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Fusion is the ability of two ghosts to combine to create a new ghost. It is a sub-power of Overshadowing.


Ghosts have been shown capable of fusing with different objects and even each other through Possession, effectively becoming one.

This power, when activated, allows the user to simultaneously merge two ghosts at once, giving the user access to the powers of both.

To activate this effect, the user must overshadow the ghost whom they wishes to combine.

Fusing with another ghost at a time requires the user to have the physical and mental resilience to handle the strain. It also comes with great risk, the ghost user could also potentially "overwhelmed you". Danny had a brief crack in his face after he fuses with Vlad Plasmius evilness; resulting in the creation of Dark Danny.

If the user fuses with a ghost with the same abilities as them their similar powers would be increase and they would be granted new powers that neither of them had alone.

They can fuse with people or powers that are separated/opposite to them making them one.


  • When Fusing to become a new ghost they may still get their weaknesses like Skulktech 9.9 can still get hack despite having Technus, the Master of all Technology.
  • As stated above if the ghost user could also potentially "overwhelmed you" it could result in the user being corrupted by the other user.
    • If two ghosts fused their energy signature changes completely and depending on the ghost, they can corrupt the other.

Known Users

Natural Abilities 

Via Objects


Season 1

Season 2


  • So far, Danny Phantom has the most fusion forms: Danny Fenton and Dark Danny.
  • In "Identity Crisis", Danny Phantom attempted to fuse with Danny Fenton; however, due to overshadowing him instead, he failed at fusing back and achieving a hybrid form.
  • The Fenton Ghost Catcher is shown to merge and separate at the end of "Identity Crisis."

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