Ghost Power Weakening is the ability to cancel out the effects of ghostly powers of other ecto-entities as they are being used.


In "What You Want", Desiree was able to use this power to weaken Danny's power of intangibility so he would not be able to phase away.

In "Bitter Reunions," Skulker uses the device to trap Danny Phantom, who is in Vlad's private lab at Vlad's request. The device shocks Danny, draining his powers and causing him to transform back into his human form. Danny attempts to transform back into his ghost form, but the device renders him powerless.

In "Maternal Instinct," Vlad uses the Plasmius Maximus on Danny in his Colorado chalet, effectively taking away his ghost powers for three hours until midnight. Vlad then sends his experimental "pets" to chase a human Danny through the woods. Later, at the end of the episode, Danny uses the device on Vlad after he claims that he's still more powerful than his pets even with the Specter Deflector on. This takes away Vlad's ghost powers, and Danny sends his pets after him much like he did earlier to Danny.

In "Life Lessons", Skulker shocks Valerie and Danny unconscious by activating a bunch of devices that zaps them, and had placed a ghost power cuff on them, so he could hunt them both at the same time, to disable Danny's powers.

In The Ultimate Enemy, Skulktech 9.9 fired a blue ghost rays otherwise known as the Phantom Palm Pummeler that deactivate Danny's powers.

In "Micro Management", Jack Fenton used his shrink ray to negate Danny's and Skulker's powers while outside his house.

In "Kindred Spirits," Vlad traps Danny in the spectral energy neutralizer at his Colorado chalet. The Ecto-Stoppo-Power-Erfier was revealed in "Forever Phantom" to be able to negate ghostly powers, including ones that a half-ghost possesses, in order to stop any ghosts from using their powers.

In "Urban Jungle", Undergrowth manages to cancel out Danny's ghost energy and intangibility.

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