ice block with a Fright Knight shape and a Nightmare shape inside it, with Fright Knight shrieking. The ice block falls down a long way. Cut to Danny, holding the Fenton Thermos.
Danny I'm getting an "A+" in science, so that was really more of a rhetorical question.
He grips the Fenton Thermos and holds it out. Pan down as it blasts out a ringed beam of suction energy. Cut to the Fright Knight and Nightmare, being engulfed by the blue beam. They are pulled into the thermos before they hit the ground. Cut to Danny, holding the thermos and looking at it, satisfied with the capture. Danny caps the thermos. Danny phases downward through a wall into the cafeteria. The crowd of teens chanting and pumping their hands up and down. The crowd continues to chant. Cut to Danny. With a flash of light, a ring forms around him and transforms him to Danny Fenton. Then, he takes his seat. Paulina and Star stare dreamily at him. Cut to Dash.
Dash Sweet! Must be nice, Fenton. Being a superhero and having a harem of girls all lovesick for ya.
Tucker Sounds like somebody's tired of taking his cousin to all the dances.
Dash She's my mom's sister's stepdaughter.
Cut to Danny.
Danny C'mon, guys. You know, there's only one girl for me.
Sam lower half walks in from the side. Sam, wearing a red-and-white football jacket, walks toward Danny with her face off-screen.
Sam (offscreen) I sure hope you're talking about me.
Danny looks over. Cut to Sam’s black pants and skirt, he is holding her lunch in her left hand. Pan up to show Sam, she has a read-and-white letterman jacket. Close-up to her jacket that reads, "DANNY". Close-up of Danny looking happy.
Sam Can you make room for your girlfriend?
Danny pulls up a seat for Sam, who sits down.
Danny Eh, (chuckles) nice jacket.
Sam It not black but it's yours, and that's enough for me.
Danny falls for Sam. The two close their eyes and lean in for the big kiss. Cut to a close-up of Paulina linking her hands with Star, looking terrified of them about to kiss, then look at each other and are happy for them. Cut to Dash, being happy for them. Cut to Tucker, tearing with happiness. Cut back to Danny and Sam about to kiss, when, suddenly, the screen is filled with static, then a flash of white light fills the screen and we see Danny Phantom lying on the ground, opening his eyes, looking alarmed, he uses his hands to sit up as some kind of metal helmet on his head breaks.
Danny Huh, what, a dream? Woah... (Zoom out to show Danny sitting on a floating piece of rock in the Ghost Zone with rows of purple doors and windows.) More like a nightmare.
Fade in to the Ghost Zone. Pan right across the rows of purple doors and windows to Danny Phantom on the floating rock.
Danny How did I get out all the way here in the middle of the Ghost Zone?
Cut to Danny, standing on the rock with a hand on his head. Danny looks at the camera and we flash to a flashback. A billboard that reads, "Amity Park IT'S HOME!" Cut to fat green ghosts with no eyes and sewed eyelids with fang teeth flying off into the air toward the, their arms out. A ghost rises up. Cut to a ghost whose body looks like the night sky, bright black with shining dots in it like stars, his head is an oval shape with a point at the bottom, he has two curved horns on the side of his head, his eyes are red. Back in the present
Danny I remember a shape, dark, a ghost? Did I dream that, too. (Suddenly spots the broken helmet lying a few feet from his feet and picks it up. Cut to a shot of the helmet.) Something tells me that finding out how I got here isn't going to be as half as scary as finding out who (Zoom in on his face) put me here.
Danny Phantom escape through the portal into the Fenton Works' lab. Danny Phantom transforms into Danny Fenton. A beaker fell off a table. Danny goes up a flight of stairs.
Danny Mom! Dad! Hello! Jazz! Its quiet. Too quiet.
A ghost flies past behind Danny. Cut to Danny peaking his head around a corner
Danny (Shouting) Mom? Dad?
Cut to Danny as he walks through a doorway, into his parents' room. Cut to Danny's parents lying flat on their bed, each with a sleep helmet.
Danny No!
Danny runs into his parents' room and tries to take the helmet off his mother, resulting in him getting shocked
Danny (Yells in pain) What are these stupid things anyway? (Cut to a close-up of the dream helmets) Looks like a tiara for a high-tech princess. (Cut to Danny's face as it turns from concerned to shock and then worry) Princess- Jazz!
Cut to Danny speeding up to his sister's bedside, reaching for the helmet only to be shocked again
Danny Going Ghost!
Rings spread over him and the transformation to Danny Phantom is complete
Danny And going to the video tape!
Danny flies through the ceiling. Cut to the outside of Fentonworks before panning in and transitioning to Danny typing on a computer in the OPs Center. Danny moves a switch and presses the play button on the recorder. Cut to the recording, which shows the front door. Six green ghosts phase through the door in order two-by-two fashion.
Danny Woah [(Pans out slightly to include Danny) Rewind. What was that? (Danny hits the rewind button) Hello. Looks like breaking and entering to me. Well, phasing and entering anyway.
Danny plays through videos of his family being attacked. First Maddie, then Jazz, and finally Jack, for which Danny uses the refrigerator cam.
Danny What's happening? Why attack the Fentons? Unless…(Looks out the window) They were putting the whole town to sleep. (gasps) Sam!
Cut to Danny phasing into Sam's room. He flies in and tries to remove her helmet, only to get shocked.
Danny I've got to stop doing that. (To Sam:) Sam, I'll find a way to get this off you. I promise. Maybe Tucker's equipment can shed some light on what's happening.
Cut to Tucker curled up asleep on his bed. Danny looks at his friend, then turns to Tucker's computer and starts typing.
Danny Okay, let's see what's playing on Tucker vision.
A hologram next to the keyboard starts up, displaying a video of Tucker at his computer moments before Nocturn attacks and places a dream helmet on him. The hologram stops and Danny stands up.
Danny A whole new ghost? And yet, he's kinda familiar. (To Tucker:) Thanks Tuck. I'll be back.
Danny flies away. He looks down to see people stopped and asleep. He pauses by a swingset, and a ghost goes behind him, laughing. Danny turns around confused, and continues flying.
Danny Woah, the whole town's asleep. (Danny's ghost sense goes off. He looks down and sees two sleepwalkers attacking a couple.) Uh oh.
Danny fires an ecto blast at them, but they morph to dodge the hit. They fly up and grab Danny.
Danny Let me go! Who are you? What do you want? (They show no reaction.) Strong silent types, huh? Okay. Let's see how strong.
Danny activates his cryokinetic powers and freezes the two Sleepwalkers.
Danny I don't know where you're taking me but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go.
The three drop in a freefall towards the ground. Danny screams and extends his arms, successfully shaking off the two frozen Sleepwalkers. Danny watches as the Sleepwalkers crash onto the ground.
Danny (dusting off his hands) Huh. Not that strong after all.
Danny flies down into an alley and starts walking. He pops his head around the corner to look around.
Danny Woah.
Danny ducks back into the alley and presses himself against the wall as an army of moaning sleepwalkers march past him. They stop at the alley entrance and turn to look inside. Danny goes invisible until they move away.
Danny A whole freaky (turns visible) ghost army run by a new freaky ghost. Why do I get the feeling Vlad's somehow behind this.
Cut to Danny phasing through a painting of Vlad. He looks around and gasps when he sees Vlad asleep on his bed. Danny flies over and Vlad turns around and curls up, cuddling a small Maddie Fenton plush.
Danny Well this is definitely a good news bad news moment. But if Vlad's not behind this, who is?
A group of Sleepwalkers phase up through the floor behind him. Danny hears the moaning and turns around.
Danny Hey guys. (Chuckles) Love your individuality.
Danny fires two ecto-blasts at the Sleepwalkers. Two of them are hit and disintegrate, enraging the rest who fly down to surround Danny.
Danny Lucky I'm already a student of your creepy ghost moves.
Before Danny can attack four arms phase through the wall behind him and grab his wrists and ankles to restrain him. Danny starts glowing blue as he charges up a cryokinetic attack.
Danny Pay attention guys. You'll see why I'm not even scared.
A laugh is heard from behind the Sleepwalkers. Surprised, Danny stops charging his attack, dropping the blue aura around him. The Sleepwalkers part to reveal Nocturn taking form.
Nocturn Ah but you should be ghost boy. And if you were smart, you would be.
Danny You!
Flashback to Danny fighting Nocturn on the streets of Amity Park.
Danny Look I don't know who you are or why you woke me up.
Nocturn Don't worry ghost boy. You'll get back to sleep. I promise.
Danny Is that all you got? Dude you need to get yourself some new…uh…ghost powers.
Nocturn I get by. Would you like to see how? (Nocturn and his Sleepwalkers place Danny in the Ghost Zone.) Sweet dreams, ghost boy.
Flashback ends
Danny You were the one who sent me into the ghost zone.
Nocturn Yes and I’m about to do it again.
Danny Who are you? What do you want?
Nocturn I am Nocturn. The ghost of sleep. And what I want, I already have: your dreams. The dreams of everyone in this town. I travel from town to town, absorbing the energy from dreams. With billions of people in your realm, imagine the energy there is to harvest.
Danny O-okay. I-I get it already. But do you get that I won't let that happen? All that beauty sleep's left me rested and stronger. Not a great idea.
Danny blasts Nocturn. He screams.
Danny That'll teach you to steal people's dreams.
Nocturn Stealing is such an ugly word. I prefer "harvest for energy."
Danny Looks like you need it, you're running out of steam. So what's the big deal about people's dreams.
Nocturn Asked the ghost boy who dreams of the goth girl.
Danny Oh man. That was private.
Nocturn Dreams are the gateway to the subconscious. My army will keep the world asleep so that I may remain all powerful.
Danny That's all you do? Put people to sleep? You sure you're not a teacher?
Nocturn Sleepwalkers, form. As you will see. Dreams also fuel my sleepwalkers. We are unstoppable.
Danny This is where I say dream on.
Nocturn Sleepwalkers form! You know, with the entire town dreaming I can do this all day.
Danny Yeah? Me, too.
Nocturn Really? I believe this is where I say "dream on."
Commercial break.
Nocturn Time's up Danny Phantom. I promise your sleep will be much deeper this time. And by deeper, I mean permanent nap time.
Danny Must be nice getting others to fight your battles. Not so nice, though, when they lose. Time to hibernate! Haha. Sweet dreams. Now to wipe out those sleepwalkers. But to battle an army, I'll need one of my own.
Nocturn You cannot stop me, ghost child. I might be weakened, but once I recharge your nightmare will truly begin.
Danny Okay, how do I remove that headset without lighting myself up like a Christmas tree. Wait a minute. Something obviously woke me up and knocked this thing off me. The question is, what? Woah. Yeah, that'd do it. Okay I don't need to risk getting shocked to remove this thing. I just need to shock Tucker…inside his dream. No big deal. I've overshadowed Tucker before. Just slip inside and…get inside his dream. No sweat. Look out Tucker I'm coming in.
Inside Tucker's dream
Danny Nice Tuck. Even your dreams have style.
Tucker Can I interest either of you ladies in a beverage? Say…chocolate milk. That will be all, Fenton.
Dream Danny Yes, sir.
Danny Wait, I'm the janitor?
Tucker Now for some ambiance.
Danny Hate to cramp your style dude. Actually no I don't.
Tucker I can't neglect you my pet.
Danny Seriously, I'm your janitor?
Tucker wakes up screaming.
Tucker What happened? Aw man I just had the worst nightmare ever.
Danny Actually, you're now in a worse one. Come on, we gotta free Sam. And just so you know, I don't do windows.
Cut to Sam's room. Tucker tries to take off the helmet and gets shocked.
Danny Oops probably shoulda told you about that. My bad. Don't touch anything else. Now that I know how to do this it'll only take a second.
Danny phases into Sam's dream.
Danny The cafeteria? Come on Sam I expected bigger dreams from--
Sam Can you make room for your girlfriend?
Danny Girlfriend? Her dream is just like mine. Uh, her dream is just like mine!
Danny backs up and knocks over a table.
Sam Wait. You can't be in two places at once.
Danny overshadows Dash
Dash Actually Sam I'm Danny Phantom. Going ghost!
Dash goes ghost. Sam wakes up screaming.
Tucker That must have been some dream.
Danny and Sam look at each other and blush.
Danny (Simultaneously with Sam) I didn't seen anything.
Sam (Simultaneously with Danny) I don't remember.
Sam What just happened?
Danny We have another stop to make. We'll explain everything on the way.
Cut to Jazz's room.
Danny Any objection to me waking up Jazz?
Sam Nope. The more of us the better.
Danny You guys stay alert. I'll be right back.
Danny phases into Jazz's dreams.
Tucker So, what were you dreaming about?
Sam Oh you know. Nothing specific. I was just sharing a glass chocolate milk with two friends who looked just like Star.
Tucker Hey that's what I-- Oh. Danny told you my dream? Im pretty sure that violates the dude code.
Jazz wakes up screaming.
Jazz Did I just dream that I was a professor at Yale? And married to Dash?
Danny Yep. Dash has really come in handy today. He's like the poster boy for nightmares
Danny looks at Sam and the both blush and look away.
Danny and Sam Y-yeah. Nightmares.
Cut to a mattress factory on the docks.
Danny A mattress warehouse. Of course. That new antenna must be receiving signals from all of the headsets. Everyone cool with the plan?
Jazz Take out the army of creepwalkers.
Danny Sleepwalkers.
Jazz You call them what you want I'll call 'em what I want. Then use Tucker's PDA to destroy that giant antenna.
Danny And whatever it's connected to.
Sam And then we unleash the Fenton Ghost Catcher.
Tucker And we nail 'em.
Danny Alright guys. Let's do it!
Danny You okay?
Sam Huh? Oh yeah.
Danny Cool.
Sam Yeah cool.
Tucker Sam!
Danny Nice teamwork guys. Now let's get Nocturn.
They enter the warehouse.
Danny Oh no. No. Nocturn, he's huge. He's absorbing dreams and getting more powerful. We have to stop him. Ow.
Sam Danny you need to stay focused. The longer Nocturn's in there--
Danny The stronger he gets. I know. That's why I'm trying to break in and wake him up. Wait a minute, wake him up. We wake him up. The same way I woke all of you. Think about it. You all woke up by being surprised. If I beat him in his dream it'll startle him awake and then we--
Jazz -- we catch him.
Sam Danny you can't go into the dream alone. You don't know what's in there. I'm coming with you.
Danny I don't really have a choice, do I?
Sam No not so much.
Tucker You kids have fun. I know I always say I want to be the man of someone's dreams but this isn't what I meant.
Danny Tuck, you and Jazz stay out here and calibrate your PDA to shut down this dream machine. That should stop the sleepwalkers at least. (To Sam) You sure you want to do this? I've never overshadowed anyone with a partner before.
Sam Can you…make room for me?
Danny You okay?
Sam Tingly, but good. Let's do this.
Jazz Wow. Those two are really--
Tucker Creepy!
Jazz What?
Tucker I m-mean creepwalkers at five o-clock.
Jazz I hope Danny and Sam are doing better inside Nocturn's dream.
Cut to Nocturn's dream. An army of sleepwalkers are marching towards a castle on top of which Nocturn is floating and laughing.
Danny Gotta hand it to the guy. He's got a vision. Uh oh. Did he just see us?
Nocturn Ah. The ghost boy and his girlfriend once again together in dream land.
Danny Well this is one dream you're gonna wish you woke up from.
Sam That was too easy. Something's not right.
Danny Why didn't Nocturn wake up?
Nocturn Did you honestly think you could defeat me in my own dreams? I am the king of dreams. You cannot win in my world.
Danny Then we'll just have to take back the home field advantage. Let's get out of here. It didn't work. I can't get us out.
Nocturn I told you. I control all dreams, especially my own. And in my dream you two shall remain forever.
Danny Oh boy.
Sam Fight Danny!
Nocturn Your weapons no longer work. The dreams of your families and friends have made me and my army unstoppable. Now you will join them and patrol the nights for eternity.
Cut to the factory.
Jazz Aaah! They're getting stronger.
Tucker Keep blasting I need another minute. Jazz?
Jazz Tucker keep going.
Tucker Come on. Come on. Got it! Uh oh. Aaah! Jazz?
Jazz screams.
Tucker It's a, uh…
Jazz Mattress factory.
Nocturn Only a miracle could save you now.
Sam What happened?
Danny Tucker and Jazz did it!
Nocturn I don’t understand. Why do I suddenly feel weak?
Sam Because this is now your worst nightmare.
Danny Sam, will you do the honors?
Sam My pleasure. Sweet dreams.
Outside the dream.
Nocturn I shall destroy you for waking me. Sleepwalkers form!
Sam Boy somebody woke up cranky.
Danny In your dreams Nocturn. The antenna's gone and so is your dream machine. Everyone you put to sleep is waking up. You have no power.
Tucker Consider this your wake up call.
Danny You think everyone will believe this was all a dream
Tucker I gotta say. Nocturn was an evil creep, but I wouldn't mind having my dream again. I could get use to that.
Jazz Me, too. Yale professor. What's not to love. What about you two?
Danny I, uh, I don't even remember what my dream was about.
Sam Uh, me neither.
Jazz Really? That's too bad.
Danny Oh yeah well, dreams. Gateway to the subconscious. (chuckles) I don't think so.
Sam Yeah dream on.
Danny and Sam look at each other and blush.
End episode